How boring are Arsenal blogs?

June 9, 2010

Just the same old monotonous stories churned out day after day, one day Cesc is a hero, the next he is a Spanish mug, according to the gutter goon blogs that is.

Are certain sections of the Gooner blogosphere the most mind numbing, boring, life-less individuals this side of N5?

Seriously, get a life you deluded simpletons.

Nobody, aside from a few jobless hangers-on or an O.A.P or three, is remotely interested in actually reading your two-faced, jump across both sides of the fence bullshit.

There is no need to churn a piece of gunk out everyday, unless there is a news worthy story to discuss, that is what lowers the standard of your blog, the need to blog bull every day to keep the morons in tow.

Certain bloggers try their best to sound like they know what they are talking about, but fail when pressed on hard evidence to back up their claims, to back up their vitriol against the club.

When challenged they will get on the defensive with “Wenger is the best”… but when nobody is looking, the knives are certainly out.

These bloggers must possess plenty of personal baggage, this being the real core reason they spend most of their time blogging the same old bollocks, it’s a release valve from real life.

They hate the real world so much, they bring that same negative, twisted view into the blogosphere and try to haul everybody else down with them.

God I hate negative people, the unintelligent types are the absolute worst of the lot.

You just cannot reason with them, they will either breakdown in a hissy fit or simply spew out yet more retarded rhetoric.

These people very rarely know as much about football as they would like to believe, or would like you to believe, yet will wallow away in self-pity backed up with a level of self-importance that would make Ronaldo look like a shy, retiring sort of chap.

In all honesty, I shouldn’t really be too hard on some of these folk, but care in the community is just not my gig.

12 Responses to “How boring are Arsenal blogs?”

  1. gooner71 said


    you crack me up hawkman

    you aint wrong either.

  2. Daniel said

    ‘Arsenal Action’ are a bunch of illiterate, depressive mugs that delete messages that oppose their negative, spud views so as to convince the 34 melancholic, insecure teens that support them the impression that nobody opposes them.

    Thankgod for the ‘hide publication’ option on newsnow.

  3. John said

    What an utterly pointless post.

  4. sammyflu said

    Yeah, you’re right, the other blogs are complete shit and utterly boring. Your blog has me jumping out of my chair with excitement every time I read one of your posts!

  5. me julie said

    Lovely pink decor

  6. Scotland Steve said

    Thanks for voicing something has been driving me crazy for two or three years now.

    I’m an American journalist and author who became a Gooner and can’t sleep on nights we lose to idiotic goals — so we’ll say I’m “seriously involved” with the club.

    I also moved to Scotland a few years ago, and write commentaries for the Arsenal Scotland Supporters Club web site.

    Those are my professional bona fides, but I mention them only to establish that I know a bit of what I’m talking about — both in the world of football and in the realm of writing opinion-based material.

    There are countless Arsenal blogs now — as opposed to perhaps a half-dozen when I first started following the club.

    Of the whole bunch, there are maybe FIVE I find worth reading. The others just make me grind my teeth — and hell, there’s enough shite out in the real world for that, so why bother?

    And you hit on the specific issue that makes me want to scream. Yes, any fan can have an opinion and yes, you can disagree with some tactical move. But this pathological leaping back and forth from what sounds like drugged bliss to demanding Wenger be sacked or shot — in the span of maybe ONE week — is just plain idiotic.

    Once I fell in love with Arsenal, I was hooked. It’s my club and I would never boo a player, no matter how poorly he performs. If he’s not giving enough effort and pouting on the pitch (Ade), then I’ll write that I’d like to see the back of him — but at the proper price, for the good of the club.

    And I NEVER feel that just because Wenger worked some miracles and produced some titles and cups with no money in the first half of this decade, that somehow we are ENTITLED to win silverware.

    Whenever I’m frustrated over a loss or an injury, I imagine the loyalty of Fulham fans, or Newcastle fans, and I quickly remember how lucky we are.

    Enjoying the camaraderie, and the club, and the excitement at games isn’t ALL about winning.

    It’s about being a Gooner and glad of it.

    So even though I’m a jouranlist, I rarely look at most of the papers and check VERY few blogs.

    Somehow, most team blogs have begun fulfilling the role of therapists for people with anger management problems.

    And that’s pretty damn sad, because the whole idea of following a club is to have fun and enjoy the ride.

    Instead, one specific segment of the “support” has become almost deranged.

    Britain clearly needs more psychologists if thousands of people blame their everyday problems, troubled marriages and unrewarding jobs on one poor play made by a centre half.

    That’s an illness!

  7. Superbly well put, Scotland Steve.

  8. Eddee said

    @Scotland Steve I must admit you’ve hit the nail on the head. Anyway, I always envisaged that the diversity of opinions on different platforms would be in tandem with the majority – but given the present situation I’ve come to realise it’s a mirage.

  9. Gareth said

    agreed brother

    fucking hate the likes of le gove

    all they do is slam arsenal

  10. francis said

    Visit my site, it looks at everything revolving the EPL and the World.
    Much better than just an arsenal site

  11. I seemed to be aware of this previously, but still there have been some beneficial pieces which finished the picture for me personally, thanks a lot!

  12. mattgoonerknight said

    Thank god some other people are on my wave length!!!
    I keep coming across bile from blogs such as ars*nal act*on(the asterix are a homage to sp*rs, as this is how I feel they should be refered to)and I know they shouldn’t, but they wind me up so much. Either support arsenal, arsene and the players or support someone else. IAWT- AKB!!!

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