BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal away to Liverpool

June 16, 2010

Rumour doing the rounds ahead of tomorrow morning’s 2010/2011 FA Premier League fixture list release is the mighty Arsenal travelling to Anfield to take on mid-table strugglers Liverpool on the opening day of the new season.

More to follow…

EDIT: Confirmed as of 9am Thursday morning on the FA website.


77 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal away to Liverpool”

  1. Ezra said


  2. sam said

    Jesus Christ! just wait until tomorrow.

  3. Gunner said

    Why have you put this! It ain’t going to happen. What is your source?

  4. gooner said

    if this doesn’t happen it will be hard for us to believe the hangeland deal you said to have been completed

  5. Doublegooner said

    Lets hope we have some new players by then.

  6. smithfield said


  7. scottpuffin said

    Fair play if this is true.

    If not, you should never ever write articles like this one you published previously (just to get hits):

  8. scot – i write what i feel, when i feel, dont ever tell me what to and what not to write about again on my blog.

    now fuck off you simpleton, nobody forces anybody to read or respond to a post.

    you and you alone make that decision.

    grasp that, and run with it, will help you tremendously in life.

    this is a blog not a newspaper.

    i sell nothing, but pass MY opinion, simple as that.

    simple enough for a simpleton, even.

    so good luck young scottypuff.

  9. realjaygooner said

    haha… got dat scott?? now feck off…lol. nyc way 2 put it hawke!!

  10. the cheek of the joey.

    coming on to my blog and telling me what to write about.


    he wont be doing that again in a hurry.

  11. Stringfellow, you weren’t writing what you were feeling, you were giving an exclusive ‘breaking news’ article. I’m actually backing you up and saying fair play if it’s true. If not, that’s credibility out the window.
    Don’t try and mack me off like a two-bob because you’re hidden behind a PC matey. If you want to get aggressive, fair enough, I can come back and have a verbal war of words over a PC.
    Come tomorrow morning, we’ll see who the mug is.
    Btw, great blog. Reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy!!!

  12. arsenalred said

    As our first game of last season was away (Everton) wont our first game this season be at Home?
    It normally works that way

  13. BALAKOV said

    gud news,chamak will give us three points.

  14. Hyfun said

    Io it happens its the end of the season for arsenal if and unless other wise

  15. scot@20.30

    you made reference to another post which was my true feelings.

    i never said this post was about feelings, lol, there is a mighty rumour doing the rounds, REDaction have an email going round on the subject.

    hence “rumours doing the rounds”

    Come on fellas, get with the script.

  16. To be fair, you are contradicting yourself if the story isn’t true.
    If the story is true, then I’ll be the first one to post on your blog tomorrow handing it to you. 🙂
    Wrong foot, getting off and all that.
    I actually hope this isn’t true, as Liverpool have been good starters for the last few seasons.

  17. how would i be contradicting myself?

  18. scottpuffin said

    The headline is reading ‘BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal away to Liverpool’.
    The reality is it’s a rumour doing the rounds, not breaking news!
    I’ve got some breaking news, Lionel Messi has signed for Arsenal for 45 quid. My mate Dave just told me.

  19. Yes i see where you go with this, but you failed to explain where you went with your first post.

    Telling me to stop writing posts (Arsenal bogs are crap) if the fixtures not pool away.

    How are these two independant events linked, please?

    As one post is true feelings and viewpoints and the other is rumours.

    Would like to get into your way of thinking.

  20. I think some just take “blogs” the wrong way

    again we are not newspapers, its unedited views, feelings, information, rumours etc

  21. scottpuffin said

    One wasn’t a way of thinking. ‘Breaking news’ suggests some truth. So, all I’m saying is that if there is no truth in your ‘breaking news’ then you are quite the hypocrite in slagging off the rest of the Arsenal blogs, when in reality you will affectively be full of shit.
    I’m not saying you are full of shit, but that’s how it will come across to the standard reader.

  22. effectively.

    if you dont like what i blog about, why worry?

    big wide world out there.

  23. btw – i have written twice now that naturally today was not feelings, so what?

    i write what i want, when i want, thats the point here.

    if you dont like it, go write a blog about it.

  24. scottpuffin said

    Ok sorry i am just a simpleton, you were right.

    I fucked up and as i said earlier, started off on the wrong foot.

    I admire your blog, you are on NewsNow etc, i have a smaller blog and am trying hard.

    Sorry for being a wanker again.

  25. Pathetic.

    Stop arse kissing, cant stand people who need to kiss arse.

    Its just the blog world!!!

  26. scottpuffin said

    lol at ME

  27. dilshan said

    it was great to see Spain loose, only if they had paid enough attention to their football as much as they did to tap up Cesc…and a big well done to those ladies who held a Cesc banner up in the Spanish crowed

  28. scottpuffin said


  29. neville said

    Lol at scott, what a joke.

    Why come on here?

    Pathetic aint the word.

  30. it is bizzare, neville.

  31. My blog is getting an very large number of unique visitors daily.

    The nutters are always there, today alone we have had 6,700 new visitors.

    Very few comment, but we always seem to get a dime bar or two pipe up.

  32. neville said

    I know mate.

  33. Dilshan – Spain are in big trouble, looks likely they will face Brazil in the next round if they get out that is.

    The Swiss and Chileans could be smart about this now with 3 points a piece.

  34. Ernie said

    scottpuff – you truly are a wanker of the highest order. you took out your hate and anger of not having a syndicated blog on a blogger who is very successful and syndicated on the major outs.

    you do yourself no favours.

    make friends, not enemies.

  35. i am sure he will be back under a new guise.

    shame the ip address gives it away though


  36. […] BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal away to Liverpool Rumour doing the rounds ahead of tomorrow morning’s 2010/2011 FA Premier League fixture list release is the […] […]

  37. Yo Mama said

    I agree with Scott!

    That title does suggest that it’s a breaking news story….when it’s not. You wait, when the fixture list is released…i’ll be laughing at you!

  38. goonerrr said

    we’ll kill them its jus dolly liverpool I really want this to happen like really even wish it was non because hte world cup is like boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn only comes alive when the SAMBA BOYS PLAYS.

  39. Rob said

    A blog run by a Hitler like dictator who accepts no-ones opinion but his own and burst into expletives upon some clearly constructive, relatively polite critiscism.

    The epitomy of sheer obliviance…..

    The cheek of you to think you are better than someone who just tried to post some feedback on your blog, naming them a simpleton

    What’s wrong with you?

    What an ass…

    Why are you moderating this comment? ThiS is the third time I’ve posted it. This is a pretty terrible blog

  40. Foz said

    Scotty & stringfellow…….. Get a room…. Sheeesh!

  41. Tom said

    How did you know???

  42. mike said

    well done mate u were right

    good inside info keep it up

  43. enfieldgooner said

    great call, for all u doubters…he was spot on…….COME ON U GUNNERS!!!

  44. realjaygooner said

    have not seen the congrats from scott yet?? wasnt he supposed to be the first one to comment on your blog incase u were right??
    nice job hawke!!

  45. It's Complicated said

    Well done mate. Good info.

  46. will be a good early test.

  47. Boxing day at home to Chavski should be a good xmas time event.

  48. mike said

    our first few games are bloody hard

    sundrerland away
    liverpool away
    chelsea away and some others

    not in any order btw but all in first few weeks

  49. m dot dizzle said

    Haha scott u fukin moron!!! i purposefully checked dis blog jus 2day see if scottypuff made a tit and much to my delight i can confirm he did indeed make that tit, Nice1 Stringfellow

  50. dilshan said

    another season kick off at Merseyside ….lets repeat last years performance..

  51. Don’t worry guys and gals, scotty will be the first one on, as he promised, to come and hold his hands up.

    Problem is, the reprobate does not arise from his slumber till after midday, imvho.

  52. great example of the attitude of some.

    had the opening fixture not been away to pool.. can you imagine the abuse? and the quantity of it?

    get it right, and suddenly a silence falls.

    humans are greatly flawed.

  53. Jonathon Guild said

    Hey Hawke don’t worry about it, the ones with envy will always mock, then disappear.

    I remember months ago you told us about Gallas leaving and you copped some grief for that, well i guess nobody came on to say you were right recently?

    I dont always comment, but i do always read this blog, you have a very unique style which makes you very readable, i like you dont suck up to anybody or any other bloggers out there.

    You write what you feel, and shove to the set up.

    On a final note, you are not right all the time, but jeez fella, are you hooked or what? you are so right more times than not on scored, predictions, transfer and the rest.

    Keep it up, and especially keep up the way you work.

    Its unique with all the conformists blogs around, and i for one love it.

  54. Jonathon Guild said

    always anticipation when one of your blogs pops up on newsnow

    LOL never know who you are going to go after

    very rare to get people who really do just write what they think without fear of being told to pipe it down.

    seriously fella, keep on rolling.

  55. Chaps, been busy working.
    Fair play, you called it.
    I am certainly a fucking dunce.
    Hands up you da man for sure Stringfellow!

  56. scottpuffin said

    I look the twat, and i can understand i have only made me and my blog look worthless.

    Doubt i will be getting syndicated anytime soon.

    Wrists slit time.

  57. you aint the first ..

    and you wont be the last.

    now do one.

  58. dilshan said

    Hwak what is this complain from some blogs about arsenal giving away free away shirts of next season for few selected blogs to run competitions with…well guess it their choice who they give it to any way

  59. laughable.

    ACLF was the only blog i saw who were given a free shirt, lemoan, the lowest form of blogs out there, have an on going problem with ACLF, that was the basis to the crap.

    honestly, arsenal blogs really are in a world of their own.

  60. mike said

    le grove also comes up with a lot of rubbish

    i like arsenal insider, of course ur blog, clockenders, goonertalk

  61. dilshan said

    lol….whats wrong with arsenal fans and for that matter some of the some of the ex players…it was funny to hear Jans full of praise and optimism for the club recently when some of our so legends are, it seems, waiting for the club to fall on its face..( you know who and who am talking about right)…as you might be in a better position to answer this was their some sort of rift with AW and some of the 97/98/99 players

  62. they all make me laugh, most bloggers are total sing only when you are winning types, they all get on wengers back and want a new manager when all is not going so well… then when a good run begins, they are the first to tell us how great he is.

    got no time for two-faced plonkers.

    certain blogs even boast writers who are known criminals, defrauding the public etc, i shall say no more.

    said blogger revealed a little too much about his identiy to me once, unbeknown to him, i was aware of people within his little world who confirmed the news.

    i love winding them all up, cracking fun.

  63. mike

    lemoan = le grove

    le groan also = le grove

  64. i would list arseblogger and goonerholic in a class of their own when it comes to blogging about arsenal.

    they are totally consistent in their views and beliefs.

    they dont schmooze, they dont backslap, they just tell it how it is, regardless of a win or a defeat.

    they support the club with utter consistency, immaterial of external factors.

  65. mike said

    they support the club with utter consistency, immaterial of external factors.

    good point… many blogs change their viewpoint so frequently like one day …ahh the team is great then the next (when we got beat by chelsea and utd this season in february) were like ahh wenger out, bendtner out, denilson out, we are going down etc etc …..i hate blogs that do that as its just nonsense

    u take the good times and the bad….weve had the good times, we are just going through a period where we have had noi money due to stadium hence wenger had no choice but to buy youth and bring them up….all this experiment with youth is just garbage

    he has set us up for the future and now we are reaping some of the benefits….wenger is a class act

  66. Rob said

    So if we want Wenger to leave next season provided that he wins nothing and does little to change the current situation that makes us ‘sing-when-you’re winning’ fans….

    Having been an Arsenal fan and season ticket holder for just shy of 30 years this is ridiculous! Every fan has an opinion, just because they differ doesn’t mean you have to criticise other blogs and people’s opinions, before trying to make yourself out to be a better fan the the rest of us for one reason or another. So I think we must seriously consider letting AW go at the end of next season, you don’t. If I were being petty I would point out that we ar supporters of Arsenal and not Wenger, so his standing at the club has little to do with the kind of fans we are.

    But I can fully understand your stance on him, he has – after all, transformed us

    I see you conveniently ignored my previous comment

  67. wrong, i previously ignored YOU, not the comment.

    on this occasion i think you make some valid arguments, and i have responded in kind.

    not that i agree with them, but you choose to make them in a fashion i found obliged to respond to.

    lets see how next season goes, but one thing is for sure, i will be a advocate of wenger until the day i die, as the club i will support until my dying breath will bea at the helm of world football, in rude financial health, thanks to the unreal work he done during these last few years.

    he helped us move into a spanking new cash cow of a stadium, with his budget shredded whilst the like of roman a was spending ridiculously out of nowhere… and we STILL remained in the top 4 and even challenged.

    to me, i can see past just trophies, there are only 3 or 4 of them every year, coming from a financial background, i can see the foundations that have been laid.

    and to top it all… he fecking done it all in the midst of a global recession!!!

    i have said many time before, the short sighted, maniacs and glory hunters can judge him on trohpies alone, i will use a more intelligent overall standpoint to assess his achievements for the club i so love.

  68. sorry missed that last post, mike.

    brilliantly put that man!

  69. Rob said

    Ok so you’ve gone off at tangent and tried to put yourself on a higher level than me

    I agree that Wenger has been a fantastic manager, a genius. I am not naive enough to be upset at a lack of trophies, throughout our history I have seen this as the case.

    What frustrates me is a perceived obliviance on his part towards our weaknesses- like the defence and a lack of decisive, in team selection or spending (yes, spending can be open to any number of different interpretations, but having a share in the club, I receive the accounts, which don’t lie, so whilst I can uderstNd your argument, I believe there is money to be spent) action to rectify the problems.

    When for example, after five years every fan and armchair pundit was calling for a new CB, he did nothing. 5 years on, he says we let in too many goals and wants to strengthen the defence. It’s frustrating. Now does he not realise that goalies are also responsible for goals? I don’t know if he’ll replace the keeper- I hope so

    if he makes a go of it this year, with the money (I’m not asking for 40m players, but spending 15m on a couple wouldn’t hurt) then I too wi argue that there is no man better for the job, as well as his legendary status

    If not, them surely we must consider whether or not he can still keep us competitive

    A rant I know, but I am interested to see what others have to say on the subject

  70. Not an arsenal shareholder, but i am an avid follower of our accounts and interim accounts.

    I concur that the last set of interim accounts (feb/march 2010) disclosed a brilliantly healthy position now the club have finally paid off the arsenal aquare 133M debt, this was a major noose around our necks over the past few seasons as it was due to be repaid this spring just gone, and due to the faultering property market and overall global meltdown, the flats were not selling, and even though the accounts stated this laughable “ringfencing” line, if one side of a business if not providing the neccesary revenues/profits to cater for costs, the profits from another side of the business must do.

    This is what happened, collecting the 44M for toure and badey last summer helped get the last lump needed to pay it off this year, as did a pick up in flat sales, even though 70 odd (this was from around 6 weeks ago) remain unsold.

    So, all those calling for AW to spend spend spend over the past few seasons, must realise he really did not have it, as per the accounts!

    However, that has NOW, and only NOW changed since the property debt was cleared, the 200M ish on the stadium is nicely financed for another 15 odd years and easily repayable, even though we are due to have it fully paid off and be debt free within 5 years at current rates.

    Yes i agree, AW, should have bought another CB last summer as cover, but even the greatest make blunders, no man or woman that ever lived was perfect, they all had their blemishes here or there.

    It is the monodrome, consistent, back-stabbing aimed at our greatest manager that gets to me the most, and i will always do my uptmost to defend him, the problems arise when you come up against mental lightweights who have a rough time grasping the true financial implications that were forced upon AW over the last few years.

    Did he moan? did he tell the press like benitez or any other manager would that he could not make a better team without more money? did he hell, he got on with the taks in hand and we challenged for the title on relative scraps compared to the spending of manure, chavski, and pool, then spuds and city.

    Now the worst, finacially speaking, is over, who would you have as a manager, with proper funds to invest in the team again?

    Remember, AW, was the man who spent 13m on wiltord, 7m on bronckhorst, 9m on jeffers et al

    BEFORE the stadium was planned… it is a myth he does not spend, he does and he has, and he will again now the finances are more stable, just have faith.

    FFS it was not 50 years ago that this man was guiding us to doubles and undefeated seasons, and FA cup wins/finals galore.

    Understand the move to the stadium was a big transitional period in our history, the wrong man at the helm and we could have been a Leeds, or a Liverpool.. look at them now? no stadium, no squad, no chamsp league, no nothing… yet they had a manager who spent over 200m in the same period as we stopped spending.

    Good times are around the corner again gooners.

  71. Rob said

    Fair enough. It is nice to be able to have a reasonable discussion with someone with different viewpoints rather than an argument

    I am not for wenger out, but I feel that over the course of the next 18 months we may have to review the situation

    thank you!

  72. cheers, rob.

    your views are always welcome.

    this is an honest and frank forum, it can be a little fierce at times..

    but make intelligent points, and we will try to give as best we can back.

  73. Mikey said

    interesting article, thx!

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