I hope the Chavs beat the Spuds

April 16, 2010

Face it, the Chavs need to drop 7 points from 4 games… they can lose away to Spuds and Liverpool and still win the title owing to their vastly  superior goal difference.

Not going to happen.

Most bookies have today paid out on Chavski winning the title, and those bastards rarely get it wrong.

So I want them to smack up those peasants from down the Seven Sisters, following on from City beating Manure in the lunchtime kick-off.

We finish 2nd, United 3rd, City 4th… and the aforementioned peasants finish outside of the Champions League.

Then we will see who is laughing… again.

P.S – Had a ton of emails asking me where you gooners can get hold of the t-shirt above, go see our lovely NYC gooners shop front at ArsenalNYC


10 Responses to “I hope the Chavs beat the Spuds”

  1. Freire said

    Where can i get a shirt like that? lol

  2. me said

    nice shirt :d

  3. suhel said

    can u send me one of those shirt bcoz i qualify for one for hating spuds

  4. The Fan said

    Now call me crazy, but i want spurs over man city to get 4th (rather l’pool or villa than both tho).
    Why? lets say city get 4th. They’ll be a champions league team. The best players want to play in the champions league. City can afford those players.

    Over the season our squad has improved from last year and next season i can’t see us doing worse. Chelsea and United however suffer from aging players, the latter with debt. Unless a successful and major haul occurs l’pool , they won’t be challenging for the title. So as far as i can see , the last thing we want when our squad is ready is to find another team bought the league.

    After the invincibles won the league things we’re looking up. However, when Arsenal decide to hit a high , a club, chelsea, decides to buy the league.
    I don’t want it to happen again and as long as we are going up and chelsea and united are goin down, only the uprising city will be left.

    just a theory ne way. but end of the day, spurs will not improve as much as man city and therefore won’t be much of a threat. They are more likely to burn out from playing too many matches ne way

  5. interesting viewpoint, the fan.

  6. ASNLthruNthru said

    Actually,it doesn’t matter at all if the Spurms get into the CL and get knocked out in 1st Qualifying round.See their faces then!!

  7. but then the fuckwits will be able to say they have actually played some part in the champions league, and those qualifying games are piss easy anyway.

    i want the old adage of the spuds NEVER having played a second of champs league football to continue for another 20 years at least.

  8. lordgunner said

    your hope fail, ours maybe by miracle can still come true…..COYG

  9. even if pool beat chavs

    we need them to drop points at home to stoke or wigan

    can’t see it.

  10. lordgunner said

    it s not finish until it is.
    This year have see so many uncredible result,you have to keep dreaming.But first Wigan ;).
    Imagine(in the dream)we win by miracle(half the team out, it s one) the league.For me this will be the biggest achievement of Arsenal history.So many time written off,so many time coming back from the death.Bet Jesus Christ would be jealous 😀
    Anyway Terry got send off,thats a miracle

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