Cheer up Gooners

April 19, 2010

It was just not meant to be, blame injuries, goalies, defenders, strikers, lack of signings.. the list is endless.

Bottom line, we will finish a respectable 3rd placed in the EPL this season.

A Summer of World Cup football, and big money signings for Arsenal is sure to follow.

Come on, the season was not a complete failure, silverware aside, we acquitted ourselves much better than most gooners and outsiders expected us to.

GGBs were confidently predicting we would finish outside the Top 4 and miss out on the Champions League… in stark contrast, we challenged for the title right up until the end of the season, well almost.

Start making those wish lists for new signings, we can now finally afford the big names, within reason, and begin the transfer banter, without a need for calling it silly season.

Next Arsenal No 1?

Right here is my wish list:

Goalie: Frey

Defenders: Sakho, Subotic

Midfielders: Melo, Hazard

Strikers: Business already done according to the boss (Chamakh)

If we can sign 3 of those 5… we will have the title done and dusted by Christmas.

28 Responses to “Cheer up Gooners”

  1. Vavavoom14 said

    Your a akb are you not?

  2. Urtalkingballacks said

    Y Melo? He is not that good, go for Inler or better still Steven Defour

  3. I really rate melo, watch him tear it up with brazil in the world cup, then you will get everyone raving about him… i just hope we sign him before it.

  4. Simon said

    As for the defenders I prefer Ciani and Zapata. In the midfeild id also go for Hazard Melo. My first chiose keepers would be Hart though. And last but not least Torres will be on his way in the summer, just saying. 😉

  5. Zapata seems a younger version of Sol, and we have certainly tracked him in the past.

    Torres at Arsenal would be a dream, but that would take silly money in the region of 50M.

  6. dilshan said

    Hawk you always make sense when we loose it, its ok to be disappointed and angry but we have to think hard about what we say and right and you get it right more often then not..since you given your wish list let me give you mine

    GK- Ochoa ( maxico no1, fairly cheap, young and one of the best )

    CB- Chelini

    CDM- Mello and sissoko ( toluse and he realy is the next Viara if any one watched french league they will know)

    ATT- Chamack and Bolleteli

  7. Cheers, Dilshan.

    You will note that I waited over 24 hours to post 😆

    I was just as angry and pissed off as the next gooner.

    Overall, I know our manager is a decent, honest man who is blessed with execptional managerial ability.

    He cannot always get it right, no man can.

    My total belief in the man is what keeps me confident about the future, which is not a million miles away.

    I cannot for the life of me see how any other team can challenge us next year? Chavs over the hill, utd broke, pool broke, spuds are spuds, city? maybe.

    Ochoa – seen some clips on you tube on him, he looks a phenomenal shot stopper… how good is he at commanding his box and holding crosses?

    Chelini – another AW has tracked for a while, has history with RvP though. Certainly the rugged no nonesense type needed at the heart of the defence.

    Sissoko – not seen enough of him, but rated highly, think manure were looking at him aswell last summer.

    Balotelli – looks a nightmare player to control, could be another moody adebayor type.

  8. dilshan said

    hawk balotelli has issues bu if you look at his problems he to me strikes as a young RVP than that idiot who fancies ac milan ….

    I have made it point to watch ochoa and yes he goo at all of that ..might need sme time like gomez did but i feel hes going to be one of the stars of the world cup..sissoko i watched him a lot ever since that toluse pool CL 3rd round game 2 seasons ago ..mgt have cn him in abt 25 games , so be it on tv..and yes he is the real deal

  9. lordgunner said

    Hart is english and look good ,much better than this over ratted R.Green.If we sign him it will be good.Hopefully a much better buy than the last english keeper we bought R.Wright.And for 10M not bad.

    CB CHIELINI will be too expensive and you have as good ,cheaper option SAKLO (younger and stronger than the italian),Zapata i think say he want to move on even if the big italian team will push the price up ,so will could go to lille and get RAMI as good as CIANI and less expensive too

    I agree with Melo,he is top dog for brazil and was last year for fiorentina.Juve is in rebuild mode and we could get him cheaper than when they bought him.Hazzard look like on every gooner radar now,and why not on WITSEL,similar to fellaini without the haircut ;).

    All this will cost us around 40M include CHAMAK and WELLINGTON (JANUARY)and the few who will move out So i ll doubt he will buy anymore striker.

  10. I cannot believe City will sell us Hart, more likely to give him out on loan again for another season.

  11. joegooner said

    i probably agree with your wish list mostly however i think chielini would be a bettyer addition in defence although he has problems with his temprament and often his speed so may not be suited to the prem.

    melo is NOT a good buy. There is no doubting he’s a quality player but at juve this season he’s had problems with the fans and seems lethargic. Hardly, the type of signing which would improve the team’s wrok ethic (which at wigan was shocking)

  12. MistaKen said

    Hazard, yes, yes, yes please. Hangerland and another quality CB. Hopefully Chamak too and Heart or Frey

  13. joe – i think juve have had plenty of on/off the field problems this season.

    every time i have seen melo play for brazil he has been the dominant, energetic, hard-working player on the field of play.

    i am convinced you will change your mind after watching him this summer at the world cup, playing in a team that has morale at correct levels.

    juve are a mess.

  14. MistaKen said

    Oh yes, almost forgot Melo.

  15. dilshan said

    no we want get hart..

    sell dudo-8-10 mil
    vela-7-8 mil
    denilson- 6-7 mil
    fabiansky-3-4 mil
    simpson- 5 mil which should easily bring us abt 20 mil plus for to transfer funds

  16. joegooner said

    yeah, we’ll see at the world cup i suppose. Just wouldn’t be my first choice from what i’ve seen this season.

  17. think the logic of selling eduardo, in order vela gets a proper shot at being the lefty, sharp-shooting, poacher, is the way forward.

    losing both at the same time could be tough.

    vela has so much potential, a good world cup to get his confidence up, followed by a decent pre-season with us, not like last year, and he could be anything next season.

  18. joegooner said

    i’m not totally confident but wenger could pull his cheque book out this season. Big name signings are still not going to happen. Players like Chiellini could cost up to £15-20million so these are doubtful. The maximum price we will pay per player is £13million (not that i’m suggesting this is related to quality)

  19. hard to believe chiellini is still only 25

    he would certainly fetch north of 20m, i cannot see AW paying that much for a defender.

  20. lordgunner said

    if anyone saw juve play,you cannot blame Melo to average for them,the whole team is average and play as bad as Hull of this world.too may player at the same position and few cover for the real need.Some are too old or as been now,and they ask him to carry the team.Not the sort of player they need
    Simple juve should not have bought him because they dont need him .We need him ,let have an exchange with eduardo (they are looking for striker and the pace of the italian league would much better for him),we need more dominant middfield,melo is the man i ve not doubt.Maybe he is getting too much yellow card and red card but so was PV4 and nobody complain about

  21. i have a confident feeling about melo coming to arsenal this summer.

  22. 8 years ago… gilberto silva joined us after the world cup… and became a proper player for us.

    i can see a very similar pattern being followed by felipe melo.

  23. RockyLives said

    I never thought I’d see myself saying this, but I would like some British beef in the team: Tim Cahill from Everton, Joe Hart (although unlikely to happen), maybe even Scott Parker. They may lack some of the finesse of the Wenger Academy babes, but they would be fighters and they would encourage those around them to do the same.
    And before anyone reminds me that the Invincibles were mightily short of Brits, that group of players were truly exceptional. There’s something about the blood and thunder of a lot of Prem football that cries out for soldiers as well as artists.

  24. lordgunner said

    we have plenty of british beef but we are producing it and they are 3 -4 year short to compete for first team exept wilshere maybe one more year.
    The few good (very) british beef are already in top club or way too expensive for what they are really worth.Parker is a great player but we have enough injure prone players no thanks and add to that Bullard.

    If you want thug watch stoke or hull they have great one.Few who could maybe worth a little try Cahill from bolton and i always quiet like Kevin Nolan.But we could try to buy Shawncross 😉 and Barton if you want english thug
    You dont need to be british to be a fighter,watch european match around europe and you have plenty of them.If english grit was doing anything to do with winning,England will be invincible in football.

    Our top player this year: Van Persie
    for me the only one who have a great season this year

    And for all Big AL bashing ,the worst were Arshavin(he should have been the guy who send us in the next level and pass all seaon complaining about),Theo (to few good moment),Silvestre,Eduardo,Diaby(brainless),Rosicky(we never gone see him at his best because he cannot play more than on month without injuries),injuries

    And also ,all season i was waiting to see Vela playing.WTF Wenger doing with him.If he is not convince , he should have sell him after his loan in spain and will would have get 10M for him easy.So much better than Theo

  25. tbf Rocky – cahil is aussie beef.

  26. RockyLives said

    Colonial beef then.

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