£25M Goalkeepers are not allowed to be fouled

May 3, 2010

That’s the basis to some of the vitriol being spouted by Goons in Blog world tonight.

A gut wrenching defeat to St Helens has been pushed onto young Fabianski by a lot of our fans.


Forget his blunder in Oporto, or his hiccup at Wigan… go on try… and if you can manage to shift that hatred out of your mind’s eye, tell me how the {swear word alert} he was not obstructed by Jason Roberts for the first goal and had Big Sol knock him off balance after being fouled himself by Fatty Dunn?

If it’s not disgraceful enough that these blatant, blatant fouls were not punished by the frankly appalling Atkinson, salt is being rubbed into the wounds by our very own fans who choose instead to blame the Pole

Overall, Fabianski had a solid game, with a proper referee in charge, he would have certainly of kept a clean sheet.  Those northern winkers employed one tactic, and it was not a football tactic.

Fouling is outlawed in this game… right?  Tell me, I am right am I not?

There were other players in the team tonight that failed us far more than the keeper.

Theo was totally ineffective, as was Nasri, and Diaby is just not cut out to be a Defensive Midfielder, he has to be deployed in a more attacking central midfield role in order that best is seen from him.

Take a deep breath gooners, the boss is not a fool, and he finally has the money to adjust our shortcomings in certain areas of the team.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, the players have let him down… not the other way around.

What is a man supposed to do if a player shows talent in training and then suddenly hides on the field of competitive play?

Stop the hate, begin the collective coming together in backing the changes Wenger will certainly make this summer.

The most intriguing summer of transfer activity in the history of the club.


36 Responses to “£25M Goalkeepers are not allowed to be fouled”

  1. Miha said

    so lets buy on of those 25m…

  2. dilshan said

    hawk, my friend I hope it does happen..for me the problem is not ability it seems the attitude and in that respect we need a massive overhaul…I do not know if you remember a while back on fans forum that this team reminds me of South African cricket team, when the going gets tough it comes unstuck and chocks in big games…I know we have cesc, RVp Sol and song are great fighters along with TV but I think we need many more of them..look at chelski they have a team full of fighters. I do hope arsene acts in summer…may be am still a bit angry..lol

  3. shakyArsene said

    really a stupid post. I know that will probably rub you the wrong way, but in a world of men the leader is the one who MUST take responsibility for this. It is Wengers problem, do you think Fergie would have let these kids get away with playing like that for the last month? NO WAY IN HELL. Smarten up mate you are beginning to sound redundant.

  4. PTangYangKipperBang said

    I don’t mean to be overly negative about Fabianski but he is not good enough to be a number 1 at a top 4 club yet. He was too easily shoved out. Do you think that even a middle level GK (bought for 1.5 mill this year) like Brad Friedel would have been shoved around like that? I don’t think so. Lehmann would’ve broke one of ems jaw. Either way Allardice obviously targeted him as a weak link and sadly he was right. The prem is no place to learn your trade. He must go or go out on loan.

  5. dilshan – 100% agreed, the attitude of some of the players is weak.

    nasir, diaby and theo for me are the worst culprits.

    shakyArsene – Aw is of course at some fault for this, but ultimately the players get a chance to prove their worth on the pitch… if they fail they get surpassed.

    I am certain some will be surpassed by new signings this summer.

    Keep the faith.

  6. PTang – no other keeper, 1.5M or 15M would be allowed to be subjected to such ILLEGAL tactics

    only an arsenal keeper… up against a rotten fat sam side.

  7. cinjo said

    Hi writer
    Can u please explain this words ?
    “Wenger will certainly make this summer”

    What u expect, wenger will make ?
    U expect AW will buy good players ?
    OR U expects AW will buy a goal keeper this summer?

    First of all, this all news are bull shit.
    AW is not going to buy any good players.
    Maximum we can expect one Chamak or one defender only if Gallas goes.

    What AW is saying right now is just for cheating fans like last season.
    And he will just say in the beginning of the season, we have very young and talented squad.

    Yes we have very talented players.
    But When AW will realize his most best players can’t play half of the season due to injury ?

  8. Toby said

    Fabianski is NOT to be blamed! I think he looked solid but the ref always allowed two blackburn players to back into him like bulldozers!!

  9. cinjo – because before the stadium project he spent money when he had it

    now, for the first time again since the emms project.. he has decent money

    and i am convinced he will use it to bolster our defence will strong minded and strong willed players.

    that is what we miss most of all.

  10. “Their (Blackburn’s) main purpose every time is to stop the goalkeeper, not go for the ball, and both times for both goals that happened.”

    Asked if Fabianski was at fault in any way, Wenger defended the goalkeeper.

    “No,” he said. “I think he had no chance as a goalkeeper, he was pushed every time.”

  11. Paul N said

    Alright, SH!!

  12. ola said

    Am totally fedup of all this young boyz playing for arsenal, if changes dont come out this summer arsenal is going way down into the gutter.

  13. cootas said

    Fabianski is typical of the way we allow teams to bully us into defeat we dont show any fight, passion, urgency, bollocks.Any team that plays us knows that if they win the battle they’ve got a great chance of beating us. Manure the Chavs and Barca all did this to great effect [especially Barca]. You have to win the battle first THEN you can outplay the opposition and this problem is fundamentaly down to Wenger.

  14. not sure fabianski is allowed to push and shove the oppo players as i am sure penalties would have been given against him going by the way the game was officiated.

    but i agree with the other parts of your post, cootas

  15. Paul N said

    I agree that we will have to start fighting if we are to win. We cannot be so nice anymore.

  16. Troy said

    I’d rather we carried on losing than ever resorted to the so called football played by Blackburn today.

    Integrity of the game is more important than trophies.

  17. Steven said

    Don’t defend AW or Fabiaski…even the ones with a bit of mettle often soften under AW’s coaching that turns most of these young players into ‘gentlemen’!Not that he’ll replace any of his flops anyways…

  18. Kevin said

    See ya later Fuckiupski time to get a proper keeper & have Almunia as the number 2

  19. ptang i agree with you a 100% its the onus of the keeper to man his space. look at other keepers once they realise they dont have space the shove and push before the ball is kicked ref on realising stops play, warns players and is keen on infringement.

  20. what does fabianski do! just stand there like a school boy he is. Fab was right to state the obvious. Dont blame Fabianski he does not select himself blame Wenger he lives in his own world as for poor Fabianski am sorry you cannot make it even at pompey they have a far better keeper

  21. guy said

    im sorry this defence of fabianski is ill deserved. i commanding gk would have barged his way through and in the process made the referee more aware of any fouls being commited against him

  22. Lukas said

    I’m not Fabianski fan but this time he did nothing wrong, poor referees level are normal in Premiere League these days

  23. wosi said

    1.i think wenger should bring in wojschiech(or whetever he is called),that boy is brilliant,ten times better than both almunia and fabianski combined….and keep don mannone as number two,..as for almunia and fabianski,they should be employed as goalkeepers for the arsenal under 10s(if such exists) coz they need lots of experience(and i hope they rot there) and also no one will want to buy them even if we offer to give them out for free.

    2.we need mettle,something that wenger sucks out of his players…wenger tells his players to play fair,play soft,play intelligent….puhliz!…we need to play hard,fast,decisively..we need to shoot on sight!,we need to try,not to take the easy option of passing,left…and for fu**s sake,we need to chase that guy silvestre away,he will be the death of many senior arsenal fans(silvestre induced heart attacks)!!.sometimes i seriously wonder what spirit wenger keeps talking about when he says’oh my players showed spirit!(fu**ing disgrace is what i see!),and we are expected to buy his talk of ‘trust me’?…why dont he trust the fans?..i think that man takes the fans for granted.and he needs to be told that,arsenal wont be arsenal without the fans,its time he pays us back for our trust.

  24. jimmy said

    Arsene wenger needs to like a good coach and using all second hand players for Arsenal fc. He needs to buy at least five players inaddition to d current ones

  25. islington haye maker. said

    One question,Are we playing football or rugby???

  26. David said

    He wasnt fouled you soft twat, he’s just shit. But the blame doesnt lie with him, its with Wenger that people should be angry. We will never win another trophy under him again

  27. king gooner said

    whether the goalkeeper was at fault or not is irrelevant & why?-when you play fat sam & his cloggers you know what your’re going to get & if you don’t stand up & deal with it-tough-it’s like the school bully with the teacher(ref) ,who hates you,looking the other way-now either you MAN UP & grow some cajones or get the shit kicked out of you-would lehman have stood for that crap-hell no!secondly,where were our defenders protecting the goalie?would adams,keown,bould (sol in his hey day)have stood for that shit-blackbum wouldn’t have dared try it because they’d know what was coming!we’d better ship out the fairies who bye now can’t deal with it & stick in one or two who know how to look after themselves-sad to say but that’s the epl for you-just thank god we wern’t going for the title yesterday otherwise we’d have a ton more to complain about!

  28. king gooner, if hugo lloris was our keeper yesterday, after having joined us on a 25M transfer

    who would you be blaming today for the 2 illegal goals scored by blackburn?

  29. David said

    Which 2 illegal goals? Have a rummage around, see if you’ve got a pair, then for fucks sake stop whining about getting roughed up. The squad is not good enough and they are not being coached properly.

  30. how long have you supported rovers?

  31. king gooner said

    stringfellow-if any of our goalkeepers inc any we might purchase for a world record fee lol!got shafted about the way ours did yesterday illegal or othrwise i’d be on their case-please note the same applies to the defense or lack of it1

  32. i will cane the team for the results against manure at home and wigan away. we were awful

    but yesterday we got robbed by two CLEAR illegal goals.

    no other team would have had them given.

  33. Jedediah said

    I just want to pick up on Hawke’s point about the players doing well in training and then not reproducing it in matches. That is down to CHARACTER, TEMPERAMENT and DETERMINATION. The boss has to take responsiblity for bringing a lot of youngsters into the side who have none of those qualities and then playing them time after time after time. The last few games are groundhog day. We’ve seen it so many times before over so many seasons. It is SO frustrating.

  34. that is a big problem with blooding youngsters, jedediah

    you never truly know how their talent, attitude and overall temperament will turn out.

    that is the big gamble, and why a player with huge talent is availabe for a couple of million at aged 17 and the same player when having made it and proved it worth 30m aged 25.

    we have not been in the market for that kind of money since the emms.. so we have had to make do a lot of the time with these gambles.

    times will now change, the ultimate is to have a nice blend of qulaity proven signing and youngsters, as we did when we were pre-emms project.

    those days are about to return.

    honestly, just stick in there, it will be worth it.

  35. Kofi said

    I find is appalling when people just clamor for big buys. With the sort of tackles and officiating if we spend 60mil on 3 players we would have them injured in 2 months. and who do we really on.How often have players in arsenal be considered useless by fans but proved so valuable on loan. Bendtner has scored more goals in fewer matches than Arshavin. Now i just see us killing the best talents we have. lets compare team sheets
    Van Persie – Rooney
    Vermalean – Rio Fedinand
    Gallas – Vidic
    Eboue / Sagna – Rafael / Neville
    Bendtner – Bebatov
    Song – Scholls
    Fabrigas – Fletcher

    the only area we may lack is in
    Almunia – Van Der Sar

  36. […] £25M Goalkeepers are not allowed to be fouled That’s the basis to some of the vitriol being spouted by Goons in Blog world tonight. A gut wrenching defeat to […] […]

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