Wenger laughs at England

June 19, 2010

Capello is clearly not an International team manager, proven Club manager, but certainly not an International manager.

We were fooled into thinking he maybe knew what he was doing during the qualifying rounds, alas, sweeping aside the likes of Andorra and Kazakhstan was no measure of his capabilities.

I applaud the man for his incredible achievements at the likes of Milan and Roma, but he has shown he does not have the ability to get the best out of the likes of Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard et al.

I heard a Radio 5 Live interview after the match last night with David James, if you can get on iTunes and download the World Cup daily report, it’s on there, to say it reveals exactly what is wrong is an understatement.

James shows a clears disdain, and insinuates the rest of the squad feel the same, for the Italians insistence of naming the team “just before we get on the coach”

For crying out loud, this is the World Cup, a billion viewers worldwide, not an annual event like the FA Cup, but maybe a once in a lifetime chance for a footballer to leave his everlasting mark on the game of global football.  The players need to be ready mentally far more than physically, and how do you that if you have no clue if you are playing or not up until a couple of hours before kick-off.

We are certainly not down and out, I’m sure we will scrape past Slovenia in true English style, but equally I’m sure no matter what the outcome of this World Cup, Capello will not be the England manager come the start of the new Premiership season. Guaranteed.

The players fear him, obviously they respect him, but the fear is overriding and its being translated onto the pitch with fear filled football, there is no joy, no laughter, they are not enjoying the game.

Look at the teams doing well, Argentina have Diego with his antics of kissing and cuddling of his players on the sidelines, score a goal and you will get a big kiss and cuddle, have a bad game and you will get a big kiss and cuddle.

Capello? You better put a performance in or you’ll get 1000 lines from the headmaster, or worse!

Wenger speaking on French TV came up with the following beauty of a quote, which sums up England under Capello at World Cup 2010.

I’m surprised England fans booed… I thought they were asleep”

Surely dropping a player like Walcott, has bitten the manager on the arse?

In games like last night what you need is a spark off the bench, I concurred with many that Theo was not ready to start for England, but football brain or not, he pulls defences out of shape with his movement as they fear his pace getting clean in behind them, this clearly has helped to open space for other England attackers.

Shaun-Wright Phillips was a laughable inclusion, I think a lot of the squad also feel that it was a mistake, as Theo may not have helped his own cause, but his off the ball movement certainly helped the cause of players like Gerrard and Rooney to have more time and space in the final third.

Did we even have a proper chance last night?

I don’t care about Algeria playing 10 behind the ball… it was Algeria for crying out loud, not Argentina.

Going to remain as upbeat as I can until Wednesday afternoon, but bloody hell, we were given the easiest group in the entire competition and we have stuffed it up.


87 Responses to “Wenger laughs at England”

  1. gooner71 said

    just seen this quote on twitter

    he is right to laugh at ingerland

    laughing stock is correct.

  2. lol, good spot gooner, no flies on you pal.

    sid lowe on twitter is indeed the source for the wenger quote!

  3. gooner71 said

    do you really think walcot wud make that much differnce?

    i dont, the team are not a team.

  4. maybe you are right and we are just clutching at straws, gooner.

  5. Please you people, wake up from this bad dream.

    The real world is nicer than the make believe england win the nothing world cup world.

    You must believe me now.

  6. that’s it jab, get the boot right in when we are down.

  7. gooner71 said

    please fuck off jab

  8. nice words inbred mongrel.

  9. ok lads, this is certainly no nanny state blog, swear if you need to, no problems, get your feelings and views off your chests, no problem.

    just don’t go mad on the insults, a few here and there to soften the blows 😆

    but then back it up with debate.

  10. goo said

    E ngland
    A lgeria
    S lovenia
    Y anks

  11. Look i told you all yesterday, before the easiest game, that you were not a good team.

    If this upsets you all i am forever soory.

    I do speak the truth i think you know.

  12. jab i am holding onto a repeat of Italia 90

    we drew the first 1-1 against ireland (usa this yr)

    we drew the second 0-0 against holland (algeria)

    beat egypt 1-0 and the rest is history, so lets hope history does repeat itself.

  13. nice dream stringhawke

    nice DREAM

  14. gooner said

    gooner71, you dead right. you wouldnt think that was their first time meeting, nevermind playing football together on the same team

  15. Rte-Gimlin said

    Very nice report Hawke.

    You have a nice style of writing that kept me engaged till the end of the report.

    Most blogs I only read the first paragraph and switch off.

    Keep it up, bookmarked.

    (not keen on the swearing, golden oldie here)

  16. rte, thanks, no promises on the swearing, we are just normal people getting feeling off our chests, i prefer to be polite in the real world, and let the steam off in the blog world.

    gooner – changed you to just gooner instead of gooner71 as we already have that username!

  17. Hans said

    Theo might not be at his best now but just to bring him on as sub scares other teams. His pace also creates a lot of place to his teammates coz the opposite defenders are afraid of his pace and often use two defenders to cover up. This gives more place his teammates. Simple as that.

  18. yup precisely my point, hans

  19. lawrence said

    Hahaha!!!! to be honest England has no much talent .France has good players and a bad manager! England rotten ,over paid ,over ;priced ,over rated with a good manager .loll.

    I want them to go through and meet Holland/ Argentina / GERMAN /Brazil and be taught a lesson. lol

  20. Wheeldeal said

    How frustrating was that load of crap last night ?? I think we will win our last game but do we really deserve to progress after the first two games . Very disappointing .

  21. lawrence said

    ‘Rooney good as Messi or Cr7 ‘ hell no.

  22. lawrence said

    lampard too over rated !!!!!

  23. lawrence – on current showing, rooney is not as good as the best player in the north korea side, but we do know what he can do if it clicks.

  24. wheeldeal – exactly how i feel, we will get through, but what a poor job of this piss easy group.

  25. anyway…cmon RVP, time he got on the scoresheet.

  26. more from the Wenger comedy hour on french station TF1

    on england bringing on crouch, wenger said

    “they need to consult with air traffic control first”


  27. Babatunde said

    Yeah wenger is very right about his comment cos theo would have make a big difference

  28. Gunner38 said

    England thought that Algeria would do a Newcastle impression at Old Trafford and bend over and take it. Sad truth is that England are a rudder-less ship with an average to shit crew – mostly press ganged in the media frenzy around Shite Fart Stain. What do we expect when chav boy Lennon, SWP, Barry et al pretend that they are quality when really they are bollocks.

    Capello is a bully, the team are demoralised and scared of their own shadows. Feel v sorry for all those poor bastards who shelled out thousands to watch shit. Rooney is a mouthy fat wanker who should be made to pay them compensation.

  29. Inside Arsenal said

    hey man how the fuck did you know about that liverpool fixture

    that is just uncanny how you got that right

    who was the source?

  30. Anelka likely to be sent packing from france squad

    told domenech to “go fuck yourself you son of a bitch” during HT of the mexico match.

  31. Inside Arsenal – i got a phone call from a pal who is part of redACTION. they knew somehow.

  32. confirmed on Canal +

    Anelka sent home!!


  33. Burgerkamp said

    Is it too much to ask for us to pick a team rather than “who’s most popular” and then shove them into makeshift positions. If fatty and Gerrard can’t play together, bench one and you may see them play for position. As for Rooney, he used to play with fun and flare before he turned into a walking asbo in Nike boots. Personally I’d rather have Defoe and crouch up front (it hurts me to say that) and why oh why is Cole left on the bench

  34. totally agree re:cole

    he should be used on the left, he has invention, this current side dont!

    i have a feeling rooney is not fit.

  35. mentally or physically 😆

  36. Goonerpower said

    Jabba the f@&k who do u support (international wise) we are not shit we Just need good management which I thought we had. We have pure class players who play amazing football for there club teams. What I think Is less friendlys and more training learning to play with each other. This trend needs to change and quick!!!

  37. bal said

    the way to play good football is to field a team which is fit, on form and ready..some players in the england team are not fit enough or physically and mentally ready for the WC…why not give darren bent a chance, he had a great season..england need a new , less experienced manager..like maradonna for argentina…maybe david moyes or tony pulis..

  38. Burgerkamp said

    One thing that really worries me is the absolute lack of fun on the pitch. New order had it right “express yourself”.

    Cole should be a definite starter on the left. Rooney and Crouch start upfront, then if that doesn’t work sub Rooney for Defoe.

    One positive, jamie “turning circle of an oil tanker” carragher is suspended.

  39. upson or dawson? against slovenia

    i cannot fathom playing dawson, has he got only 1 cap?, in such a high pressure game… so would have to be upson.

    big bad sol, tailor made for this!

    no wonder wenger taking the piss, he knows in theo and sol, capello had better options.

  40. Burgerkamp said

    I agree that Sol would be perfect for this but alas our glorious leader decided to leave the forward devouring monster at home.

    I’d give Dawson the nod myself. Ok he hasn’t had much international experience but I think that’s better than a player who has shown he can’t cut it.

    Just listened to Jurgen on BBC and thinks he’s got it right, the England team seem too worried about what the media will say so they play safe football, they need to loosen up and stop worrying about their Sun star ratings

  41. Goonerpower said

    To be honest I would not have any lol but upson would have to be my pick

  42. Kev said

    Sorry Goonerpower but we do not have pure class player who play amazing football. What we do have is a number of over rated players who are made to look good by playing in teams packed with top foreign internationals! The biggest waste of space has to be fat Lamps who when playing for England doesn’t have drogba dragging the defence everywhere creating space for him  to shoot and john ‘the chav’ terry who throughout chelsea’s recent glory years has forever been caught out as the shit defender he really is but has got away with it due to a class defender such as Ricardo Carvalho playing alongside him making up for his mistakes! The same can be said about gerrard who without alonso playing alongside him this past season has had his worst year ever! The only exception is Rooney as we’ve seen him do it for England before and i’m sure he come good again (plus he’s still only something like 24 years of age so has plenty of years left in him) but the rest of the team needs a big overhaul after this tournament starting with switching the formation to a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 and dropping lamps, terry & gerrard.  

  43. yes at last you have a brain between you guys.

  44. i support brazil for the one who ask early.

  45. Burgerkamp said

    I predicted this before the world cup, so far it’s coming true. We’ll scrape the 1st round, win the next (dodgely) then get knocked out in the quarters by a better team and one of ours gets sent off or we get a justified disallowed goal. We’ll have an excuse and over paid tossers will be deemed heroes. All will be forgotten and all that has happened will happen again and again and……… Repeat to fade

  46. What do you make of Dunga, jab?

    I hear most brazilians are anti his tactics and style of management

  47. Goonerpower said

    Ok kev who will replace them?? I agree about fat lamps but gerrard??? He should be through middle, drop lamps and put Joe on left wit Aaron on right, simple

  48. Delio said

    The only thing that was worse than last night was roonys behaviour, disgusting! Problem is every england manager has the same players with the same tactics. We should have changed it up this year, why not include the exciting ashley young or agbonlahor??? Youth provides energy and hunger, combine that with experience (gerrard, lampard..) and we would be a top class side (not an overated side).
    I personally believe that joe cole is one of the best english players (definetly the best winger) as he provides energy, incisive runs and passes and has the added quality of flair to his game. The fact he hasnt kicked a ball yet is beyond me and im sure many others aswell! ALL WE CAN DO IS HOPE.

  49. hope is good, every human should have hope in their hearts for something or someone.

    keeps us ticking over.

  50. Champion said

    Wenger had no part to play in the rubbish presented as world class football. If you point is he would as a coach watching the game, laughed then you must include Sir Alex whom wore down and overplayed a half fit Rooney over the last season.

    All those big players trading on their big names alone got found out. Lampard should of been subbed after 15mins.

    Joe Cole should of been put on to play behind Rooney and Theo should of been taken, 20 mins from the end as a impact sub would of created chances and injected something different into the game – forcing the Algerians to defend deeper in their own half. Lennon runs into blind alleys and is a complete lightweight was shoved off the ball easily.

  51. Kev said

    No i’d honestly drop him Goonerpower, for f*@k sake the guy should actually be in prison right now for batterying that dj who refused to let him have control of the music being played and then had the cheek to claim it was self defence! Exactly against what gerrard…..you and your 10 mates backing you up???? Why do we actually want people like this representing our country in the first place?

    I’d go for a 4-3-3 being honest. 

    At the back……. Joe Hart in goal with central defence made up of any two of Dawson (spuds), Cahill (bolton), Jagielka (everton) and Steven Taylor (Newcastle). Full backs are fine with A.Cole & Gibbs vying for left back with Johnson & Micar Richards at right back.

    Midfield…… joe cole (central he’s favoured position), adam johnson (man city on the left) and jack rodwell (everton) being used as the more DM.

    Then upfront…… Rooney (central) and can then use either Agbonlahor or Ashley Young on the left with the choice of either Lennon/Walcott on the right.

    This team is younger, quicker and in my opinion would have more bite & hunger than the current squad who are overhyped & over paid!

    Simple to change Goonerpower but we need a manager to have the guts to change it!!!

  52. lordgunner said

    about anelka,lot of french people would love the chance to say the same to Domenech head to head.Still anelka believe all the hype about himself and can go fuck himself too and for him mexico was his last match in french shirt.
    Rooney behaviour is what you expect from him.He is a thick fat bastard .You can find quiet a few in poor area in britain,he is just lucky to have talent to go with it (like Gascoigne).

    And Wenger quote are so hilarious

  53. Rooney: “I apologise for any offence caused by my actions at end of game.On reflection said things in heat of moment”

  54. henry and gallas want to leave the camp aswell now 😆

  55. i wish lampard, gerrard and terry felt the same.

  56. Kev said

    Oh and this team needs to be built round Joe Cole and not Wayne Rooney. Joe Cole would make this team play more attractive football linking defence to attack and also means he’s eventual successor Jack Wilshere can be bloodied into the team gradually before taking up the reins full time when ready!!

  57. The England team visited an orphanage in Cape Town today. “It’s heartbreaking to see their sad little faces with no hope” said Jamal aged 6.

    😆 😆 😆 😆

  58. lordgunner said

    lol 😀 😀

  59. dunga is good man, i like him, he wins football matches.

  60. they look a tough team to beat this year.

    argentina and brazil are lined up to meet in the final i believe.

    that would be some spectacle for the neutrals and all.

  61. lordgunner said

    yes dunga win but bore us to hell.That why brazilian hate him .I ve not problem small nation play very defensive but Nation like brazil should not.
    And Rooney can take his fake apology and put up his fat ass.Englaad fan ask for a performance this Wednesday

  62. Lordg – made up apology, made up the FA, that fat oaf would struggle to open a box of corn flakes let alone write a literate apology to a whole nation.

    Actually i wonder how the manc united blogs are reacting to his behaviour and performance last night… might go and give scott some grief over on mancunia.

  63. dilshan said

    I said it before Fabio has far too many flaws and one is his insistance on the 4-4-2..English strength is midfield and the system must be geared to bring the best out of it …he insists on playing two out and out wingers and with all due respect since Backhams best days England never have a quality winger …they should have instead look to play two wide forwards who will cut in and join Ronney as well as offer him the option of drifting out wide or coming short..I am thinking Theo does that and in some ways Jo cole too..I know he has used Gerrad in that position but it is not his natural nor does he play their for his club and further by having Rooney deep they end up in the same space on the pitch..another problem is his preparation…think he forgot the basic psychology.. These players have had 8 months of hard PL football mostly played in winter conditions and where they had no proper break, lived those 8 months plus in very much seclusion..He should have taken the team to a warm and cheerful place where these players could do things other than football and hid things other than green and hills to look at. ..I know everyone’s going to say its their job etc..yes it is but don’t we all need a break..also think of it this way ( in no way any offence meant) Englsih and Italian thinking vary ..for Italians may be those quite breaks are what they need but English mentality is different they tend to go busy and happening places for their break..I am not saying he should have taken his team to Ibiza but Fabio by taking the players to Austria made the players more bored and I suspect they just wanted to get away from all this and have a proper break hence they are not mentaly 100% focused and fed up to some extent and I think Rooney’s body language says as much…He never gambled even on one player with the squad selection and for me I do not think he himself knows exactly the best X1 and suspect that is one reason why he takes him time deciding team game by game and decides it as late as possible..Fabio by going back to Cara and trying to get Scholes back and being desperate to include Bckham in any capacity with the team shows he suddenly found it all too much and panicked and I suspect some of the footballers them selves would have sensed it and might have lost self confidence.

  64. Marly marl said

    FIFA have decided that girls should be the goalkeepers for the next World Cup, because, no matter how wide they open, they never let the balls go in!!! …

  65. Kev said

    @ dilshan

    The reason for going to Austria was for the players to climatise to the high altitude……although fat lot it seems to have done!!!

    I’m sure wherever they had of gone the players would have had plenty to do including golf, xbox, tv etc etc.

    If you think they should have gone somewhere for more fun and the players had anything to do with it then you’re probably talking about lap dancers, hookers, and alcohol which would have certainly help then relax but definately wouldn’t win us the world cup!!

  66. Goonerpower said

    kev that would be an interesting line up but I still feel it’s too weak.

  67. dilshan said

    No Kav I didnt mean lap dancers and booze more sun and warm weather etc.. they spend all year playing golf and X box etc so surely its no different to what they do during the season..also Fabio is a strict disciplinarian and its fine when your with him for few days but weeks with him when he starts to pick on things such as how you eat etc could frustrate platers surely..well I am trying to make sense of it I suppose

  68. kev – euro 1996 we had the whole dentist charade, made the semis

    wc 98 they went to la manga with hoddle and had fun, unlucky against argies in r2, but played well throughout.

    i think having fun and bonding is what fit young men do, brings them together to fight for one another on a field of battle.

  69. ro said

    and this shows Wenger laughing at England how???

  70. Kev said

    Yeah and in 1966 the england team had a steak as part of their pre match meal as well as regularly drinking which no top athlete would get away with it today. This i would say would also stretch to both 1996 & 98, we’re in 2010 now and the game has completly changed during that time so no dentist chair and proper preperation which is what they were doing in Austria to get used to the altitude.

    I do agree with you though dilshan. I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with going to Austria but maybe more about the length of time they are actually with fabio under his strict regime, not sure what can be done about that though and would be the same wherever they had gone!

    I blame the vuvuzela 😉

  71. ro – did you miss the quote?

    bless 😉

  72. lovely move and goal for the danes

    big game bendtner… right place, right time, bang in the back of the net.

  73. dilshan said

    worried about NB 52 might not be fit to start our season…at least Song will get a long rest

  74. don’t worry, japan only need a draw against the Danes and they will go through on GD.

  75. lordgunner said

    we should buy this young Danish striker,he look great.
    Come on Wenger spend our money on him and we win the title unlike the looser we ve already got.dont remenber his name Nikos bender,ho yes nicklas bendtner…..ho wait!!!!!he is the useless striker we ve got last year 😀 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sell him,he is crap,fizzy league striker at best. the end

    WARNING!!! just a parody of the doom and gloom.do not take seriously .

  76. Daymee said

    ******Now I know this will shock many of you*****

    England will be playing in the quarter final in South Africa 2010 in a few weeks….


    Well, this England team is not as bad as the “you know who” would have you believe. A 100-metre race is decided at the finishing line and not at the start of the race.

    For all the moans and curses on Twitter and football blogs, England are unbeaten in this competition. I am an ardent football follower and I can tell you that England have very strong ingredients in that team to go very far in South Africa and I believe they will.

    From experience, world cups really start when the group stages are over. Then you see the wheat and the chaff going different ways. I know there is not a lot to be happy about at the mo, I just think we need to get some perspective. No one has a divine right to win games and if England could not score against Algeria, it isn’t the end of the world. It is better to get better as the tournament progress than the other way round.

    I believe England will progress to the next round and the World Cup (for England) will then kick in. I always believed England should have taken Walcott. How can you leave such a weapon at home? I don’t need to say how his presence affects opposition defences but I must say that Lennon and SWP don’t come close in creating spaces for England’s advance players to exploit. Just a thought.

    I’m not English, maybe that’s why I believe in them. I guess they need you behind them now than ever.

  77. […] Wenger laughs at England Capello is clearly not an International team manager, proven Club manager, but certainly not an International […] […]

  78. am said

    What has been Englands best result in the last two years?

    Croatia away –

    so who was the two best players that night?

    Walcott and Joe Cole.

    Capello – What an Idiot.

  79. goonergerry said

    England have looked awful so far-unable to make a simple 5 yard pass. Its not a manager they need but a psychologist-probably to overcome the deficiencies of the manager. This overpaid oppressive bully needs to be kicked out on his ear when the world cup ends. The midfield has not got enough movement-is very predictable and has been easily contained-even for average teams. The Heskey role does not work when he does not get the ball-and no one is running onto his passes-yet he continues to play the same system. Yes Walcott would have been a far better option than any other we have as an impact sub.
    Its not ability that we lack in this squad-its the right kind of preparation and leadership-as ever. How is it that the USA can perform better than us with far inferior players?

  80. I’m not a big Wenger fan, but that quote is a classic!

  81. Rod said

    Our performance against Algeria is the worst I remember of the 3 Lions. Capello is stubborn, his tactical prowess remind me of Svennis era, ‘I’ve set my game plan and that’s it!’.

    I think we will get through on Wednesday but for what? There was a belief, maybe as there always is, that this team under this manager could do something. After Friday that looks extremely unlikey.

    I hope they liven up!!

  82. Rational said

    Be informed all you ignorant lot with arrogance for nothing, never underestimate your opponent and give them respect for a start.

    Foolish Comments from the blogger himself like this “it was Algeria for crying out loud, not Argentina.” I ain’t surprised the sheep following the dumb herdsman.

    Algeria beat African nation champ to get to SA, this is enough to tell you there are no walkovers.

    Finally I am not surprised the ridicule one poster is facing simply because his opinion is anti- English. Learn to accept criticism, and stop being childish!

  83. Leon said

    With the likes of Terry, Ashley Cole, Ferdinand, Fat Fwank, Rooney and Gerrard playing for England I personally find it very difficult to want to support England from a moral standpoint. I long for the days of Pearce, Lineker, Robson and Shilton – players who had professional pride in representing their country and who acted like adults off the pitch – you WANTED them to do well – personally I could not care less if these lot do well because they DONT represent me….

  84. Winston said

    “…I long for the days of Pearce, Lineker, Robson and Shilton – players who had professional pride in representing their country and who acted like adults off the pitch…”

    Shilton had a well publicised extra marital affair.

    I fully agree with the comments of ‘Kev June 19, 2010 at 15:23’

  85. Dylan said

    Maybe next time England.

    Don’t worry you’ve got 4 years to think about everything that went wrong.

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