Melo to Arsenal is ON

May 5, 2010

History tells us Wenger never gives up on his man.

Rosicky was monitored for a number of years, we missed signing him when he left Sparta Prague, in the Summer of 2001, for Germany.

AW finally cashed in on the Czech international during the Summer of 2006.

Felipe Melo is a player I personally rate very highly, he is obviously a player the manager also rates as he had a bid rejected by Fiorentina last Summer, before he moved to Juventus for close to £25M.

I doubt he rejected us, more likely the cash offer we made was nowhere the amount the Old Lady of Italian football could muster.

Following a poor season for both Melo and Juventus, a parting is very much on the cards.

According to well respected Italian journalist and Transfer insider Fabio Santini, of the Tuttosport daily newspaper, Wenger will indeed have his man this coming Summer, and at a fraction of the price Juventus paid for him last year.

The bone crunching, aggressive midfielder is exactly the type of player needed at the club.

Readers should be aware of a common misconception when understanding what role the Brazilian will take up at the heart of the Arsenal side.

He can certainly play as the out and out defensive midfield enforcer, protecting the back four and spraying passes to the clever footballers in front of him.

I see his natural role as being more box-to-box, he can help out in defence and he can also join the attack, he certainly has the Brazilian touch and vision to be deployed in a more attacking role if the need be.

Essentially, he would be competition for Diaby, as opposed to Song, who he could do a splendid job in covering for if injuries/suspensions arise.

Diaby has been a huge let down over the past 6 weeks, after starting the season so well, he has fizzled out, badly.

I’m sure he will come back stronger next season, following a pre-season without a World Cup, but he needs hard competition for his place to push him to the next level.

Melo is the ultimate midifielder for us, he can play all three roles, DM (Song), CM (Diaby), and even AM (Cesc), such a truly World-class player, who is no longer just a young prospect, as will be highlighted during the World Cup, is exactly the kind of headline grabbing transfer the boss needs to make to put a little ease back into the supporters minds.

Chamakh is sealed, Melo looks highly likely given the transfer track record of the Italian journalist… who next?


46 Responses to “Melo to Arsenal is ON”

  1. Franny said

    You make him sound like Vieira. Well I guess anything is better than watching Diaby get lost on the pitch.

  2. Vivb said

    Hopefully Wenger can nail these buys as soon as possible and put the doomers back in their box

  3. desigunner said

    Some fans will cry that we’re signing another flop, lol. But I like the guy, if he’s good enough to start for Brazil then he’s good enough for us. And we do need such a player to push Denilson/Diaby. Can you tell us more about the source or the original article?

  4. The Fan said

    If his poor form this season is a one off and if he withstand the physical aspects of the premier league and has few injuries then sure ^^;

  5. Desi – he is a respected italian journo who has called many transfer in and out of italy correct.

    has links with juve agnelli family.

    works for the number 2 daily, tuttosport.

  6. Willy young said

    Why would Juve sell him at a significant loss? U can’t see us spending £20m ( stiill £5m) less than they paid

    Respected journalist or not this sounds like more tabloid B/S

    never seen him
    play hope it happens but sounds very unlikely

  7. nash said

    i really hope this one comes true,he is a pillar in midfield and reminds me a lot of Gilberto.silent assassin who has been missing in the midle of the park.fingers crossed on this one

  8. Goonerpower said

    Well let’s see if we get him first.

  9. dilshan said

    lets do the double and get GG as well Hawk..what news on GK have we got…I know Frey has been talked about a lot..and we will def need a GK and CB …what have you made of mexes..he only has a year left in his contract and experienced at the highest level

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stringfellow Hawke. Stringfellow Hawke said: Melo to Arsenal is ON: […]

  11. Gagadioka said

    Well we relly need good gk , dm and sharp striker all experience.

  12. Willy – it going to happen, aw has been on his case, i think the fee will be closer to 15M

    Juve have plenty of loot, owned by the fiat group.

    Dilshan – no news on a keeper that osunds concrete just specualtion, he may well not sign one.

    mexes, remember seeing him at highbury in 2001 ish… playing against us for auxerre in the CL, he is rock solid.. but maybe a little on the short side again for us alongside vermy?

    we really do need a 6ft 2 + monster alongside tv.

  13. gaga – we have chamakh, looks very likely we have melo

    i would love to see frey

    then we realy have a chance next year, with all the young guns a little more wiser and older.

    i am really positive about next season.

    city can spend all the money they want, they will keep chopping and changing managers

    i cannot see roman spending more 100’s of millions either.

    manure skint, pool skint, spuds might spend.. but who wants to go there?

  14. dilshan said

    true..I do hope we sign a GK ..if we dont the whole support will be deflated for the start of the season which is not good, I do agree about the CB as well…this transfer window will indicate the real ambition of the club I feel, could be cross roads for everyone associated

  15. it really is dilshan

    i support the club and manager at all times

    but a lack of proper big, experienced signings this summer will not go down well at all.

    especially now as they have all admitted cash is defo readily avail.

    i did not trust that in the past, the accts showed different.

    they now show we are indeed finanically solvent again and ready to spend big.

  16. desigunner said

    Thanks Hawke. Wonder how you manage to keep up with so much news!

  17. dilshan said

    it is the same me Hawk..I can not look at the club and AW as separate and dread the day I will have to do that…but like Julian said on fans forum last week a real big club must win things and now that we have the resources we must act

  18. Jay said

    I’ve seen Melo play this season and to be honest I wasn’t impressed one bit. All tho one thing he does have is strength he goes in really hard witch is what I think our back four lacks. Wenger should invest in a player like Diego that guy is fantastic 24 years old great ball control and passes. He could do one thing Arsenal never do and thats SHOOT! Fabregas is the only one taking shots from a distance. and it’s one thing we REALLY need instead of just playing it down the sides all the time and getting no where!

  19. has diego not done some deal to go back to germany?

  20. Eoin said

    i personally don’t think diego is a wenger transfer, nasri does the job for AW

  21. Jay said

    Yeah but theres no doubt Diego is far better then Nasri. I wish Diego WAS a Wenger target.

  22. Ejiro said

    It would be a good signing if he join the team but i think he would be too expensive why not veloso(sporting lisbon)

  23. veloso – another very decent energetic midfielder, like him!!

  24. […] Melo to Arsenal is ON History tells us Wenger never gives up on his man. Rosicky was monitored for a number of years, we missed signing him wh […] […]

  25. lordgunner said

    he is the type of player need in midfield.His game is perfect for the premiership.Kjaer(CB) from Palermo has a reported 11M release fee..bargain i say.Love to see him too.

  26. Debbie does Gallas said

    Wenger has stated the midfield is strong enough….but do you trust Wenger when it comes to transfer statements? He could just be throwing us off the scent. I do think that Wenger believes Song is a centreback, so can see him bringing someone like Melo in and not buying another defender. Gallas + TV can play at CB, with Song at DM and Melo next to Cesc. Should TV or Gallas get injured, he could move Song back, Melo to DM + Diaby/Ramsey/Denilson/Nasry/Rosicky to partner Cesc.

    Who knows?!

  27. useroz said

    never posted here before but find it interesting with this particular news item… indeed melo looked (when we couldn’t get him last year)/ looks to be interesting however unless he makes enough noise to leave and wanting to join arsenal, i just couldn’t figure out, as a layman, why juve would sell him as a loss esp with their financial muscle etc etc. the only thing that counts against juve is the prospect of no CL football next season but then many other clubs in CL could go in for melo and the price goes back up so it’s back to square one??

  28. Goonertilidie said

    Buffon 15-20m, Melo 15m or the cheaper option Veloso for 8m, Kjaer 11m or Naldo, Sakho or Zapata 8m, Hazard 15m, Chamakh free. Out Almunia, silvestre, gallas, traore (sakho or zapata can cover at LB). Thats probably what its gonna take to get us back on the right track

    Sagna Naldo Vermaelen Clichy
    Eboue Djourou/Sol Sakho/Zapata Gibbs
    Veloso as cover
    Veloso Fabregas
    Denilson Nasri

    Arshavin Hazard
    Theo Rosicky/Wilshere

    Loan out Vela.

  29. Debbie does Gallas said

    another story from the same newspaper suggests that Buffon will definitely leave this summer. With 3 possible destinations – Bayern, Man Utd + Man Citeh

    I’d rather have Buffon then Melo ANY day of the week

  30. somali arsenal said

    As much as i hate to admit spurs(rubbish)have finally broken into the Big four. We need at least two center back and one additional DM. We also need a decent gaol keeper and hopping that does come to emirates. I have read all the comments and i have not seen anyone mentioning any player who will be leaving this summer from arsenal.

  31. wubey said

    wow you put it nice i will hope like you put it and when we come back to arsenal real sprit.

  32. Damn_Gallas said

    We need a cover for song, and melo fits the bill perfectly. I would love to see him and song plays together infront of the back 4. Song can then move slightly up to join fabregas in attack, given that song’s passing is good.

    We need just another GK and a defender to partner TV.

  33. Davi said

    All Ive heard is that hes been a massive failure at juve. If he does leave this summer it will be because they dont want him anymore..
    Having seen him in the confederations cup, I can see why. He looked ok. Very strong, but really not that great on the ball. “World class” is a long way wide of the mark.
    After watching that competition I thought he would probably be a useful signing, but not someone who could come here and be an automatic 1st choice (diaby is FAR better, but inconsistent), and for christ’s sake not for anything like £20m. £5-10m would be a decent price imo.

  34. Davi said

    “He was voted as the 2009 Worst Soccer player by the readers of Il Fatto Quotidiano.”
    Maybe we shouldnt bother with this one. I think we dodged a bullet when juve signed him.

  35. Arse&Nose said

    Why does wenger go with players like Melo?
    He is infuriating to watch, no wonder he has been voted worst player by italians!

    He has bags of talent but ambles around lazily and is invisible in most games…do we really need another player like this?

  36. Patrick T. Kenyor said

    I am very happy that AW wants to sign experienced players before the world cup event begins.Melo is a player that is realy suited for Arsenal.That is the kind of player we want.
    I want Arsene Wenger to buy one defensive mid-fielder, one central mid-fielder, at least two experienced goal keepers and a prolific striker who is very strong and experienced.

  37. lordgunner said

    and the year before he was one of the best player in seria A .Get him.

    Latest news juve say they would swap Gigi Buffon against one of Sagna,Van Persie or cecs….ok cecs/Van the man is out but sagna?We have Eboue so i wouldnt t mind a straight exchange with Buffon

  38. lordgunner said

    ha yes Davi,diaby is a failure too.Amazing talent but he dont have the football brain to go with it.That why diaby will never be a any good at DM passing his time trying breaking or fooling someone

  39. usman said

    That is d kind of player we need considering the epl & the way he play his game, that will be right signing 4 d gunners.

  40. Abba.zidane said

    Wenger should sign at least three experienced midfielders like modric,van dar vaart,xavi or sh

  41. henry k. lwanga said

    i never believe in wenger’s words until i see melo and chamack in arsenal shirts;

  42. lordgunner said

    well if you don’t trust Wenger a least Chamak say he will be a gooner next season(10 day when the french league finish )on L equipe after he was asked by reporter last match bordeaux play and say he couldn’t wait to get his shirt in few days…

  43. GMR said

    The Chamakh signing won’t be officially announced until June. His contract expires on the 31st May and despite the fact we all know he’s an Arsenal player it won’t be officially announced before then.

  44. Erik said

    Since we were first linked to Melo I have kept a close eye on him whenever i watch Brazil play… and guess what? evey single time I thought Gilberto was way better than him.

    I rather have Gilberto back for a season than sign Melo, or we could have a look at Veloso, Poulsen, De Rossi or just get Flamini back… but as far as Melo… umm… not sure, you can never predict how a player might balance a team, maybe our set up would suit him.

    And just because he plays for the Brazil national team doesnt mean that much really, look at England, not a decent GK, always problems with who to play on the left wing and always problems with who should partner Rooney.

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