England v Who?

June 23, 2010

So the nation holds it’s breath before the defining England game of the Capello era.

This afternoon, circa 3pm, our national team take on the smallest country out of the 32 teams that entered these World Cup finals.

Something is very, very wrong with this!

How the hell are we in this position? possibly the easiest group England have ever had in World Cup history, with a supposedly Golden Generation of players at the disposal of one of the greatest managers of his generation, and we are left worrying about getting a result against those giants of football, namely Slovenia.

The ball, the altitude, the attitude, the tactics, the players, the manager….. the list is endless, in terms of excuses for the first two results in this World Cup, but lets be clear about this, if we fail to beat Slovenia this afternoon, and other results dependant, it will be the biggest cock up in World Cup history.

Conversely, a convincing win, and the nation will be lifted, along with the team, and talk of once again becoming World Champions will be high on every Englishman’s agenda.

Fabio Capello, who was ironically born very near the Slovenian/Italian borders, has to get the team/formation right today, the players are stifled in the old-fashioned 4-4-2 with a big man and little man up front.

We need more control in midfield, in Rooney, we have a player who can thrive as the lone man up top, so play 5 in the midfield and take bloody control of the heart of the pitch, unlike the previous 2 games.

For me, the back 5 sorts itself out, but in midfield I would drop Fat Frank, and stick in a trio of Barry, Milner and Gerrard, with Lennon giving an outball and width down the right, and Joe Cole in on the left to come inside, leaving space for the overlapping Cunt to expose.

No chance he will play said side, as there is much talk of a Rooney/Defoe partnership today.

That worries me, as it would mean another bash at 4-4-2 against a team who will be playing 5-5-0.  The Slovenians only need a draw and they are through, 0-0 is the masterplan for them, there will be no adventure, just a punishing nullification of our final third.

How it got to this, who knows, but the country will unite in support for 90 minutes… and you cannot beat the spirit and togetherness of 60M people when such an important game of football is on.

Forget Eastenders, for sheer drama, nothing compares with following England at the World Cup.

Come on England!


22 Responses to “England v Who?”

  1. Just seen a report on why the teams could not train on the pitch for todays game in port elizabeth…

    and you thought the wembley pitch cut up easily?

    not good!

  2. dan the man said

    England will not win today.

    The players have folded under pressure, and can you imagine how much pressure they will face today.

    Over for another four years.

  3. dan the man said

    Nice blogging by the way, Mr Stringfellow.

    Excuse my manners.

  4. Cheers, Dan.

    Who knows, maybe they just click today, lets be fair here, slovenia are not a very good side, yes i know, neither were algeria…


  5. Frank Lucas said








  6. Goonerpower said

    I agree let’s play to our strengths. Today is make or break. Good piece of writtin lookin forward to it now 🙂

  7. John said

    I live in France and I’ve been holding off on laughing at the French because if we don’t win today I won’t be able to rub their noses in it. Which is a very, very bad thing.

  8. Jonathon Guild said

    Same here, goonerpower, nicely set up, hawke.

    Although i would say i am happy to see we will be playing rooney and defoe together, i rate defoe as one of the best poachers in world football.

    A poacher is exactly the type of player needed today, forget the performance, just sneak us a 2-0 with a 2 yd tap in and a 6 yd curler into the bottom corner.

  9. Howdee, John.

    Where abouts in France you residing?

  10. Ingerland said

    fear not lads

    fear not

  11. Jonathon Guild said

    Easier said than done, ingerland

    I suppose we all love the drama and tension of it all, loll as you say hawke, better than eastenders.

  12. Gunster said

    We need to switch from that french lot to more players from South America and Spain. Although my heart knows he’s gone, please god we don’t lose Cesc else it will put us back at least 2 years of rebuilding.
    If we had won a trpopy of two in the last six years then perhaps not only would Cesc have stayed but he may tempted his colleagues e.g. Torres, Villa etc to join our cuase. Instead sorry but wenger has blown it by choosing to mostly go shopping in ‘Aldi & Lidl’ rather than getting the cheque book out for some proven high class talent. Sort it wenger or else no man is greater than the club!!

  13. sorry gunster, your first post got held up in moderation, i shall delete the duplicate.

  14. John said

    Hawke, I’m based in Tours, in the Loire valley.

  15. Nice, John… one would assume you are partial to a drop or two of the old grape juice? 😉

  16. afrogoon said

    big shout out to you hawke..just want u to know am an avid reader of your blog and luv the positivism u bring to the arsenal blog land.Although i don’t comment much, i do read your posts always.i urge you to try and have daily posts to combat some of the more ‘negative’ propaganda spewed by sum ‘goon’ blogs on a daily basis causing mass hysteria in goonerland.keep up the goodwork.peace bro. Am out.lol

  17. afrogoon said

    by the way i think england is going to have another ‘wally with the brolly’ moment..lol.u r coming home..lol.hopefully young jack wilshire,lansbury,gibbsy r in da 2014 squad afta having blinding seasons for arsene’s red army..have high hopes for some of our young english lads especially jw.i really have high hopes for this lad as i think he will be the maestro to inherit gaza’s footballin legacy n nt his ‘colourful’ life..hope Aw gives him a chance instead of loaning him out.jw is the future

  18. John said

    I certainly am partial but I prefer a nice dark Belgian ale or a German pilsner!

  19. nice words, afrogoon.

    the reason i dont blog daily is based generally on no worthy talking points.

    a lot of the goon blogs need to whack out a cheap, monotonous post every morning by 12pm, just to keep hitting!

    some of them even get joe public doing the work for them… which is akin to having ron from the crown and horse writing a report in the times on a monday and jon from the three feathers writing it on a tuesaday… etc etc

    cheap and renders the blog pointless, and lacking in a real personality.

    i am very forthright with my views, sometimes i am way ott, but that is me, i am a poor actor, i cannot check myself, i will always go with how i feel and therefore blog how i feel.

    i never play to the gallery so to speak.

    i get plenty of abuse via email, but thankfully, i am tending to get more positive stuff from fellow positive gooners like yourself.

    i have written and then not published more articles than appear on the blog, why? when i read them back, i thought, boring, what’s new with that thinking?

    100 other gooner blogs already have that point up, so i bin it.

  20. afrogoon said

    wise words hawke……like my old girl used to say….if you have nothing sensible to say, just shut up…lol…probably the reason why i don’t leave comments always on blogs.lol

  21. dilshan said

    funny you should state the point about blogs becoming useless…goal.com has re printed the story about Cesc saying Guardiola was his idol as a young player..now if my memory saves right this was a statement he made good two years ago when Gurdiola took over barca..now they print this statement, add the transfer speculation and create a fuss and more news…what a sad lot..and when I made this point in a comment guess what it gets blocked..lol…well hope these guys do not get paid to come up with all this shit recycled and copy paste stories

  22. S.S. said

    The above information is of great value and a very hard work had been done according to me, i appreciate it, keep it up.

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