More evidence Wenger about to splash out

April 27, 2010

The annual Q&A Wenger has with the supporters at the end of the season has been postponed till August this year.

Although Ivan Gazidis will be fronting a Q&A with the Arsenal Supporters Trust, to be held at the Emirates next month.

Last year, the now infamous session hosted by Bob Wilson descended into a little chaos with certain sections of the crowd displaying their frustrations a little too over zealously.

First to face the inferior goons

So what does this shift from May till August tell us about Arsène’s intentions this coming summer?

Well it tells me he has a firm idea that he will have bought in some big money players before his Q&A.

The following quotes from Wenger, given in last weekends programme notes ahead of the City game may also tell us his spending will come to an end by June 11th.

“What I can say is that the World Cup will not affect our recruitment, unless there is an exception that nobody could foretell.

“In my view it is dangerous to buy on the back of a World Cup – for one thing the prices afterwards are always artificial, and for another you have to bear in mind that anyone can have three weeks of glory on a football field.

“All told, I believe that the earlier you settle your teams for the next season, the better it is and the less anxiety you have.”

Let’s be honest, most fans are not smart enough to judge true growth of a club, all they really want to see is some money splashed out on a plethora of new signings.

I feel Wenger has no tolerance for these type of inferior fans, as I also don’t, and would prefer to answer a few more intelligently presented questions this year.

With 30-40M spent before he faces the fans in August… he will certainly find a different slant to the questions posed!


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  1. Alan Skirton said

    Sorry, I guess Im just not smart enough. I look back at the team in place 5 or 6 years ago, and truly question where the growth is.
    Mostly, I see too many players who would get nowhere near the Invincibles. Remember, this squad hasnt won a game against any top side this season
    You may say there is a youth policy in place which will give results any season now. Well, I beg to differ about the quality of some. That is, of course, subjective, but what strikes me as bizarre for a club with a growth/youth policy supposedly second to none, we feel the need to try to buy a Fulhams reserve 19 year old CB for £6 million. What use is a youth/growth policy that doesnt include CBs ? Still, we can always get some ‘class’ ManU cast-off, I suppose. I guess that’s ‘growth’.

  2. growth as a club

    we have a 60K stadium nearly paid off

    that will generate big bucks for future managers to spend on transfers

    shame AW did NOT have those big bucks in recent years… but he has kept us competitive on a fraction of the budget manure and chavski have had

  3. kzyone said

    I don’t know why many of you out there think Wenger is a God. The whole Arsenal fans can see what this team lack and what we need. Arsenal fans are not like other. They love this club with passion and the people in the board room should treat them like that. He has to buy and buy good. He has no choice! Enough of his youth police or match them with well experienced. Thats what is going well for Barca. Youth with experience. You need to come to Nigeria or west Africa as whole and see how bad our fans get whenever we lose. Save us people out their.

  4. kzyone, yeah i heave read some harrowing stories of gooners commiting suicide following the united game this year.

    madness to take things that seriously.. end of the day, as passionate as we are… it is just a game.

  5. dilshan said

    another great article, yet again you seem to provide a measured response rather then join the fashion and go on AW bashing, guess thats why I do look forward to your articles.

    recently we have been linked a lot with Diara returning ..what do you make of it 1- do you think we will be able to take to him 2- will it happen…I personally would think for the right money he could be a great signing ..however am not sure if AW will sign a midfielder as I think he might even use Djouro there in case of emergencies etc and there will be no ACN next year

  6. Dilshan – i would be astounded if we resigned Diarra.

    He left on very bad terms with wenger and all of his coaching staff, the lad has a number of attitude problems and is just the type of player that can upset and de-stabilise a dressing room.

    I think defenders are where AW see’s a bulk of his budget going, and if a player like Melo or Sissoko is available, ( think you mentioned him last week ) would be brilliant additions to the DM area of the squad.

  7. sam said

    I’m sorry, but please get off your high horse.

    “Let’s be honest, most fans are not smart enough to judge true growth of a club, all they really want to see is some money splashed out on a plethora new signings.

    I feel Wenger has no tolerance for these type of inferior fans, as I also don’t, and would prefer to answer a few more intelligently presented questions this year.”

    These are some ridiculous statements. Your arrogance borders the obnoxious. First of all, who died and made you King of the Superior Supporters? Second of all, who are you to judge any fan’s level of commitment? There is no hierarchy for supporters. Every supporter has the right to question Arsenal; even your beloved Wenger. This club hasn’t won anything in over five years, and by now it’s pretty obvious why. We need new players, and just because a fan mentions the possible acquisition of a experienced, older player does not make him inferior.

    This is usually a blog with top posts, but this is just plain rude. Who do you think you are? If you are as intelligent as you ever so subtly indicate, then you would realise that your big, fat presumptuousness is ruining your blog.

    Don’t let anyone push you off your ego. You’d fall down so far you’d probably kill yourself.

  8. Sam, had you noticed we all here would like new signings? experienced defensive signings?

    We just make our views heard in a more coherent and reasoned manner.

    Thanks for popping by… and breathe 😉

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  10. sam said

    I am breathing.

    I see that, but that doesn’t change the fact that you said:

    a) “most fans are not smart enough to judge true growth of a club, all they really want to see is some money splashed out on a plethora new signings.” So any fan wanting more than one signing is automatically an idiot?

    b) “I feel Wenger has no tolerance for these type of inferior fans, as I also don’t, and would prefer to answer a few more intelligently presented questions this year.” You’re labeling fans that aren’t asking things you feel are correct as “inferior.”

    and c) “We just make our views heard in a more coherent and reasoned manner.” Wow.

    You don’t even realise how arrogant you sound, another sign of haughtiness. You are condescending, and your feeble attempt to bring humour and sarcasm (“Thanks for popping by… and breathe”) to this rather sad situation makes me feel even worse for you.

    Your ego is rotten and everyone can smell it but you since your head is so far up your ass.

  11. Sam, where have i stated any fan wanting more than one signing… you blind? i have asked for 3 on this very blog… you in your rage, which is clear for all to see, are seeing things how you want to see them.

    I aim my post at goons, who tell wenger to f off back to france, and question him even though he has got us into the top 4 and challenged twice for the title in 4 years whilst having to make a transfer profit.

    The man is a marvel and as arsenal legend bob wilson stated in last years Q&A certain fans have not a clue.

    Are you inlcuding yourself in that section? as you are mighty pissed off about a mere blog fella.

    It’s a view, like it, hate it.. but don’t get PMT about it 😆

  12. Griff said

    I agree that there are far too many idiot Arsenal fans out there. Anyone that can appreciate what Wenger has done and is aiming to do for the club is looked at as a fool and people talk about ‘blind faith’.

    All Arsenal fans want success but some are more grounded than others and realise that without artificial cash injections, a club that wants to move forward will have to take it a step at a time.

    It’s not nice watching United and Chelsea clean up, season after season but their situations are very different from Arsenal’s.

    Arsenal have been crippled by investing in a new stadium but the there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel and pretty soon, Wenger should be able to bring in more experience to mix with the youngsters.

    Plenty of clubs talk of building new grounds but Arsenal have theirs and HAVE stayed competitive. If Spurs and Liverpool are struggling to make the top four now, imagine how hard they would find it while paying for a new ground. We don’t have to.

  13. Top post, Griff

    Exactly what I have been saying!

    Forget the yawning “5 seasons without a trophy” lark and now concentrate on that wonderful light at the end of the tunnel… we will now be able to compete for signings.

  14. dilshan said

    or for those who complain about trophies I wonder if they be happy if we win the UEFA cup and finish 6th like livepool might do this season and would that count to be good enough..I want swap a top 3 for a cup triple of FA, Carling and what some fans means by success is not exactly success …any club in the world will take AW as manager so it will be our loss…guess grass is always greener on the other side

  15. bb said

    its arsenal we support not your beloved wenger. we havent challenged for no title. we were out of it 2 weeks ago and 2 years ago we were out of it in march crying like girls over eduardo instead of getting stuck in and fighting for the title. wengers done nothing in 5 years but fill this team with losers.

  16. bb said

    yeh lets not enter the fa cup, league cup etc and lets concentrate on finishing 4th and getting stuffed by the first half decent team we meet in the champions league every year. while wenger and his kids cop all the supporters hard earned cash. great idea. who needs trophies

  17. apollo smith said

    I do not know why arsenal fans are always defending wenger. Arsenal has the potential to reap fortunes by touring North America, Asia and Africa to accrue some money to supplement new signings to the squad. Wenger always refuses to do this saying it will disrupt his team’s preparation towards the season but at the same time he has not won anything doing it his way. There are no more excuses. We have waited for him to do it his way and it has totally failed. The team did not make any improvement this year because they have already lost more games than they did last season. It looks like they have improved because chelsea and man utd have also been poor. You all have to hold him responsible because he has many avenues to raise funds to help the squad but he has totally refused to do so.

  18. PeacefulWarrior said

    Wenger is GOD.

    That’s all I have to say.


  19. AW has done much more than most Arsenal fans give him credit for. Building that stadium and still competing at the highest level is miracle itself. How would Arsenal call itself a big club that it is if we had continued staying at that toy Highbury?

    Sure, we do need Chamakh, 2cbs if Gallas is going, 1dmf and of course, GK. But the Arsenal 1st team can beat any team on a gud day. Blame injuries and not Wenger for our woes.

    I’m aware that Wenger won three titles and four FA cups before we moved to the Emirates. He’s always been a winner but a smart one. Wenger has been working his socks off to leave a legacy for a club he’d leave one day. If he was a selfish man he’d have pushed for more trophies while the team still remained at Highbury. Maybe by now he must have won the CL, a great addition to his CL. But the Emirates Stadium rates more than five CL trophies in the trophy cabinet. Bc there wasn’t money to purchase required quality while we prepared to move our new sweet Emirates, it was far smarter getting unknown quality for future than buying crap that’d only send the team out of CL.

    Come on, guys, Barca didn’t grab a trophy in six years. What’s happening today? Be a little patient folks…we’re almost there. Don’t let the rants of rival fans on trophyless moments pull you down. They are only jealous and afraid of what Arsenal’s future looks like. Just think of Fabregas, Vermalen, Song, Diaby, Nasri, Clichy, Sagna, Walcott, Ramsey, Eastmond, Denilson, Wilshere, all still playing for this team in the next five years!

  20. PeacefulWarrior said

    Well one more thing..

    @Sam: you are getting so pissed because of Hawke hurt your ego calling you a dumb fan.. just imagine how big of an ego Wenger must be having and with fickle fans asking to quit ? How do you think Wenger has reacted to that ? He is the well mannered manager in the league who takes his press conferences with a smile and answers every criticism with proper reasoning.
    Arsenal are really lucky to have a manager like Arsene and he doesn’t deserve the criticism

  21. always a pleasure to read like minded gooners articulating the wonder of wenger so well.

    good on you.

  22. Johnny said

    Top top post this one mate. This has definetely become my favourite blog. Your dead right to imply these wankers who slag Arsene off, are inferior supporters. They do not give a fuck about the long term well being of the club, they think they have a god given right to follow a team who wins all the time. These prats who keep telling everyone that wev`e gone backwards since the 04 side are stating the fuckin obvious, it was impossible not too. I`ve got some more bad news for them, we won`t see another Arsenal side like that one ever again. I`ve been a season ticket holder since 83 and I honestly believe that the last 5 years have been pretty successful considering the upheavel of moving to the Emirates. Thats a move that didn`t really benefit me, I was happy going to Highbury but I knew it would benefit the Club financially so I went with it. What these cunts who call for Wenger`s head need to realize, is that he has set this club up for the next hundred years and every future Arsenal manager will have the funds available to compete with the best. Anyway keep up the good work and continue to keep the faith, the good times are not too far away.

  23. johny i may nick that 22.34 post of yours and put it up as a post.

    absolutely on the mark.

  24. actually, i wll nick it and post it later this week, of course i will credit it to you.

  25. apollo smith said

    All of you who think Arsenal will dominate in the future are becoming delusional. Manchester City will buy anyone they want if they make it to the champions league. Abramovich will always be there to invest in players to be up infront of arsenal. Man utd will in the future get a sugar daddy to buy all the debt to compete. So there are no guarantees that arsenal is gonna win anything in the near future. This season is a great opportunity lost because of wenger’s stubborness pesisting with players like bendtner, almunia, etc.

  26. true apollo smith, but as wenger says… they cannot buy all the top players.

    armed with decent levels of money, certain players will prefer to play for us and him.

  27. Tommo said

    I still think aw is doing a good thing. Were not far. We have no right to be doing aswell as we aswell as we already are. I trulet believe we are on the cusp if something big.

  28. lordgunner said

    stubborn,youth project,crap player,alway the same sh*t coming from the same people.Anyway can someone explain what this youth project is because i m lost.
    If you talk about the academy player ,they ve not start playing first team exept Eastmond.The rest are on loan getting great review.
    AND CAN ALL THE IDIOT STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT BENDTNER.he have a great season and next year i see him having his best season yet.He is going to be top in 2 years time.

  29. lord gunner, the funny thing about bendtner is that since he returned from injury in january, he went on to score something like 10 goals in 12 games.

    had he been a player we signed for 20m in jan… the same goons would be raving about him.

    they are a laughable, inferior mob alright!

  30. apollo smith said

    To stringfellow hawke,
    Its not only the amount of goals that a player scores determines his effectiveness,It is the overall play. For instance, against the spurs, everyone was in awe with Van Persie cameo because he was very dangerous anytime he touched the ball. Bendtner could not do anything the whole game until Van Persie set up Walcott to centre the ball for bendtner to tap in. Wayne Rooney did not score many goals last season but everyone knows that he is a great player/ striker. Bendtner does not put any fear in any defender because he lack pace to go past them and his dribbling is very limited.Chelsea has Drogba, Man utd has Rooney, Liverpool has Torres, you cannot put Bendtner in the same group if you really wanna win the league. That is not going to happen in a million years

  31. he could do no more than take his chances and score his goals for the team when he got his chances.

    he is far from a world class striker, yet, but lets see how he develops after a stint at the world cup with denmark.

    same for vela with mexico and theo with england.

    we are in rude health.. to coin a phrase from bacon face up in mancland.

  32. For my money Bendtner is no Arsenal player, however Wenger pushes him. For a team that has possessive football as its sole objective, seeing the Dane and his clumsy first touch(actually the worst I’ve seen in world football), one needn’t wonder why Arsenal always seem to lose it at the final third. Once the ball gets to Bendtner, it’s goodbye unless he was nodding it or kicking first touch at goal. How his team mates have managed to tolorate such glaring shortcoming beats me.

    Bendtner would be a great player for Stoke and the likes. Every Arsenal player must be comfortable on the ball. When you’re not, it’s a cardinal sin!

  33. apollo smith said

    Bendtner is not an arsenal material, he is never gonna be a great striker. He is extremely slow to be a great striker. It will always end up like this season if he is the main striker.

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  35. Bobshinery said

    @sam U dnt av any reason 2 b angry wit AW, if our trophyless season baffles u alot, den get d fuck off n join Man U(d team dat spend money on player n win trophys).

    @apollo Since u knw Arsenal we nt b competing 4 trophys in future, den, wat d hell r u stil supporting us 4? Gt d fuck off 2 newly spenders(Man shitty).

    I can c dat sum supporters r ingrate n dey dnt knw wat favour AW has done 4 us. If we even av d chance 2 tell him 2 manage d club til d world comes 2 an end, den he truely deserve it.

    All of us want him 2 sign players, bt i tink we shld al undastnd him wit d conditn arnd him(D building of d stadium). Dis man manage d club n kip us in d champions league evry season witout ruining d club lik rednapp did 2 portmouth.

    Sum did nt even unda dat, if a player is bought, he is entitle 4 salary. Dis re d major tin AW is considering, bcuz paying players salary evry weeks & mnths is nt easy, dat is y sum club go down d drain witout money 2 pay dre players. Bt if AW manage it wit d little he gain 4rm d transfer, i knw it brings profit n d gain we b use in future. Bt pls, b patient cuz d future we r talking abt is near.

    Liverpool r also a greet club wit 18 league cups n 5 CL cups n dey r witout a trophy 4 abt 4yrs nw. Dey av d most dangerous striker in prem leag n wat do dey archive wit all d money dey spend on players?

    Compare d amount of money dey spend on player since Benitez took ova as manager to dat of AW since he took ova as manager.

    Liverpool is going down d drain n dre CL spot is nt certain. Bt stil nobdy calls 4 Benitez head 2 b cut off.
    Wat baffles me most is dat, if we were 2-0 down in 70mins our fans we vacate d stadium, leaving d manager n players 2 suffer humiliatn. In anfield, even if Liverpool is 5-0 down, dre fans we stil raise dre banner n kip shouting “Neva Work Alone”. Y dnt we support our team lik dey do? Are we nt beta dan dem?

  36. Brendon said

    Wow. Great debate about trophies here. But let’s face facts. This is professional sports, every season does not guarantee silverware. You watch your team because they play inspired football. Arsenals’ style is thanks to the vision of a great leader. Do I want them to win every game? Sure. No fan can realistically expect it though. We have attained the real definition success by consistenly competing domestically and in Europe over twelve years.

    Want to spend a ton on the transfer market for players who will bring us to the promised land? Try the £200 mill the Tiny ToTs have spent to be very competitive for fifth. Nothing in life worth having is easy. This team has worked hard, been unlucky and perhaps had an off day at the wrong time. But next season I look forward to doing it all again.

  37. Ben said

    I dont know how many ‘real’ Arsenal fans out there trying to get Arsenal into chaos, but to those Arsenal supporters like me, I just want everyone to not take things for granted. The stadium does not come from nowhere, it come with cost. Moreover, people seems like assuming those titles are belong to us, because OUR MANAGER manage to captured a few in the past, so all of the sudden when we won no trophy is somebody fault. And one thing for sure, we have the best manager to cope with all these critisism, and still stood by our player regardless how bad this season turn out to be DUE TO MASS INJURIES. I think this team is awesome, they might still have flaw, but which team doesnt have? Even Barcelona looking for our Clichy. If Wenger no longer in charge, I can only foresee Arsenal getting into downside. I admit one thing tho, they gave too much respect & power to Wenger, but can you blame them?

  38. Aziz - KL,Malaysia said

    Gosh How I hate this bickering and senseless moaning about a few years no silverware. We are always among the top, always play ECL, akways MAKE money every year from player sales, now having an (almost) paid-off 60K arena plus a couple of property investments that automatically churn out 40M-60M a year for whatever use, including player purchases. Please, all you short-sighted freaks with no business sense do me a favour and SHUT UP !!! … AW knows.

  39. james said

    yes alan at the top of the page you are indeed thick mate you like many fans who did not support the club before the invincibles and have no idea on how a football club is run ill give you some facts.


    the invicible team was bought for a pitance i mean sol was free viera cost around 3 million pires 7 mil henry 9 mil toure 500k cashley through the youth system gilberto 3.5 mil ljungberg 1.5 mil lauren 3 mil and bergy was already here and the list goes on. and we trebled the value on half the team. and whilst at highbury we didnt have a huge debt to clear


    Fact is that if we stayed at highbury we would not be in the champions league within in the next 2 seasons because we would not have had the foundations to pay the over rated wages and transfer fees that are increasing year on year something liverpool are starting to find out. this would stop us buying top players full stop or even half decent players full stop.


    the development is not the squad but the club arsene has one objective whilst we had this debt keep us in the champions league and he achived this infact he over achived if you look at 2 of the last 3 seasons this is why he could not get the the shrewd manager he is built a sqaud who MIGHT compete with chelsea and man u but are still better than 5th placed teams and lower so we were always in a qualifying place for the CL.


    the debts are almost payed all we have now is the stadium debt of bout 195 mil which in the next 1-2 seasons will be payed off. compared to man u 700+ mil celsea 500+ mil and liverpool 400+ mil quids 0of debt is good going for a team who has not had major investment in our squad and is still challanging for league and europe.


    we have a good squad the best youth system and with a small investemnt in about 3-4 areas this team will be unstoppable and all the fans who have supported the club before the invincibles know it look back at barcelona history for the last 10 years before they were so dominant and look at how similar the steps they have taken are compared to the ones we are taking our plan for the clubs development is almost carbon copy of the plan they set in place and if being as big as barca is what we got to look forward to then so be it.

    hope that helps the plastics out there and now you can start becoming a true arsenal fan after all were all gooners in the end and we want our team to win lets unite and support not devide and point fingers

  40. mjc said

    Just for the sake of argument, could someone please publish a complete list of the Premiership clubs that have build a brand new stadium, and not been subsequently relegated?

  41. gunner17 said

    i just hope that wenger gets a few years of access to big cash so that he can manage the team the way he wants without feeling constrained in any way.

    he’s been forced into this youth project by the club’s decision to move to the emirates. he knew what he was getting into and he has done an amazing job. the criticism he gets is totally unwarranted. he has done an amazing job.

    but at the same time, there are a few players in the squad who are not really the kind of player that arsenal or wenger would ideally like to have. i just hope that wenger and the club are now able to say ‘thank you and goodbye’ to the likes of almunia and silvestre, and get some real arsenal-quality players to come in.

  42. mjc said

    No takers?

    In which se I’ll publish the list in full here:




    That’s it

    Gotta love that Wenger chap!

  43. mjc said

    *In which case

  44. gunner17 said

    bendtner’s the man. a future arsenal legend.

    he may be a bit clumsy and wooden but you can’t argue with 9 goals in 12 games and countless assists in the most nerve-racking part of the season stretch of the season.

    if we play for him, he’ll become great.

  45. apollo smith said

    Gunner17, you are blind if you think bendtner is gonna be great. He is too slow like a snail. He is one of the worst strikers in epl. My grandma can score all the sitters he has been scoring and missing. All the goals he scores is tap-ins and headers. Arsenal will not win anything with him as the main striker. We will be also-rans if we have strikers like him. You are one of the unambitious fans who are only satisfied to be also-rans.

  46. apollo smith – i am sure you were one of the “fans” who berated song a couple of years ago, and now rate him…

    give him some credit for scoring all those goals, you have to be in the right place at the right time to get the tap ins… if it were that easy, we could all be premierhsip strikers.

    this summer, nikki b will score at least 2 world cups goals aswell imo.. on the biggest stage in football.

  47. gunner17 said

    i don’t think bendtner’s good enough to be our main striker all the time, he’s nowhere near as good as RvP yet, but i do think you’re being way too harsh on him.

    the thing is he’s only 21 or something. 9 goals in 12 is impressive, regardless of whether they are sitters or not. and we’ve needed a box striker to win headers and score sitters for the past 10 years. finally we’ve got a player who’s capable of doing these things and you’re complaining. and he’s bloody massive.

    and importantly, whatever you think of him as a striker, look at how many assists he gets. he makes shitloads of them. he’s really good at the build up play.

    i really think if wenger keeps giving him stretches of the season playing up front where he likes it, maybe to give RvP a breather, he will keep improving and will keep banging them in.

    by the time he’s 24 he’ll be awesome.

  48. apollo smith said

    Stringfellow Hawke. I never berated Song but l think he is not the type of a defensive midfielder who is gonna help us win anything because he is very slow too. There are too many slow-paced players in the current squad,. . Players like denilson and bendtner are some of the slowest in the epl and because of this we are not winning anything until arsene infuse some pacy players into the squad. The reason why we won lots of games with the invincibles was because we had so many pacy players. The current squad have only about 3-pacy players and 2 of them are not good enough for arsenal to win anything. In football, lots of games are won in transition/counter-attacks

  49. apollo – i too wish for an injection of pace, but song is fine… how much pace did gilberto have?

    song has enough pace over 5 yards to cover the back four, which is his ultimate duty.

    more pace down the flanks, chamakh?, is certainly due.

    i hope for a hazarad/affellay type this summer.

  50. bobby said

    depends how you read the article.

    the optimist sees it like you do while the permisits would say:

    “The annual Q&A Wenger has with the supporters at the end of the season has been postponed till August this year.” – lets get people to renew their season tickets before we explain why we didn’t buy

    “What I can say is that the World Cup will not affect our recruitment” – ie because we are not buying any one.

    Regarding the rest of the article:

    “Let’s be honest, most fans are not smart enough to judge true growth of a club,” – no so, if the club didn’t put out mixed messages at every opportunity fans wouldn’t be divided

    “I feel Wenger has no tolerance for these type of inferior fans” – err come on, the club take enough of my money every year so who has the right to call me inferior? If dont have my head up his arse am I inferior? Without us ‘inferior’ fans, Arsenal would go broke.

    “and would prefer to answer a few more intelligently presented questions this year.” – so you are saying that we have no right to question him?

  51. no bobby, you can question him, of course.. but with a calm reasoned appraoch.

    if you truly understood what you were told would happen to the club in the first few years of the emms… you would have no cause to question him.

    as you would understand money was going to be tight.. we had NO right to finish top 4 and challenge for the title over the last 5 years.. we were skint.

    now we are not.

  52. wenger said

    For all your crap talk, chelsea and man utd are always better!

  53. apollo smith said

    Stringfellow Hawke- There are different ways to make money in a big club to buy players needed to challenge for titles. Man utd has done it for so many years. They take advantage of any resources around the globe to make money for new signings. Arsenal have unlimited resources to take advantage of while we are paying for the stadium in order to buy players we need, but because Wenger of stubborness, we are unable to do so. So, do not continue giving excuses that we do not have money to compete and we don’t have the right to be 4th and so on. Arsenal is a big club which has large followings all over the world, only second to man utd. Wenger is responsible for all these mediocrity in the past five seasons.

  54. yes how silly of me to think we had to pay for the new stadium

    i forget we had 400m gifted to us.

    inferiors indeed 😎

  55. apollo smith said

    Also, the stadium cost was on 20-year mortgage, so why rush at the expense of mediocrity, Mr. Stringfellow hawke?

  56. because 133M was needed to be paid back this year, connected to paying for business relocation and highbury square.

    it is all available in black and white.. even for simple minded inferiors to read and absorb.

    or.. they can make it up to suit their simple worlds and blame wenger for shooting JR Ewing and president kennedy aswell.

  57. apollo smith said

    ******************INFERIOR ALERT*********************
    That is not true even if it is, the champions league money, tv money and match day revenue since we moved to the emirates could take care of that expense. No more excuses from you. Are you representing the board of directors and wenger, mr hawke?

  58. you are an ignorant inferior, do some research before you come back on here again

    you blubbering fool.

  59. apollo smith said

    ahh, you are right, sorry i am a stupid cunt!!

  60. Samson said

    Hey Apollo is right. AW lost it. Stringfellow open you eyes before it’s too late.

  61. Samson – next season, when we win something and AW has signed players that you like

    you will be the first type of inferior who shouts what a great manager he is.

    two faced, poorly read, supported arsenal since 1999-200?, would not know a set of accounts from a lilly allen Cd?

  62. Mike H said

    I like this site – much better than reading ANR since Myles lost his marbles.

    However, much as Wenger would LIKE to get his business done before the World Cup begins, I doubt he will get anybody who plays in the tournament prior to July 11. He made the same claim in advance of the prior World Cup as well as Euro 2008, but players’ agents know they can get a better deal if their clients shine during the tournament (like Arshavin did). I also expect Melo’s stock to go up after people watch him with Brazil.

    As for the bloke who mentioned Diarra coming back: Not a chance in hell, after all the slagging off he did after he departed. We should never accept a player back once he leaves. That goes for Hleb and Flamini too.

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