Barcelona will murder Arsenal 5-0

April 6, 2010

That’s the jist of most of the chat in blog world.

We are down to our bare bones, player wise, missing possibly the four best players in our squad in Cesc, Robin, AA23 and Billy G.

So a right good spanking will be the order of the day tonight, right?


These nuevo goons only started to support the club this Millenium, so don’t forget they have no recollections of famous past glories, completely against the odds, on European adventures.

A beauty from Smudger

The club had a wonderful reputation in years gone by of coming out on top when all was against us, a backs against the wall type job.

Mission Impossible to Catalonia is on, and if any team can turn the impossible into the possible, it’s this wonderous young side that wear the red and white of Arsenal.

Big Sol will partner Verminator in the heart of defence, with Denilson providing the midfield cover to the back four.

Diaby will need the complete polar opposite game from last Wednesday night, it was not his night back then… he can put that right tonight, he has to be a monster.

Abou needs to play the role of 2 men in midfield, he needs to do some of Song’s dirty work and Cesc’s attacking work.

I have complete faith in him tonight, he was rested on Saturday, so fitness cannot be an excuse… he is the man for us tonight.

Carlos Vela has his place taken by Armand “Nun-Chucks” Traore in the squad, there is no apparent reason why the Mexican has been left out, as he trained yesterday morning.

I hate to see Rosicky or Nasri out wide, and would dearly love to see Theo wide right, and Armand wide left.

Having those pair right on the tails of the Barca full-backs will prevent the feckers from marauding forward at will and providing Barca with width from the middle of the park.

If they are stupid enough, or even arrogant enough to play that game, then more fool them, as there are not many in football who are quicker than our pair of wing whippets.

I’m not sure what type of game Wenger has planned for us, I could not care less if we played a right ugly game and just went to spoil them and hit them on the counter with pace hoping to Nik(Ki B) the elusive away goals.

We don’t need to be heroes tonight, no matter what anybody says in trying to prove they are the greatest gooner in the world etc, Barca are bloody brilliant, they are a fabulous team, and we may need to adopt different tactics to overcome them.

Granted, if we had a team with all our missing players available, we could go a bit more gung-ho, I just don’t feel tonight is the night for that.

I’m sure this team have tactical discipline in them, we can win dirty if we need to, and tonight calls for it in my view.

Whatever the outcome, however the game pans out, I just hope we put up a spirited display.

My prediction is 2-2 all over again, and this time it may be us who take the lead on the break and they come back at us to force extra time and nail chopping for gooners all over the planet.

When the draw was made, plenty of pundits came out with the suggestions of this ending four or five goals a piece.

I would love that, you cannot beat the drama and sheer excitement of extra time and penalties.

Of course, a 1-0 win in normal time will do nicely enough.


This whole Vela dropping has got me thinking, Wenger can be a sly old dog, he must surely know how Atletico Madrid beat Barca recently.

Traore and Clichy down the left and maybe Sagna and Eboue down the right, with all four killing themselves to slave up and down their respective flanks.

Theo as the weapon off the bench maybe.

Rosicky is now rated 50-50 to make the game, with Nasri in the Cesc role, this opens up the possibility of Traore starting down the left even more.

It’s not often the great man keeps us guessing.

Last week I had the pleasure of watching the game at the Emirates, my ears were ringing for days afterwards, the atmosphere at the end was crazy loud, tonight I’m going to watch this at home on the 40 inch Samsung, on my own.

This game is going to cause huge emotion, no matter how it plays out, emotion is going to be at extreme levels.

I am watching this on my jack jones as a measure of national security.

Where you watching it?


9 Responses to “Barcelona will murder Arsenal 5-0”

  1. Goonerpower said

    I didn’t even read the post but the headline was enough to make me leave a comment. 5-0 hahahaha ok so we have loads out injured but still 5-0 idiot

  2. Jon said

    @goonerpower. You’ve just given proof that you are the idiot. Never comment on a post without reading it and, if you are going to, don’t be so much of a nob-jacket as to tell everyone.

  3. joni goonah said

    5-0 stupid?
    do you really think a few good games and Denilson is a capable defensive midfielder?
    45mnts of magic makes Almunia not a retard?
    5 good games in a row makes up for 2yrs of imcompetency for Clichy?
    Theo, a player that has been rightly criticised by many quarters for his lack of footballing brain will save us in Nou Camp?
    Barndoor Bendtner?
    And in Samir Nasri, a player who has played only 50-70% of his realy potential all season long for us is suddenly gonna do it against the best midfield around?

    No Song, No Cesc, No Gallas.. no chance!

    what are the odds Messi is gonna have another quiet game on his own patch?

    5-0 is far from stupid..

  4. sam said

    gd post ignore the idiot above

  5. @ goonerpower, read the damn post u dull lad.
    good post
    would love to see this people start as i like the points you made about traore
    sagna sol vel cli
    nas abo
    EBO bent traore

    counter attacking footie
    then walcott comes on if needed
    the pace of EBO n traore would kill barca wingbacks
    crosses would be good and the height of bent must be used to full potential

    A good game is awaiting us
    CMON u gunners

  6. Arse&Nose said

    a lot to ask of traore who has not played in months!

  7. George said

    This has the same feel as a certain night up at Anfield in 1989..

    We were written off then but returned triumphant, the same result would be as good if only to show that the Arsenal Spirit is alive and well…

    “There is plenty of time to win this game, and to thrash the Spaniards too.” F Drake

  8. Hartwick89 said

    Goonerpower? Lack of brain power you mean…. Sometimes you actually should read….

    Compelling story Hawke!

    About Vela…. I take the reverse on that… No good reason why he should have been included. These young guys think it’s good enough to be as good as someone else on the team in order to travel with…. Let’s take Diaby for instance…. His story was about the same this time last year… Did you know he did not take a break from last season. He stayed at Arsenal and trained all summer. And, because of his efforts he has jumped ahead into the starting 11.

    If Vela was a Rooney, Torres et al then he could gripe. He is just Vela though tons of untapped potential. He needs to invest into himself and compel AW to have to pick him.

  9. Vela said

    Carlos Vela is a very talented player who missed the preparation.

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