Biggest Myth in Footbal Exposed

April 2, 2010

For all you idiots out there in blog world who keep piping up with the old chestnut about Camp Nou having a bigger pitch, and this helping Barca massively in the 2nd leg…

Give yourselves a smack in the chops…as per the norm, you are guessing and regurgitating bullshit that you have not researched yourself.

So, just for you guys… and to prevent more crap blogged before the 2nd leg…

Camp Nou

Camp Nou Pitch Dimensions:  105M x 68M

The Emirates

Emirates Pitch Dimensions:  113M x 76M

So there you have it folks, conclusive proof that Barcelona have a smaller pitch than The Home of Football.

Now go enjoy the long weekend with the family, get sick on chocolate, and fear not… for Tuesday evening will bring about much joy and an eating of words for many a pundit.

A memorable post Easter game of football awaits us gooners… I love us being written off.

Just love it!


21 Responses to “Biggest Myth in Footbal Exposed”

  1. ben said

    Thanks for the measurements of the pitches…are u sure though they are the measurements from the lines or the actual size of the green? Silly question maybe but….

  2. Phil said

    Really? Other websites including wikipedia suggest that the size is 105 x 72

  3. bollocks do they

    even wiki has them as i have them, my figures have come from offical club sites.

  4. Phil said

    Then maybe you should link them instead! as for your argument who cares? Type in Google pitch size and take the 2nd choice down wikipedia an then come back and say bollocks

  5. Goonerpower said

    Lol funny fucker who cares really bout the pitch size. We won’t be as scared this time cause we know what to expect so let’s just see how they cope with us. They didn’t look to great towards the end of last game when we decided we can play as well. Come in gooners

  6. Phil said

    That should read pitch size nou camp?

  7. Phil said

    As long as Walcott has a run down the wing in a straight line I’m happy. If you were to say that the Spaniards are playing on a revolutionary round pitch we can get a little worried.

  8. phil you clown, wikipedia is edited by any idiot..

    give it try, you should be streets ahead.

    go to the offical site, come back, apologise, then fuck off.

  9. Sam said

    As per Barcelona’s official website, the pitch size is 105 x 68 Meters (not 105 x 68 meters as given be you). Have a look at the link:

    Also, as per the following website, Emirates pitch is 114 x 74 YARDS (not Meters!). Which rougly translates to 104 x 67 meters (eerily similar to the Barca pitch!)

  10. Wonderboy said

    Beauty! That’ll leave a bruise.

  11. Darren said

    Even ITV said the nou camp pitch is bigger – you think their team of stataticians wouldn’t check official sites? I find that hard to believe.

  12. Darren said

    I reckon this myth came from the Highbury days…

    It won’t make any difference Tuesday, we’ll win no matter what size pitch. I will be there myself, and have a gut feeling we’re going to turn them over!

    Up the Arsenal!

  13. nice one Darren.. would love to be going over, had a great night at the emirates for the first leg.. think my ears are still ringing!!!

    the noise at one stage was freakish.

  14. anon said

    yards… metres…

    Actually the pitches are more or less the same size.

  15. Hello,

    Nobody is doubting the length of the pitch, but what is important is the width.

  16. bibin,

    the width is shown to be greater at the emirates.. in both yards and metres.

  17. Darren said

    Stringfellow Hawke – shame about the result, AND The hangover on the Wednesday (after the Nou Camp leg). I had to be at work for 9am in Manchester on that Wednesday and I live in South London – OUCH!

    Off to see the game Sunday, 12 Pins for 12 noon – I’ll be p*ssing all game LOL.

    Here’s hoping Man City stuff the Yids tonight! Up the Arsenal! 🙂

  18. Briggers said

    a year late but relevant as we’re about to play them again.
    but please do your research before quoting things as fact!
    the emirates PLAYING AREA is 105m x 68m
    the entire GRASS AREA is 113m x 76m

  19. achodwhite said

    We dnt care about the fuking pitch we only have to go there and win them that all

  20. achodwhite said

    We are not afraid of nue camp what we have to do is to go there and teach them football we are the grand masters in england so we have to beat them in spain

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