Rooney breaks his foot!!

March 30, 2010

He knew straight away.

United’s luck changed for the worse tonight in Munich.

All those jammy own goals were going to catch up with them eventually…  and they just did!

Now we will see what kind of team they have minus the freak.

EDIT: It appears he may have actually ripped his ankle ligaments… still out for the season!


67 Responses to “Rooney breaks his foot!!”

  1. england said

    guess you dont care about the world cup then

  2. i do, but that is nearly 3 months away, a rested rooney will do our world cup hopes the world of good.

  3. Not funny.
    Said by an Arsenal supporter.
    Not funny.

  4. Hilmar said

    Nothing wrong. He will play against Chelsea

  5. SKY first said he had his foot trodden on and he may of done a metatarsal…

    they then did the slow mo, and he actually turned his right ankle BADLY

    and called to be taken straight off


  6. jrock said

    Hallelujah!! Great man’s team. I hope he is back for world cup though, but for the ramaining games i hope he is out!

  7. anon said

    i dont care there a 1 man team and anything to help arsenal is a plus….com on arsenal

  8. Hey are you is for real..Thank God he’ll be fresh for World Cup..Hopes Drogba also remains injured for rest of the season..

  9. arsenal4ever said

    it is not nice but for gods sake now we have all chances!!!! What a crazy season!!

  10. ligaments not bones !!!

    worse than a break

  11. stonroy said

    where did you hear this, no one else seems to be reporting this.

  12. Clive said

    i feel sorry for him :/ hope he will come for world cup and lose some matches of united of course but i hope its not that bad

  13. stonroy said

    United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: “He’s got a kick in the ankle, we’ll just have to see tomorrow (Wednesday). Let’s hope it’s not too serious. He may be doubtful for Saturday. It’s too early to say.

    “He’s being treated by our medics at the moment. We’ll see what it’s like tomorrow.”

  14. He did not get a kick, that is what they first thought,

    he turned his ankle very badly

    the images will be all over the web/tv soon enough

  15. stonroy said

    Yeah I saw that, it looked pretty bad but no news as to how long he will be out for.

  16. Darran said

    In an ideal world I hope he is injured for rest of season……then recover the day after giving him a month to get fit for the world cup. I want to see if United are not a 1-man team afterall. if they can, they are worthy winners.

  17. Olawale ojo said

    Just wish him guick recorvery,dis is plus 4 all team playing man u.

  18. OPG said

    Pure speculation at the moment we know nothing you don’t know nothing.

  19. RockyLives said

    Clutching at straws fellas, I bet he’ll be back for the game after Chelsea.

  20. Davi said

    Thats wat u get for diving all game

  21. not a chance he will be back anytime soon

    watch the replays, he knew straight away and was waving to go off

    he has done those ligaments.

  22. para said

    Its all tactics for the chelsea game.
    Dont be fooled

  23. tfg said

    I hope he is out until August… minimum…

  24. chocolate gooner said

    I am an Arsenal fan, and I find it appaling that anyone could want such a fine player to be injured. You’re all molluscs. Cheers.

  25. it’s all panto, choc gooner

    i’m sure wayne will be just fine at his luxry villa in barbados, whilst he gets fit for the world cup.

    berbatov is primed to step in 😆

  26. chocolate gooner said

    No it isn’t !

    Oh yes it is !

  27. Kayode ojo said

    I know dt rooney injury, is not an injury forsail,but to d glory of GOD. Rooney arise and shine,becos all Man.u fans is looking at u.

  28. tfg said

    Oi! Babu… behave!!!!!!

  29. he who knows said

    You’re a velly bad man Babu..

  30. Kayode ojo said

    Rooney u are just an extra ordinary player,u have to buckle up,becos u are going to bounce back against chlesea.

  31. Nick said

    He deserves it 4all the penalties he has been awarded againts arsenal which should have never wonders what he was doing going after gomez just outside the area?trying 2impress saf?4all feeling 4him now,how did u feel when rvp was being carried off the pitch in italy?give me a break.

  32. Gwk said

    He has suffered a problem that might indeed keep him out for min three to 5 games
    Worst he is out for four months; bones have a quicker recovery than ligaments. How extensive the damage is will obviously be kept quite for as long as possible.
    Trust me you will know by the weekend

  33. Am very very sorry 4 rooney and i wish him fast recovery after premier league and champion league to play w/c. Gunners4life

  34. Gooner from Sydney said

    Man what is with some of you gooners, how many utd fans showed this kind of sympathy when ramsey got injured? and ramseys is far far worse than rooneys, all i could remember is them jeering us and making crude jokes, and here you are, sympathising and not even contemplating the great benefit this is for us? I may not be English, but i know the importance of Rooney for england, but for a moment, dont think about the world cup, im sure he’ll be fine by then, and realise what a big boost this is to our hope for the title

  35. Gwk said

    We will need him to recover for the world cup.
    I didn’t see any sympathy for RvP but wish both a fast recovery, with injuries not causing either to affect their careers
    Saying all that, it’s not what you know it’s who you know but I’m a gooner for life and thinks this could be very interesting for us
    Trust me.

  36. Red writer said

    Well he was out on Saturday and what happened? United put four past Bolton. I was just about to tear up my “United are a one-man team” banner but I believe I should hold on to it as I fear I am just about to find out whether I was right after all.

  37. Imran said

    Sorry Rooney i don’t thing u will came back (out of season). That’s d end of Man utd.

  38. Gwk said

    By the way, the team are not worried in any way for tomorrow’s clash of the two best football sides in the world.
    Everyone is backing Barcelona but its funny how they would take four or 5 of the 1st team of Arsenal
    Yes it will be a full on game for the boys, no chance for errors but if they all do the job they have been given, then we will be up for a fantastic game.
    Win or loose, these are the games we pay for the reason why Arsenal are where they are, always being put down , always being hacked down but still in a position that every club below them wants every year.
    So to all gooners who complain, it’s good to show your thoughts but should maybe see where we are and feel proud of every player who wears the red shirt
    And proud of a club that has competed with the likes of Manchester united with a 38,000 seat stadium now in the best 60,000 seat stadium in the country and a club that will explode with talent in the next couple of years

  39. Rooney is a twat said

    hahaha serves that scouse bastard right wheeeeeeeeeey nice one fatty !!!!!!!!!

  40. DKD said

    gwk, u thrill my gooner heart

  41. I have being expecting this day since, thank God here is it. So can m.u cope with rooney injury. Because they are one man team now. I wish chelsea goodluck to hold united goalless draw at old traford. Gunners4life

  42. Robinson Emmanuel said

    too bad i wanted Rooney at world cup

  43. gazgooner said


  44. Asiru raheem said

    As affectionate human being sorry and quick recovery but as gunner at least 1 month off

  45. Dany Dazonga part said


  46. jgjg said

    fuck rooney and united,cheating poxy cunt, hes tried to break enough legs

  47. Monza said

    A shame that such a great player is out, though I don’t know for how long. But as a gooner… THANK THE LORD

  48. wycliffe said

    we wish you well rooney!! Manchester fans will miss you this weekend ( especially )

  49. useroz said

    not saying we should celebrate (as yet) but with our injuries and all the jeers from opposition fans, it’s time for manu (or shall we say, AF) to show what they preach, ie manu is more than just rooney! after all, they have the precious giggs, scholes, neville to call upon…

    it’s just show you how really frustrated we should be about arsenal throwing away the crucial 2 pts at St Andrews last Sat… or how upset we should be that arshavin and nasri did not step up and kill the game with more than excellent chances.

    Go Arsenal…

  50. billy said

    I have never enjoyed any player breaking their legs. So saddening, he should be playing. Wishing him a quick recovery, as Arsenal fans know the repurcusions of injuring our team players.

  51. Hendry Rupini said

    Unluckly for didn’t happen before our match against MU.

    He should be back for the WC though..and that should be good news for England.

  52. Yvonne said

    we are a SICK bunch 🙂 I love the ugly Shrek, but for our club’s sake I am delighted 🙂 I recon we will win the league now!!

  53. JSP2303 said

    Perhaps if he wasn’t so fat he wouldn’t have done so much damage!!!!!

  54. Ad said

    That cheating little freak deserves this. I fucking hate that little bastard and hope that somehow it ends his career. Or he ends up playing at Darlo in the conference or something.

  55. gazzap said

    if you offer me a fit rooney for Man u and England or an injured rooney for both, I would rather he was injured – providing it means Arsenal win the league (and CL!). but its down to Arsenal to win the games.


    Hee! The clutch cable for Man Utd has totally damaged. It is a plus for Arsenal if we are to keep title hope alive. Drogba would soon join him.

  57. Adan said

    Uz a muppet! U hate on Man U til u forget 2 b a fan of yo favryt team

  58. out for the season

    suspected grade 3 ligament damage

  59. I am a gunner fan and will continue to be but it is a shame that so many people are happy about this.

    Arsenal have a very good chance of winning the league if Rooney is injuried but will you be happy for someone to be pray that Cesc or Arshavin to be injuried?

    I would rather pray for him to lose form than for him to get injuried.

    Rooney, I dislike you ( not hate ) cos of your past record against us but I am wishing you all the best. Just change that your freaking altitude and also move from United to Real or Barca. I know we can’t buy you so I am not hoping.

  60. brad said

    FUCK OF!!!
    im over the moon at this, now them wankers will see what its like to play without your star striker, we aint had van persie for most of the season and we’re still in the hunt for the title, do we get any credit from our rival fans?
    do we fuck, they tell us we’re lucky and we’ll fuck up soon enough. now lets all laugh at man u when they fuck up against chelsea on saturday coz the one man team might be able to cope with bolton but against chelsea i dont think they will
    then they will go out of the champs league next week and ill be laughing my arse of
    and fuck the world cup
    fuck england
    i hate this shit country full of wankers
    i cant think of an english player i like, other than walcott but he dont ever play
    so come on arsenal
    and come on spain!!!!!!

    i am prepeared for the abuse im about to get but fuck it, im pissed of

    thanks for reading

  61. the swede said

    Nice little injuries you Gooners got tonight against Barca. Karma is a bitch!
    Arsenal only win when their opponents have injuries and you are the second club in London and soon the third.

  62. Martin said

    Most of you Gooners should be deported out of England. You support a team that rarely plays an Englishman and now you are “happy” that Englands star player is crocked just before the world cup?? What is wrong with you soft southerners ?? Its perverse.Like the rest of the country we just dont understand you.Is it all that polluted air you breath down there or is it just plain stupidity?

  63. OPG said

    Roooney did not fracture his leg just confirmed well done wherever you got the idea he did you were wrong, I would worry about our own injuries after last night.

  64. did you not read the whole post? 😉

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