Is Myles Palmer a Jinx?

April 15, 2010

Have you gooners in cyberspace noticed this?

As soon as he writes our team off, we storm up the table and prove doomers like him totally wrong and lacking in foresight.

However, when he does eventually join the bandwagon (as inevitable as penalties awarded to United at Old Trafford) and backs us to beat teams with ease, we lose!

Has anybody ever got football predictions so drastically wrong… and on such a consistent basis?

I rather hope his gambling butcher, baker or whoever, does not take advice from him!

Please, please… go write about your beloved club, Chelski, and leave The Arsenal to us.


18 Responses to “Is Myles Palmer a Jinx?”

  1. aaron said

    your an idiot. it had nothing to do with myles you bloody plank arsenal were poor spurs were more hungry and deserved to win, we only looked good when rvp come on. our best players on the night were sol and rvp the rest were garbish .

    almunia denilson silvestre can all fuck off

  2. Chet said

    Oh my god!! Mate you are so right! Myles ‘Gloomy’ Palmer always talks an amazing game and tries to get so deep into it but makes very little sense. The guy has lost all my respect because he continually slates us and he should go and support Chavski. I once emailed him and said I love Marco Van Bastens style of management and would have loved to see him as Arsenal manager. That very same afternoon he put it up on his website about how we should go for MVB.

    I wasnt going to read his peice yesterday incase I jinxed it, I wish I hadn’t now. Palmer go write something positive for once in your life!!!!

  3. osman said

    I think that shouldn’t be a writer at all, hes more like a gambler. I also think that hes xenophobic. I dont think his materials are worth reading and decided to stop reading them. HES CHARLATAN who wants people believe him without any effort to offer constructive criticism.

  4. A Gooner for life said

    A Jinx? I am not sure about that.

    A Cunt? Hell yeah.

  5. A.T. said

    He’s a snide and conceited know-it-all who feels that he is a breed apart (i.e. superior) to regular fans. He harps on about the lack of ‘stars’ and how he almost cant be bothered with Wenger’s kids which makes him look tabloid-brained.

    He pulls the same cheap trick used by the gutter-press or any self-serving journalist, which is to lambast Wenger, because picking on the manager is one surefire way to prove he is somebody to be taken seriously. Myles Palmer is more a leech than a journalist and his humourless writing has no character and offers little of interest.

  6. rellends said

    jinx is not the 4 letter word i’d use to describe him.

  7. gooner71 said

    he is a gambler who has fallen on hard times so has had to go into tabloid mode in order to shift more books

    the subject of his most successful book?

    A. Wenger.

  8. Wilson said

    That dude Palmer has been mainlining excrement man! The guy is full to brim with shit!!

  9. 😆 Assuming it’s from the real one… thanks for the expletive filled email, myles.

  10. gooner71 said

    so what’s he said hawke?

  11. Nick said

    I wrote some time ago on another blog that Myles Palmer’s column was utter garbage. He claims not to be an Arsenal fan and yet writes obsessively about them, makes utterly hopeless predictions and then tries to back-up his mistakes and feeds us endless, boring crap about his family, who’s down from Uni, how he had dinner at Club level with so-and-so. Please, please, please Myles …. Fuck Off!

  12. Nick said

    PS. I’m hurting. really hurting.

    If Colin Lewin says we suffer worsr injuries than anybody else because we play more games than everyone else and our pace and style of play makes us more prone to bad tackles and natural stress than everybody else, then why oh why have we got fewer first class players than everybody else?

    To Spuds, of all teams!

  13. gooner71 – nothing in particular, just plenty of swearing.

  14. Javi said

    Am glad someone finally got to write about this. I told Myles a while ago about the jinx that he is. I noticed this long ago. The abusive words he has used to describe the likes of song and Ebue in the past is pathetic. A clear racist who accuses Wenger of racism. Am sure he wouldnt dare publish all that is written 2him. Pathetic! Watch his predictions; u better be scared when he predicts an Arsenal win

  15. Donnyfan1 said

    Palmer is a clown. For a serious point- watch videos of how teams managed by SAFs arse-licking managers play against Man U and how they play against Arsenal. I am not saying they don’t try at all against Man U but there is zero physical threat.You would think the best player in the world would get kicked black and blue- but Wayne hardly ever gets touched. Against Arsenal though it is nasty and highly threatening stff. This is a fact and it needs looking at by the FA. It explains why Arsenal get so many bad injuries and obviously why they don’t win the Prem when they could wand should walk it. If AW buys more players it isn’t cos the current players are not good enough. It is because he has realised they are always going to be kicked to bits by the scum and at least 3 or 4 spares will always be needed, sad but there it is. Why the Press and the FA don’t do something about it is the real mystery.

  16. bob said

    Deffo I can think of a better use of a four letter word for him and it ryhmes with hunt.

  17. munawwar said

    yeah… i keep reading his shit. its damn funny. i was shocked when he was backing us and was totally sure we will beat spurs. and every other fucking game he thinks we are gonna lose! its almost hilarious he wrote the book the professor. its simply mind boggling!!!

    how can a person write a book on him and not see how our youth system had worked 100% [like you said in your previous blog] and not see it now? sure we lost almost all the big games this season but this season we have showed fight. last year we beat man u and chelsea. won the “big games” but nothing happened. this year we were consistent. and i am sure we are gonna get new people and remove the slak in our team.

    maybe wenger has to give the liverpool anfield talk yet again!

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