Arsecelona the Match

March 31, 2010

The big day has arrived.

We will finally gain some fascinating pointers vis-a-vis how good the football Arsenal play really is.

Who were the last team to come to the Emirates and have a straight out, toe-to-toe rumble with us?

Guardiola has already stated he did not want to play us due to similar styles… he understands there is a real possibility that as a team we play better football.

They certainly have the best player on the planet in Messi, but he is only less than 10% of the starting eleven.

Former Arsenal and Barca player, Alex Hleb, described what he thought might happen when two tribes go to war…

“I’m not going to say who will win, that’s difficult. But the way I see it, Arsenal have a real chance against Barcelona.

“Arsenal’s style is quicker than Barcelona’s build-up and passing is less direct. Arsenal move the ball faster. That can make life difficult for Barcelona.

“Against Barcelona you need to try and hold onto the ball, be ready to break, and keep yourselves compact and it’s important not to go out there scared when you play against Barcelona.

“I don’t think Arsenal will do that. I believe they can take on Barcelona and do well, and win.”

The Belarussian sums the conundrum up nicely by stating Arsenal play quicker, less direct, passing football.

Speed kills.

Barcelona have slowed down their game this season, the introduction of Zlatan I to the forward line has also meant a more direct approach on occasion.

Barca key man

Tonight we learn how well we can really play against a superb team who will not come to stifle our play, there can be no excuses concerning rough play, parking the bus, poor pitch etc

The stage is truly set for a crowning moment in the lifetime of Wengerball.

For there is no other team in Europe who could come to the home of football and believe they can outplay the hosts… every other team that travels to the Emirates thinks about stopping us play.

No excuses. No Fear. Time to deliver.

So, for the thousands in attendance ( a lucky me included ), and the millions watching on TV around the world…



4 Responses to “Arsecelona the Match”

  1. Hartwick89 said


    This series is a chance for the Arsenal to shut-up all the pundits. I know it is a lot to ask of this young team but it could be the start of the “Golden Era!

    Slightly off topic but to the bigger point it would be interesting to see where this current Arsenal squad are in their life cycle. What? Huh? What I mean to say is I know this is the squad for the ages…Meaning it is the finished product in terms of personell…give or take a few additions or deletions. But the question is compared to other great teams in the past or present…Teams start golden era’s and finish them. For example, in 1950 the Hungarians including Puskas, Kocius, and Tzibor and culminated and finished in 1956(Hungarian Revolution), 1970’s Dutch, 1990’s Arsenal culminates 2003 invincibles etc…When and where does the greatness begin and how long till it ends….

  2. great question, hartwick

    i believe this current squad began initial formative life following the unfortunates 2007/08 season.

    last year was a write off due to a loss of half the midfield ( hleb, flamini ), injuries, and the new breed finding their feet ( song, nasri )

    this season saw the start in the use of the classic dutch 4-3-3 formation

    that change has helped faciliate the development of some players, cesc in particular has excelled in the free role.

    all levels of the club, from first team to u-14s now adopt this formation…

    the conveyor belt is on full blast… if a player now leaves from the first team.. no problem, who is next to take off the belt and replace him with?

    nobody this year? ok no problem, we have the debt under control, money in the bank, who can we go and buy?

    usually when a great team dies, it takes time to build a new one, with the current set up introduced by wenger… we should now never have a period of lull.

  3. Chris Nyareso Mudogo said

    Arsenal4 Barcelona1.Second leg Barcelona2 Arsenal1.

  4. Alicia said

    Helo, nice post. Please just bookmark your site.

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