World Cup: Capello is a nutter

June 18, 2010

I do not agree with dropping Robert Green tonight, there is absolutely no latitude with such a tactical move.

Aside from the blunder, which has been repeated by many keepers at the WC since, Green made one astounding save later on that earned England a point.

Dropping him now and putting James into the team would be madness, the message to any England keeper from the Italian nutter is plain and simple… one mistake, and you are finito!

Great, just the kind of pressure you want to put on a keeper with these crazy 99 penny floater footballs around.

Algeria are pants, play most of the bench from the USA game and England would win 2 or 3 nil.

He selected Green to be his keeper at this WC, and he should stick with him now, he recovered very well from the mess up against the Yanks, the aforementioned save from Jozy Altidore proved as much.  He was perfectly positioned, stayed upright for as long as possible, it was textbook goalkeeping, he showed his mental fortitude to deal with the earlier mistake.

I am not Green’s biggest fan by any stretch of the imagination, and I would have honestly of selected either of the other 2 to be our keeper in South Africa, but now the nutter has chosen Green, to go back on it after one game would send out a poor signal to the squad.

Big, big decision for tonight’s game, plenty of speculation about James being picked to start ahead of Green, I just hope this is wrong, and the Italian engages brain and persists with the West Ham man.

The long ball game will not work at this WC, the jabulani will not allow for it, so knock Heskey or Crouch on the head and play Gerrard off fatboy, stick Joe Cole on the left for more creativity and Lennon down the right for pace and width, Barry holds the midfield letting Lumpy run on for loose balls outside the box, perfect set-up.

Capello is beginning to show his International management immaturity.

He is a totally dominant and proven force in club football, having won the lot, but don’t ever forget this is his inaugural visit to a major International football tournament as a manager.

Playing David James ahead of Robert Green tonight will spell the end.


37 Responses to “World Cup: Capello is a nutter”

  1. england are crap anyway

    they could never win a world cup with these players

    stop dreaming

  2. i never said they would win the WC, did i?

    but they certainly could, if capello got the tactics and players right, he does have the eleven who could go all the way imo.

    semi finals at least.

  3. stop dreaming

    you are the nutter if you think they can win

  4. Goonerpower said

    Jab monkey bollocks ssssshhhh of course we can win world cup look who is beatin who it’s wide open. So go play and find out what it does

  5. please goonerpower do not delude yourself

    you know the truth

  6. you may get a surprise jab, if that is what you truly believe.

    we certainly have enough quality to go all the way

    but as every team needs at the WC, luck luck and more luck.

    little breaks that go your way, cup comps are massively about little things that turn your fate.

  7. loool, you crack me up.

    at least you got some personality to ya

    lets wait and see how it goes jab.

  8. you picked argentina before it started, not a bad pick as they are favourites now.

    still think spain will win.

  9. yup i did select the argies as my pick at the start of the WC, they look the best in attack, defence is a little shaky, but hope they outscore the opposition in every game.

    spain were unfortunate the other day, proper arsenal v little team type of game.

    10 men behind the ball and hit and hope on the counter.

    hate that.

    but cant blame shit teams for playing such tactics.

  10. neville said

    The other day when drunk I came on you blog and said you were talking crap about the opening day fixture. It turnes out you were spot on. I am very impresed with your sources.well in

  11. don’t worry about it.

    its the way of the world of blogs.

  12. Goonerpower said

    Jab I am English, we cling to hope and pride! This is our nature Come on England.

  13. Goonerpower said

    Oh dear David James in goal. Let’s hope he don’t do his flappin as we all know he is capable of.

  14. crazy decision if correct.

    plenty of pressure on him, but it is only algeria so they should not trouble the goal much.

  15. Goonerpower said

    Well I hate to say it but…… We are sh@t. Jab ur right as much as it pains me

  16. capello, 6m a year, brilliant!

    the man is too defensive!!

  17. Leon said

    I hope that Slovenia can do us all a favour on Wednesday – I am tired of wasting my time supporting these players – they act like scum then expect support – come on Slovenia !

  18. jonny said

    capello is vastly overrated.

    4-4-2 just does not work in 2010 FFS

  19. dilshan said

    agree totally he should have started with hart from friendlies and given him the exposure and experience but he England only have 2 GK as there is now way Green could be part of this WC after being dropped and doubt if he has an international future under not English and openly admitted hear I want the Dutch to win the WC but I felt sad today..really did…For me Gerrad and Rooney are two of the most gifted offensive players in the world and any managers priority should be to free them and find a system which makes these two enjoy their football and Fabio has failed miserably..There is no excuse with the struggle of France, Spain and Germany loosing today and also clear evidence that Argies have defensive issues this was the chance for England to grab the tournament by the neck and run it..hoping they will I hit a pub and glad I did as if I had stayed at home I would have fallen a sleep…dare I say England needs Arsene to make the players enjoy their football and they day they do start to enjoy playing they will be winning trophies

  20. jonny said

    agree with you leon

    had enough

  21. jonny said

    well argued dilshan

  22. jonny said

    our players dont play with a smile and a joke, they are just too serious and uptight, this shows with seriously stifled play on the field.

    keegan and hoddle were both far better.

  23. gooner71 said

    melllltdooownnnnn for rooney

    he will get it in the neck for that outburst!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Leon said

    England are just an average team with average players – don’t build them up to something they are not. The expectations of some is just laughably naive. The usual teams will win it – Brazil – Argentina – Italy – Germany no one else is good enough – simple as.

  25. jonny said

    we know all too well, as jib said we are dreamers (sad face)


    Italia 90…

    England drew first game 1-1

    England drew second game 0-0

    England then won last game 1-0 and came within touching distance of the WC Final!!!


  27. jonny said

    what the f is heskey playng for?

    difo should play

  28. jonny said

    haha hawke, nice stats, but i dont think so mate

  29. gooner – what outburst?

  30. gooner71 said

    he went mad at the camera on tv sayinng the fans should not boo the team or something like that, all the fourms are going mad at him.

    silly boy

  31. gooner71 said

    i’m supporting the krauts lol

  32. lordgunner said

    this bunch of player are plain poor.take the foreign from their club and that’s your left with.France were rubbish but they don’t pay their manager millions like England.
    Lemon SWP are average at best,Heskey maybe work hard but for as a striker he is abysmal.Gerrard is on his last legg.Terry is plain shit without a more talented teammate.Carragher is even worst

  33. Hyfun said

    After watch england play today i am sure that capello regrets not picking walcot the speed and the penetration in the midfield and the forwards are totaly dead for england team. All in all england wil go to the 2nd round.

  34. billsbright said

    its really frustrating but still hope to deliver i think england players have the capability to cope up with the pressure capello is talking about its not our first world cup and for your information england is among the 7 countries who have ever won the world cup so capello what we need from you only motivation in the team then will ofcourse race up to the finals making it 2 thats 1966 and 2010 thanks God bless england and fans in southafrica who have sacrified their time and money for the better of our country

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