Wembley pitch wins the title for Arsenal?

April 11, 2010

Ninety-minutes on that disgusting pitch should have sapped plenty of energy out of the Chavs from West London.

The Russian gangster’s club side face Jack Wilshere’s Wanderers of Bolton on Tuesday evening at the Bridge, I don’t really expect much from Bolton, although they did beat West Ham on their last trip to the Capital.

Bolton have a poor away record on the whole,  if Chavski are feeling leggy after the Cup Semi, we may see a chance of dropped points.

Very slim chance, but the hope is most certainly there.

Tottering Trotspurs take on Pompey this afternoon in the 2nd Semi, pray for a draw, extra time, injuries, and plenty of broken hearts.

Hopefully the pitch has cut up a lot more since the first Semi, the size and nature of the pitch certainly leaves a mark on any players who have played a full game in the past.

One hundred and twenty minutes will finish off any players for a good week.

Recovery for our game on Wednesday evening would be pushing it, and make no mistake about it, the spuds game is our only proper remaining game of the season.

We win in midweek… we win the title.

United are done, and only a point in front of us, they won’t beat City at Eastlands, not a chance.

Chavs could easily win all 3 remaining homes games, but the two away days at Spuds and Liverpool should give us much hope.

Only five wins out of five will land us the title, a draw will just not cut it on Wednesday night.

The spuds have a pretty good home record this season, a full week of rest for our lads, coupled with a taxing game on Wembley marshes for them, and we get the edge we need to ram raid 3 hugely valuable points.

This will be the most important North London derby for quite a while, history is on our side.

Back in May 1971, Arsenal went to the Lane knowing a score draw would not be good enough for our title chances, Ray Kennedy and co made sure 3 points were the order of the day.

Arsenal, as we all know, went on to lift the league and cup double.

In April 2010, Nicklas Bendtner and co need to make sure the same outcome is forthcoming.

The secret squirrels on the Wembley marshes should get the momentum moving in our favour today.


55 Responses to “Wembley pitch wins the title for Arsenal?”

  1. Blueboy said

    Rather have a ‘Russian gangster’ than a Ukrainian rapist at the top.

  2. Stan Kroenke is an american.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Griffo said

    Been thinking exactly the same, but as daft as it may sound I think 120 minutes with spurs nicking it on pens might suit us better, oh and palacios picking up a yellow, that way he misses Wednesdays game and I reckon there league form will dip, with the cup final on there minds, players commitment levels differ knowin any injuries will keep em out the final, and then we turn them over Wednesday and the chavs give em a good hiding in the final…

  4. Is that right about palacios?

    Wow, he is integral to their style of play.

    Another thing to add to the praying list, a yellow for wilson.

  5. dilshan said

    Tell me what is Haward web doing..Terry should have been sent off..and yes it does affect the title race…the red card would have carried 3 game ban including Chavs V sums at the shit lane….Him awarding a Pen to UTD influenced it….he has had a big say in how the race is shaping up and I suspect there will be more to come from Mr Web…hear he is a copper…lol..no surprise….think they are above and beyond law most times

  6. Griffo said

    Yeah sure he’s on 9 yellows… 1 more and thTs a two game ban… There’ll struggle if they try and play rat boy modric in the middle against us…

  7. Dilshan, the howard webb farce is now way beyond a joke, i just know the truth behind him being on the manure payroll will eventually surface.

    Griffo, that’s a great fact about palacios, his game is based on goign around diving into crunching tackles, on the wembley marsh, he is bound to mistime a tackle today and pick up the booking needed to miss our match.

    I think he is a decent little busy player, maybe wenger dropped one letting him go.

  8. disgraceful from rovers

    as gary mac just put it on sky sports…

    “they are just waiting for united to score”

  9. Vavavoom14 said

    Think your find 0 0 back in 71 would of won us the title. Any other score draw would have given it to leeds.

  10. corrected, to show “score” draw 😉

  11. what time do blackburn lie down?

  12. gooner71 said

    matter of time for them

    rovers are playing for a draw with one striker


  13. gooner71 said

    they are just allowing them on as if they are the home side

    this is blatant

  14. arseneil said

    Fat Sam is red nose twat Fergusons love child

  15. united were given the chances…

    berbatov and valencia 😆

    wonderful stuff.

  16. dilshan said

    0-0..thats UTD out of title now….well rovers coudnt score of them…was funny watching Berba wave his arms around….or and parks dog dive

  17. munawwar said

    awesome blogs. i love reading the stuff here. Russian gangsters club! amazing! hahaha.. and yeah. man u seem done. it was a miracle that lasted till it did.

    whats good to see is that our whole squad is so good. players go out and good players come in. for other teams they are helpless if their full squad is not fit.

  18. gooner71 said

    certainly a different, more entertaining view than on most other run of the mill blogs.

    i dont like myles palmer on anr, but i make him essential reading

    this legendaire place is becoming another one for me to ready daily.

  19. gooner71 said

    i also like the fact the guys who run it let you post comments, would be great to post comments on anr.

  20. richard said

    Chelsea will win the EPL and what does it matter if arsenal finish 2nd or 3rd!
    United have won the last 3 and Chelsea the two prior. Therefore if I’m accurate with my prediction then this would mark the 6th year in a row that Arsenal come up empty handed. Do you even need a trophy case.
    Young guns–the rest of the league have been bored to death with this rather ridiculous year-end argument of the team being young and they will eventually mature and come good. Really??????? All teams go through transition periods but 6 years of waiting must be truly difficult for you to take.
    And loosing to Barca in the manner in which you were destroyed must just about force you into hiding. So what now? Oh I’m sorry, there’s always next year.

  21. At long last richard.. your pure hatred of the Arsenal surfaces.

    Well done.

    You got there in the end.

  22. thanks for the comments earlier guys.

    the spuds will be mashed… they will play 2 hours on the wembley marshes, nice 😉

  23. gunner17 said

    Erm, Spurs is our only tough game left you say?

    What? We’ve got Man City haven’t we? They’ve been well up for all of their games against the old ‘top 4’ sides…they’ve only been beaten by Man U…that’s it. They beat us 4-2. Beat Cheslea twice. They’ll probably beat at least one of us and Man U in the run in.

    I’m more worried about the Man City game than the Spurs game.

  24. city have destroyed brum 5-1 today and move 4 points ahead of the spuds in 4th.

    another great day for gooners.

  25. gunner 17 – check city’s away record… and then…

    couple that with our home record.

  26. gunner17 said

    Hopefully someone on the fringes of the team will step up in the next few games.

    Vela owes us a performance. Eduardo has been fit for a while now, surely he has a couple goals in him. Merida needs to show he’s worth his space in the first team squad.

  27. I love vela, i think he has so much class, skill, pace, finishing ability, technique etc etc

    rumours are he is descending into a party boy, hope they are unfounded rumours… as he will be shipped out very swiftly by the gaffer otherwise.

  28. gooner71 said

    vela is usless

    sorry but he is.

  29. gooner71 – he has had a very poor season, but he is certainly not useless.

    think he will enjoy a very fruitful world cup.

  30. gooner71 said

    world cup? has the kid utd signed not got ahead of him now?

  31. gooner71 said

    ha ha 1-0 porstmouth

  32. i think he will defo got to the world cup, he scores all the time for them

    1 in 3 i think.. let me check

  33. 9 in 23 games, slightly better than 1 in 3.

  34. richard said

    Hawke–no need to hate arsenal, they don’t win enough cups to evoke such a strong emotion 🙂
    i respected the Arsenal program that had Patrick V, Henry, Cole, Sol, Adams, Bergkhamp(sp), etal. they played football and took no prisoners and won trophies. I looked forward to the GREAt matches against United and even when we lost I was left with a high level of respect for those Arsenal teams.
    Those days are long gone and I’m not sure that they will return any time soon.
    Aganist Patrick V;Adams, Cole, etal, many opposition player had to be helped off the pitch. Some of the tackles were just shy of muggings. But you won and Wenger etal were happy to lift those trophies. Very different story now–moaning about every damn tackle. Sad actually–truly pathetic.

  35. A united fan no less, richard.

    Did you not find red nose’s hypocrisy about surrounding the ref last week a little stupid?

    senile is actually a better word.

  36. oh, and what did you make of fergie pinching the da silva twins from brazil?

    and they way they tried to tap up douglas costa?

  37. false penalty, and palacios booked 😆

    what a day

  38. gunner17 said

    i’ve been disappointed that vela hasn’t been involved much this season, i think he has a shedload of talent.

    i think it’s been a combination of him being away with mexico, picking up injuries, not being fully trusted by the boss to handle the physicality and responsibility of important games, and also him not really fitting in to the new formation, and wenger playing mostly posession instead of counter-attacking football this year…

    i hope that he hasn’t become a partyboy because that would suck.

    hopefully he has an awesome world cup to make the boss take notice of him.

    i think we have really lacked good eager runners up front who can play on the counter.

    come on carlito!

  39. Griffo said

    Haha love it! No Wilson for Wednesday! Foookin beautiful!

  40. great shout on that one, griffo.

    bad news is that he misses chelski game aswell.

  41. richard said

    My comments are not restricted to Arsenal–i did say European teams and with that it doesn’t take a genius to deduct that this would include Man United. But Arsenal seem to have a lock on looking abroad for their talent.
    Sol and Walcott are about it for you in the way of home grown (Uk–not Arsenal) and they are included because of injuries to Gallas, Arshavin and Van Persie otherwise they wouldn’t start.
    United almost always have 5 English players on the field:
    Rio, Neville, Carrick, Scholes, Rooney, Wes Brown, Gibson and Hargreaves when not injured. The English National Team can thank Fergie for providing English players with a place to play at the top level. Throw in Fletcher, Giggs, O’shea and Evans and Fergie is clearly good for Great Britain.

  42. dilshan said

    this turning out to be a great great wkend for us…arry will have to rest some players against us now and use fresh legs against chelski…..

  43. You should know that gibson is irish.

    But i’m sure you knew that.

  44. dilshan said

    richard AF good for english game/…..ffs he will do anything to stop england winning ..got gigs and scholes to retire early and now will get rooney injured for the wc…..af good for england my back side..

  45. dilshan said

    also Hawk…excuse me ..im not being any way offending any one..but as an outsider when I look at the attitude of most english players it leaves a lot to desire and if I was a football manager and had the choice i will not be signing many english players any way

  46. Griffo said

    Hawke I know mate but we can’t win em all!

  47. Chris Redmond said

    Richard, Arsenal are producing some great British talent. Gibbs was making excellent progress until he got injured, Ramsey, Wilshere, Emmanuel-Thomas, Walcott, Bartley, Lansbury and Afobe are all young up-and-coming players who have a real chance of making it at Arsenal.

  48. you go ahead and state whatever you feel, dilshan

    there is no censorship on this site.

    freedom of speach is extolled on many other blogs, but never actually practiced.

  49. gooner71 said

    give it a rest richard you are boring us with your united love in.

  50. che grimandi said

    “Tottering Trotspurs take on Pompey this afternoon in the 2nd Semi, pray for a draw, extra time, injuries, and plenty of broken hearts.”

    Genius soothsaying buddy. Coulsn’t have gone better.

  51. ianwrightywright said

    Been reading your last few blogs stringfellow hawke, you have an uncanny knack of nailing things perfectly.

    and as grimandi above suggests, you seem to have some gipsy fortune telling blood in you also.

    bookmarked your website, look forward to reading and commenting in the future.

    oh, and the title is really on, isn’t it fellas?

  52. lol, defo no gipsy blood in me 😉

  53. richard said

    I agree it has become a little tedious but was fun just the same. It’s like watching Arsenal huff and puff and whimper out at the end. Six years and counting!!!

  54. Rossa AFC said

    To Richard’s comment at 18:37. Perhaps you should spend a bit less time on Arsenal blogs, and a bit more time on the Manure website. Then you could find out some accurate facts about the team you claim to support. As regards you contributions to the England team;
    1) Rio – I think West Ham were responsible for him with a bit of help from Leeds
    2) Neville – All yours, and possibly one of the worst RB’s ever to play for England. Workmanlike, that’s it.
    3)Carrick – Again West Ham via Spuds, also only a last option for England when all others are injured. Go on some of your blogs and you will see you are about the only Manure fan who rates him.
    4)Scholes – All yours. Class (he has retired from England though).
    5)Rooney – Englands best player. Given to us by………. Everton!
    6)Wes Orange- Please don’t make me laugh. All the positional sense of a blind lesbian in a fish market.
    7) Gibson – Looks promising. Shame he is IRISH!
    8) Hargreaves – Average, glass knees, given to us by your CL conquerers, and in my view Canadian.
    Other than that I think you put us in our place.
    Oh by the way as regards the British team contribution O’Shea is from Eire (along with Gibson). Which has got as much to do with Great Britain as France,Spain etc. So by that rational we can include virtually our whole squad!
    Go and buy yourself a European map bellend.

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