Lloris will be at the Emirates this summer

April 28, 2010

Following the huge success of the Emirates Cup for the past three pre-seasons, Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce the details for the Emirates Cup 2010.

Emirates Cup 2010 match schedule:

Saturday 31st July 2010
Celtic v Olympique Lyonnais (2pm Kick-off)
Arsenal v AC Milan (4.20pm Kick-off)

Sunday 1st August 2010
AC Milan v Olympique Lyonnais (2pm kick-off)
Arsenal v Celtic (4.20pm kick-off)


Well he will, won’t he? 😆


27 Responses to “Lloris will be at the Emirates this summer”

  1. ThisSiteisCOOL said

    Very funny, you got me.

  2. it was all a dream said

    man you suck! got me all excited

  3. gooner71 said

    you bastard hawke, i went for that hook line sinker lol

  4. Eoin said

    pulling a fast one i see…. :L

  5. gooner71 said


    what shirt will he be in? aahhh

  6. ThisSiteisCOOL said

    Mwahhh XX

  7. goonerr said

    This is not funny seriously!!


  8. lordgunner said

    now wait a little bit for some idiot to come here and insult you with faulse hope :D.Ho well a least we have Almunia 😉

  9. sameep said

    not sure yet…he might be leaving Lyon for Bayern this summer so it is not sure…

  10. lordgunner said

    arsenal vs celtic……Eduardo vs Boruc :dive another day 😛 a new blockbuster sponsor by Fly Emirate and The Celtic Neantherdal Suppporter Association

  11. ben said

    why do i bother……?

  12. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stringfellow Hawke. Stringfellow Hawke said: Lloris will be at the Emirates this summer: http://wp.me/pqXki-fJ […]

  13. Nimrod said

    Now I have to clean the inside of my underwear, you dick.

  14. ping ping said

    i guessed before i read it what it was but wanted 2 check

  15. […] Lloris will be at the Emirates this summer Following the huge success of the Emirates Cup for the past three pre-seasons, Arsenal Football Club is delighted to […] […]

  16. Randy Osae said

    This site is cool and i am hoping i can get mine up to scratch.

    I am only a 17yr old american and very new to your english team and sport. so learning all the time.

    Please visit my site some time and give me some pointers on soccerball.


  17. Goonerpower said

    I never believe it any way that way you don’t get dissapointed with post like this lol

  18. Jay said

    First of all its not soccerball its called football or just plain soccer. We can’t visit your site because we dont know the website

  19. Eddy said

    Of course he will. why not? But in the colours of OL

  20. gunneral said

    God why dont the yanks call there football “throw-up ball” or something? And lloric wont come, Lyon always want more than the players worth. They run it like a business. Frey may, (still got 7 years as a keeper in him i suppose), Hart likely. (But he will be over priced too.) Akinfeev too many want him that will dive up the price on him to, and he is russian so they will want top money to start.

  21. muyiwa said

    Douche… I was a bit happy to see the news! funny

  22. Ob Sa Va said

    Lloris will be at the Emirates this summer – This won’t happen.

    Don’t be surprised if Wenger sticks with Almunia next season because he couldn’t identify ` a world-class keeper who can fit our style of play’.

    Fabianski has great potential, too. Yes, great potential because relegation threatened team have better goalkeepers than Arsenal – think Stoke.

    Wenger may not sign anybody because this current squad has great potential and belief and Wenger believe they can be premier league and European champions next season.

  23. J.IN.THE.HOUSE said

    The reason lyon are in the emirates cup is so when he has a medical there will be no hype and we can get him on the cheap. We have done that before with travelling teams.

  24. Very funny Hawke 😉

    Do you think the american thought it was cool to rename our sport 😎

  25. treborevilo said

    I didn’t know Lloris was that famous! But it’s deserved of course.

  26. gunner17 said

    flamini’s coming back too!

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