Can Paddy kill the Arsenal Curse?

April 23, 2010

Saturday’s game at the Emirates marks the first competitive visit to our new home by Arsenal great, Patrick Vieria.

I say competitive, as he obviously played in the first ever game at the new ground in Bergkamp’s testimonial.

He remains the last captain of this club to lift a trophy, the 2005 FA Cup, and his famous last ever kick of a ball for the club was the winning penalty that saw us beat the Mancs to the cup.

His duels with Roy Keane throughout the late 90’s and early noughties are the true stuff of legend, and will no doubt be heralded for decades to come.

Maybe Paddy kicking a ball, albeit in an opposition shirt, on the Emirates turf could kill this darn curse we have hanging over us.

Yes, I certainly am clutching at straws.

Looking back at the season, you cannot help wonder why we get such unreal bad luck with injuries and refereeing decisions going against us.

They do NOT average out over the season where Arsenal are concerned.

The other amazing occurence is players having the game of the careers against us, and then reverting back to shite when they play every other team.

Have we not always been cursed with outrageous shots from all over the gaff just flying in over our goalies heads?

Maybe as a gooner, I am only seeing what I want to see, and should be a little more open-minded about these things.

Rubbish, I know we are cursed, and I know that curse will be lifted soon enough.

So hang on in there fellow gooners, keep those spirits lifted.

8 Responses to “Can Paddy kill the Arsenal Curse?”

  1. dilshan said

    Hawk, I no what you mean by players having their best game of the season if not one of the best against us. I have a theory on this, well sort of. I believe that when they play us its kind of easy in a way that teams know what needs to be done against us, whom they will come up against so can do their home work and concentrate on their job. I am not saying we are easy and predictable but I guess its just part of the type of football we play, Inter had it easier against Barca than Chelski is a good example of this. another reason might be some of the talk by one or two of our players. I mean im tired of reading articles, after one great game, saying now Europe will fear us etc etc which can act as a motivating factor for the opposing teams almost as they come out saying you think we fear you, so let us prove our selves and show you we dont..well that is what I think but then when I talk to UTD fans and Chelski fans they say the same..ow as far as refs I am not going there again no point…it will never change …talking of transfers not many people have talked about Mohamdu Diara as an option, cheap if not free, very experienced, wanting to prove a point, power house, can play as the holding or the second of 3 CM..what is your take on him and for that matter Matzelder too as long as we keep Galls that should free up quite a lot of funds to spend only on a GK and we should be able to get any one available that way

  2. Hi Dilshan

    M Diara is not a bad shout, he had a very poor ACN and was maybe showing he is badly wanining in terms of top performances at the highest level.

    Honestly not sure we are keeping Gallas, i have had a really good heads up on him going to Roma when the season is over.

    Metzelder is a solid defender, has the height for sure in dealing with high balls into the box.

    Was not that impressed with Lloris the other night, would like to see more of him dealing with crosses, there is no doubting his shot stopping, but we need a better all round keeper.

    I like Seb Frey a lot.

  3. dilshan said

    Hawk I do agree with Loris did not have his best game but I simply put it down to the fact that it was arguably the biggest game of his carrier so far, when they played pool he commanded the area much better, I will like to see him second leg and during the WC as well..I like Frey but for me he comes across a bit too eccentric, but may be I have not seen enough of him. It will be a shame to loose Galls, but guess it will give some one else a chance. Been reading great reviews about Nordveit too, so will be interesting to see how he fits it…

  4. looneygooner said

    Every team has bad luck and injuries, it’s how you deal with it, the fact RvP was out for so long and Wenger did nothing about it tells it’s own story, Wenger’s tactics have also been dubious this and last season. it was his obsession with the youth policy that has grieved us the most. to have no decent keeper, and lightweight players is also another factor

  5. looney – there was not a lot wenger could do, bendy came back to fitness in jan… and chamakh was lined up for the summer on a free.

    so there was no point spending 10M on a player for 4 months.

  6. dilshan – yup will be watching more of lloris at the WC.. he is even smaller than i first thought aswell.. the rough and tumble of the premiership might not be to his advatange.

    you know how it gets in the penalty box over here on set pieces…. the only time a penalty has been given for pushing and shoving was against us.. otherwise its brushed aside.

    he is very talented, but still only 23.. frey is turning 30, so a great age for a keeper hitting there prime.

  7. dilshan said

    lol Hawk you want frey and me Loris…I think i will settle for any one better than what we have which could be any of the 19 1st choice GK in

  8. agreed… but don’t be surprised if fabianski pulls a blinding performance tommorow.

    he has far more talent than the hapless almunia.

    just zero confidence right now.

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