Take a bow Messrs Samuel and Barclay

March 29, 2010

The English media is badly devoid of decent, intelligent, reasoned football correspondents.

Hacks are far too up the arse of bacon face and his northern bum bandit gang, led by his poodle fat sam.

It was with this backdrop that I sat in wonderment listening to Martin Samuel, of the Daily Mail, and Patrick Barclay, of the Times, on Sunday Supplement yesterday morning.

The aforementioned journalists are a shining light in what is a very dark, damp tunnel of vexatious hatred and complete conspiracy against the peerless efforts of Wenger since the Emirates became our new home.

Click the link below, or go into itunes and freely download and listen to the first 15 minutes of the show, it will be worth your efforts.


It’s far too easy for the nuevo goons and the gutter press to peddle out the same “how many trophies have they won in the last 5 years” claptrap, whilst blind siding all the incredible long-term structural work undertaken by the club.

A conveyor belt of predominantly British talent is now up and running, with the likes of Kieron Gibbs, Jay Emmanual-Thomas, Craig Eastmond, Jack Wilshere and Luke Freeman,  ready to be taken off it and placed into the first team squad.

These are players we would have to go and pay 10M plus for in the open market.

Winners already

I have named just a few,  for there are literally dozens of these super-talented young guns who will be primed for the bigtime in the coming seasons.

The beauty of blooding youngsters in these very troubled economic times,  as opposed to say going out and splashing 22M on Aquilani, must surely be obvious… even to the dimmest nuevo, surely?

We are blessed, truly blessed to be supporting the club we love.

No matter how the next six weeks pan out, take a step back, and look at what is going on in planet football… there is cataclysmic flood about to pour down in earnest.

Only one club have the Ark to save themselves.


3 Responses to “Take a bow Messrs Samuel and Barclay”

  1. I can’t agree more. The future at our club is certain to be bright with Wenger’s youth policy.

    At the moment we are going through the painful first stage. But once we are through this time and winning things, we’ll only supplement our squad with true stars every so often.

    You can’t argue that others wouldn’t mind being in the position we are.

  2. exactly, well put, ashburton.

  3. Hartwick89 said

    Is interesting to watch…. Although you picked Bolton to beat MU and they lossed it wasn’t because of Jackie!

    Count it he made three would be assists….

    I mean dead on inthe penalty area that should have put Bolton ahaead 2-1…

    He would be the reason why I would watch England….

    But, like you state in the article and he is the very bright spot…. There will be others!

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