Perfect Mashed Spuds

April 13, 2010

Making perfect mashed Spuds is not difficult, but it does require a few tricks of the trade.

Mash up

Choosing the right Spud:

Ledley King Edward – A nice variety, but awful when out of season.  Very easily mashable when not quite right… careful the Great Dane does not get at them in the garden.

Prepping and cooking the Spud:

Two hours on the Wembley marshes should have them primed to be put through a masher.

Mashing and Seasoning:

The best way to ensure smooth mashed spuds is to press them till they wilt and give in.


3 Points, thank you and goodnight.


4 Responses to “Perfect Mashed Spuds”

  1. charybdis1966 said

    LOL, good one mate.

  2. gooner71 said


    lets hope you are right

  3. munawwar said

    haha.. too good!

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