Balague backs down on Cesc story

June 10, 2010

The man behind the media drive (couldn’t resist) to get our Captain shipped over to Catalonia, has finally retreated this afternoon.

He has actually had a mini breakdown RE:Twitter and the abuse he has taken off Gooners since his Cesc to Barca quotes last month.

“Courtesy of Twitter, I`ve been getting more abuse from the Twitter twats and toddlers because I`ve been reporting on Barcelona’s strategy for recruiting Cesc Fabregas.

Apparently, because I`m Spanish, I`m doing my bit for the Catalan club of which I must surely be a fan: because I`m from Barcelona. You couldn`t be more wrong. Is every Londoner and Arsenal fan?”

His rant did not finish there…..

But when I report that candidates for the Barcelona presidency have a strategy for signing Cesc Fabregas, apparently I`m single handedly masterminding the downfall of Arsene Wenger.

I shall Tweet no more, other than to link to an article in full. The internet has become a mine of mis-information and unless you read it here, or in an article with my name on the by-line, then the next time you read in a forum or a blog that ‘
Balague says….’ – you can take it with a pinch of salt.

All the best, Guillem… bet we don’t see you at the Emirates next season.


40 Responses to “Balague backs down on Cesc story”

  1. It's Complicated said

    So the man who makes his living out of mischief and half-truths is claiming foul now because he can’t handle a few gooners having a pop? Too bad. He started this story and I can only assume it were his paymasters over at Barcelona that fed him his lines. Otherwise how would he know what the actual bid Barcelona were prepared to pay weeks before they made an actual bid?

  2. Peter said

    Great stuff, love the blog, Stringfellow.

    Keep it up, love the forthright views, and honest heartfelt words.


  3. jaygooner said

    Love Balagues idiotic statement that the internet has become a mine of mis-information. Ermm isnt that how he made his name? Oh yeah its June 10 today Balague, isnt this the day Cesc was going to be unveiled as a Bara c untulunya player? Still waiting. It aint happened balague, it was never going to happen. The Mighty Arsenal issued their statement and that should have been the end of it.

  4. gunner17 said

    balague’s credibility is kaput.

  5. marcus said

    HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS “BACKING DOWN”??? That’s not what he’s doing at all. He’s merely stopped tweeting, that’s it.

    I really don’t understand why gooners have this hatefest going on with Ballague. He’s absolutely RIGHT in his complaints.

    All that Ballague has done is REPORT on what he’s been told. This is the journalist who has frequent personal access to CESC himself. Cesc grants him many interviews repeatedly. Cesc has NOT ONCE denied anything Ballague has reported. Not once — unlike all the other times he’s firmly denied any report saying he’s leaving.

    All that Ballague has done is REPORT that Cesc had a conversation with Arsene asking to leave. He then reported what Barca have been doing in their attempts to get Cesc.

    That’s it.

    It’s extraordinary to see idiots claim that he has a personal agenda or that he’s being paid by Barca (he’s a fkg ESPANYOL supporter, ffs!). Just because he’s REPORTING something we gooners don’t like.

    The fact that Arsenal’s response has been firm against Barca’s attempts to get Cesc does not in any way prove Ballague has been wrong about anything. Ballague has never said that Arsenal would just cave, that this was a done deal. All he’s reported on is Cesc’s desire to leave and Barca’s attempts to get Cesc, and how they’re responding to Arsenal’s firm rejection.

    That’s it. You’re all hating on the fkg messenger.

    Cesc himself has not stopped granting Ballague access to him. Cesc himself started all this a month ago at a press conference in Spain saying he wanted his future sorted and that he’d only go to Barca.

    It wasn’t Ballague who started all this — it was CESC. It was Cesc’s comments in that press conference that alerted Barca, and started their public campaign to force Arsenal to sell him.

    Ballague was just the fkg reporter on all this.

  6. gooner71 said

    afternoon guilllem blagger.

    no more tweeting then?

  7. marcus said

    Here’s Ballague’s entire column on this, and he’s absolutely spot-on:………….

    I shall Tweet no more, other than to link to an article in full. The internet has become a mine of mis-information and unless you read it here, or in an article with my name on the by-line, then the next time you read in a forum or a blog that ‘Balague says….’ – you can take it with a pinch of salt.

    Gooners are ignorant racists when they think just because he’s Spanish, it means he’s working for Barca.

  8. Arsene said

    Shut up Marcus you TWAT ! you bumming Balague or something ?

  9. marcus you ignorant runt, there is a link right at the top of the comments that guides readers directly to blaggers website and the full script of his breakdown.

    how fucking dare you come on here and call gooners racists.

    the only ignorant feckwit around here is you, now fuck off.

  10. gooner71 said

    marcus you calling me a racist?

  11. gooner71 said

    dont kick him off yet hawkey

    lets toy with the fucker

  12. not kicking him off, sure he is composing another race hate filled riposte.

  13. Arsenal Grouch said

    LOL! Don’t mess with gooners, Balague!!

  14. gooner71 said

    whats his details? email address etc?

  15. no chill gooner71, i am not going to give out personal stuff like that

    use as many profanities as you lot want, this is no nanny state controlled blog, but i wont stoop to giving out personal details etc.

  16. gooner71 said

    i just asked gullem blagger if he was a racist lolololol

  17. gooner71 said

    i meant if he thought i was a racist, surely its him?

  18. Enlish Coocksucks said

    english DIEEEEE

  19. shit, we got the spanish mafia on our arse now 😆

  20. Enlish Coocksucks said

    span kill you a afrkia



  21. Gooner77 said

    Evidently spelling is not stressed at the Spanish Mafia School! Glad to hear that twat is finally admitting that he had no clear info for starting this shit. We all know Cesc said, “one day” to Barca. He took it and ran. What a fuck head!

  22. wavy said

    Balague did make a series of assertions about what Cesc had done, would want done and what the Barca response would be. In every assertion he was absolutely correct – except one he got his dates wrong! but then again he did not specify whether this event would occur in 2010 or 2011 or 2012…..And neither did the other irritating scots expert on Spanish football – the gifted Graham Hunter (you know what hunt rhymes with?!!) They both had an ‘in’ I do suspect that Hunter does have a role to ‘pay’ at Barca. He was instrumental in the yransfer gossip with N o 14’s move a couple of years ago..mmmmm.

    Anyway, the little capt ain’t gone yet. Balague/Hunter are not yet right. Barca can’t afford him – yet. Maybe taht’s why they are so keen on off-loading Toure and Ibrahimovitch (spelling?)They know they have to raise at least another £35/40m + te £29 already offered, and those 2 combined are not worth a fraction of that amount. So impasse, for now, at least.

    But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Barca didn’t come looking for Cesc he went looking for them just at the wrong time, they had just splashed their cash on a new Villa a large loan and a second mortgage for another extension in the midfield area was/is just a bit too much for such an indebted club. What would M. Platini say?!

    Wait and see how it all unfolds I’m sure Tha Arsenal will come out A ok and looking good. Whilst I’ve a feeling that Barca are heading towards the soft and smelly.

  23. Goonerpower said

    Marcus “yaaaaawwwwwwn” borin f$ck dude.

  24. mike said

    marcus is an idiot

    just because arsenal fans think he works for barca you deduce from that we are racists….fuck off you stupid prat

    how the hell can one deduce from that that arsenal fans are racists u plank

  25. It's Complicated said

    Marcus or is Guillem? Anyway, why gooners are not liking you much at the moment is because you or Guillem has taken certain comments made by Cesc and twisted them to sound like firm quotes. There has been no quotes where Cesc has said he would like to go this summer. Even if has said so in private, which to be fair he might off, then you my friend have probably done your job for Barcelona in mentioning this to their officials in exchange for further information so that you can perpetuate a twisted quote.

  26. Mo said

    Im a gooner & love cesc etc etc..but the criminalizing of ballague thru this stupid saga has been pretty low..I follow & like my Spanish football..& while he might have an annoying face..he’s generally spot on..& hasn’t really fabricated anything to unstabilise’s barca that have done that..barca that are & have always treated arsenal like dirt on their shoe..when I read the first blog reports among all the frustration ppl seem to have lumped ballague in the fire too..not too surprised since he’s the messenger..but we have to rennet that’s all he is..the messenger..he’s not like some of the real dickheads in the English press that make shit up about us in crisis every fortnight..they’re real cunts..ballague is held in
    high esteem & has credible sources..hence why he’s the face of Spanish football over here. Fuck barca..and fuck laporta..& all the barca players that keep calling cesc to come over all the time..I’m in total awe of xavis skills but when he opens his mouth he’s an absolute wanker..puyol iniesta etc..Cesc’ll prob come back from the world cup wanting to join them even more..but he’s a very very decent dude & won’t disrespect our club..
    Anyway sorry for the essay
    come on holland (rvp)!!lol

  27. adam said

    It is ego, pure and simple. It’s what drives people like Balague, Hunter, Kastrinakis and every other half-baked football writer who wants to be thought of as having inside information. They don’t. Balague has been rumbled, Hunter was sussed years ago after he came on the TV and radio gushing about Vieira being a Real Madrid player within hours. He had been told by someone with RM that this was happening. It didn’t. It was crap. If anything Kastrinakis is the worst because he makes a living slaughtering Arsenal and their fans and nothing is based in fact. It’s all because he feels somehow inadequate. This is the only thing he has right because he is inadequate as a journalist and probably as a man. Take a look at Balague. Would any sensible man wear face hair like that?

  28. marcus said

    Those of you who can only respond with insults and obscenity demonstrate your complete stupidity and ignorance and your inabilitiy to even THINK properly about this subject. Your opinions are worthless.

    Ballague did NOT “twist” any comments Cesc made. All he did was REPORT that Cesc had a meeting with AW asking to leave Arsenal.


    Cesc has never EVER denied this. EVER.


  29. Paddy said

    @ Marcus,

    Actually it as you who started the insults by claiming Arsenal supporters are racists.

    Most journos are “guilty” of the same thing as Balague. But I think what most people are tired of is that he repeatedly, summer after summer, report the same crap about this and that Arsenal player leaving. And it often sounds like he claims it’s a fact.

  30. mike said

    yeh agree but you called us racists hence showing you are ignorant and have a mindset of a simpleton if u think that means somebody is racist

    how does us arsenal fans saying baalgue is pro barca mean we are racists

    have a day off mate

  31. It's Complicated said

    What’s the matter Marcus/Guillem? We touched a nerve? As for insults, calling Arsenal fans “racists” is not complementary is it?

    You are a journalist. A journalist reports news not creates it. You said Cesc wants to leave, fair enough but you told us that because he was raised at Barcelona until he was 16 they shouldn’t pay more than £30mil based on “Pique was £4.5mil and it was the same situation” Excuse me, what you negotiating now? Lets be honest here, your part in this story is slightly more than just a journalist isn’t it?

    Cesc has been at Arsenal longer than he ever was at Barca, he is on a long contract and is one of the best players in the World and you try to mug us of with a paltry and insulting offer? If Laporta wants to be the hero and “bring home” Cesc then you make an offer that is in line with his real valuation or simply keep quiet.

  32. mike said

    hey stringfellow

    do u think maybe cesc will change his mind about barca for another year if we do get cole/defenders/keeper

  33. Pmakgreb said

    The knob end was on talk sport the other night and said he had news on Cesc. It later appeared that becaue Cesc wouldnt be starting for Spain that Barca would be highlighting that we cant be asking for £60m for a player who cant get into the spain team. 2 hours later. Cesc comes on and scores. Priceless. All he is, is an attention seeker.

  34. mike – i think it has nothing to do with cesc, if arsenal, who pay him handsomely, and have him contracted until 2015, decide to keep him, he will stay.

    as i wrote on here a week or so ago… this reminds me of the ronaldo to real transfer of 2008…. but ended up actually going to spain in 2009.

    i feel we have a good chance of seeing cesc at the emms next season.

  35. Gooner said

    Completely agree with Marcus, the rest of you are probably the same mindless twats that repeatedly annoy me at the Emirates.

  36. It's Complicated said

    Lol Gooner uses the same insult as Balague did in his blog.

  37. […] Balague backs down on Cesc story The man behind the media drive (couldn’t resist) to get our Captain shipped over to Catalonia, has finally […] […]

  38. Chris said

    What on earth is going on? Guillem Balague has a fantastic representation as a journalist. There is no doubt that to get to top flight he has to have a few high-placed contacts, but if he were to ever use this authority for vested interests then the Barcelona outfit wouldn’t have to listen to him.

    Guillem Balague did his time on the Times podcast with Gabriel Marcotti a few years back now. His reputation in England is astonishing and he never expressed any ill feelings at all towards any club, unlike many other members of that podcast.

    These claims are completely outlandish, and as an Arsenal fan myself, I’m frankly ashamed that such morons on this page hold weight in people’s impression of our club.

    Or is it that all the morons on this site are secretly Spurs fans plotting the destruction of our club? You people are ridiculous. Go get interested in something that matters.

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