Gallas will sign for Roma

April 8, 2010

William Gallas has been tapped up by his old Chavski gaffer, Claudio Ranieri, and looks certain to move to Roma this summer.

Arsenal cannot match the 3 year deal he will sign with the Italian club once the domestic season is over.

The rumours you read about recently?  That X Factor singer at Theo’s party?  Was Gallas not Cesc he spoke of.

AS Roma have made a spirited challenge for the Scudetto this season and may still pip Mourinho’s Inter to first place, winning the title for the first time since 2001.

They are certainties to be playing Champions League football in 2010/2011.

To be fair, Gallas has been outstanding this season, a real phoenix from the flames, a tremendous asset to our back line… considering he was Arsenal Public Enemy No 1 just 18 or so months previous, he has shown wonderful character to fight back to his best form.

However, a move to Roma could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for us.

In Thomas Vermalen we have a young, gritty, determined defender who has far surpassed all our expectations.

He is going to be a mainstay in the heart of our defence for maybe the next decade,  he will become a cult figure at the club for many moons to come. No doubt.

Problem is, no matter how hard he tries, sweats blood and tears, drinks 10 pints of milk a day… he has gone way past the growing age, and is stuck with his height.

We need a 6ft 4 block of granite alongside him.

Gallas moving on to pastures new will open up the realms of possibilty for another big money (we did pay 10M for TV5)  defensive signing.

Djourou is another big lad who could get his chance next season, crying shame he got injured so early on in this term.

So who is on the Wenger shortlist?

Nevan Subotic, Mamadou Sakho,  Brede Hangeland and many others have been touted.

Will Wenger pay big money for another defender?


30 Responses to “Gallas will sign for Roma”

  1. RoyVasey said

    Probably not.

  2. ClockEndRider said

    6 fout four block of granite is fine for largely talentless lumps that play in the premier league but would have been rendered superfluous by Barcelona. Another mobile, agile, quick player like Vermaelen is what’s needed. How would Hangeland or some other giant have coped with Messi? At best, no better than Vermaelen and Silvestre.

  3. Arse&Nose said

    People forget how young Vermaelen is , we need experience at the back. Sol’s impressive performances show us that we need experience at the back to marshal the troops.

  4. Clockender – what about in the premierhsip?

    we may not play messi again for 4 seasons

    we need a big lad alongside TV, in the mould of Vidic.

  5. Kind of hope he leaves, best for him and the club. But then Wenger MUST sign a big defensive dude to play alongside TV.

  6. dilshan said

    I feel the PL is going through its transition and a new dominant force will emerge and now I hope it will be us.. contrary to what many say we do not need a bag full of new players, I personal think we need two players of highest quality to make us that dominant force. am a big fan of Djouro but I will not want to rely on him to get through a season , poor injury records been his problem. To depend on him to be the main CB will be sucidal and I think its gamble we can never take and further we need 3 top CBs in a team any way. Also think we could do with a GK of highest calibre and last night I thought Hugo loris was amazing and think he has to be brought in at any cost. I also feel RVP had to make a decision and feel he must retire from international football. Clearly he can not play 60 games a season and he needs to be protected and used intelignently which will not happen in the international set up. It will be hard for him but after the world cup he must make the tough call

  7. Icey said

    I am glad Djourou wasn’t available, in one way at least. Sol has shown the importance of attitude and passion to the younger players. Also, Djourou would have suffered at the hands of Barca (like everyone did) and this may have set him back. Or maybe not; I don’t know his mentality. So I’ll stick by my first point.

  8. Arsenal said

    If you’re right about Gallas then I am happy and sad the same time.
    Sendros is leaving, Silvestre should be leaving and I think Sol will stay but he will be the fill in when everyone else is injured so Wenger will have to invest heavily in CB position and might not buy a new GK or a DM players as a backup for Song
    I think he will sign Stefan Savic for around 1-2 million but that still means he has to buy one more CB and this will probably be between Jerome Boateng and Leronardo Bonnuci or Servet Setin.
    Hangeland and Subotic have recently signed long term contracts and will cost too much to acquire so forget about them.
    Stefan Savic is surely going to be signed but Wenger likes to 5 CB so we will have Djourou, Vermaelen, Sol, Savic and ?

  9. Goonerpower said

    Bout time he left. Guys he is not ireplacable and would make wenger work his magic in the market. Ino he has had a good season but remember only 1 season that is, the rest he was shite. He won’t be missed and he will be replaced yeeeeeh so happy he brings the team down with his mardy moods bye bye gallas u won’t be missed

  10. gunner17 said

    A strong, mobile, composed, natural centre back…this is what we need. TV5 has all of these things and he’s done great. Another couple of him and we’ll be fine. We don’t need clumsy slow giants.

  11. gunner17 said

    Hopefully we can get Gallas a medal before he goes, he deserves one!

  12. more excellent points from dilshan.

  13. agreed gunner17, would be nice for him to leave with a medal, apart from that blip 2 seasons back, he has done well for the club.

  14. gunner17 said

    I’d love some strong, mobile young (23-25 y.o.) bucks bossing the show from the back. Imagine if our midfielders and strikers actually had confidence in its defence. We would really let loose and start killing teams.

  15. usman said

    i tink arsene should sign joseph yobo of everton.

  16. not seen enough of yobo to make a real judgement call.

    from what i have seen, he seems a little cumbersome and clumsy.

  17. KING GOONER said

    my bet was on a swap & dosh for SAKHO of psg-a real potential monster!!

  18. MikE said

    agree – another sol but ten years younger. but NOT fifteen years his junior!

  19. Damn_Gallas said

    change change change!!!

    Arsene wenger should not show any mercy and start getting rid of players that have lost their worth and that list of players include Almunia, Fabianski, Gallas, Campbell, Silvestre, Denilson and Eduardo.

    Strikers Vela, Walcott and Bendtner are very close to making that list, but i will give them one more season to perform.

    Yes we should get new players this season. GK is a problem with us, and we need to have a really good one like seaman and lehmann.

    Chamakh is likely to be joining us, so that would be fine with our striking department given that we still have arshavin, RvP and the 3 names that I mention above.

    In defensive midfield, we simply can just rely on Song. We all can see what happens when song is not playing, we were out ran!! Song is a rock in the midfield for arsenal, but if we replace with with water in the mold of denilson, then our midfield has no shape at all, and that simply sucks.

    We need another defensive midfield player, and players like Chantome would be great as a cover. Inler would also be good, since udinese sucks this season, he may thought of leaving them.

    In defence, TV is sure to stay, but DJ is rather injury prone and that is something a CB cannot be. Subotic and Boateng has been linked with us, and I hope arsene wenger signs them, even if they cost up to $30 million combine. With the 2 of them, then at least we will have 4 up and coming young defenders that can stay and play for many years to come.

    Left back should be fine with clichy, traore and gibbs. Traore may leave us for more playing time in other teams. Right back with eboue and sagna would be good enough definitely.

    GK, we need a really good one. There is one german GK that is linked with us whom apparently is very good. I hope we get another new GK, i am sick and tired of seeing almunia and fabianski flap and concede easy goals. Otherwise, promote mannone and Scezch (or how you spell it) from the youth and reserve team. Anyone but the 2 jokers Almunia and Fabianski.

    Attacking CM in fabregas, nasri and ramsey should be fine. RF in Rosicky, nasri, eboue, and Walcott should be fine. LF in arshavin, rosicky and nasri should be okay.

    I hope the youngsters that get out on loan this season, would have done enough to get themselves into the first team next season. Even if they are bench warmers, i seriously hope to see some new face. Wilshere, Merida, Lansbury, JET. These 4 players for me must make the first team next season. Wilshere will hopefully be our very own lionel messi in the next 2 years. Lansbury our own steven gerrard. Merida our iniesta and JET our didier drogba kind of midfielder.

    And yes, lets not forget Nordveit. If he did perform well enough he might actually be a very good reserve CB for us given that he was labeled as a talent.

  20. Andy said

    Samba of Blackburn for me

  21. Sakho from PSG would certainly be my pick.

    Hangeland has proved he is good enough for the premiership and in europe for fulham… but they would ask for silly money..

    would he be worth paying 15M for?

  22. gunner17 said

    did some numpty up there actually suggest selling bendtner?


    he’s been our player of the run-in. players who perform in the final sprint to the finish are the ones you absolutely don’t sell.

    bendtner is the man, and i hope he stays for another 10 years!

  23. gazgooner said

    I reckon we need to entice Tony Adams out of retirement!!

  24. Code412 said

    We need a new GK. I can’t think of one I want more than Lloris.

    New CB’s I want Sahko from PSG, Kjaer from Palmero and Rami from Lille we get those and we should be fine at the back.

    CDM is another void that needs filling although I adore Song, we need more than one reliable player in that position. I want either Melo or Matudi from St. Ettien. Attacking mid-field is fine but I still want Gourcouf or Ozil

    Going forward I think we are fine. We need to ship out Eduardo and loan out Vela. We will get Chamahk for free, NB52 is my favourite player he just needs to be a bit more prolific with his finishing apart from that hes been a hero this season. Top of my wish list is Andre Pierre Gignac. He’s big, great at finishing and is French so he fits us perfectly.

  25. mjc said

    I reckon we should sell every last one of them – they’re all shit, and bring in at least 20 new players that look goodon my new video games and, to make my argument ROCK SOLID, I’ve also seen a youtube clip of each of them looking shit hot.

    If this doesn’t happen, I’m going to whinge like a petulant 5-year-old and then go an support Man City.


  26. gooneryank said

    MJC: get rid of every last one of them?!? Go ahead then, Man Shitty sounds like the club for you!

    I like Gallas but he is far from irreplacable. For the salary he will command we can get someone (Sakho or Savic) who is younger and just as capable. I have lost patience with Almunia and Fabianski just is not good enough. Akinfeev from CSKA makes my giblets quiver…a world class club deserves a world class keeper. Up front we are more than capable and with Chamakh coming in we could peel away some of the dead weight. Eduardo had some amazing moments for us but they come too few and far between. Doesn’t seem to be the same since his return. Oh, and Rosicky, where the hell were you during the Barca match? Out of position, poor decisions with the ball, seemed to want to be anywhere else but in the game. Sell him while he still has value.

  27. gooneryank – i think MJC had his tongue firmly in his cheek 😉

  28. lordgunner said

    we cannot afford Lloris stop f*cking dreaming.He is playing for lyon who do only business for their young and very good players for around 3OM.We never gone spend our tranfer budget on the gk position. getting gourcuff or ozil will cost expensive too.Hazzard would cost a little less.

    Eduardo(wenger will decide maybe to give a chance to fully recover) could maybe been use as part of any deal… dream 20M for Villa + Eduardo
    Please Arsene give Vela the chance to show us his talent.
    With most former giant and big spender around europe running out of cash or litterally skin we should negotiate some better deal fron them.

  29. Enny K said

    Arsene Wenger is the one killing the Gunners game…. decision to make substitute @ the right time brings shame to those players. Wenger shuld make things right at the best time and bringing new and strong players for replacement wen their is need…hope to see changes next season.

  30. Enny K said

    Arsene Wenger need to bring in chammak, cole and defenders like playing the role of Song wen he is injured. I love RVP, CESC, CLICHY,TV5, SAGNA, ALEX. And for DIABY, he is not playing wen xpected to do well…infact i mis cecs.

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