Hodgson confirmed as new Liverpool manager

June 29, 2010

Breaking News report from the Liverpool Echo.

More to follow….. as this will closely affect the move for Hangeland.

EDIT: 1st July

LIVERPOOL FC have formally announced the appointment of Roy Hodgson as new manager.

The 62-year-old former Fulham, Inter Milan and Switzerland manager has agreed terms with the club on a three-year contract and becomes the 18th manager in Anfield history.


50 Responses to “Hodgson confirmed as new Liverpool manager”

  1. arsenal4ever said

    so hangeland will finally move to us or to liverfool?

  2. not sure, will know more tommorow.

    surprised by this hodgson to liverpool move.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tim Clark, Buttmonk3y and Buttmonk3y, Stringfellow Hawke. Stringfellow Hawke said: Hodgson confirmed as new Liverpool manager: http://wp.me/pqXki-kP […]

  4. baz said

    had a look on liverpool echo.. no sign of it??

  5. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Poor bugger, don’t know what he’s getting into.

  6. dilshan said

    smart move though if you think of it..think Fulham will struggle next season as they are likely to loose some key players…if he fails at pool he already has a excuse and get away from it, win win situation I think…will be interesting to see if he can command the real star players such as Torres and Gerrad when things get tough as I expect them to stay out of top 4 this season as well

  7. Donnyfan1 said

    Arsenal do not need Hangeland as first choice. He is too slow for the Champion’s League. But he would be great for when we play Stoke, Birmingham and the other kick and rush/aerial bombardment teams. AW needs to consider tailoring his sides for specific tasks a bit more. Titles can be won and lost up here in the North on wintery days tha’noes!!

  8. baz have a closer look pal.

    it certainly is on there, as it is now on Sky News as a flashing “breaking news” headline at the bottom of the screen.

  9. I think capello will either leave within the next fortnight or once the qualifying starts for thr euros in septemeber.

    He lost the dressing room out in SA.

    Hodgson would have been a perfect England boss with his international experience with the Swiss and Finns.

    Liverpool look a poisioned chalice right now.

  10. arsene wenger said

    it aint on my sky sports news, i think you have jumped the gun although i dont doubt he will sign with pool

  11. go to sky news channel 501 and read the scrolling banner.

    ffs, you have to spoon feed everything these days!!!

  12. arsene wenger said

    ohhhh lol sky news, liverpool echo loool when did sky news get their sources from there, next they will get the islington chronicle telling them who arsenal will sign

  13. arsene wenger said

    lol stringfellow hawke sorry mate sunstroke it blurred my vision

  14. nice turnaround

    cant think why the liverpool echo would have sources about liverpool fc

    tricky one that, real headscratcher.

  15. arsene wenger said

    the bank siege in middlesex is more interesting on the scrole

  16. arsene wenger said

    like liverpool release their sources to a local rag before their own website, their just running an obvious story and sky news jumped on it, thats just pitiful

  17. jam said

    haangeland deal won’t happen. and i hope it doesn’t tbh, slow, aging and we really could do better

  18. TM said

    Good choice but first season will. Be a tough one. Liverpull should not have high hopes.

  19. aw – the echo is the number one paper in liverpool, they are very nicely connected with the club, otherwise they would not know about a 3 yr contract at 2m a year.

  20. arsene wenger said

    this year im not getting involved in transfer merry go rounds, if we dont sign a cntre back or a keeper or a midfielder i dont care, nothing i can do,the last two transfer windows have been far too much for me, good luck to roy hodgeson, good manager, would i want him at my club? nope

  21. arsene wenger said

    stringfellow mate, unless you see the contact you cant argue with their story, but the length and figures could be anything so their just taking shots in the dark

  22. we shall know soon enough

    knowing the power that “rag” as you put it, have in the city, i will take my chances of them having well placed sources.

    proof will be in the pudding when offical contract figs are released in the morning.

  23. arsene wenger said

    iv never seen figures on a contract discussed properly anywhere, the length i bet is 2 years not 3, we will see, i spoke to my mate earlier he saw hodgeson as a steady the ship kind of guy, they arent thinking hodgeson is god as they usually do with their managers over the red side of liverpool

  24. it’s a 3 year deal.

    he is mad to take the job imo.

    england job was his soon enough.

  25. looool “your source” being the daily mail 😉

  26. arsene wenger said

    lol no, my source is on merseyside, he probably reads the echo lol, but he did say they wont sign a manager to a deal longer than 2 years incse they have topay him out after 6 months, probably 2 years with a 3rd year option between both partys

  27. lol, just 15 mins ago you said i had jumped the gun 😆

    now you have a source in merseyside.


  28. Kev said

    I don’t think capello should leave though string.

    If you ask me, if he has lost the dressing room, it’s easily resolved you just dump the trouble makers in terry & lampard (who honestly won’t be a great loss) plus a few others and blood in younger players who’d have more passion & want to wear the England shirt.

    There’s too many players in that team who see being part of England as just a way of getting extra £££££’s in the bank through their increased salary’s & sponsorship deals that come with being an England international!

  29. have a day off pal

    deal is signed and sealed

    press conference wont happen at midnight on a tuesday night.

  30. you could be right kev

    problem is with capello, he employed a dated 442 system, when it was obvious to all that with this crop fo players he needed to play 451.

    joachim low berated capello in the press after the germany game, stating they knew it would be easy to pick england off as they have gerrard and lampard who press forward and leaves space to hit on the break.

    was obvious to us all, so why not capello?

  31. arsene wenger said

    fair enough only messing around.

    you were right as per usual

  32. gunner17 said

    should be the next england manager.

    the scousers will not be able to hold their nerve and they will get rid of him within the season. then maybe he can fix england.

  33. arsene wenger said

    come on dude you wrote the most legendary piece iv ever read with the CALL YOURSELF A GOONER? article, that was afc bible, free me up i hate fat geoff as well

  34. jaygooner said

    If its true I feel sorry for Fulham, the scouse have acquired a good manager. He doesnt spend big, he is careful about a clubs finances, he likes to promote through the ranks, likes to play the beautiful game and Liverpool fans will like his PR. A good choice

  35. Kev said

    I honestly think he’ll learn from it though string. It was his first tournament and i think maybe it was a case of him sticking to what he knows and not wanting to experiment in the actual tournament itself….. afterall as far as he was concerned the formation worked perfectly in the qualifiers but i think he will now have realised 4-4-2 won’t cut the musterd in the real thing.

    He’s seen now how the other teams play and i think you’ll see him switch it to a 4-5-1 with a 4-3-3 as another option.

    I really don’t want another England manager being appointed again as we’ll get the same old players yet again because the new manager will believe he’ll be able to get the best out of terry & lampard etc (you might have guessed they’re not my favourite players).

    And can you see redknapp ending fat frank’s England career what with him being his uncle and all? Nope me neither!

  36. lol kev

    you make some very valid points

    especially re:fat frank

  37. GoonerFan said

    Agree with all points made so far about Hodgson being a good manager, I am not sure whether he has ever tried to navigate a hailstorm before though, week in week out. With Liverpool legend Dalglish waiting in the wings for a slip up, he will have to win over the fans quickly, through winning. His first challenge is us, a very big test and I wonder if he is going to be able to buy any players.

    Roy should of held out for England manager as I think he is the best man for the job.

  38. Joe71 said


    I also heard from Skysports that Hodgson, who will sign for Liverpool later today, will only be given 5-12 million as transfer budget. Will be hard for them to get Hangeland with that kind of budget.

    This is our opportunity to get Hangeland and Swhartzer, as they say they will only go if Hodgson does.

  39. arsenal4ever said

    so Stringfellow Hawke Hangeland and Schwarzer now more likely?

    Cesc will defenetely stay as barca made an take it or leave it offer of 40 mill which is a joke.

    keep up the great work mate

  40. Hangeland’s agent has met with and agreed terms over a move to Arsenal, this happened a while back, i am sure of this.

    Hodgson appeared to be keen on the idea, as 10M for a 29 yrd old would have been good business, he would have reinvested into a younger CB from a lower division or abroad and made the club a profit, everyone was a winner on the deal.

    Not so sure where the land lies now, the new man in may have other ideas and want to keep both schwarzer and hengeland.

    Guessing game right now as nobody knows who the new manager will be.

  41. arsenal4ever said

    it is said hodgson wants to take hangeland to liverfool!! Also it is said we are still keen on Eriksen from Ajax. arsenal officials should have met his agents on sunday about the possibility to join us. yes he is just 18 years of age but he reminds me of michael laudrup and bergkamp!!!

  42. Thought erikksen had signed a new deal with Ajax?

  43. arsenal4ever said

    yes he has signed a new deal but we did the same witn Nasri as you can remember!! Not sure if any truth in it as tribalfootball made the story. But there was a link to another tabloid who said arsenal officials met his agents. probably true probably false. we will see if it is official on our HP!! Cole not going to sign for us?

  44. Ebooooue said

    hangeland to arsenal in todays metro newspaper

  45. pool defo need another centre half

    hangeland will now have the choice.

  46. liverpool or arsenal, mr hangeland?

    champions league or carling cup?

  47. arsenal4ever said

    cole staying in england so it is pretty sure he will choose us!!!


  48. Seems Wayne Rooney is in deep stumm!!

  49. Dylan said

    I think this is a good move.

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