Ibrahimovic out of Arsenal 2nd leg

April 3, 2010

More luck for the Arsenal, on what is turning into a fabulous day to be a gooner.

The lanky Swede has done his calf this evening whilst warming up to play in the game at the Camp Nou against Bilbao.

Not a chance in hell he will recover inside 72 hours.

Bojan replaced him and scored a tidy double en route to helping Barca win 4-1.

He is a dangerous little player, but very young and inexperienced, Big Sol would eat him alive.

So… does the young Spaniard start ahead of TH14 on Tuesday evening?

The Greatest Gunner


7 Responses to “Ibrahimovic out of Arsenal 2nd leg”

  1. Hong_gunner said

    Fuck yea. Get in. Kisses to you Stringfellow. Fuck fucking yeah! We are taking the catalans down.

  2. GoonerForLife said

    A bit over confident don’t you think?

    It takes more than one man to kill barca, learn that. We should walk into that game with no fear but knowing fully well that barca will always be dangerous…that is our key to success.

  3. Joe said

    Every little helps, but losing the big Swede doesn’t exactly match losing Cesc, Gallas and the little Russian. But we can do it if the 11 men on the park on Tuesday do what they’re capable of. We need Song to be Strong and Nasri to be Fab!

  4. Hong_gunner said

    Ah, yea, one man is not enough. But if Iniesta doesn’t make it either, iniesta, zlatan, pique, puyol make it 4(FOUR). That increases our chances a few folds.

  5. indeed, hong_gunner… indeed 😉

  6. Hong_gunner said

    And as we hear, toure is a doubt as well. If toure is absent, then im assured we can get a foothold in the midfield at camp Nou.
    P.s: is there anyway i can get to become a blogger at any blogs? Whats the procedure?

  7. achodwhite said

    Camp nue here we come

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