Gooner or Gunner?

June 4, 2010

This has been one of my internet, blog world, pet hates for a while.

So now, with all this “Joe Cole is a Gooner” or “Joey the Gooner” baloney over the blog world, it’s time to set something straight.

I totally respect all the newcomers to the World of Arsenal FC, the internet has done wonders for our following across the globe.

There is however a fundamental screw-up that many make.

Here goes…

A “Gooner” is a fan of Arsenal Football Club.

A “Gunner” is a footballer who plays for Arsenal Football Club.

Far too often I read the two terms mixed up and used incorrectly.

Of course, a Gooner can be a Gunner, Ian Wright is a good example, TH14 glowingly calls himself a Gooner, to this day.

Apologies for what may be seen as slightly pedantic tendencies, but this educational post just had to be written.

There is a difference in the two terms, and they need to be used correctly.

Even our Queen has admitted to being a “Gooner”, but certainly not a “Gunner”.


32 Responses to “Gooner or Gunner?”

  1. 1st said


  2. Mo said

    I agree, very important!lol her ‘highness’ a gooner? lol who wouldve guessed..Must be all the corporate links

  3. Cyprusgooner said

    I’m a gooner gunner 1st

  4. Gooner from Sydney said

    I understand what you mean mate, but Joe Cole is in fact, a boyhood Gooner

  5. He very well could be, considering he is a north london lad, but the context in which many of these reports used the term gooner was wrong, if they want to describe him as an arsenal player they should use gunner.

  6. Armourist said

    Slow news day SH?

    How about the lesser seen Vela versus the over exposed Theo, if we had to make space which one would you turn the lights out on and why?

  7. mikeB said

    Pedantic? Heaven forbid no.

    There’s another thirty seconds of my life I won’t get back… and typing this is another.
    Whoever said waiting for the world cup to begin would be boring?

  8. Hmmm, tough decision, i rate them both very highly.

    Longer term i think theo has the most potential, it will cick for him, wait and see, he will destroy defences when that penny drops and the confidence flys.

    Have a feeling Vela’s future will lie in Spain.

    So in answer to your question i would turn the lights out on carlos, begrudgingly.

  9. Eddee said

    You are damn right mate, I kinda think so many fans and infact some Bloggers don’t take this (gooner/gunner) into account when writing posts or comments – it’s very, very sad.

  10. mikeB said

    So if Cesc leaves, and yet still loves the gunners, does that mean he’s a gooner, who used to be gunner, or a gooner who doesn’t want to be a gunner, or a former gunner who still wants to be a gooner. I mean, if he’s no longer gooner be a gunner does that make him a gonner?

    Sorry; I’ll shut up now and try to get my brain back in gear.

  11. Hhhhhhhaaahaa said

    Ur wrong

  12. Hhhhhhhaaahaa said

    If sum1 is a fan of arsenal, they are considered apart of the club. We are Arsenal F.C. We are a club and every1 within that club has the right to call themselves whatever they want. Be it gunner or gooner.

  13. Randy Osae said

    I agree completely. Fantastic Post.

    I’m sick of ignorant, foreign twats or rival supporters mixing up the “Gooner” and “Gunner” terminology.

    In fact, I wanted to beat who ever wrote that “Joey’s a Gooner” sh*t to death when I saw it…LOL

  14. either you get it, or you don’t.

    it really is not rocket science.

  15. Armourist said

    I reckon its Theo and not because of recent events its because of the basic skills, I think Vela has more in his locker and is also very quick, once he goes up front with body bulk, long term with the same opportunities as Theo had, he should come out on top. I’d put the dimmers on Theo.

  16. Further clarification for those that are still in the dark…

  17. Fair enough, armourist.

    be nice if they both make it.

    one down the left, the other down the right.

  18. mikeB said

    I was only kidding, honest…
    But on the subject of Theo and Vela… Why compare? It’s like all those idiots in the sixties and seventies who used to argue as to whether Peter Green was a better guitarist than Clapton, or Hendrix. Why can’t we just enjoy what they do.
    Theo and Vela are both great players who will go on to do even greater things, hopefully for us if Wenger can motivate Vela to just wait a bit and not start trying to better-deal himself. Theo? Well the word enthusiasm is derived from the Greek ‘en theos’, meaning inspired by God; he doesn’t need any more motivation; he’ll come good next season.

  19. looneygooner said

    How wrong you really are mate, a Gooner was the term used for the hooligan firm we had, it has nothing to do with what you have written, get your facts mate

  20. Armourist said

    The chances of successfully developing both players in the same team are pretty slim, as in essence the team has to carry a passenger, we cant afford to carry two developing future stars not with the patience of some the fans wearing so thin and the learning curve the team is currently on… so Vela’s been sacrificed thus far… which is a shame, Vela will shine in this world cup for sure and unfortunately for us I think his future like you said lies elsewhere.

    Mike B – you compare because we cant at the moment like you said enjoy both, we are being offered one, what compounds it for me is the one i think is vintage is being left on the shelf to our long term detriment.

  21. mikeB said

    just don’t see that; one is predominantly left-sided, the other predominantly right. Are you telling me that if Vela shines for Mexico we’ll dump Theo? Not a chance. Wenger will see it as vindication of his youth policy and hold on to both; to be bloody-minded if nothing else.
    Who’s offering us one? Last time I checked they were both on the Arsenal books; the rest is just conjecture and un-founded rumour.

  22. lonely gooner – i think YOU are the one who needs to do some research.

    yes, gooner was the name first used by our hooligan element, but it has since been adopted by the fans… unless you are trying to tell me our most popular fanzine, The Gooner, is a tribute to football hooliganism?


  23. ASNLthruNthru said

    Osama Bin Laden has been reported to have been a Gooner still awaiting news of him becoming a Goner。Is somebody still trying to Gun him down?

  24. looneygooner said

    Ok i am a stupid fuck.


  25. no need to apologise.

    just engage brain in the future

  26. Armourist said

    Mike B – its about space for development in the team and whether we have the room to have them both in at the same time, on a rotational basis is fine but that means they have to be rotated with someone else unless you gonna have SN or AA switching wings each week and one of them on the bench.

    These players have to play or they end up like Traore an obvious pool of talent unfulfilled. They know this and thats why they desperately want to play, after the world cup it will be unbearable for Vela to bench warm as he has done thus far.

    The reason why I say we have one is because thus far only Theo is really being given any game time, if anything it highlights the flaws in Wenger’s Youth set up, the back up of players who cant develop because their path is blocked by some a year or two older than them.

    From a very cynical point of view Wenger is killing some these kids careers, for the few that he is making.

  27. mikeB said

    again, I don’t see that. They are no different to any other set-up. Only eleven can play at any one time. These players mature, in training, and the Carling Cup, an in loan spells, during first eleven injuries, and just by being around the superstars. It’s all part of their development. When the moment to take the chance comes they grab it, or go back into the pool for more development.

    What you imply is that only eleven players can survive and move forward. The rest are just over-the-hill pros, eking out the time until they can take a training badge or open a pub.
    Development is about more than PL ninety-mile-an-hour matches. The alternative is Rafa-style rotation, and we all saw where that got Liverpool.

    The squad evolves and these youngsters evolve with it. PL first team experience is only a part of that. Traore hasn’t grown and evolved sufficiently, but if he’s smart enough and technically gifted enough, he’ll get there; although in his case I’m not convinced.

    Some times they get wanderlust, and you can’t hold on to them. I think that’s a skill even the maestro Wenger needs to work on. That and choosing his captains more wisely, and not just on short-term gain.

    I’m off for a jar now, and so if I don’t answer your reply it’s nothing to do with rudeness… just alcohol.
    Have a good one.

  28. Gooner Dan said

    Thank you Sir I’ve been a Gooner since 2000 when I found the EPL and I’ve been mixing the terms up for a decade. I appreciate the knowledge Arsenal Til I Die!!!!!

    Gooner Dan in California

  29. Welcome to the Gooner family, Dan.

    Enjoy the ride, it will last until the day you drop off your perch.

  30. Hey leggendare I got to credit u on the fact joe cole won’t be joining. It has been confirmed by john cross on Twitter. Respect mr leggendare. I did want to ask u melo has stated he wants to stay at juve now. It seems we are running outta transfer options . Koscielny link seems he will sign soon but after that ????? Can you still confirm hangaaland seal will go through. Cheers leggendaire , us gooners continue waiting for further transfer developments (sad I know!) any other transfer news?

  31. i hear nothing new, neil.

    transfers are slow going, be patient, there is until 31st august before a lockdown.

    don’t expect everything to happen overnight, you have nearly 3 months of time left.

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