Barca cannot afford Cesc this summer

May 19, 2010

Take a deep breath,  especially the doom and gloom merchants amongst you, but Barcelona don’t have the deep, rigged, pockets of Real Madrid.

We hear this afternoon they have agreed a fee in the region of £35M, for the purchase of Valencia and Spain forward, David Villa, so where now do they propose to find another £40M .. at least?

Do they intend to use Yaya and Ibrahimovich as make weights in any proposed deal?

This smells a lot like the the supposed transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid in the Summer of 2008… you know the one, that actually ended up taking place in the Summer of 2009.

Gab Marcotti makes some wonderful points regarding the supposed move for Cesc, and why it may not be quite what it’s cracked up to be.

We all need to calm this down a notch and understand that Guillieme Blagger and the other baldie off La Liga Revista are not totally in the know and are tabloid hacks at heart.

Hunter for example was telling us last summer how Villa was close to becoming a Real Madrid player, and then close to being a Barca player, in the end, he remained a Valencia player.

Relax, let’s just wait and see how this develops, but going overboard based on nothing but hackism is playing right into the hands of the anti-arsenal movement who love to see our grand club in turmoil.

If you are a gooner… why would you help such a movement?

The overall standing of the club is of far greater importance than any player or manager, so knocking the club won’t help our cause.

The actual quotes coming out of Barcelona today, linked here,  offer a different, calmer view on the situation.

Cesc has never said anything other than he would love to go back home and play for his beloved Barca again, but he is still under contract for another 4 years.  We do not need to sell, and we certainly do not need to accept any derisory offers.

So bearing that in mind, lets go back to the original question… where do Barca now find the funds to buy Cesc?


19 Responses to “Barca cannot afford Cesc this summer”

  1. Brady said

    They won’t be able to fund any cash deal this summer, only a cash plus player(s) would be realistic. However if they managed to offloads Ibrahimavic to City for example then maybe they would come in for our skipper, however this would be after the WC and would not be ideal for our seasons preparations.

    There are only 3 teams who can afford Cesc and they are Madrid, Chelsea and City, but he would not move to any of them. So he is likely to remain with us.

  2. t.boyle said

    if the boy dosnot want be her let him go jack willshire will do the same job just sighn a gk and cb and df md and we will be fine

  3. james finch said


  4. king gooner said

    indeed,i read somewhere that in reality they have a shed load of debt despite all their recent sucess-somewhere in the region of 250-300 million-so they don’t have a bottomless pit…hence the piss taking offer of £30 million (if true)the reality colud be they can’t afford him unless throw in or flog a few players-so let’s see-whatever,if he stays,great-if not spend/use the dosh wisely & BUY top quality & we’ll be OK.the club is bigger than any individual.

  5. niall sharpe said

    Barca could pay 40 million for cesc, plus the 35m for villa equals 75m. They will sell toure for 25-30 mil to city, and then probably buy a right back or left back(felipe from deportivo) for 10m.Net spend = 60m.They have also been offered 8m for caerceres from Juventus and marquez would also get offers of 3/4m.They could also get 5m easily for hleb. Money is not a problem. If they sell ibra then i can see them going for silva/mata or ribery.

  6. hoho ho said

    stupid article
    barca make a ton of cash. if they want cesc for so many dosh, it will happen.
    banks will fall over to get them loans, and clubs will die buying their players

  7. Kit said

    I dont want him to leave, but Barca do have the money. Barca and Real negotiate their own tv deals, unlike in england where the sum is shared out evenly. So barca and real roughly get 1billion from tv revenue a year, so they could easily afford him, they also have players to sell off. Due to the squad being very young and relatively small compared to other massive clubs like Real their wage bill is not massive, and with Henry on his way out thats even less, so dont think they wont buy because they cant afford him. But to spend 30-40-50 million on a player who isnt guaranteed a 1st team place is idiotic, if they hadnt bought Villa I think tey would move iniesta forward to make room for Cesc but it looks like villa will replace Henry.

  8. horse said

    KIT MAY, rofl they get 1billion tv revenue a year 🙂 they get about 100 million each per year according to the la liga i was watching on sky sports the other week.

  9. lordgunner said

    niall sharpe stop playing football manager

    hohoho freaking ho yes they make a lot of cash but spend lot too (salary, transfer…).actually they spend more than they earn like most spanish (all) team and are in exept they sell ibra for big fee to city, i doubt they can afford cecs this summer.and you say they can make loan , think again spain are in deep financial trouble and bank will not finance football like they have finance it before

  10. niall sharpe said

    in response to lordgunner:

    Barca always spend between 60-70m on players every summer and then reduce the outlay with transfers out.
    Its not me who is playing football manager its Barca. They will buy Cesc, money will not be a problem, the only problem is they dont want to pay through the nose for a player they feel they brought through the ranks and is one of their own.
    Their debt is around 200 million at the moment which is more than managable for their revenue of 400 m and assets they posess.
    Barca are the best run club in the world, the most supported in the world and only r madrid can only match them in terms of money & status. Hence they will always get the best players from around the world. The weather and culture also benefits them with signing sth american players and european players. also the tax situation.
    Laporta will leave cesc and villa as presents for his end of office. But Rossel who is favourite will do everything to bring in a marquee signing including if needed geting a loan, which will not cause any harm to their financial statements. Rosell has already said he has a signing agreed that will rock footbal world. Im guessing torres/pato.

  11. niall sharpe said

    also your comment about Spains banks not giving loans to football like they did before is rubbish, the financial crisis hit before last summmer when madrid borrowed over 200m. And with contracts signed for tv for Barca at 1billion over nxt ten years and a bit more for madrid, what bank wouldnt give out the loan based on the security of these contract alone, not to mention the land both these clubs own.

  12. lordgunner said

    real Madrid is well known to get sponsor by the spanish governrment who by magic sold their training ground to wipe out their huge debit to them for 1 billion pound .Madrid is on another galaxy than barca ,do not compare them.

    And barca is not a well run club (except of course for the great football academy),running a club on loan and debt is not well run club (ok they are successful but even last year with all trophies won they re still loosing money).the best run club in the world is probably Bayern Munich,with Lyon,Arsenal and one or two who escape me not far.Why because they are using money earn

  13. AFFELLAY said

    nevertheless – Arsenal aren’t attracting Europe’s elite. Top players want titles. its a sad story but true. The ball is in Arsene & PHW’s court – the third most valuable club in the world should at least be able to compete with the Top 5 most valuable for the top players!!

  14. munawwar said

    whats most interesting is that the cunt at anr is almost sure cecs is going. and he is 90% always wrong. in everything. so thats good odds! haha

  15. lordgunner said

    pyle palmer is always wrong , shame every time he spell doom and gloom the club is going well,but once he start going positive everything going bad for us.

    Hope he continue to be negative 😀

  16. Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has warned the club to be aware of its “stratospheric” debt before they splash the cash on Cesc Fabregas.

    The La Liga champions are currently £420 million in debt after spending huge sums of players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thierry Henry and Dmytro Chygrnskiy. This amount is set to swell after out-going president Joan Laporta bought David Villa for £34.2 million, and looks set to move for £40 million-rated midfielder Fabregas.

    Speaking to reporters today, Rosell declared the Catalans must carefully study how much they spend to avoid disaster. He also warned the huge fee required to prise Fabregas from Arsenal could yet scupper the deal.

    “We must be careful, because from an economic standpoint we are not good,” Rosell said.

    “We have a stratospheric level of debt. £420million over what needs to be paid for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Dmytro Chygrynskiy.

    “We must improve the squad each year, but we must also make sure that we are managing the economic resources that the club needs to survive.”

  17. lordgunner said

    i ve no idea who do recruitment at barca,but if it s guardiola,he is not doing great lol.His best success for now are the academy player ( Messi,Pedro,Pique and company) not the player he bought for zillion.

    And someone could tell me what the hell they get rid of Eto”o and give money to inter with Ibra the other way. I know he is maybe a difficult character but he score so many who care.Barca would have won everything with him again

  18. lordgunner said

    HEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGRRR what s wrong with the pink color 😉 .I nearly gone blind , too bright lol

  19. After much thought I believe your title “barca cannot afford cesc this summer lgendaire…” is simply awsome, other people should get the education from you..

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