Capello really is a nutter

June 25, 2010

Proof, at last !!

Watch out for the subtitles, absolute genius.


16 Responses to “Capello really is a nutter”

  1. Daniel said

    Wow, Stuart Pierce is his little b!tch.

    FC- “sit down, eh , sit down”

    SP- “yes boss”

    FC- “stand up”

    SP- “huh?”

    Fabio Capello pushes Stuart Pierce

    FC- “Stand up bitch”

    SP- “yes boss, sorry boss”

    {Gary Lewin laughing under his breath}

  2. Capello is Fab said


    brilliant video

    fabio OWNS pyscho BIGTIME

  3. Capello is Fab said

    come on you ennnnngggerrrrllllannnd

  4. Dutchgunner said


    sit down!
    get the fuck back up!

  5. funny, funny fella, is our national team manager.

    who would of ever believed stuart pyscho pearce could be pulled around like a ragdoll by an italian OAP

  6. Dylan said

    Haha wow. That guys passionate about his football. Watch out for next match, his assistants are probably going to need some medical assitance from the trainers some time soon.

  7. Johnny said

    Fuckin quality, atleast he`s got some passion unlike the previous cunt in charge. We`ve been shit so far, but I`ve got a surge of confidence ahead of the game with the krauts. Come on England.

  8. Capello is Fab said

    Big up jonny, fuck those paddies, love you.

    england all the way.

  9. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Fucking great video. Hilarious. Gary Lewin looks like he’s creasin’ up, Lmao!

  10. Capello is Fab said

    lol, ptang, lewin the arsenal great has a huge smirk on his face, good spot.

  11. Capello is Fab said

    keep it running sh, wicked blog, so different from the rest.

    respect on the twitter award.

  12. PTangYangKipperBang said

    Capello is definately a bread n butter lol

  13. PTangYangKipperBang said

    He’s more of a psycho than psycho

  14. PMSL what a soft chunt that guy is , and capello is a legend. He should not resign , tell them to sit down and stand up and get to fcuk! There are no lions in england. Three ducks on the shirt, savoury ducks.

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