Lady Nina not keen on Silent Stan

May 10, 2010

Amazing what a late night Twitter session can reveal.

Lady Nina, who has been desperately trying to sell her 15.9% shareholding in the club, is not what you could class a  regular social networker on the world wide web, so when she does Tweet, interest is naturally stoked up.

How about the following anti-stan article posted up by Lady Nina last night…..

Now why would such a classy lady go to the trouble of advertising such an article?

I think a summer of  boardroom shenanigans is well and truly under way.

Surely if she was so desperate to get at Fizman, Stan and co… selling her lot to the Uzbek would be the way forward?

The £8,500 lockdown price set 12 months ago comes to an end in the coming days, even at that price she would be in for £84M, but it seems she has employed the US broker, Blackstone, in order they get her a price closer to the £10,500 Stan paid for a large number of shares he purchased off Clive Carr in 2009.

Something is most certainly afoot here, I rather hope all this off the field crap does not effect the manager’s spending plans.

We really could do without a mud slinging battle.

Catch Lady Nina on Twitter @NinaBracewell


7 Responses to “Lady Nina not keen on Silent Stan”

  1. dilshan said

    ow no Hwak…this is the last thing the club needs now…look at pool man u and others who have gone down this route ..not a very exciting prospect..

  2. yes, dilshan, this whole share business in the club is the only thing that peturbs my belief and enthusiams for arsenal’s future.

    must say, the article lady nina posted up does make a valid point re:stan’s integrity… as does the following i just read..

  3. desigunner said

    Are you sure it’s NBS on twitter or an impostor?

  4. very sure it is, look at the bio, and past posts.

    seems very much in line with what i would expect.

  5. desigunner said

    Well, I’ve never used twitter (Yes, I’m from the stone age :P) so don’t really know much… just wanted to be certain. Will take your word for it.

  6. lordgunner said

    i suppose she dont like stan moustache and prefer fat bald men like the uzbek. 😀
    i hope she find another buyer like that we can have 3-4 owner

  7. Damian said

    Uzbek or richer nothing changes with Kronke thats y the board has budded up with him he doesn,t have enough money to do a Man C or Chealsea

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