Webb of Deceit

March 27, 2010

How much is he paid (off) ?

Without a shadow of a doubt, he is the most anti-arsenal referee that has ever officiated in professional football.

Come on… we all know the score, don’ t we?

Celebrating with his colleagues.

How long till we get an undercover BBC investigative team filming a meeting that confirms what many have believed for years?

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.


United's Number 9

You are a disgrace to your profession, to football in general, and to your family.

To think you can get away with what is so glaringly obvious to the rest of the football viewing public… is simply outrageous!

Time catches up with us all, Mr Webb.

Don't worry pal, leave it to me.

I give it less than a year before all is revealed.


12 Responses to “Webb of Deceit”

  1. Boris Godunov said

    FA cunts will never let a team with no English internationals win the league in a world cup year. Just a bunch of half-breeds with bad blood and prejudice is what the British are.

  2. fonesolo said

    When he started handing out yellow cards he was only giving them to Arsenal players. Song deserved his but Clichy’s ffs, do me a favour. The Birmingham winger changed direction to run into him. Stephen Carr blatenly pulls back Rosicky? by the neck. He wouldn’t be able to complain if he got a yellow which he should of done. And when he did get his yellow it should’ve by then be his second. I thought we could do it up until yesterday, when I found out Webb was in charge of todays game. Funny that. It ain’t over yet, just harder.
    As a subject matter, why don’t you run a poll of the premiership refs, & see which are the most anti-Arsenal.

  3. Brown paper bags etc

  4. I would be shocked if the poll did not suggest a 80%+ majority in favour of Webb.

  5. Davi said

    fonesolo – there was also that bowyer challenge on walcott which was a blatant yellow.
    Given the standard he set by booking clichy, their whole team should have been carded.

  6. Carr prevented an obvious goal scoring chance for arshavin, hart was off his line at the time, way off his line.. he would have been easily lobbed for a goal.

    That was a red.

  7. ak said

    webb should not come to africa if he do so,wer going to kill him.

  8. suhel said

    man u won prem 3 times becz of this twat webb fuckker]

  9. Pharell said

    Why do people hate our success.webb is a disgrace to the world,football and the English people.he knock out Nigeria with bad officiating against chile in 2007 under 21.i hate almost all English ref.check out on spanish or italian ref.CR9 got two red card at RM,i wonder if an English ref wil ever do that

  10. Ice said

    It´s tru. All he world can see how terrible Webb is. He is a joke here in Iceland.

  11. looneygooner said

    if we had put our chances away,if we didn’t have a clown in goal, if we could concentrate to the end then we would win things, but it’s the same old story we aren’t good enough, no proven goalscorer, no keeper, no defensive midfielder, If Wenger keeps faith with our mishaps then we will win nothing next season. We all know here we are weak in except Wenger with his selective vision, it’s always groundhog day with Wenger who is an expert at kidology and hiding the facts we can all see so plainly. We are too lightweight and not directive enough.

  12. Hartwick89 said

    If we had put our chances away….Would you say that against the Ramsay tackle?

    WTF….This is not an Arsenal problem it’s an English FA problem!

    I am glad the World sees this BS. My hope is Arsenal stick it to the next team who tries to bully (Blackburn).

    In Wenger’s conference before Blackburn… ” To the referee’s, and the individuals who think they can bulldoze us off the pitch we will face you up and down the pitch….We will beat the living piss out of you! We play football and we win. You can’t play football so you cheat and your referees allow you to! No more!

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