Joe Cole won’t be a Gunner

June 3, 2010

Don’t believe the rubbish about him and his wife not wanting to move up north as they have just had a new born child.

Alderley Edge is possibly one of the most beautiful places to live in Europe, and Mr & Mrs Cole will be moving up there soon enough.

Honest ‘Arry let the cat out of the bag, being very friendly with old Bacon Face at United, he must surely know exactly where he will be playing his football next season.

Otherwise why pipe up with “I think he has already done a deal”

In my opinion, Joe Cole will play for Manchester United from next season, they were reported to have been talking to him since March, we may have shown an interest in recent weeks, but that could have been too late.

As Redknick points out.

I think Joe Cole is a decent player, but we have enough potential crocks on our books as it is.

Forget it gooners.

98 Responses to “Joe Cole won’t be a Gunner”

  1. Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. stonroy said

    I think you’re wrong on this one

  3. I personally think he agreed to join United towards the back end of last season.

    They are broke and fergie knows that.

    Berbatov has not worked out well, so Cole playing off Rooney in the hole is just what bacon face has lined up.

  4. sophocles said

    is this another exclusive like the hangeland story?

    tbh i won’t believe anything till it’s on confirmed but would like to think the story is true.

    If he is free after the world cup and a bidding war (in terms of wages) happens, we’ll miss out. man utd will probably beat us to him

  5. ibster2187 said

    I didn’t want to believe you Stringfellow, but I think you could be right. Also Man U can more easily give him a starting spot than us.

  6. Nemesis said

    WTF Lengendaire! Pink? Seriously? I Mean, I care about my masculinity!

  7. Paul N said

    why not wait and see?

  8. You are wrong. Joe Cole went to school in Islington. He’s always been a Gooner. Celebrate. He’s better than Arshavin

  9. dickto said

    either way, but joe will end up at the emirates.

  10. goonerjay said

    No one in their right mind moves from London to wet cold Manchester- Alderley Edge my arse(nal).
    If he goes, he goes- I like him when hes fit- but how often is that?

  11. Abdulrasaq said

    I never believe any transfer gist on till that player unfield by d club.let wait and see

  12. Abdifatah from G-town said

    If that is it i can say man utd are willing 2 offer their treatment table 4 charity than we do..great! now lets sign players with 2 feet nt ones with spare parts

  13. mike said

    nah cole has verbally agreed the arsenal deal…..he was meant to sign this week but then he got chooosen by capello hence we have verbally agreed to bring him here so barring any last minute change of hearts, he is a gooner

  14. dilshan said

    BLgs are for seems HAWKE you have some loving fans….lol…I am not sure no more whos coming and whos not..well we have been linked with every player on the planet…for me it does not matter any more as long as we get the right ones in and also happy with the stance taken by the club regarding Cesc but hope it is not a ploy to increase the price..I will rather sell him to a different club at a loss to teach Barca a lesson and make a point ….

  15. lol, you got it on this one dilshan.

    this is my VIEW on the supposed cole transfer.

    not information!!

    the only information i have passed on this blog was gallas to roma about 2 months ago.

    and hangeland to arsenal.

    blogs, unforutnately have a habit of sometimes attracting the lowest common denominator.

  16. gunner17 said

    hangeland isn’t coming to arsenal…he likes his small pond at fulham, and wenger will never splash £10m plus wages on a 29 year old who could technically walk away after two seasons.

    a blog that says hangeland is coming is a blog i can’t take seriously, and so i actually do think that joe cole might be coming to arsenal.

    cole, fabregas and nasri in front of song, now that’s a pretty nifty little midfield.

  17. Myu said

    My friend is the son of frank lampards agent, Alex kutner and he’s just told me Joe Cole representatives met with arsenal officials last week where a three year deal was agreed

  18. well myu, i will maintain that i cannot see him becoming an arsenal player.

    united is where i see him playing his football.

    we shall all see soon enough 😉

  19. goonerjay said

    I think you could be sitting with egg on your face very soon. I heard about the jc to arsenal rumour before it was in the papers. A reliable source at the emirates told me personal terms were agreed and wenger is flying into London tomorrow to get the ball rolling to finalize the deal. Jc has also just brought a new house in north London and arry says he ain’t going to the spurs… watch this space

  20. goonerjay said

    Toure to the sol? Only 1 club mad enough to pay the 30m asking price for him. Enter man city

  21. why does AW need to fly in if the terms are agreed?

    with JC in SA with ingerland…. surely gazidis or whoever puts deal together on the contracts/money front would be the folk to deal with it now.

  22. mike said

    arsene has a habit of ‘prsonally’ dealing with transfers…..also he need to come back to london anayway to pack as h is goign to the world cup as a pundit for europsport

    i also know that cole has signed

    but i think yaya might go chelsea because of champ league football even though man city is the obvious choice due to money! im hearing 25 million (prob citeh then)

  23. mike – personally dealing with the player, granted.

    but what personal dealing would he need to do on the supposed paperwork side of a deal?

  24. mike said

    fair point….im not sure then….maybe meet joes represntatives one last time? or maybe he wants to be in london to clinch another deal…maybe that frech defnder kolischney?

    im not sure, but i know he needs to come back to london anyway as he is off to the world cup soon

    but i have defo got it on good info from a new source (guy that said arsenal website would update 30 mins b4 it did–>whch in that 30 minutes i took a lot of stick for lol) who says that cole is a gooner and that we are in talks to sign craig gordon along with other clubs …we are in talks and atm it is 6 mill and yoan djorou perrmanent transfer for gordon

    djorou gnna get sold anyway

  25. haho said

    lol Mike. Djourou is in Wenger´s plans. That is just silly

  26. djorou getting sold?

    that would be madness right now, at least give him time to show what he can do, selling him after a season injured will hardly guarantee a decent price.

    plenty of rumours flying around, we all hear things… lets wait and see which are proved correct.

  27. sophocles said

    wenger would never let djourou go. If anything i have a feeling he’ll be vermaelen’s defensive partner next season.
    i’m starting to doubt we’ll buy a keeper
    Personally i think our summer transfer business will be:

    2 CBs – kolscieny (probably), maybe another if sol leaves
    Maybe Joe Cole

    any more business will depend on seeling players.
    just my opinion, i would like to see more coming in though

  28. Jimbo said

    Joe Cole WILL be an Arsenal player next season.

    Gallas will not.

    Nor will Hangeland

  29. […] Joe Cole won’t be a Gunner Don’t believe the rubbish about him and his wife not wanting to move up north as they have just had a new born […] […]

  30. d said

    Joe cole in. Cesc out (unfortunately and for 40mill plus). Then we need to strengthen back-line: who the hell is kolscieny anyway? let’s face it, he’s probably not all that. He’s ok in THE FRENCH LEAGUE.We need to replace Almunia!! Hangeland is too old. Let’s get Micah Richards AND Joe Hart from Man City. Also why not break the bank (20mill) on Gourcuff, he looks like a quality young player!! Lets possibly try to get Chygrynskiy include in the cesc deal and we have a chance of competing for trophies.

  31. ibster2187 said

    Maybe Wenger is flying in for Diakhate. Heard he has been signed up.

  32. mike said

    galas out, silvestre out, cesc unfortunately out (especially with sale of toure as the have more money), djorou out

    cole in, i think kolscineny in (source hasnt said anything), i personally think diakahete as well and also maybe gordon if we get him as man utd also interested

    quite a few people have mentioned that djorou is being sold but stringdellow u are right, just rumours–> could turn out not to be true as everyone has speculation

  33. arsenal4ever said

    @ mike: are u really that sure Cole will be a gooner?

    but same source said we have bidden for Reina which is not true!!!

  34. mike said

    hi mate…….i am 99 percent certain cole is a gooner

    if i am wrong i will run around isslington naked

  35. arsenal4ever said

    @ mike sorry but I think no one wants to see you run nacked around isslington, lol :-). So hopefully you are right!! Is it also right we are after Gordon and Richards?? Finally we got some english blood in it!!! I am German but an english team needs english players!!!

  36. mike said

    lol me neither haha

    yeh my source says we are in talks for gordon/green

    only heard richards rumors from newspapers but he is defo leaving becsuse city signed boateng (german defender) therefore i think he will go spurs or arsenal but as he is a arsenal fan, i think maybe arsenal if we do bid for him

  37. arsenal4ever said

    thx for this mike. Also read in BBC 606 blog Cesc deal is done 25mill + Yaya. Hopefully not as we dont need Yaya. I even think Song can be best DM in the world!!!! We need a worldclass keeper at best for 2-3 seasons as Tech9 will surely take over then. And 1 or 2 class CB so I think we can challenge again!!!

  38. mike said

    i saw that 606 thing as well…..i dont believe it…….ive been told its citeh or chelsea for yaya toure

  39. arsenal4ever said

    yeah should be one of them and as I said before we just need cover for Song. I even think his understudy will be Eastmond!! Like his fighting spirit.

    I am confused but as Redknapp already said I am sure he signed already for us!!! Wenger wont wait after the WC for him!!!

  40. mike said


    wenger will wait after world cup as he has no choice because he has been picked by capello…..deep down cole didnt expect to get picked, having been injured etc

    if he has a good WC, you never know he could move elsewhere, but as it stands, he is a gooner, having agreed a move but nothing has been officially signed yet but its 90 percent there

    also he has bought a new house in north london, his wie is reluctant to move, having had a baby and also ray wilkins said he will stay in london hence i believe that furthur validates the fact he will be a gooner.

  41. arsenal4ever said

    at mike: thx for update mate!!! Rumours circulating already he hasnt signed for us!!! New hot rumour is we are getting Yaya. Spain press claims a 4 year contract was agreed already but I dont have any links for it instead this ones.

    We are also after a argentinian CB!!

    Not sure about realiabilty of these links!!

    Nice weekend to all gooners!!

  42. mike said


    woahh….i didnt see hat coming….i thought it was definite that toure was going to city/chelsea

    iive never seen that site before but will defo take a look at it in depth later on today thanks mate

    but that could mean fabregas to bacra is done then ….so we will have toure and money for fabregas maybe if that site is true but as u rightly say, have to check reliability

  43. arsenal4ever said

    of course do that mike. but do you really think toure wants to sit on the bench as our first choice dm is and will be song. he is a beast and can only become better. i think most of spanish papers are the same here in uk, shit. but surely we will have to wait and see what happens but something big happens. Finally!!!

  44. arsenal4ever said

    mike it seems you have pretty damn good sources!!

    now the mirror which only said a day or so ago claims we got him!!! Yes!!!

  45. mike said

    arsenal4ever cheers!

    yeh its also in the mail and the people–> looks like its defo happening now

    now thats done, we really need to get a keeper and defenders…i should get a call from my source tomorrow and ill update u if he says anything else.

  46. arsenal4ever said

    now chelski saying they trying all they can do to prevent him from signing for us!!! I think it is just mind games!! PRetty done deal!!! Yes!!! It is also said Gourcuff to sign on monday with Subotic and Kocelsniy ( cant spell it 🙂 ) to follow. Dont have links for this but probably this is true. If it happens it means Fuckregas is gone!!!

  47. arsenal4ever said

    @ mike: is John Cross reliable?? He is from the mirror but claims Joe Cole for the Gunners a no go!!! I think he wasnt right for a few times already!!

  48. mike said


    cross is normally good but he is wrong on this one

    i wouldnt believe that gourcuff to sign tmw story…..ive heard rumors of cash and rosicky for subotic but not sure

  49. arsenal4ever said

    yes, apparently lequipe is saying Aulas wants to speak with Gourcuff!! It is also said we are after Krasic which would be a class act!!! Hope Subotic will come. Rosicky better suited to Bundesliga I think!

  50. mike said

    if we get krasic we wont get gourcuff and vice versa

    i would prefer gourcuff. yeh agree that subotic would be good and would give height but he lacks expereince hence the second CB i would prefer pape diakhate

  51. arsenal4ever said

    so mike any news from your source? Goal com is reporting Arsenal are only ready to take Cole if he drops his wage demands and proof his fitness which I think is way of the mark as you can see Cole will be a regular at the WC!!

  52. mike said

    sorry no news

    just said what we already know…..gazidis bid straight cash 10 milluon euros for kosicelny (spelling) the terms have been agreed and he will join this week if they accept

    the sun said it this morning

    nothing on krasic or gurcuff though…..from my own view, i think gourcuff/krasic wont come becaue he will play ramsey and jack wilshere in those roles i think an also nasri while ramsey recovers from leg break

  53. arsenal4ever said

    yeah, no gourcuff or krasic as Fuckregas will stay for another season it was reported. Sorry for this but I dont respect this guy anymore!!! he was my fav player but his statements about leaving etc. are not ok. Especially as he kissed the badge during the season!!! No loyality anymore in todays football.

    So thx for update mike. Hopefully we will get this CB, Schwarzer and Joe Cole!!! But we need at least 1 CB, too!!

  54. mike said

    hi got a text from him saying scwazer (fulham goalkeeper) will come to arsenal he is 80 percent sure by friday….just a few issues with price and he says he might be an arsenal player by friday if all goes well

  55. arsenal4ever said

    thx mike!!! Appreciate our communication a lot :-)!!! Finally someone with sense and no nosense speculations!!

  56. mike said

    np….it could well be nonsense if it dosent happen as its not 100 percent confirmed and some stories dont happen but as he has been correct more times than wrong before, i think he is quite reliable but he can be wrong sometimes also lol

  57. arsenal4ever said

    mike i really hope you are right about the finished deal with cole!!

    thats now funny!!

    also interesting:

    does we get both??? it would show a lot of ambitions!!!

    come on u gunners

  58. arsenal4ever said

    sorry wrong link on the first one

    here it is:

  59. Dylan said

    Im glad hes not a Gunner. Don’t think he would fit into the line up. I realize he has a bundle of individual skill, but Arsenal need more role players and a out and out goal Scorer besides Van Persie.

    That guy is a walking Band Aid he can’t stay healthy for 2 weeks.

  60. mike said

    not sure about toure still as his agent chats a lot of rubbish however it is a change of events

    and i have no idea why harry wpould say that after admitting that he thought cole had signed for another club

    i still am sure he has verbally agrred a deal with us and will sign after the world cup…..if it dosent i will be shocked as i am told it will take a massive change of heart to change things

    also schwazer is happening and also koscielny if they agree a fee but transfer could take ages as a fee is negotiated as lorient wanted 8.5 million and after 2 bids were turned down, we offered str8 cash of 10 million euros (8.5 sterling) and im told they rejected that as well and want more but not sure

  61. arsenal4ever said

    not sure about this french guy if they want more then 10 mill. more english pls!! keep it up mate

  62. Ladbrokes make Joe Cole odds on favourite to join…..

    Spuds at 4/6
    Arsenal 5/2

    Mike i would pile right into that 5/2 if you are sure of your inside man.

  63. mike said

    yeh i saw that as well

    i am sure he will be a gooner

    if he isnt after me gving it large i will be very red faced and embarresed but i think he will be an arsenal player and my source says it will take something massive to mke him go to spurs/man utd as he has in principle agreed a deal

    sky bet stoipped taking bets for cole when the arsenal rumors became stronger i think

    not sure why ladbrookes have those odds though

  64. mike – harry redknapp said a week ago he heard a deal had already been done elsewhere…

    this morning on talkSPORT he changed his story the lying thieveing crook.

    today it’s “his agent says he has not made his mind up”

  65. arsenal4ever said

    yaya not coming!! thx god!! we dont need greedy players and doesnt want to play for us!! as usual agent talk!!!

  66. mike said

    yeh harry is a plank

    also, metro today claim again he will come to us due to our football adn the fact that wenger giving him more money

    yeh yayastory is weird as his agent chats so much bull….he didnt want to come to arsenal so let him go to city

  67. arsenal4ever said

    apperently it is said Hodgson will join Liverfool in the next 48 hours. Schwarzer surely on the way to us!! and yes Redknapp is a fu….. lier!!

  68. fulham have just splashed out 8m on some striker… not sure they would have spent that much money if their manager was leaving.

  69. and would sendross sign for fulham, with the manager leaving?

    think roy stays at fulham.

    dalglish to manager pool again for my money.

  70. arsenal4ever said

    @ Stringfellow Hawke: you are right mate but i still think we will get schwarzer!! with szesceny ( spelling ) on loan!!

  71. mike said

    again not sure about reliability bu the blog called arsenal insider says we have got cole for 115 grand a week

    personally, i dont htink wenger will give him 115 a week because arent fabregas,persie and arshavin on 90 grand?

    ithink cole will get high signing on fee and then 80-90 grand in wages

  72. mike said

    latest news is tat tottenham have got him as theyar offering more wages

    im still sticking to my source though as i think he will be a gooner

    if he goes to spurs, you just know he wants money because lets face it they will not go far in cl

  73. so your source say spuds have him

    but you are also sticking by your source and thinking he will be a arsenal player

    not with you tbf.

  74. mike said

    noooo my source still says arsenal however, rumors across the net saying its spurs

    im sticking with my source though

  75. mike said

    look at the mirror today

    hill wood says no discussions with cole

    bull in my opinion he is playing games i think as he woudnt come out and say yeh we in for him

    im sticking by my source lol

  76. arsenal4ever said

    hi mike: look at

    Why Hillwood said another thing?? Anyway a bid for Schwarzer was turned down :-(!! But I am sure he will come as he wants!!

  77. mike said

    nah hill wood would always deny it…..he would always deny transfers

    the player could be in the stadium in front of world media and hill wood and arsenal would deny it until its on

    i think it will happen

    i think it, the mtro does, sunday mirror does, arsenal insider blog, (even though they are rubbish), daily mail, daily star, news of the world to a certain extent as well

    no smoke without fire and i think we will get scwazer personally but havent heard anything about him from my source

  78. arsenal4ever said

    Wenger hinted at sky he is interested!!! I am sure as you already said a pre contract is agreed about 80000-90000 GBP and signing on fees like we did with Campbell. Cesc is also staying. Yeah fuck off arrogant barca!!!!

  79. mike said john cross hints at cole to arsenal now

  80. arsenal4ever said

    as you already said Cross didnt know nothing about this Cole thing. Now he has admit we are after him!!

  81. arsenal4ever said

    hi mike!! any truth in this story?

    Soccernet seems to know more as any others, lol!!!!

  82. arsenal4ever – chill mate, its the rubbish season with the papers, the world cup is on, forget arsenal for a few weeks, plenty of the rest of the 52 weeks of the year for you to worry about every little bit if transfer tittle tattle.

  83. arsenal4ever said

    @ Stringfellow Hawke:

    iam not worrying mate but wc is just boring it is unbelievable!!! but you are right it is the silly season again. hope after wc all business from us is done shortly. keep up the good work mate.

    bye and cheers

  84. Cheers, arsenal4ever.

    Don’t fear, the opening group games are always a little cagey.

    Wait till we get to the last last of group games and then the drama of knockout football, extra time, penalties.. love it!!

  85. arsenal4ever said

    yeah but the Vuvuzelas or how do I call Uwe Seelers 🙂 lol I hate that much!!! It should have been forbidden1!! No atmosphere and always this boring sound. No creativity in celebrations and singing anymore! Some already said bring them to EPL. What the fu.. are these idiots thinking?
    I want this to be banned for life!!!

  86. mike said

    hi mate sorry for late reply but have been busy lately

    yeh i doubt that about cole cant see him going north

  87. arsenal4ever said

    hey mike. cool to have heard from you again. it seems pretty certain Koscielny will sign soon for us. he seems a killer at 1 on 1 situations!! Also we are still after Cesar Azpilicueta!!

    him or van der wiel for the rb position would be great. finally some serious businesses out there!!

  88. arsenal4ever said

    hi mike:

    what do you make of this:


    Just paper talk I think. It is said it was already 2-3 months ago agreed to join us!!!

  89. arsenal4ever said

    now redknapp lol :-). he cant admit he lost Cole to us heheh!!!

  90. mike said

    hi mate….yeh its rubbish

    man utd just released a statement saying that he is not a target for them and harry said he not going spurs so he is a gooner

    also william hill make him favourites to come to arsenal and i think they have suspended betting on it but not too sure.

  91. arsenal4ever said

    thx mike!! really excited about him!!! any news about the GK and probably another defender besides Koscielny??

  92. mike said

    not sure about keeper but rumors saying we are getting scwazer of fulham or rob green…not sure but perosnally i dont want green and wouldnt mind schwazer

    also as for defecne, gallas, campbell and silvestre will be released so i think he will buy another defender along with kolisceny

  93. arsenal4ever said

    thx for quick update mike. do you have facebook? so we can speak from time to time about our beloved club :-). Pls not Green!!! Wouldnt mind Schwarzer, too. 1 or 2 seasons so Tech9 can take over!!!! Hope we are after Kjaer. He is class in my eyes!!! Or an english lad like Cahill!!!

  94. arsenal4ever said

    mike you have pretty damn good sources :-). Now the mirror reports we did make an improved bid for Schwarzer. He made a mistake yesterday but overall he is brillant and nearly all GK had problems with the WC ball!!! Also we were after Jagielka but Everton said he is not for sale at all.

  95. mike said

    cheers yeh schwazer will be very good…..i would prefer cahill but doubt he will come i think it will be kolsicelny and somebody else….not sure who though

    i dont use facebook anymore….email me if u want at

  96. arsenal4ever said

    cheers mike

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