Wenger protest gathers momentum

May 16, 2010


53 Responses to “Wenger protest gathers momentum”

  1. oldgooner said

    Is that the one they call Geoff? or Pedro?

  2. TopCat said

    Make fun of it if you must but lets see what happens. Wengers finished and you deluded sheep may deny it, but you know it deep down

  3. Mr Truth said

    Whilst the likes of madrid and bayern track wenger when these fickle arsenal (with their brains sold out the media)fans want him out, what names do they suggest, who is better than wenger, to come in? Exactly!

  4. goonerzak said

    Very funny, but i warn you! you don’t wanna get the ‘arsene out’ brigade pissed off cuz their well connected people as this photo proves!!

  5. Astamaan said

    Good call, who is available to replace Wenger?
    (Glory hunting idiots with a short memory)

  6. Simon said

    This is bullshit. Wenger is the man for the job. You spoiled brats wont know what we have got until we loose him. Assholes.

  7. connor said

    read the book The making of a modern super club.
    you will lear alot. wenger has done some amazing things at arsenal and the best is yet to come. the club is now stable. more stable than any club in the world.everybody thought oh no henry is going to barca…then look what we did the next season. now oh no cesc is going to barca..watch what we do next season. when wenger and arsenal decided to build the new stadium wenger was informed that after the spending on pires henry and players like that he wouldnt have much money to go forward with for a while.look at what the club has done, compare that to the clubs that have spent millions to win something. If you have to spend 100 million to win 26 million what is the point. fellow arsenal fans believe me i want to win something anything and that is the point. I want to win it not purchase it with an oil funded credit card or the stolen gasoline earnings of some russian or some arab who has walked in with a dubai shinny check book.i want to WIN IT!!! these five years have been hard but i believe the next will be great. dont actlike some scouser fan or united lot we are the ARSENAL please dont forget it.we will win big we are already big. we playa some of the sexiest football around. the next few years we will win big too. gooners please keep the faith. ciao for now connor

  8. Not a fickle said

    Wenger goes and so do all the prospects…cesc for sure, VP, walcott, nasri, diaby, arsharvin. Impatient bunch yall are

  9. superb post, connor 😉

  10. Tops said

    Who do you imagine can replace wenger and achieve better than him? Be calm.

  11. Obi said

    lol…someone get grandpa, i mean Geoff off the road…arsenal r beautiful to watch, shame it cant be said of our so called fans

  12. adam said

    Never be afraid of the unknown and embrace change.

  13. desigunner said

    lol, nice one. although it’s unfair to the gentleman in the picture that you compare him to that lot!

  14. I live in my country, Nigeria, watching and supporting this great team just from TV. One thing is very clear, even from about 3000 miles away – the British Press hate Arsene and Arsenal. Other clubs’ fans follow suit. Opposing managers would do nothing in tactics besides “break their bones” whenever it’s their turn to engage. Then, of course, any side big enough is jealous of the club. The players coming through the youth programme, getting to The Emirates Stadium while competing at the highest level, being about the most financially stable Club in world football – all point to a future every rival club and fan should be wary of.

    Question is – why should our own fans unwittingly fall for the clear attempt to panic Arsene and Arsenal into jettisoning the smooth sails that is about to bring sustained dividends? If you’re a true Arsenal fan, then don’t fall for that crap – no trothies for five years. Arsene and Arsenal are not new to trophies. There was one unbeaten season and 49-0 is still an English record. Certainly one with such credentials wouldn’t bottle it after just one night’s sleep, would he?

    More than ever before, your manager and team need your support, not any unwarrated demo!

  15. PTangYangKipperBang said

    @ Connor; you are ace mate. Very astute and well bloody said. Fair play to ya. Victoria Concordia Crescit. Amen

  16. PTangYangKipperBang said

    @ Tai; Beautiful! Lovin it. Its horrible to hear these “fans” cussin and cannibalisin’ their whole club. There is a force of negativity inside us. Uncertain times for us.

  17. IKD said

    i certainly dont wont the boss to go .but if he does id go 4 avram grant .if it is true that we are stable now ,well then nows the litmus test 4 the boss .if he still keeps to his crummy youth policy then i guess hes gone but if he goes back to be the arsene wenger of old im sure we ll welcome him with open arms .

  18. matt said

    Joke all you like ….you head in the sand akb’s are still squeaking the same tune year after failed year after failed year….. as for finding someone after wenger…… hey Chelski have done ok haven’t they??? But you lot are all as scared of the “unknown” as are most of our board!! But after a couple of more trophyless seasons maybe they (if not you lot) will finally admit he has lost his “magic” ….. but that being said I hope for a miracle and Wenger gets rid of the average dross players that he has in the squad and replaces it with proven experienced class…… however, knowing his attitude that will is not likely to happen…..

  19. African said

    Why did you tag me in your post, “African”?

  20. The Fan said

    This is what you protesters call momentum?
    Bet your only protester there probably got confused with the coalition government protest(which are actually meaningful protests compared to this utter idiocy).

    You don’t seem to realize that chelsea ruined the league along with some other soulless billionaires.
    Arsenal didn’t know chelsea would increase the price of everything when preparing for the emirates.
    But due to them and the recession we literally have bin living off small amounts to stay challenging on all fronts.
    Also it shouldn’t be this transfer window you should be optimistic about but the next where we actually have a whole year of profit with minimal debt to pay.

    I can not blame Wenger. Yes there are mistakes he makes but he definitely makes up for them by taking a bunch of kids (which is the best option available at the time) to high places in the first place.

    I want arsenal to win trophies etc but to win the league we have to have the best squad which chelsea have bought themselves.

    Knockout round tournaments like FA cup and Champions league require a bit of luck. This year for example, had we had the draw of uniteds instead we would have been much better off in more ways than one considering the one’s that got injured vs barca were desperate to play the “best” team.

    In the FA cup we lost when we even had some big names in the side and if you say we should’ve played our best best team it would ahve been foolish. United rotate their squad accordingly to avoid injuries while still having a good enough team to win. Arsene thought the side was good enough and remember it was AFTER we put the experienced players on we lost the game. Had we put our best (available) team, we would have surrendered top of the table without trying. That’s not a club I want to support.

  21. Gooner64 said

    And who pray tell will we replace AW with. Twitchy, Rafa who. Its easy to demand change when you don’t know what you want things changed to. Wake up to yourselves your’re a bunch of mug plastic fans.

  22. Joe said

    All like sheep have gone astray,here is a man who has done so much for d team,now is been cretises by he’s own fans.u want him too spend d cash n put our darlin club into financial dept.fools

  23. Joe said

    Fine u want wenger 2 go,who do u want as a replacement,look @ liverpool who have been spending all season finishing 7th in d league,yet d fans are not complaning.in wenger i JONATHAN BROWN TRUST

  24. Damian said

    Only the dopes want Wenger out it doesn,t matter what the facts are they can,t understand that we wont be building a new stadium every 5 years they can,t follow that paying 500m on it leaves us cash short they want Wenger to buy David Villa etc. but can,t understand u can,t buy a 30+m player with 15m the team has had 2 goals top 4 PL top 8 CL whilst this situation continues on a budget of 15m a year Wenger has achieved this and made a profit of almost 30m in 5 years and collected a great assortment of youth talent

  25. Damian said

    Ps. add to that the fact of billionaires coming in at just the wrong time and inflating player prices has made it doubly hard as stated above

  26. Damian said

    Such short minds Wenger spent 50M in 2000 he is no fool this is a forced situation u can,t do much with 15m a year as he has stated he could not improve our position in the table with 15M a year but felt he could hold it and improve the clubs over all situation until said stadium was payed and we were ready to push 4 the lot and he was right

  27. LoniRed said

    I never knew myles pal*er looked like that

  28. gooneramaan said

    Is the man in the picture Sinbad? from Arsenal Action.

    Looks like him. lol

  29. Julian H said

    Ahaha – post of the year, fo’ sho’.


  30. RG said

    in arsene we trust pic at the top just sums you all up!!

    most of you dont pay and go!!

  31. marco said

    yeh Damian. Agree with all you said. Its incredible that all around, clubs that have spent huge amounts are financially struggling- Look at Manu, Liverpool, portsm. Yet fans just want Wenger to spend! Was the same year or so ago when everyone was gagging for a millionaire to take over at AFC. Again, do we want to sit at Emirates and protest the owners for overspending and bad fin.management, like, again Manu, liverpool, Newcastle. I think not.

  32. GunnerSince79 said

    Ye spoilt little brats….
    Ye call yourselves Arsenal supporters. Learn your history before you go slating Arsene Wenger. Through the 80’s we had nothing. I remember celebrating like crazy after winning the littlewoods cup in 87, and crying when we got beat in 88 by Luton in the final. We have just moved into a state of the art stadium, then envy of most of Europe. Where do you think the finance of that was going to come from.
    But lets all blame the greatest manager in the game.
    We have had CL football every year for how long now. The manager has admitted he is short a few players so lets trust in him to decide whats right. His hands have been tied over the last few years over the new stadium, but i suppose a few of you woudl prefer to sacrafice the clubs future to win a trophy.
    How many players flourished after moving from the Arsenal. NONE. He brings out the best in everyone but unfortunately not some of you selfish little kids.

  33. Terngu said

    Wenga is d man 4 d job, though am in nigeria but stay glue 2 ma telly each time arsenal play.Madrid but playaz wort ova 2hundred million£ & still went of d c-l knock out stage.Com’on guyz glory days r ahead pls lets stay behind our beloved Arsenals,gooner til death……..

  34. Chrisgoonaisatool said

    What a crock of shit – do you honestly think that if another top manager comes in all those players will want to jump ship?! lol

    It’s not Wengers fucking club!!!!!!

    The world doesn’t end if he goes!!!!!

    He’s failed. The last 5 years have been a failure whichever way you look at it!!!!!

    It isn’t project youth.

    Those players were all purchased by wenger £4M Denilson, £5M Diaby, £12M Walcott £3M Almunia – etc..etc.. he hasn’t spent the money that he has had wisely! FACT.

  35. Griff said

    Lets hope that Wenger can ignore the retards who feel they need to demonstrate against him [in the very stadium he helped to create]. Sometimes I almost feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan when I am associated with such, spoilt, petty, mindless f**kwits.

  36. Doublegooner said

    Long live Arsene’s youth project..I admire his principles.

  37. Moses S said

    I believe Wenger is good but he usually fails the himself, the players and the club tactically with his stubborness and hypocrity, he should learn that the only constant thing in life is change, We have followed his policies for some time now and it has failed, he should simply try something else, he should be more open.

  38. Moses S said

    He would always give an excuse for the team’s failure, this season’s failure is totally unacceptable because we need to win just 7 matches and we ahve the league, but what did they do? He said we have a young squad, i agree with that but that is no excuse for failure. the likes of Messi, Fabregas, Pedro, Bojan, SWP, Mikel, Alaba, Cassilas, Johnson, etc are not old men before they start doing great things. If you are good, you are good, this idea of carrying under- average players in the squad and expecting them to perform magic is counter productive.

  39. Goonerpower said

    Hahah funny pic loads of people there. And TopCat go and support the chavz you stupid little cock mouth. IN WENGER WE TRUST!!!!!!!
    Too many fickle shit fucks he has givin Arsenal our best ever seasons. So to all who want wenger out please suck shit. Ps we would lose all our big players. Idiots

  40. Jaguar said

    AKB pricks like you are the reason why we wont win anything.As long as that senile retarded Hypocrite Arsene W*nker is here,he will continue buying shit players,and when he fucks off to France,some of you mugs can follow that prick.Fucking retards

  41. Goonerpower said

    Jaguar you sound like a Chelsea fan. Jaguar hahaha what a name you numpty bollock fuck dick. Bet your about 10 years old. You can’t of been supportin the gooners for long cause before wenger came we where lucky to finish in top 6 you fuckin retard. People like you should should of been put down. Hahaha jaguar wanker

  42. GeoffandPedroArseholes said

    LMAO – definitely Geoff – fucking retard.

    Jaguar is a prick.

    fuck off Le Groaner retards.

  43. Johnny said

    Fuckin quality comment made by gunner since 79. I`m a gooner from a similar era, these spoilt little kids don`t realize how good they`ve got it. They watch the best footballing side in the country and they get to see the best sides in europe every year. Its funny how 90 percent of these cunts who shout for the managers head, only started following the club during his reign. They continue to blabber on about 5 years without a trophy, so what. Its not ideal, I`d like to win something every year, but 5 years isn`t really a long time in the life of genuine football supporter. God help us if we ever see a return to the dark days of the early and mid 80`s, all these plastic mugs will be off, no doubt pretending to support someone else. Actually, sometimes I think it would be nice to rid the club of these wankers. Although we were shit for most of my childhood and the attendances were sometimes really poor, the fans who turned up were proper supporters who loved the club through both thick and mainly thin. Anyway cheers for the post mate.

  44. Goonerpower said

    Johnny spot mate glad there is still sense out there.

  45. lordgunner said

    don’t worry ,jaguar is a stupid little kid who usually post on “LE GROAN”.Insulting the greatest manager of arsenal history prove he is not a gunner just a glory hunter who start supporting arsenal after Wenger first double.
    I m fine some people want see a change a manager (i don’t want to) but treating a legend like that is really an insult to Arsenal as a whole and anyone link with the club.

  46. mark said

    wenger has spent the vast majority of arsenals transfer kitty in the last five years on attacking players apart from vermaelen and sagna oh and about 50p on a couple of keepers do you think any other top manager or top club would have bought or put up with almunia or flapianski

  47. GunnerSince79 said

    Thanks mate. Ya we learnt the hard way. I remember in schoold in 80’s and everyone laughing at my Arsenal school bag. Then we were the ” boring boring” Arsenal. When AW took over, he changed the club overnight. He prolonged Big Tony, he made Ray Parlour, gave new life to Keown, robbed Spuds of their glory son Sol, Found a god in Henry, brought the likes of Overmars, Pires,Petit, Viera etc etc to our beloved jersey. Who the feck ever heard of Freddie, then makes him into a star. Who the feck was Anelka and made him to the most expensive player in the clubs history.
    Yes he has made a few clangers but i’d say 99% have been success stories. He is a complete football genius, not only on the field but off also.

    Johnny i also remember standing in the North Bank and seeing us being beaten by lowly teams and as you say the fans always stook by our team.

    I would love to see us winning something every year but i would prefer to see the club stable in 5 years time compared to our rivals!!!!!!

  48. Johnny said

    It wasn`t just the 80s that were shit either, this year we were fighting for the league in april. Only 2 yeas before Wenger took over we were fighting relegation in the same month, 5 points above the drop zone and we were in the shit, it took 3 wins over the easter period to make sure we never suffered the embarrasment of going down. But as I`ve said before, most of these slags who call for Wenger`s head weren`t around then and the rest of them have short fuckin memories.

  49. […] Wenger protest gathers momentum […]

  50. legio said

    Hi, top post as usual. Been following this site only recently but I’m glad to find true supporters in this sea of plastic fans. I confess I’ve only begun following Arsenal for about 3 years but it doesn’t take much to see how fortunate we are to have Wenger as our manager. Just looking at Utd and ‘Pool with their mountains of debt is more than enough reminder. Arsenal on the other hand is financially strong and ready to compete for silverware for years to come. Despite being a young fan myself, I can’t stand those who keep calling for Wenger’s head as though they had any right to do so. “5 years is too long!”, they scream, but they forget that the Arsenal went through far longer barren periods without silverware. Arsene Wenger made the modern-day Arsenal, so I think he definitely has the ability to bring us to greater heights. In Arsene we trust!

  51. brian said

    The scruffy looking prat in the picture looks all the world to me like a Big Issue seller.He looks old enough to know better but then again he looks stupid and down and out enough to have strange views on life.The contributors who remind us of the dark days in the seventies and eighties have got it spot on and I would suggest that the moaners of whom the majority have clearly only climbed on-board during the Wenger era should take this opportunity to go and support Chelsea.

  52. Dave said

    … How a bout you support Arsenal F.C. not arsene f.c. All good things come to an end

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