World Cup: Forget about the Messi show

June 12, 2010

Argentina are certainly my picks for the World Cup.

I can envision a Brazil v Argentina final, I think both sides have the right set-up to win a Cup competition, for those who are unaware, Brazil play a sit back and suck it up, then unleash hell on the counter attack brand of football, under current manager and former World Cup winning captain, Dunga.

Argentina, under the legendary Diego Maradona, have evolved much over the past 18 months, many styles of play and nearing 100 players have been tried and tested in that illustrious period of time.

The fact remains, in Lionel Messi they do possess the greatest player on Earth at this present moment.

Every team the Argies play will also be aware of said fact, and this should open up the realms of possibility for a new Argentina star to be born, as certainly Messi will be pounced upon by 2 or 3 opposition players when attacking, thus leaving space for his attacking comrades to exploit.

Angel di Maria is a name that some gooners will hold resonance with, he was apparently very close to signing for us, as a 16 yr old, but at the last minute some hitch caused the breakdown of this move, he ended up in Portugal with the Lisbon giants, Benfica.

What a player he is, and what a great chance he will have on the greatest stage in football, to highlight to his new suitors at the Bernabeu, just how marvellous a winger they are getting their hands on.

He is rocket fast, skillful, and certainly has an eye for goal.

For Argentina he will occupy the area down the right flank, and with Messi playing in the hole being the striker, and dropping out wide left, space down the right will be a luxury, a luxury di Maria will have to take advantage of.

Carlos Tevez will lead the line for the South American’s, which for my money, when you have Higuain and Diego Milito in the squad, is a wrong decision, I hope he proves me wrong.

Argentina play a similar brand of football to the Brazilians, they like to exploit on the counter, and with the pace, trickery and outrageous talent in their attacking players, they could spank a side for six in this tournament.

The Goalkeeper, gooners will again know of him from our games against AZ Alkmar this season, is Sergio Romero and this kid is going to be a superstar, mark my words.

Off the bench they have talent in Pastore, another dubbed the “New Maradona” and Maradona’s own son-in-law to be… the fantastic Atletico Madrid forward, Sergio Aguero.

All in all, they have the most talented squad, goals wise, in the entire tournament, and goals win you games, win you trophies.

The opening game against the Super Eagles of Africa, Nigeria, will lay down the marker.

Nigeria are ordinary for me, have a look at their squad… the star striker is Yakubu, and that says it all!

They have nothing in terms of real talent anywhere on the pitch, they are all good players, but nothing special anywhere, they endured a shocking Cup of Nations earlier in the year, and subsequently sacked the manager.

African teams usually play a very functional brand of football, and with a Swede at the helm now in Lars Lagerback, that is exactly what you will get.

Argentina should dispose of their African counterparts with relative ease this afternoon, the starter before the main course tonight.

I will stick my head out and favour a 3 or 4 nil victory.


20 Responses to “World Cup: Forget about the Messi show”

  1. Joeysarsenal said

    I found them very lucky to get the win, they took it for granted and didn’t convert there chances

  2. Lucky?

    Did you not watch the entire match?

    The Nigerian keeper kept out about 4 certain goals.

    Total control, aside from a few defensive lapses, they will need to tighten up.

    Good first game for them, you need to build up to win it, no point peaking to early.

  3. lordgunner said

    agree with joey.lucky it s not the word maybe ,but against much better team they will lose if they play the same.Play beautifull,but the back-four look average together.

  4. dilshan said

    not convinced Hawk..a powerful striker running at Demichelis could be a interesting site, think him and Gutierez at RB will get caught out by better forwards and again there were signs as a team they could be made to loose their discipline..for my I have a sneaky feeling the Dutch with their pace and ability to keep ball as well as fresher RVP and Huntlar could be a threat..they can keep the ball as well as play on the counter with the pace and in Snider have an amazing play maker…I am thinking its either them or Spain….I prefer the Dutch to win a Sri Lankan and we are hugely influenced by the Dutch so some loyalty there too…but do not also rule out the elephants they are one team who can surprise a lot of teams

  5. […] – were clearly missing the creative services of injured Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel. At theLars Lagerback – The Super Eagles of Nigeria's Swedish coach Lars Lagerback – decked out in a Nigerian green track […]

  6. I don’t rate any African team at all, such a shame considering the tournament is on their continent for the 1st time.

    They have had better teams in the past.

    England and Holland never have the luck, they have the ability to win, but need that luck.

    Argentina looked ragged at the back, but the team that usually wins the tournie, always starts not great, but they warm to the task.

    There attack is just supreme in messi, di maria, aguero, milito, higuain, and tevez.

    No other team has so much attacking quality, they can bring players off the bench and chase if behind, or control through mascheran and veron if they lead.

  7. dilshan said

    Rob Green is ready to be our No 1 now..lollllll

  8. andy p said

    I disagree. I think Spain have more quality than Argentina overall. Yes messi is the best player, but Spain have more midfield quality and better defence. And fab also plays for Spain too.

  9. lordgunner said

    hopefully Capello will use a striker instead of heskey,i dont see other team would get scare facing him and headless chicken down the wing aka SWP and Lemon.
    Add to that an unfit CB (King),a pass his best (WAS NOT REALLY GOOD BEFORE) one (Carragher),An average one who look good only with a good partnership (terry) and some average GK…..yep Engerland to glory

  10. IcelandicArsenalfan said

    How people still think Messi is the best is strange to me. For me, C. Ronaldo is somewhat better. I watched Messi’s first 100 goals on and most of them are finishes from inside 10 or 8 yards. Of course, he scored over 40 goals last season so that means he is great but he plays with players that can tread the ball perfectly in between the defence and Messi just times it perfectly. Ronaldo scores goals from everywhere, with his right, left and head. Ronaldo can also score free kicks and I don’t think Messi does that, not alot at least. But mabye I am wrong, mabye you aren’t necessarily the best just because you score the most spectacular goals.

  11. All the World Cup 2010 Games in South Africa will be streamed live at 21:32

  12. dilshan said

    Vorsah…looks like the Cb we need..that Ghanian team has a few players who could be great addition to our team.

  13. He looked very tidy… Ghana are very likely to be England’s opponents in the next knockout round.

    Has the look of Eng v Cam @ Italia 90 about it.

    would love for that to be the round 16 game.

  14. Think the Germans could surprise tonight.

    Aussies are VERY poor defensively, and the germans have the little magician Ozil in the playmaker role to take advantage.

    Prefer the night games, have a better tempo.

  15. lordgunner said

    beautiful football by ze german tonight.A great mix of young and few experience player.With the spanish and brazilian they ve got the best squad in this world cup with quality everywhere on the pitch

  16. they were good, but they only played Austrailia.

    they will not get past the quarter finals imo.

  17. lordgunner said

    they are german so semi at worst.I m very impress by their youth player.You can see the german have work in their youth system while cash in their league run dry.The german national team get their reward with an exciting crop of talent.

  18. dilshan said

    who dares wins…it seems Germans have and Fabio’s England have not..typical defensive and conservative team selection…
    1- he should have taken Theo, who has an eye for goal, both SWP and Lenon will not score goals
    2- be brave and play hart all the way through and have him as the No 1
    3- not picking Adam Johnson, fresh and un known talent but capapble of winning matches unlike SWP and Millner
    4- Taking CB with no pace, he will never play Dowson or Upson so what is the point taking them…Sol is quicker then Cara and Terry.
    5- the only top team who will play in 3 lines of 4-4-2…no invention or imaginations in formation

  19. 100% agreed dilshan

    i cannot fathom why capello persists with 442.

    this squad is made for a 433/451/4141 type formation, with a proper DM and gerrars and lampard as attacking CM’s.

    i am going to research this, but i have a feeling capello has ONLY ever played 442 throughout his entire manegerial career, if so, that is a massive faux pas.

    442 is so 1980s/1990s

    tactics have moved on.

  20. nope i was wrong, capello was very successful with a 3-4-1-2 formation with Roma in the early noughties.

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