David Dein the man for Arsenal?

April 12, 2010

Had you asked any gooner that question a decade or so ago, you may have been walking home with your testicles in a bag.

Now, you would get a barnstorming debate on the go.

Dein was forced off the board almost 3 years ago to the day, ironically enough, it was mainly due to his dealings with Stan Kroenke, who he introduced to the club and helped broker the sale of 9.9% of the ITV shares in the club that the American thus purchased.

Said American is now a firm favourite at board level, and more importantly, less than a dozen Arsenal shares away from a compulsory takeover bid for the club.

As the battle for ownership of our club moves into the final lap, following the announcement of Lady Nina sticking her 16% of the club in the hands of an independent brokerage,  is Dein about to make a stealthy comeback?

The Uzbek is clearly not in it for the love of the club, he made that abundantly clear when asking for Shareholder dividends very soon after purchasing DD’s holding in the club.

So, as our man from the former Soviet Union has been left out in the cold, could it be possible Dein has been busy working a miracle in the background?

Find another stinking rich drug/oil baron, broker the sale of the 26% Fatty owns, plus the 16% his old chum Lady Nina owns, and trump Fizman, Kroenke et al.

Seems unlikely at the moment, as no rumours have been abound, as surely they would have been if he was seriously contemplating such a manoeuvre in the background… hold on to your hats folks!

Never say never.

I have nothing against Stan the Man, he runs his American sports franchises very amiably, and is certainly solvent enough, and maybe more so if he accepts an offer of almost £200M for his NFL side, the St Louis Rams.

But having the man, who originally purchased 16.6% of Arsenal back in 1983, back at the helm could be the vital missing link in taking us forward.

Peter Hill-Wood famously said at the time “some rich men like fast cars, yachts or racehorses, David likes Arsenal”

The man does not like Arsenal, he loves Arsenal.

41 Responses to “David Dein the man for Arsenal?”

  1. Mistic Meg said

    Yes please. And if Stan is involved then that’s OK but def. not Hill-wood or Fizman.

  2. Fizman is quite ill with cancer and Hill-wood is no spring chicken.

    A big change will happen this summer.

  3. Julian H said

    If he loves Arsenal so much, why did he mislead the board over his dealings with Kroenke, as well as doing everything he could to move us to Wembley?

  4. Julian, i agree entirely with regards to his vison of us moving to wembley being totally wrong… no man is ever always right.

    But i think his intentions with kroenke were good, what the hell he done with the uzbek i cannot explain.

  5. The Fan said

    My instinct tells me that Nina hired a group to find some1 to buy her shares cos she wants to get rid of the shares (for whatever reason) but at the same time wants to avoid causing a compulsory take over. Therefore i do not feel she will sell to any of the known bidders. Why would you hire a group to help you do that? It’s not like she doesn’t know uzmanov, fizman or kroenke.

  6. Exactly.. “known bidders” being the operative words.

    So, is there an unknown party in the background?

  7. Gooner in Belfast said

    The real problem is that whoever buys these shares will want some return on the money.
    If Stan buys them, then he will have spend around £200M on 40% of Arsenal, and he will want some return on that money sooner or later. If he buys the rest of the 60% at around £300M then his outlay will be around £500M. He will want that back. What stops him waiting for the current debt to be paid off and then putting on his £500M after, We could be in the same position as Manure and the poo (both owned by yanks).

    Our best hope is that someone buys the share to keep them and not to use them in some part of takeover because everything will end up costing the supporters when the debt goes on the club. Just ask manure or the poo

    I believe any takeover will require the cost going back onto the club at some point.

    Remember the money in football going to the players and their agents Not to board members and everything is paid for by the supports.

  8. charlieboy said

    Got to have dein back, is best mates with wenger and always gets his man.

    If wenger says i want ribery, dein will get ribery. Hes that kind of guy.

  9. Valid points raised, Gooner in Belfast.

  10. Arsefan said

    If he loved Arsenal so much why did he sell his shares in the club and pocket £75m?

  11. Arsefan – DD is still onmipresent at home games, he is a gooner first and foremost.

    I think even he would be honest enough to admit his sale of shares to the uzbek did not quite go as intended.

    His aim was to use him as a vehicle in order he became chairman of the club, he failed.

  12. RoyVasey said

    He’s failed quite a bit then hasn’t he.
    Two steps forward and one step back… No thanks

  13. Simmo said

    I love how Dein is the Teflon Don with some supporters (like the owner of this blog) when he’s the only current or former Arsenal exec to make a killing off the club. How did Fizman get involved with Arsenal? David Dein sold him shares so that he could make millions to save his hide after his sugar business failure. How did Uzi get involved with Arsenal? David Dein sold him all his shares for like 70m. Oh but he loves Arsenal all right … as long as we continue to make him rich. I’m sure even a spud would love Arsenal if we made them that much money consistently over decades.

  14. Mistic Meg said

    Two steps forward and one step back was better than what is without DD now – One step forward and two steps back.

  15. Mistic Meg said

    DD jr is the agent of ab-fab. If DD snr returns then ab-fab will stay.

  16. Simmo – i have highlighted his failings ( wembley plans, sale to uzbek ) more than his successes.

  17. Great article SFH, biggest question at the moment is why is Lady Nina looking for a buyer now?

  18. I’ve always felt that DD was set up to be the scape-goat – someone had to be the baddy,why would any gooner not want to have a fabulous new stadium of our own?

    The selling of the shares to Usmanov is a bit more tricky to explain but like you say maybe the plan just went wrong.

  19. Hi peaches, it appears she has been privately looking for a buyer since being dumped by the board.. but has remained unsuccessful.

    Hence now going to a broker for help.. and ultimately paying a handsome commision to blackstone ( us broker ) for their assistance.

    If usmanov had serious intentions about owning the club, he would have been in there like a rat up the proverbial.. same goes for stan.

    So if it’s a stand-off… would present a nice opening for a man for all seasons 😉

  20. I agree SFH, if Usmanov wanted to buy the club he could have mounted his takeover at any time – whats the point of him then? He doesn’t make any money out of the club, he probably paid top dollar to DD for his shares and he’s just there like an ugly manc supporting toad.

  21. Am said

    So are you implying that Nina Bracwell Smith could or should give 10/11 % of the shares to Dein, then the rest of what Kronke needs to launch a takeover bid, and keep the rest in my books that something like 1%.

  22. how about we go halves on that 1%…

  23. Damian said

    I don,t have inside information to Usmaov,s mind but i do know he bought 10/15% of Facebook then the credit crunch so maybe now its a lower priority

  24. Damian said

    Arsefan cause he was thrown off the board so he teams up with someone with enough money to buy the lot and but him in charge sack the rest eat his cake & have it 2

  25. Alan Warner said

    Kronke is to exercise his right to buy the RAMS in the NFL I do beleive. That wont leave him much spare cash to put against L. N-B 10,000 pound / share. The club is valued 1BN if you inc. debt, so I dont think he will move at that price. However the clubs value of 1BN, is not necessarily,the clubs worth which is much more. Kronke cannot buy more than 29.9% of the club without making a comulsary takeover bid for the club.

  26. The plot thickens…

  27. Bigarse said

    He CAN buy more than 30% an request permission not to make a bid!

    Noone wants to buy her shares at 10k coz theres isnt a rising market to sell them into, there are no dividends payable and frankly who wants to spend over 100mil on a minority share in a business that dont pay divis and is at the top of its value

  28. gunner17 said

    David Dein has made some massive errors of judgement.

    1)He wanted us to go to Wembley and fought against the Emirates. What a total lack of vision.

    2)He wanted to get an american sugardaddy to help us keep up with Chelsea’s russian sugardaddy. Everyone can see now that football is not a game for sugardaddies. Self-sufficiency is the way forward, and we are leading the way.

    3)He sold his shares to a shady gangster and in doing so sullied Arsenal’s world class reputation.

    Only once he admits he got these things way wrong should he be allowed anywhere near our club.

    To be fair, he did bring in Wenger.

    Board 3 – 1 Dein.

  29. Can’t argue with any of that, Gunner17.

  30. gunner17 said

    The Deins could just be out for themselves.

    Dein Jr representing Cesc makes me uncomfortable. I don’t trust him to leave Cesc to Arsenal.

    If Dein Jr engineers a move for Cesc before he had won some titles and a european cup with us, I’ll be p*ssed.

  31. gunner17 said

    Whenever Usmanov and Dein have tried to appeal to the fans, they have made a big deal of securing Wenger for the long-term.

    I think Dein is a bit myopic…he’s been milking his decision to hire Wenger for all its worth, but when it comes to other massive decisions about the club’s future he has gotten it deadly wrong.

    I would trust an owner who is looking beyond Wenger more. I want owners who have already had dinners with Mourinho and Guardiola and Blanc.

  32. gunner17 said

    I think this situation was avoidable.

    Fiszman: why kick Bracewell-Smith off the board? A family with a 70-year history with the club, told to f*ck off when there were dodgy characters about wanting to buy in to our great old club. Stupid decision. She could be on the board right now and the board would be sitting with 60% of the club locked down. She probably looked at his the wrong way one day or something.

    Lady Nina: you’re selling 70 years of your family’s history with the club because you’re throwing a strop?!? Really?

    Stupid rich people are full of their own self-importance. F*ck them all.

  33. gunner17 said

    Maybe Fiszman and Lady Nina have been banging eachother on the boardroom table all these years.

    Maybe this is all down to a lovers’ tiff?

    Nina was going with Danny but then when David got £75m straight cash she started going with him. Danny got jealous and kicked her out.

    It’s not that complicated, all this boardroom stuff.

  34. gunner17 said

    Re: Lady Nina, she would definitely get it.

  35. gunner17 said

    I’m not convinced that any of our major shareholders actually want to keep their shareholdings now…

    Nina wants to sell…
    Kroenke wants to spend his money on American teams, not us.
    Usmanov has been frozen out, and doesn’t like the press attention.
    Fiszman is about to kick the bucket.

    You know what will happen?

    Some Saudi billionaire will take Nina’s 15%. He will then work on getting Usmanov’s 25%. Usmanov will sell for a profit. After that, mr. billionaire will be on 40%, and the dying Fiszman and the enigma Kroenke will need to decide what they want to do. Can they be bothered with running ARsenal and resisting takeovers?

    Arsenal will be owned by a Saudi by 2015.

  36. and if we are owned by a saudi, indian, or chinese billionaire.. then we need a figure like Dein placed as their Chairman.

  37. […] David Dein the man for Arsenal? Had you asked any gooner that question a decade or so ago, you may have been walking home with your testicles in a […] […]

  38. digger said

    I’m not sure but I think the supporters trust hold about 11% of the shares, if so that means as long as they keep them whoever buys the rest cant get to the 90% mark therefore allowing them to dump their debt on the club, I might be wrong here, maybe someone knows more about this?

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  40. Christoper said

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