Bob Wilson: Arsenal will buy a new Goalkeeper

May 13, 2010

Speaking to members of the London Freight Club at the Connaught rooms yesterday, former Arsenal great Bob Wilson told the attendees that he was privy to certain information that gave him the belief that neither Almunia nor Fabianski will be the Arsenal number one next season.

I am sure the wider media will get hold of this story soon enough, the only reason you are reading this is owing to my accountant being present at the special lunch organised by the London Freight Club.

Bob was invited to come along as the guest speaker, and was naturally apprehended by the gooners amongst the attendees who questioned the problem with our keepers this season.

He spoke about the goalkeeper coaches being more than capable, but there was a need for a new, experienced, world-class keeper to join the ranks.

He went on to confidently predict such a keeper would be joining the club this summer.

So there you have it, I was starting to lose faith in the manager buying a keeper to be fair, there is more than ample information out in the public domain that assures us investment in the defence will be made, the attack will be boosted by Chamakh, now Arsenal goalkeeping legend Bob Wilson tells gooners he is in the know about a new “world-class” goalie joing us.

Roll on next season.


38 Responses to “Bob Wilson: Arsenal will buy a new Goalkeeper”

  1. dilshan said

    I for sure he was also interesting to listen to AW how he talks about offensive and defensive units..It is widely assumed when he talks about defence he is talking about CB and there for we could have two new CB coming in, which is a possibility of course. But, if one thinks about it two top quality CB will not come at the same time as they know we already have TV5 and there for there is only one place that is up for grabs in the first team and as long as we sign one top quality CB ( do not need to be a big name or money signing) we will be fine and hopefully Djouro and Nordviet along with Sol will be able to provide cover ..also it is the same in the CDM we have song who is our regular so do we go and spend 10 mill on some one to sit on the bench or use esatmond more, who has impressed me great. Even the second (box to box) CM is an interesting postiton. I have my self in anger called for a new player there but is it not the rold Ramsey is set to become one of the best in the world in..I know he is injured to start off with but surely we do not need a LT signing there as I also feel may be even JET could grow into that role. I guess when AW talks about defensive mistakes he is talking about GK more than the defenders. This is one area I feel we need a high profile signing, A buffon. Such a big name signing will mean that the team has its major weakness addressed as well as have a big name signing..I do not think we should be taking chances on GK..I feel even a Heart will be gamble…he has made mistakes at Birmingham its just that those mistakes are ok in a club like that but at the highest level will get picked on more..remeber Fostor as Watford..looked like the next best GK in world ..

    its funny though the media has linked with every GK they could name even…have you any idea where we might be looking at and had any news about us being very close to signing Akinfeev from CSKA

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  3. Steven said

    Let’s hope Wenger, true to type, doesn’t pull out from the deal in the last minute!
    Can you confirm the rumour on Cesc leaving? Its all over the web?! Oh no!Not when we need him to consolidate on his best season so far! My, my, if he leaves we’ll have to rebuild, don’t you think?

  4. Simon sterner said


  5. Steven – i very much doubt the Cesc rumours, same story almost every summer.

    Next summer may be a different story.

  6. gunner17 said

    i can’t really see buffon coming here, the numbers don’t add up.

    i can see man city taking buffon and releasing given…i don’t like him though, he’s not really an ‘arsenal’ kind of man…a bit too provincial, ugly and impish.

    i’d love adler or frey to come, but my money’s on wenger finalising a deal for sorensen – he’s cheap, proven, and solid. £3m and no compliants. Will add 7-10 points on Almunia no problem. Buffon might add 10-12 points but he’d cost £20m. buffon’s a bad deal.

  7. looneygooner said

    i don’t like him though, he’s not really an ‘arsenal’ kind of man…a bit too provincial, ugly and impish. what a crass statement, what are you? because you are not a football fan, judging a player on his looks RETARD how about that,Given is a WC, and Sorensen so good he plays for who…Stoke get a grip keeper and pray tell me what numbers don’t add up your real age or mental age

  8. gunner17 said

    i wonder who will be number 2 next season?

    i think we’d be more solid with almunia as no.2 gk than fabianski. almunia isn’t good enough to hold down the no.1 spot but he’s always been a decent no2. fabianski needs to completely rebuild his confidence. that’ll be impossible from the bench. he needs to play. he should go away on loan. keeping fabianski as no.2 is a bad idea.

  9. joni goonah said

    igor akinfeev/hugo lloris/gigi buffon/pepe reina…

    get any one of those.. we’ll walk to the title..!!!

    Thierry back wldnt hurt too 🙂

  10. looneygooner said

    Thierry isn’t the same player anymore, and we need more than a keeper to win anything, we need players with a winning mentality something a lot of these players don’t have, our attitude is and has been wrong for five seasons.Too many players are in a comfort zone, I want Gibbs to challenge Clichy because I think he is better and more hungry,Diaby is too lazy,Denilson not good enough,Bendtner third choice and Sagna, what a disappointment he has been this season, and we need our manager to stop blaming others and treat the FA Cup with respect, then maybe we could do it

  11. gunner17 said

    hey, arsenal is a world class brand now. bringing in chav superstars like given and ireland would damage the brand bigtime. sponsors want their logos on the chests of fabregas, van persie and vermaelen. physical attractiveness is indicative of fitness. we want lookers and proper athletes who take care of themselves.
    too many british players coast along on talent and workrate alone, sweating out 5 pints of beer from the night before during training sessions. these fraudulent sh*ts can do well at the top, witness lampard and terry and gerrard and rooney, but they’re not the real thing. this is arsenal. we want professionals.

  12. gunner17 said

    We do need more than a new keeper.

    We need at least one proper central defender. I think wenger will only buy one.
    We’ll have Vermaelen, Djorou, Campbell, this new guy, and maybe a kid like Nordveit.
    That’ll do i suppose. One more would be better though.

    I think we need another tough central midfielder. Song has been great, but Denilson, Diaby and Eastmond are all somewhat crappy understudies. A Melo or Inler or Parker would be most welcome.

    I think we need to address the issue of the left side of our attack too. Arshavin doesn’t like it there. Neither does Nasri. Vela is a bit too lightweight just now. Maybe a Joe Cole or Hugo Rodallega could come in?

    Whatever happens, I hope wenger brings in another 3 on top of Chamakh.

  13. gunner17 said

    what’s all this fuss about gibbs anyway? as far as i can see he’s small, weak, lightweight, a slow mover, a dainty runner, and not that defensively minded. clichy’s been injured for most of the season hence his crappiness this year, but i really think he’s miles ahead of gibbs. fitness wise clichy is the new ljungberg. when he’s fit he’s a nonstop runner. he’s good at hounding people who encroach on his area too. clichy’s the man, man.

  14. gunner17 said

    chamakh is also a defensive ssigning in a way…

    he’s good at holding the ball up and keeping possession at the high end of the pitch. he’s tall and strong and a good scrapper with a good workrate. he’ll keep the ball up front and allow us to shift forward and keep play in the opponents’ half, thereby easing the pressure on our defence.

    bendtner can do some of that but for the most part he’s not that bothered about defending from the front.

  15. gunner17 said

    when was the last time you saw a keeper with a tash?

  16. looneygooner said

    gunner17, you really don’t have a clue, Lampard has been the most consistence midfielder for five seasons and Rooney is world class, you think Diaby,Sagna,Bendtner,Alumina are professionals, you haven’t got a clue

  17. looneygooner said

    chamakh is unproven in the PL, and if he was that good why didn’t other big clubs come in for him, for me the jury is out on him

  18. joni goonah said

    chamakh cant be worse then Bendtner.. a striker devoid of pace and a first touch of a rapist..

  19. American Gooner said

    would love Buffon but doubt it happens. we are talking about wenger and arsenal, after all. world class to him probably means some guy we’ve never heard of who is 17 looks special (half expecting to pronounce fabianski world class and point to the fact he is already on the roster).

  20. Jack said

    I had honestly given up on us bringing in a new ‘keeper after Wenger’s constant reassurance of Fabianski’s talent but this has brought some hope for me!

  21. Wiz Khalifa said

    I truly believe with 3 signings (not including Chamakh) we can be a unstoppable force! I would like to see the following:

    IN: Hugo Lloris, Yaya Toure, Rafael Van Der Vaart, Maroune Chamakh

    OUT: Manuel Almunia, Mikael Silvestre, Tomas Rosicky, Andrey Arshavin, Eduardo

    – We can buy Lloris
    – Trade Arshavin for Toure
    – Trade Rosicky & Silvestre for Van Der Vaart
    – Chamakh = Free

    With a new lineup:

    Arsenal 2010 (4-4-2):
    Manager: Arsene Wenger

    GK: Hugo Lloris
    RB: Bacary Sagna
    CB: Tomas Vermaelen
    CB: William Gallas
    LB: Gael Clichy
    RM: Rafael Van Der Vaart
    CM: Francesc Fabregas
    CM: Yaya Toure
    LM: Samir Nasri
    ST: Robin Van Persie
    ST: Maroune Chamakh

    What do you guys think?

    -Wiz Khalifa!

  22. dilshan said

    some of you play too much fantasy football games don’t work like that..if Chamak un proven in PL so is messy…if you have nothing intelligent to say keeping quite is smarter option i am thinking..ven der vart for AA..another joke and to play him RM…he is a play maker who plays central so this is no championship manager guys ..wake up and get some fresh air some of you…

  23. Paul N said

    get rid of Arshavin, Eduardo and Rosicky, wow!

    Not a chance of that!

  24. gunner17 said

    looneygooner, lampard and rooney may be world class but they’re not as professional as our players. you don’t hear stories about arsenal players frequenting granny prostitutes or gang raping 17 year old girls or playing ‘stick it up her’ with their teammates. english players can be so much better than they are but their culture limits them. they’re yobs, scum, idiots. i want clean living pros. arsenal players should aspire to maldini rather than gazza.

  25. word said

    reading some of these comments makes me remeber why i dont bother posting on most arsenal blogs! not even worth it!

  26. word said

    buffon has major longterm back problems for a start. selling almunia would thus easily give us the same issues with fabianski we have had the last 3 games once buffon is on the sidelines. do some fucking research u mugs

    would not b surprised to see tech 9 called in for free if we are held to ransom

  27. word said

    who actually watches buffon week to week or do you just recongise the brand image? oh sorry i did say i wouldn’t post…

  28. am said

    i would only want one of 6 keepers:

    Buffon (very Unlikely because of wages)
    Akinfeev – (Would be a good choice)
    Lloris – (Brillliant keeper, typical wenger signing)
    Hart – (Not a chance, as city would not sell)

    Guy from Athletico Madrid

    Wojeck Sechzney promoted (too early)

  29. […] Bob Wilson: Arsenal will buy a new Goalkeeper Speaking to members of the London Freight Club at the Connaught rooms yesterday, former Arsenal great Bob Wilson told […] […]

  30. RockyLives said

    Yes we need a new keeper, but that aside our defensive personnel were pretty good this season (Sagna, Clichy, Verm, Gallas, Sol, even Silv). Our real defensive problem has been lack of defending as a team.
    Even the greatest Arsenal back four of all time struggled in 1997/98 until Adams and co had a blazing row with Vieira, Petit and the rest of the midfield about defending from the middle of the park. The new boys got it and we went on to storm the title.

  31. gunner17 said

    I agree…our biggest problem is our lack of balance between attack and defence. If we get the balance right then most of the players we have now, even Fabianski probably, would be perfectly capable. But Wenger is not tactically aware. He doesn’t really care about or teach defending. The balance will continue to be off under wenger, and our defense will continue to be exposed and will continue to look amateurish.

    We either need for our defenders to improve at tidying up nervy, exposed situations, or we need to sign defenders with massive stature who can shout down our attack minded players and tell them to get the f**k back and do their job.

  32. Andy Mack said

    Buffon is old and has a long term back problem. He’s looking for a retirement payday, not a new challenge.

    Yaya has an attitude problem and his agent is a real tosser. I can’t see AW being interested in dealing with him.

  33. antonie said

    that’s nice article, honestly i enjoy to read it, layout and design not make my eyes’s hurt, go arsenal.. goal hale…

  34. lordgunner said

    some of you know nothing about football and keep slagging our player the same way you were last year with song and eboue.they never learn.I m not sure about diaby because i think he don’t have football brain to play at the top consitently.but bendy will become a very good striker , i ve not doubt.

    And lloris is not a typical signing like you say am because he will be expensive for gk.buffon could be a good bet,he want to leave and he will be welcome here
    like somebody say already too may FM fan here .
    On the best of world 1 GK, 1DC ,1 Winger,chamak and Gallas signing 2 year contract and we good to go

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  36. yaqimy said

    yes..i think it is a good idea to bring a new goalkeeper..Almunia is too weak and Fabianski is lacked of confidence

  37. ANDREW PANOM said

    It will be good if we buy footballer

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