World Cup: France cannot beat Uruguay tonight

June 11, 2010

The French are in total meltdown, the manager is a joke, the players are in race splits within the camp and the defence has a problem with the left back and centre back arguing over who should be the new Captain.

Patrice Evra won that war, the big baby, Billy G, once again lost a battle for a Captain’s armband.

We are hearing the players are not passing to Gourcuff and Govou as they believe Henry and Diaby should be deployed in their places.

Thankfully for Les Bleus, the thoroughly deplorable Domenech is to be replaced by Laurent Blanc later this Summer.

On paper, if France used the correct players from the wonderful talent they have in the squad they have assembled, they should give the South American’s a good lesson tonight.

However, that will not be happening, at best they will nick a draw, 1-1 possibly.

In Forlan and Suarez, Uruguay have one of the top strike partnerships in the entire competition, and I fully expect one or both to get on the score sheet tonight.

They use a fairly dated 3-5-2 formation, with a pair of bombastic wing-backs working like dogs up and down both flanks, this allows for a very solid back 3 and a fully functional central midfield engine room, that destroys opposition possession and creates at will for the front men.

Uruguay came through play-offs to qualify, so they are by no means one of the better sides from their continent, but their European counterparts came through via dubious circumstances that could carry plenty of bad karma.

I expect a 2-0 win for the side from Uruguay, with a saver on the 1-1, France should get space down the flanks late one to create, the high altitude certainly showed up in the opening fixture with the Mexicans looking dead on their feet with 15 to go.

Lovely tempo to the opener, I hate those bloody vuvuzela things aswell, but I get the feeling they may help set high tempos to games, tonight will tell us more.

Both sides tend to be cagey in their approach, looking to create an opening when and if a moment comes, rather than seizing the moment.

I am putting my faith in the blasted horns lifting the event into an open, action packed affair.


10 Responses to “World Cup: France cannot beat Uruguay tonight”

  1. Erik said

    “the high altitude certainly showed up in the opening fixture with the Mexicans looking dead on their feet with 15 to go.”

    cough cough… so the Mexicans had problems adjusting to LOWER altitudes from their normal 7200 feet in their national stadium to the 5700ft of Soccer City in South Africa? 😉 😉 😉

  2. cough cough…

    how many of the starting eleven play in Mexico? 🙂

  3. Erik said

    cough cough… 15 out of their 23 man squad, to South Africa’s 16 out of their 23 man squad… 😉 😉 😉

    Me needs some cough medicine! 🙂

  4. World Cup: France cannot beat Uruguay tonight…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  5. cough cough… i repeat


    i would assume from your coughing… at least 8 out of 11… right? maybe more, it is a chronic cough 😆

  6. dilshan said

    you got this one spot on earth Nasri is not on that squad..for me he should start ahead of Gurcuff, who I thought was jusr poor…no energy or drive or great vission…hope Diaby has a season he plays with that sort of drive for 25 games…Godin was very impressive though…Villareal will always sell their players and Godin has been impressive for a while now….

  7. Gourcuff was particularly poor tonight, he can do a lot better, i’m sure he will not play as poorly again. He was trying too hard.

    Looking forwars to my Tournament picks, Argentina, playing tommorow.

    Will put up a preview in the morning… very excited about Maradona’s team.

  8. mike said

    yeh agree stringfellow….gourcuff tried too hard but still is a class act

    also thought diaby was excellent…he was running the match….if he is more consistent for arsenal he will be class also

  9. lordgunner said

    france-uruguay bored me to death .and i though the first match was pretty poor.Ribery and Gouvou was the worst on the pitch.Anelka not far.Thanks god for Diaby and Toulalan.What an amazing player Toulalan is.

    Hopefully the match today will show a better standard than yesterday.The only highlight for first day was the brilliant goal score by south africa

  10. jane said

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