June 24, 2010

After the England v Slovenia game, the following are the chronological comments on the game from the esteemed panels on both BBC1 and RTE.

Funniest thing I have read for a while!

Hansen: “Once England got the goal the confidence levels surged, they were excellent.”

Eamon Dunphy: “They just didn’t grow in confidence at all after the goal.”

Lineker: “The goal really settled them, didn’t it? They pushed on from there.”

Ronnie Whelan: “You’d think they’d have kicked on from when they scored, but they actually got worse.”

Roy: “England’s crossing has been absolutely outstanding.”

Giles: “Some of the crossing was just awful.”

Shearer: “Rooney looks more confident, he’s getting around the pitch a lot better.”

Dunphy: “It’s shocking to see Rooney so subdued, he’s been reduced to a shivering wreck.”

Shearer: “They look much more comfortable on the ball, they’re passing it with a purpose, with pace, they’re closing down – a much better performance, it’s encouraging.”

Giles: “They’re much better than they have been, but they couldn’t have been worse.”

No arguments, then. Second half. England held on. Full-time. Ready?

Lee Dixon: “A great performance.”

Dunphy: “Shocking . . . absolutely incredibly bad . . . pretty awful stuff.”

Hansen: “The commitment was there, the spirit was there, the enterprise was there, the creativity was there, they passed it better – they could have scored five or six quite easily. Capello will obviously be delighted with the performance.”

Giles: “If that’s the shackles off what’ll they be like when the shackles are back on?”

’Arry Redknapp: “We played with pace, we got after them, we pressed them, there wasn’t a weakness in the team.”

Dunphy: “They were astonishingly poor.”

Lineker: “He looked more like the Rooney we know.”

Ronnie: “Rooney is a major worry, his form, his body language, his demeanour, everything.”

Dixon: “Gerrard was outstanding.”

Dunphy: “I can’t believe how bad Gerrard was today.”

’Arry: “Across midfield we were top drawer.”

Giles: “Barry got worse as the game went on, Milner, Gerrard and Lampard the same.”

’Arry: “Bring it on! Whoever we play we’ll be difficult to beat.”

Ronnie: “If they don’t improve they’ll go straight out, it was a very, very inept performance.”


30 Responses to “BBC v RTE”

  1. irish gooner said

    bbc are full of shit,thats why ive watched every game on rte,imagine putting dunphy in with hanson and shearer 🙂

  2. dilshan said

    loll..I sensed a disappointing smile on Harry’s face..he would have thought he will be England manager by today..they all have built it up so they can bring the team right back down come sunday..Pkay 4 in midfield on Sunday England have no hope..German play 5, like Arsenal , barca, spain with two wide forwards and they will control the ball much better…England struggle to control the ball against three average teams and what chance they have against a better midfield of Germany and also they have more interchanging of players making it harder to man mark,, suppose the only weakness in German team is that they play much open then any previous German teams and hence will give England a chance..Ghana is getting a bit exciting if they can find a way to score..they can beat US and then QF against either Uruguay or South Korea..with a bit of luck there could be an African team in the Semi..

    what did you make of Shwarzer’s mistakes..No GK has been impressive suppose handonovich has been the best of the lot…

  3. terry said

    hahaahahaha dats comical:L rte pundits spot on saying it like it is not reading from a script!

  4. Johnny said

    Typical bitter paddies, talking bollocks. I`m the first to say when we are shit, but I thought we played quite well yesterday. Having said that, we will have to improve again to beat the krauts. I`m an Arsenal man more than an england fan but I don`t know why we always find the need to slaughter the national team. As for the daft paddies, they are just pissed off because their little pisspot country failed to qualify yet again. Cheers Thierry.

  5. Ingerland said


    johnny correct.

    paddy bunch of jealous jokers.

  6. Dilshan i would be happy with schwarzer, funny thing was, up until around 45 mins ago.. i would have said, sorenson was another good choice for an aged goalie with prem experience.

    to be fair those balls are a total joke, and no help for keepers, they move with no consistency, its no coincidence that nearly every keeper at the tournie has made a mistake or two already.

  7. Aaron said

    Johnny and Ingerland, you’s are two wank stains… a couple of people don’t represent a nation…

    you should hope so… If we put some BNP quotes up here, do they represent your views????

    Actually… silly question… obviouslt yes, when we read what you said.

    Im Irish, and want to see England do well.

    Cock jockies like you two should meet up and wank eachother off.

    PS: Remember all the Irish players for Arsenal Johnny?… Prick.

    Dunphy is an ass… pay no heed… hope some fellow gooners will stick up for us “Paddy” gooners…

  8. Ingerland said

    chill aron, just pulling your choke, love the oirish.

    brady is my fav gunner ever.

    stapleton was a massive hero aswell.

  9. No Lies Mick said

    Totally agree with the Irish comments. If England played well the boys would of said so as well as Greame Souness. Fact of the matter is, the English panels suck. I thought England only played alright. At the moment, all they got is a ‘stay of execution’. If you do get past Germany,( & you won’t without a huge slice of luck) I expect things to get very Messi.

  10. Ingerland said

    that a new one, mick

    things to get messi.

    not heard that one before.

  11. peter said

    Aaron , ignorance will get people like (Johnny the jip stain and Ingerland the cock eater) nowhere. If they think England played good well there’s no talking to them. they won and thats all you can say.With a bunch of players like england have, they SHOULD be better come on they scrapped through , scoring 2 goals wooohooow very good.

  12. Aaron said

    Cheers Ingerland… don’t mind a bit of banter… I am a bit of a dumb Paddy anyway 😛

  13. Aaron said

    Johnny is just a lone cock jocky then 🙂

  14. not an england v ireland thing at all.

    gooners are blessed to have had greats like brady and o leary come over and ply their trade for the arsenal for so many years.

    the irish and the arsenal have, and will, always have a special bond.

  15. Johnny said

    Ha, you daft paddies are obsessed with cocks, maybe its your catholic upbringing. I reckon its too much time spent in church, lads. As for the great Irish players at the Arsenal, It just so happens Chippy is my favourite ever gunner. I couldn`t give a monkeys where our players come from as long as they give their all. It still doesn`t change the fact that most of you paddies are daft and bitter though.

  16. Stu said

    England weren’t great by any stretch of the imagination. Its one thing to big our your own national team but its over hyping the team like the BBC have done that fool England into thinking they have a realistic chance at winning the WC.

    Im Irish but am in no way bitter about not being in the WC. In fact i was somewhat glad we didn’t make it because Ireland play shit defensive football thats boring to watch (not that i watched qualifying anyway because i dont support the national team).

    The RTE panel are bitter about the hand ball by Thierry (excessively so imo) but bitter only towards the french so they have no reason to pick on England.

    (in hindsight though the WC is full of dull defensive teams so maybe Ireland would have fit in 😉 )

  17. John said

    You know it’s no wonder very few people in Ireland have any time for the English team with comments like some of the idiots who come on these blogs. Don’t forget who England were playing, yes, Slovenia. However getting back to the topic. The pundits on RTE are not always right, but they will tell it like it is. I have no time for the English so-called experts. Having said that I thought England were half decent last night. As an aside,if you think the Irish pundits take themselves serious,you should go to YouTube,and key in Apre Match, you will see the michael being pulled at their expense. Sorry for the long post.

  18. john(1) said

    here fact of the matter is ,, the irish arent being bitter , there just giving a realistic outloook on the match, yes england improved from the first 2 games but that was hardly difficult ! they were really average ! germany will be without swinsteiger who is fantastic in this world cup but i stil lexpect them to win 1 or 2 nil ! england have a fantastic if not one of the best group of individulas ,, but not a team

  19. if souness off the RTE panel is to be believed, england will only get better as the tournament progresses.

    the altitude training will now kick in.

    blomfentein is at 1400 above sea level.

    if they play together as they did yesterday, and rooney is fit to play, he will surely get his name on the scoresheet at last.

    germany are a good team, but the pressure cooker of knockout football may get to the youngest german world cup team in over 70 years.

    england certainly have players with plenty of experience at this level.

    i see it going to extra time, with england securing the win before the need for pens.

    set up for a beauty of game in terms of tension.

  20. gunner17 said

    is rte on sky?

  21. no, its the irish national channel.

  22. Killian said

    Haha us irish being bitter? just because our pundits are telling it like it is does not mean we are being bitter. Get a fucking life Johnny, you obviously do not have a clue how to analyze a terrible game of football. BBC were a joke the last day, I wouldnt be surprised if their next stunt would have been to praise capello’s glasses.

    These views arent biased by the way, I do hate the English but you can’t say we’re being bitter for telling it like it is.

    I was happy to see England qualify so I could see them lose to the Germans 🙂

  23. killian – you do the decent irish who have posted no favours you clown.

    you are bitter beyond belief, you get the life.

  24. lordgunner said

    BBC have the worst panel on TV full stop.This match was between two poor team,and England was maybe a little better but in fact they were average at best.I really don’t see anything that make me say they have chance to beat the german.

  25. BBC are a lot better since Badeybayor left the panel.

  26. my take on the commentary is the BBC are overly positive, and the RTE chaps are overly negative.

    so neither have the moral high ground.

    england were not at great as the beeb made out and nowhere near as poor as the irish channel’s panel made out.

    somewhere in the middle for my money.

  27. Brennie said

    I’m irish and wanted to see England do well from the start…i mean we all love those players when they are playing for their respective clubs so why not want them to do well for their country. I do have to say though that I am absolutely sick of the BBC bigging up this team even after 2 terrible performance and 1 performance which was in my opinion still along way below average. Everytime England go to the WC the BBC and all the other English press say that they have a great chance of winning it. They simply are not good enough to win a world cup and are in severe danger of being torn apart by the better teams unfortunately. I expect the germans to win by at least 2 goals from what i have seen so far. I think its time for the english to start being a bit more realistic and look at the evidence that is in front of them!

  28. Aaron said

    Reply to Johnny… Is it a coincedence that you were named after something that is placed over a cock?

    England Gemany should be a great game lads… can’t wait… hope yis whip them.

  29. No Lies Mick said

    Ooops,………… looks like the RTE boys were right. England are Sh*@e. It’s over hype we can’t stand. Just be a little humble. It’s not even England fans, it’s the media & so called experts. It’s BBC, ITV, Talksport. When it comes to England, these organizations are not objective enough. Then they’re the first to leave as soon as the first liftboat has been lauched.

    The thing I’m waiting for, is that Wenger will get the blame. For not playing any Englishmen, playing too many forigners etc, etc.

    As for us Irish, I’m glad we weren’t there. We wouldn’t of got out of the group stage. Basically not good enough even though we came close to qualifying. The thing with Messers Giles & Dunphy & most Irish would back me up on this, is that they would do a good hatchet job on our own as well as the English & any other side that thinks they are better than what they are.

    Ca la vie

  30. Bren said

    Looking at Johnny`s comments, and the text itself… game, England 1 – Germany 4, think thats enough said. Whatever you think or where youre from, RTE were spot on, BBC completely off!!

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