Hill-Wood confirms Schwarzer bid

June 10, 2010

Speaking to his every trusty chum on the Sports Desk at the Daily Star, Chairman Hill-Wood tells us about Schwarzer and then also goes on to discuss Billy G.

“We have made an enquiry for him and they are not prepared to sell him so we have gone away.

We can only hope they will change their minds, but at the moment it doesn’t look like it.”

Our favourite old Etonian went on to give his viewpoint on the current financial madness surrounding players wages, a direct dig at Gallas’s contract demands.

“He is asking for too much for too long. Players are going to have to learn some time that money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Right, so we can now lay to rest all the moronic posts about Wenger not identifying the goalkeeper position as one of weakness, he clearly has, it is now down to the board to follow through with the contracting of the players the gaffer has highlighted.

I wholeheartedly agree with the signing of a top premiership keeper, the wrong side of 30, as this will do no harm to the growth and development of our young poles, who will both come good in time.

Gallas leaving is no surprise, I wrote on here a couple of months back that I was informed he would link back up with old Chavski boss, Ranieri, at Roma.

Good riddance.


10 Responses to “Hill-Wood confirms Schwarzer bid”

  1. Brady said

    I really hope we can reach an agreement with Fulham, however sadly the only way might be if the current manager had to leave for Liverpool if rumours are to be believed.

  2. take 3M off us for schwarzer

    go get david james on a free

    no brainer for fulham.

  3. cc said

    They are both as bad as what we have got, I dont believe wenger is serious about him

  4. Babayasko Misau said

    if they are not selling let give the young pole chance,looks at Atletico madrid’s Degea he is only 19 but he won them uefa and gets call up for spains 30 man world cup sguad.

  5. rambotwk said

    I haven’t seen much of Mark this past season. He’s not a very fidgety type of keeper, is he?

  6. gunner17 said

    he had a stinker when fulham played us at the end of the season…like fabianski on one of his bad days.

    would be a marginal improvement only. maybe a bit better than our current keeper at coming for the ball and bossing the box. maybe.

  7. gunner17 said

    but not really the message we want to be sending out…buying a 37 year old mid table keeper who has gone undistinguished for all of his career

  8. brs bdr003 said


  9. […] Hill-Wood confirms Schwarzer bid Speaking to his every trusty chum on the Sports Desk at the Daily Star, Chairman Hill-Wood tells us about Schwarzer and […] […]

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