This is why Bolton will beat United

March 27, 2010

Ask any old skool Gooner what his favourite ever Arsenal goal is, go on, I would lay good money on knowing the answer.

If he or she has supported The Arsenal for over 30 years, one of the first goals they will begin to eulogize over is the phenomenal curler into the top right corner of the goal at Shite Hart Lane.

Courtesy of the wonderous left boot of one Liam Chippy Brady.

That magical goal was scored on the 23rd December, 1978.

Manyoo have won the last 10 Premiership games against Bolton, so there is every chance by the law of averages they lose points tomorrow.

Young gun Jack Wilshere will hopefully turn on the style for Arsenal by proxy.

Bolton welcome back their key defender Gary Cahill, who is also there top goalscorer this season with 7 goals!!

He will be very dangerous on set-pieces, as will the ever present aerial prowess of Kevin Davies.

They will be looking to extend a home winning record to 3 on the trot!

Owen Coyle is a certainty to become a top-level manager, whatever it is, he has it.

His teams play with style, confidence, aggression and don’t get turned over regularly.

To turn the useless Trotters around from a long ball, hit and hope motley crew, to an attractive passing team in such a short space of time, is a glowing testimony to his abilities.

Believe in coincidences?

I do… the last time Bolton beat Manyoo convincingly at home in the league?

23rd December 1978.

23 Responses to “This is why Bolton will beat United”

  1. mjc said

    Didn’t Wilshere score a Bradyesque goal against West Ham reserves a couple of years ago.

    One of those to win the match today really would be a coincidence!!!

  2. Djorou said

    boltom will beat manure and i bet 1-0

  3. mjc, now that really would be the icing on the cake 🙂

  4. sam said

    that is the goal closest to brady scored by wilshere

  5. mjc said

    …the lad’s a bit special…!

  6. Hartwick89 said

    It’s a long shot based on the statistics but the differences between the Bolton of early is no Megson and now Coyle…. You pointed out that Cahill is back which is confidence in and of itself. Bolton are now home vs. at Old Trafford.. Whether wilshere is a factor is a question mark because I don’t know if he will start or play…

    The thing that taints the chance of a Bolton win is the awe all UK coaches feel towards SAF. If I was up against a Legend like SAF I would let it be known I am here to take his spot! But, Coyle is a daisy and well he will be around for maybe 1 more season….

  7. Hartwick, i think coyle really is the proper thing in management terms.

    I am amazed just how quickly he got them playing good football, and scoring proper arsenal/barca style pass and move goals

    The goal they scored against the spuds a few weeks back was straight out of the book entitled “how to score the wengerball way”

    bolton won’t sit back and allow utd to dictate, they are at home and will play there game.

    utd are not a team.. they are a one-man freak show.

    rooney is way due an off day.

  8. RoyVasey said

    The Alan Smith scissor kick in the cup winners cup is my favourate!

  9. Hartwick89 said


    Seriously I hope you are right…

    What, though is the deal with bowing down to SAF?

    Wenger is not like that….

    Mourinho not like that…

    Mcleish, Coyle, … it’s sickening and conspiratorial..

  10. Scottish mafia… mcleish was fergies captain at aberdeen back in the early 1980s.

  11. no rooney!

    this is on.

  12. Zap said

    no it aint. 1-0, o/g scores

  13. they are due some unfortunate luck

  14. groverider said

    This total cock over at vital bolton seems to have taken exception to your article Legendaire. What a bitter little rant from a sad little man!

  15. well that’s that then.

    not our day.

    still plenty of games left for the hex to move up the M6.

    not worried about chelski, they have to go to old trafford, anfield and shite hart lane yet and will drop at least 4 points in those 3 games.

    easter weekend it is.

  16. robbie keane said

    Bolton last beat Manchester United at home in the league on 24th November 2007 with a goal by non other than ex-Arsenal striker Nicolas Anelka. You`d think Goon fans would know that wouldn`t you?

  17. round of applause

    would you class a 1-0 win “convincing”?

    yes you won 1-0 in 2007

    but that last time you “convincingly” won was when you beat them 3-0 in 1978.

    Now fuck off you joey.

  18. Ad said

    Hey dude, i charge 50 quid an hour, email me 😉

  19. Mac said

    4 – 0 United

  20. admin said

    its good article

  21. […] This is why Bolton will beat United Ask any old skool Gooner what his favourite ever Arsenal goal is, go on, I would lay good money on knowing the […] […]

  22. fred said

    bolton beat man u in 2007

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