Rocky Remembered

March 25, 2010

The Emirates will stage an emotional start to the Barcelona game next Wednesday evening.

On the 31st March 2001, football lost a true star, Arsenal lost a true legend.

The game will mark the 9th Anniversary since the untimely passing of one of the greatest players to have ever worn the Arsenal red and white.

Of all the memories, of all the goals he scored… my favourite memory of David Rocastle came at Old Trafford in October 1990.

The now infamous 21-man brawl which led to Manyoo being only docked 1 point whilst we had 2 points taken.

We won that game 1-0, Anders Limpar grabbing the winner, and we also won the league that season.

When all hell broke loose, bodies charging in left, right, centre… pushing, shoving, kicking, punching… one man came storming  in to the scene of the crime like a warrior, that man wore the yellow away colours of Arsenal.

The men in red, the home team that day ( I have deliberated long and hard as to how I should articulate this correctly ) completely shit themselves.

The Arsenal number 7 had grown men running away from him like schoolgirls, the self-styled Guv’nor being the worst culprit of the lot.

Have a watch of the proceedings yourself.


11 Responses to “Rocky Remembered”

  1. jay said

    Referees let battle commence more in the games then,more blood and thunder, great to watch Rocky,Winterburn, Adams ,Thomas Happy days

  2. mr_rossi said

    great piece of history but i dont think Rocky should only be remembered for that, he is prob my fav arsenal player ever, classy, silky player who gave everything for arsenal, i love the guy me and my brother made a banner for him at the 1987 league cup final and im sure he pointed it out to another player as he walked out on to the pitch, the banner said Rocastle does more dummies than mothercare i hope he liked it

  3. Big Phil said

    They were good Days, LOL Long live The Arsenal!!!!!

  4. Brilliant, mr_rossi !!

    Have you kept the banner?

  5. Grover said

    halcyon days

    ooooh rocky rocky

  6. ethangunner said

    oh dear 5 comments .. 🙂

    you should be spanking Geoff ! i love geoff, my life revolves around him

    you will do yourself no favors other than show the world YOU ARE the ‘LITTLE BITCH’ , i was telling you .. you were 🙂 all along 🙂

    so hudson ! put your money where your mouth is .. Predictions on the Barca game ???

    care to put your WENGER FAITH ON THE LINE .. im calling you out 🙂

  7. ethangunner said

    may i draw your attention to an empty trophy cabinet my gleeful friend !

    the proof is in the pudding … pudd’in 😉

    it would be insane to suggest our squad hasnt lifted . but it would be also foolish to suggest its done and dusted either …

    focusing on both C.L and the EPL could be the undoing with this tiny squad !

    until nik – gallas- RVP – vela comes back we are left wanting in several key areas .. and big al has been good now too long , he’s well over due for a cataclysmic fuck up of a game .. and i think he has barca written all over him !

    So hudson baby ! tell me PREDICTIONS FROM one Grover to a AKB 🙂

  8. 😆 you life revolves around geoff? that is a pathetic statement to make, are you a grown man?

    FYI – this site is not a discussion blog per se, just a time stamp on my own views

    i never have and never will court comments.

    btw – comments are not the same as hits 😉

  9. ethangunner said

    your avoiding the topic ,BARCA v AFC …

    make a prediction that matches your overwhelming faith 🙂

    and im not basing anything around Geoff ,

    and it sure as hell isnt my life even if something was 🙂
    i wouldn’t even know him if i passed him in the street

    thankfully i can say the same about you 🙂

    .. he has an opinion and he is welcome to it ..
    you shouldn’t condemn anyone for having a differing view . its what makes the world go round you angry little boy 🙂

    i’m a neuvo peasant gooner, and love being ripped to shreds on forums.

    even you , with your silly in wenger we trust banner .
    a total ridiculous thing to promote , as wenger is 60 and wont be around for ever .. Are you an ARSENAL FAN or wenger fan ?

    hey !~!

    you better hope we dont get a new Spanish manager or any other nationality than a french manager ..

    or youll have to change legendaire

    to legendaro 🙂 or if a russian takes over it could be legendski 🙂

    just helping you plan ahead 🙂

  10. ethangunner said

    you life revolves around geoff? that is a pathetic statement to make, are you a grown man?
    errr… also dont you find that statement a bit ironic when ts YOU who based a whole post on the man 🙂

    stalker or what 🙂

  11. stalker? 😆

    oh the irony, simon 😉

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