Arsenal have a Messi of their own

April 10, 2010

A day of Messi caking the written and spoken media is bad enough, we have had an entire fortnight of it.

For crying out loud, yes he is bloody brilliant, yes he is certainly the best player on the planet, and yes I hope they beat Real tonight in the eagerly awaited El Gran Clasico at the Bernabeu.

But enough is enough.

Akin to the import Barcelona made from Argentina, circa 2000, Arsenal are due shipment of their very own special consignment from South America in under 9 months time.

For those of you who are still to see the incredible skills being displayed by Wellington Silva, check the Vodpod down the right hand side of the page.

He is ours, we acquired his rights earlier this year for a very cheap price as he had yet to break into the Fluminense first team.

Since then, the 17 year old has broken through to the first team and is literally tearing it up.

Under FIFA rules, no South American player can come over to the Premiership until he turns 18.

Arsenal paid an installment of the reported 3.5M transfer fee in January of this year, and will pay the balance on his arrival early next year.

AC Milan paid over 20M for a young Alexandre Pato two years ago, as he was already first team for his then Brazilian club side, Internacional.

Wenger has pulled out another frugal transfer masterstroke, as anybody looking to prise the young Brazilian away this summer would have been looking at a bill in excess of 20M.

Silva is a tricky winger-come striker, who loves to show off his dribbling skills, he is blessed with blistering acceleration, and has a very aggressive, confident slant to his play.

I for one cannot wait for his arrival, we cannot be sure he will be a success over here, but we can be sure he is super talented.

Quite possibly the most talented youngster Wenger has ever signed.

We shall be keeping a close eye on his progress in the Brazilian league over the coming months.


36 Responses to “Arsenal have a Messi of their own”

  1. K-TR7 said

    Brazilians tend to choke in the EPL.lets hope he is an exception.

  2. Jason said

    this is what I think will ruin his arrival
    you’re expecting to much from this kid yes he looks brilliant in every game I have seen him in especially his first one but that’s Brazil they really aren’t known for defending.
    The hype around this kid is possibly justified but he’s too young to make any impact whatsoever right now.
    Messi for me is a unique player and I doubt Wellington will ever reach his level but even if he reaches half of messi level then I can see us doing what Barca is doing in a few years time.
    But he’s still 17 he has a lot of growing up to do so you have to be patient with him for a couple of years after his arrival and then you will see what he can do.

  3. Jason – you do get the odd diamond that hits the ground running from the off.

    What i love about this kid is his aggressive attitude, he is like rooney, he just wants the ball and hunts it down if he does not have it.

    Many players have the skills, but they have a weak mental attitude and wilt under pressure and dont want the ball.

    It is a huge plus to be equipped with positive mental atitude that tells you to want the ball, demand the ball even.

  4. Jason said

    @ K-TR7
    that depends on the player not the nationality
    are you telling me Pato or Ronaldinho wouldn’t have been a success in EPL in their prime

  5. K-TR7 said

    @jason-we will have to wait and see since there are lots of hyped youngsters from south america at the moment.i also think AW should invest more in defenders not attackers only.

  6. K-TR7

    I think the attempt to gazzump fergie for smalling in jan window is a clear signal that AW wants at least one more centre half.. if what i have been told about Gallas materialises, then 2.

    But Djorou is also back, so maybe he could take over from WG.

  7. K-TR7 said

    SH-Lets hope so since our defence is holding us back from winning trophies.i am watching the anfield highlights where AA did a ‘messi’…its sad since it seems decades ago.what happened to the real AA anyway?

  8. Jason said

    @Stringfellow Hawke
    he showed his aggresion in the first game and I am more excited then anyone else to see what happens to this kid.
    Its not everday Wenger spend 3.5 million on a 16 year old
    I have seen almost every game he played for the first team and although I have been impressed in most.
    I have to fear that the tricks he does with the ball in Brazil will merely mean a broken leg in england.
    Still Arsenal is now all about the future and his future looks as good as any youngster we have now

  9. I have been critical of AA23 this season, his attitude has not looked right… it looks likely now that he has been carrying an injury or 2 for a while.

    Lets hope he gets fit and has a full pre-season, and we get the best from him next season.

  10. Jason – how do you get to watch all the brazilian games?


  11. K-TR7 said

    @SH-I think AA&RVP will explode next season.

  12. Yup, they should do indeed.

    AA23 will have a rested summer without a world cup, so should be fully honed for next season.

    RVP, we are going to have to see how he has healed, i am fearful, holland will certainly rush him back in as he is the number one striker for their world cup aspirations.

    I hope they don’t just load him up on painkilling injections etc to get him through the world cup and then dump him on us.

  13. K-TR7 said

    @sh-before robin’s injury we had scored 55 goals in 19 matches,he was also the best player in the world according to castrol index.the media overlook how big a loss he was.he is our equivalent of ‘messi’ in the current team though we hope a fully rested and healed AA will step up to take that mantle.we are very lucky to have fab4,rvp and AA in the same team since they all have that x factor.if we shore up the defence we will break records next season.

  14. Paulie said

    I’ve a bit of Silva and he certainly looks like a massive talent but in saying that he’s deffo one for the future…. His first touch and dribbling skills are very impressive and he looks like he would work very hard in terms of closing down etc but it has to be said his finishing isn’t up to scratch just yet….. Still a bit naive in front of goal but hopefully that will come with experience and I’m sure if anyone can bring it out in him, Arsene can.

  15. richard said

    I find the suggestion that obtaining a player on the free or for next to nothing offensive! Europeans have raped and pillaged so called ‘ 3rd world countries’ of their natural wealth; gold, diamonds, minerals and of their human resources via slavery.
    Now the author of this blog has the temerity to offer the outrageous comments relative to Arsenals obtaining Wellington for next to nothing.
    And NO it’s not good Business, it’s WRONG!
    But I place the blame at the feet of South American and African Club owners for not protecting their players NOT unlike African slave traders in the past.
    Pathetic stuff gentlemen–simply pathetic!!!!!

  16. Richard,

    I posted…


    Arsenal paid an installment of the reported 3.5M transfer fee in January of this year, and will pay the balance on his arrival early next year.

    Where does that state next to nothing?

    3.5M for a 17 yr old kid, unproven, untested was a HUGE gamble… we are still unsure how the lad will develop.. he may break a leg before he even reaches england

    how is this pillaging?

    fluminense are in financial trouble, this money arsenal plaid them has possibily saved them.

  17. richard said

    You can spin this any way that you like–but the boy is worth a great deal more then this and the entire world knows this…the Brazilians are up in arms with the poaching of their best talent by European clubs and now that the Brazilian economy is starting to move in a very positive direction, maybe, just maybe, they will hang on to their talent and their clubs will return to their glory years. I for one can’t wait as I am just about fed up with Brazil and Argentina clubs being the farm clubs for their RICH European counterparts.If Argentina and Brazil had the money to hang on to their best talent then there would little talk of Barca and Arsenal. I pray for that day! Grow your own talent or but in Arsenal’s case that would be the job of French clubs with their African imports.

  18. So are you suggesting this 17 yr old is that good, that proven, that he will be in the brazil sqaud for this summer’s world cup?

    Has he played in over 100 games for his club?

    Scored 70 goals?

    No, it is a gamble based on youth team appearances.

    I agree he looks awesome, and clearly has talent by the bucketload.. but at that age, its still a big gamble.

    Arsenal should not be high on your hitlist for European clubs poaching S American talent.

    It’s the spaniards and the dutch that have been the leaders.

    We still cannot bring talent over until they are 18, and by that age, the likes of Pato, Messi, Ronaldhino, Ronaldo etc have long gone to la liga.

    Your irie should be directed elsewhere.

  19. Tommo said

    Just like vela. Lol

  20. goonercen said

    yes certainly you have more than a point in expressing your view in relation to south american clubs having to sell their best players to the so called bigger clubs of the europe! but also you need to factor in well silva’s desire to play in europe and with a club like arsenal!
    the desparity bewteen africa/south america and europe economically has been widely acknowledged but as you have pointed out the brazilians have managed to turn their economy into one of the fastest in the world, along with china and india they are forging ahead! time will tell if this will has an impact on their football, for all intensive purposes, it will! in terms of retaining their best players for their own league,
    however you cannot deny that some and maybe all of their best players want to play in europe and for those clubs who represent the very pinacle of football! and that is barca, madrid, milan, inter, man u, arsenal, etc!
    i think there is no other country in world at any time in the history of football that export more football players to other clubs (within south america as without)to the rest of the world!
    brazil are known for their footballers as italy is known for her art!
    take the case of eduardo, he left brazil at 15 to play in croatia, not italy or england or spain!
    at 24 after becoming a croatian national he joined arsenal! he didnt go back to brazil nor was he called up the national side(brazil), why? because there’s just to many of them, just so many class players who now find themselves playing for other countries and not their the country of their birth, senna is another 1 who after playing in spain and not being called for the national side, opted to play for spain!
    in closing, there’s no crime here, esp by arsenal, we want talent but we aren’t slave traders!

  21. nicely put, goonercen

  22. gunner17 said

    erm, you cannot compare this little punk to messi on the basis of one piece of skill in a youtube clip of a youth game! he’s going to come here and be a pile of w*nk probably.

  23. gunner17 – not trying to compare them directly, as that would be folly at this juncture.

    the only comparisions i tried to draw were the natural dribbling skills coupled with blistering sharp acceleration to get away from their man.

    silva arrives next xmas time, we are allowed to play and register him from jan 1st 2011.

    by this time next year we may be in a better position to draw closer parralles between the pair of diminutive south americans.

  24. Am said

    Messi is barca through and through as he was there since he was 13 years old. (already knew spanish game before he reached the 1st team)

    WDS will after his 18th birthday, which means the adaption to the prem will have to be in reserves or first team.

    In the premiership he will be kicked all over the place by those thugs at Hull and Stoke.

  25. gunner17 said

    fair enough. i’d love for arsenal to have a proper dribbling winger again. seems like we’ve not had one in ages. maybe it will be this kid. maybe vela or wilshere will step up before that.

    i wonder if those daily injections of growth hormone have had anything to do with how ridiculously amazing messi is?

  26. gunner17 said

    that nasri goal against porto was pretty f***ing sweet though…messi hasn’t done one of those yet!

  27. richard said

    This is directed to ‘goonercen’..rubbish–utter euro centric rubbish’ !!!!I
    I live in hope that Brazils’ economic upturn continues and this translates into Financially stable football clubs. If so, here’s my guess, Brazilians will stay in Brazil. Money is the only reason a top Brazilian player leaves Brazil–end of story!!!!
    I find it laughable when I hear of this great Arsenal Academy–name top players produced by Arsenal and not poached from around the world. West Ham are about the only club in the EPL that can boast of producing players. Name a top English player produced by Arsenal–sorry, name a top English player, that plays for Arsenal and please do not list Walcott as he is a pretender;fast, fast, ok, fast, but without a trick or a football brain.

  28. Walcott was not produced by the Arsenal academy.

    Ashely Cole was, and is arguably the best left back in the world, hard as that is for me to state.

    Nobody is lauding our academy just yet, you must remember that it is still more or less in its embroyonic stages.

    Players like Jack Wilshere, Benik Afobe, Chuks Aneke, Emmanuel Thomas et al, may prove you theory wrong in the years to come.

  29. gunner17 said

    rvp is class but his body can’t do full seasons…he’s a typical dutchman…wenger should leave bentdner and chamakh to shoulder the burden up front so that he can keep rvp wrapped in cotton for the run-in

  30. el tel said

    Richard your hatred for THE ARSENAL is there for all to see.

    Check out your history and you will see that some of the best players ARSENAL have had in their most successful spells came through the ranks.

    Bob Wilson,Charlie George, Eddie Kelly, Ray Kennedy, Pat Rice, Peter Storey, Sammy Nelson,Paul Davis, David Rocastle,Liam Brady,Michael Thomas,Tony Adams,Martin Keown,Ray Parlour. There are many I have missed out on. These guys are all ARSENAL men unlike the Westham boys who go to their Academy looking to move on. Also for your information Ron Greenwood who started the Westham school was an old ARSENAL boy. Wenger has also produced great ARSENAL players although he brought them in at a young age and they didn’t come through the schooling sytem.

  31. goonercen said

    @richard, who are you exactly, the brazilian ambassador of football? or the ambassador of hope? yes lets stand up for the marvellous economic machine of brazil, while turning a blind eye to the huge slums and gutter poverty that most footballers grow up with, in brazil!
    you have got to realise that there are so many varibles to this argument and that all i was pointing out was that the arsenal are no slave traders, and to directly assume that we are by way of that slander is both disgusting and intellectualy juvenile, and by way i am not anglocentric or eurocentric but
    hellenocentric and also a supporter of a great club!
    and you guessed it, the ARSENAL!

  32. Tony said

    Can we digress a bit. Messi is a talented player. But why was there no game plan to close him down during the Barcelona game? That’s intelligent soccer. For the life of me i do not understand Arsenal’s strategy!
    Another, observation of Arsenal’s game is that their wingers like to float the ball into the opponent’s goal instead of ramming it in! At least if the keeper cannot catch then there is a chance to nod or take a second chance to score. We need to change our style of play as soccer is a team game with strategy. Bringing in the best players is never an evidence of success! My apologies should this sound amateurish. Cheers!

  33. David said

    Richard. comparing football transfers to the slave trade is as stupid as it is ignorant. Genuinely, your idiocy offends me. You sound like Platini, an idiot.

  34. Tony – Not sure how you stop a player like messi, we shall find out how the master tactican, jose, will prepare his troops for battle soon enough.

    I just think a player of his skill and low centre of gravity, much like maradona in his pomp, is unmarkable, unplayable, and fecking annoying to watch if he comes up against your team.

    If mourinho cannot find a way to nullify him, nobody will.

  35. arsenal4ever said

    he can match Messis level but dont expect to much in his first season at the arsenal!!! I also think he wont go out on loan will be used a lot in carling cup games etc. Wenger wanted him so desperately so I think he is a massive talent!!!

  36. […] Arsenal have a Messi of their own A day of Messi caking the written and spoken media is bad enough, we have had an entire fortnight of it. For crying […] […]

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