Red Nose and Fat Sam – The Big Con is On

April 9, 2010

Man IOU take on the Rovers of some norvern pisshole this coming Sunday.

Red Nose and Fat Sam were seen together yesterday on live TV celebrating Fergie’s horse winning a race in Liverpool, at the Grand National meeting held at Aintree.

Interviewed live on the BBC, the fat one discussed being invited out by the alchie to be part of his owners circle entourage.

Now I wonder why?

Start the campaign NOW gooners far and wide, we know a deal has been done for Devils in red to paste their norvern cousins, this is match fixing at it’s very finest.

Rovers have sod all to play for, they have no chance to be relegated and are almost 10 points off Europe, so a stroll in the park will almost certainly ensue.

Do we  honestly believe the fat one will let us have a nice afternoon up there without any bone crunching?

Both these crooks have been caught red handed by undercover television investigators in the past… links below

Any coincidence it was this pair who got nabbed by Auntie Beeb?

Since porkie took over at Blackburn in December 2008, they have played Manure 3 times in the league… do you even need to ask what happened each time?

2-0, 2-0, 2-1, nine very easy points collected.

Ironically enough, guess the name of fergie’s winning horse?

What a Friend.

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18 Responses to “Red Nose and Fat Sam – The Big Con is On”

  1. Pat Thompson said

    When Bolton came from two goals down to draw with Arsenal in April 2003 it was a massive point for them in their relegation battle.It was a massive two points dropped by Arsenal in their quest to retain the Premier title. What was the Fat One’s reaction at the final whistle? It was ” Sir Alex will be happy”..My stomach churned to see them together at Aintree three days before a crucial game. When you remember what Fergie alluded to about Newcastle playing in Stuart Pearce’s testimonial all those years ago..well pots and kettles spring to mind. Fergie jumped around with joy yesterday, apparently his horse won. He couldn’t contain his joy in the interview. This less than a day after the very damageing loss to Bayern. Maybe his joy had nothing to do with a horse but more to do with the mule that was standing with him .

  2. dilshan said

    lol Not a big surprise red nose felt confident enough to play Rooney mid week knowing that on Sunday he could have Berbetov up front and win easily ….

  3. will we have the pleasure of hearing your dolcid tones this evening on the fans forum, dilshan?

  4. Jason said

    This is what I called delibrate targeting

    ‘‘Since August 2002, Arsenal has suffered 138 more injuries than Chelsea to first team squad members. In the same period, Arsenal has suffered 86 more injuries than Manchester United.’

    2009/10 AFC 79; MUFC 55; CFC 52
    2008/09 AFC 74; MUFC 62; CFC 46
    2007/08 AFC 60; MUFC 53; CFC 42

  5. Groan said

    outrageous and totally predictable

    but will anything be done about it?

    not a chance, they are both british, and the xenophobia does not quite extend to north of the border.

  6. Groan said

    those are some great stats jase

  7. gooner71 said

    I saw them alright, laughing, joking around like schoolboys, these are two men with the lowest levels of human compassion and morals of a dog.

    I rather hope their respective comeuppances are forthcoming swiftly.

    Wenger was caught up in match fixing about 20 years ago in France.

    Time will tell the truth about this period.

  8. dilshan said

    yes I will be on the fans forum hawke..and I plan to talk about match fixing and corruption…AW brought it up a while back but the media kind of side footed it saying it is of paranoia…but for me what’s happened in Italy recently…the wolves utd game…the amount of money involved..England captain selling his Wembley box for games and what has happened in other sports should be looked at more carefully …however do not think any one will dare though …for most in power they got too much to loose…also might bring up my point from yesterday

  9. good man, look forward to hearing the call 😉

  10. KING GOONER said

    you can bet your house on it those shit kickers from rovers will lay down & die on sunday-but watch them go when they play us-it’s been going on for years-!!

  11. Femi said

    Sunday match is a bonus 4 the red. Do not forget Wolve. When other playing 38 d red is playing only 36, and at the end of the season he will be ajudge as the best manager of all times

  12. 2 players being questioned by essex police on match irregularites!!

    more for your call tonight, dilshan.

    EDIT: cricket!!! not football.

  13. desigunner said

    Love your observations.

    I’ve also been a cricket fan most of my life and when the match fixing scandal broke many were shocked. Yet for those of us who were really involved we could see something was wrong way before the scandal broke.

    English Football will discover it’s own mess, let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  14. Thanks Desi

    You are not wrong, it’s a matter of time before the great swindle in the english game is uncovered.

  15. dilshan said

    hawk..did not get to talk about match fixing line was not the best plus I did not think the panel was the right one for waiting for the guy from Mirror…lol

  16. dilshan said

    hawk why dont you ring up some time and bring up some of the issues you talk about hear….also I would like to c the team harry will play against UTD…

  17. Dilshan, not watched the forum from last night yet, will do later on this weekend.

    I have been contacted by the ATVO team to go on the show as part of the “blog section”, so we’ll see how that goes.

  18. ndfghnktgx said

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