March 24, 2010

Naturally, they now speak of their undying, everlasting love for the great man.

The blogosphere is a wonderful world, you can certainly separate the two-faced, only sing when you’re winning  lot, from the loyal, unflinching supporters.

Let’s embarrass a few of the morons who purport themselves to be knowledgeable supporters of the club, when in reality they have constantly shown themselves up for being anything but.

They consistently get it wrong, then backtrack to hilarious effect,  thankfully they are a bunch of Jonah’s… they wrote the manager off time and time again, they even used xenophobic language to argue their viewpoints.

Below is a just a very small selection of hundreds of similar comments posted on anti-arsène blog(s) in recent times… of course, they will now tell you they always believed he was the best manager around, and should never be replaced 😆

Fat Geoff Says:
April 18, 2009 at 20:11

Oh and Wenger, you weren’t worth my post you useless French c**t

Fat Geoff Says:
November 30, 2009 at 11:04

If Wenger thinks we’ll ever win anything with that lot, he is more delusional than I thought.

Fat Geoff Says:
November 30, 2009 at 11:05

Give Wenger his P45, I’ve had enough of his arrogance.

Fat Geoff Says:
November 30, 2009 at 11:15

It is amazing that all those Song and Denilson lovers are keeping their heads down today.

Not to mention all the AKB’s.

Fat Geoff Says:
November 30, 2009 at 13:46

Listening to Wenger is like listening to a inmate in a mental hospital.

He is off his head.

AKRed Says:
March 22, 2010 at 10:48

ACLF are giving us a slating for suddenly getting behind Arsene, there such a pretentious bunch of idiots

Blogging leaves a permanent time stamped view, you cannot, and will not get away with backtracking, bare-faced lies, and pretence.

Try it, and you will trip up, and be made to look the fool you have always been.

Of course, you can always continue to hoodwink lesser mortals… a famous study once reported Perspective is worth 80 IQ points.

bnsb Says:
March 22, 2010 at 10:55


Honestly are you getting behind our beloved leader Arsene now?

Fat Geoff Says:
March 22, 2010 at 10:59

bnsb, I’ve always been behind him and the team, I’m an Arsenal fan.

Just the type of supposed “fan” who nearly cost us the greatest manager alive, imagine if more vociferous fans had that low level of intelligence?

Imagine if the senseless anti-wenger brigade really had picked up a head of steam, and cost us the fruits of the last 5 years labour!

Anybody know how much it costs to buy a club-level ticket these days?

I need to prove my worth as a proper fan… apparently.


24 Responses to “Anti-Arsène?”

  1. There are so many fickle people out there. I was sat just three seats from one such man at the West Ham game just last weekend.

    He shouted: “Wenger, you don’t know what you’re doing!”

    At this point in the game we were leading West Ham 1-0, with ten men and holding out defensively in the second half.

    We were top of the league and in a Champions League quarter final with Barcelona.

    I think some “fans” need to take their knowledge of the game and their “valid” opinions of our manager and keep them to themselves.

  2. Mark said

    Le grove is a shite blog. And Myles Palmer can go feck himself. Or better yet, he can go support spurs.

  3. mjc said

    Can someone tell what Denilson’s first name is. The bloke I sit next to at the Grove is positive that it’s Forfucksake, but I’m not convinced….

  4. KING GOONER said


  5. In Wenger We Trust said

    Denilson’s name is Denílson Pereira Neves lol

    As for Wenger only stupid people would suggest Wenger is got one of the best managers in football today, who is managing one of the best football team in the world! with a small budget extremely well!

    we have been written off 3 times this season, yet we are 2 points behind United and as it hurts me to say this have been the best football team of the decade. (stats prove this)

    Wenger has a chance to correct this this season.

    As Arsenal fans we must show our love and support to the team and the manager otherwise the season will be over before the next game!!!

  6. tony montana said

    are you for real?

    nobody takes le grove seriously!!!

    they are the mickey mouse arse blog, hence why every other decent blog slates them

    you are right, just read the comments, full of morons who actually believe they are smart


    no joke, they really do believe they are the clever ones.

  7. i think the original comment re:denilson was tongue in cheek 😉

  8. Armourist said

    I think you are wrong to slate an entire blog of people, whilst I do agree that a few go over board there are those who make compelling arguments even if you disagree with the line of though they are pursuing.

    In all honesty no blog can consider itself supreme over others not that I’m alluding that you are doing so, but I consider yours, Untold, Arseblog, ACLF, Your Vision, Arsenal News Review, LeGrove, gingers, Goonerholic and even Arsenal action or truth part of a balanced argument which reflects the broad spectrum of us the fans and from that you make your own mind up, but you have to be able to appreciate all points of view as each view however perverse essentially has its own merits.

  9. Eddy said

    Le Grove is the worst of them all out there,with a prick running the show that was threatening not to go (because of our lack of achoevement,ambition and a poor run of form!)about 3 months ago,…we really don’t need support like that.Don’t read the shit,it is full of depressing characters calling our greatest manager a cunt.

  10. el tel said

    I read Le Groan every day and sometimes comment. I resent being called a moron or an idiot.

    I don’t call Wenger a cunt or slag him off and I do agree that some guys on the site are extreme.

    Some do pay big money to watch the team they love and as this site puts its point across then so do they.

    Are you guys saying they have no right to have their opinion heard?

    I love ARSENAL FC not one of the best Managers we have had, I don’t support a person I support the The Arsenal.

    Of course I am happy with things at the moment but year after year we have been here before only to falter when the rather large lady starts to chirp.

    We have won zilch yet. This doesn’t mean I want Wenger to go but it does frustrate me to see our close rivals still winning things with the worst team they have had.

    Call me a moron if you wish call me a fan of another Club if that makes you happy but don’t tell me I should accept the failings of the most skillfull bunch of players we have had in years.

    The fruit isn’t ripe as yet and even one of our best players thinks this.

    We are all Arsenal fans with differing opinions.

  11. el tel…

    have you missed the point of the post?

    re-read it, understand it… then post again.

  12. Nasir Jones-Nasri said

    Keep up the good work. There are a few decent commenters over there, but they’re severely outnumbered. If I were Geoff I’d look into some new hobbies. The guy has been so consistently wrong with regards to evaluating players. He comes off as a mix between Pundit Pele and a super pessimistic Jim Cramer.

  13. Johnny said

    What a fuckin blindin post mate, I thought about doing something similar a few months ago, write down all the abuse that these halfwits come out with and then embarrass them with it at a later date. In the end I just could not be bothered and accepted that some people can like football, but still know fuck all about it. I wouldn`t mind so much if they got it right now and again, but they never do. Almunia, Song, Diaby, Nasri, Eboue and Bendtner are just some of the recent examples to prove the cunts wrong. Denilson and Walcott will most probably be the next to do the same. But by far and away the most dangerous and disgraceful abuse is the shit that is directed at Wenger, A man who has done more for The Arsenal than anyone since Norris and Chapman. As I always say when Wenger leaves and we maybe go through a proper lean spell, most of these so-called fans will just go and find another club to follow and it will be the decent amongst us who will suffer.

  14. Paul17890 said

    pmsl, love this.

    what a dire place le groan and moan is, you have to feel sorry for the joeys that go on there every morning and have to suck geoffs cock just so he wont ban them hahaha

    great post geoff, three bags full geoff, oh you fucked up again geoff, shall we just forget about it again geoff

    morons is certainly the correct word for them.

  15. sixx pac said

    why do you read Le-Grove if u cant stand it. makes a lot of sense i guess

  16. Grover said

    Right, i am a regular Grover..

    and yes, a lot of the points you make are valid.

    geoff certainly has a habit of getting it very wrong, i sometimes wonder if he is just on the wind up, but then it becomes obvious he is not.

    and certainly people suck up to him so that he does not ban them. not good.

    i think its out of line you lot having a pop at all of us though, we have backed wenger and the team and even players like song.

    le grove would certainly be a far more popular place to hang out without geoff.

    pedro is a cool guy, at times he has to just dance to geoff’s tune, shame, because he does have decent views.

    dont tarnish us all with the same brush.

  17. Nasir Jones-Nasri said

    We read it strictly for comedic purposes, sixx pacc. Look up the word laughingstock.

  18. sixx pac said

    nasri i think this site is comedic. Instead of reporting arsenal news u guys are reporting someone’s opinion on arsenal. Thats pretty silly if u ask me. And Pregnant Geoff? Thats just childish

  19. sixx pac said

    is that not what it is. Anyway thats my last comment. I think youve broken ur record for most comments

  20. still hanging around?

  21. Zap said

    I think sixx pac’s a retard.

    Hey, sixx pac- Why do you waste your time on an ARSENAL blog talking about non-Arsenal related matters but instead trying (and failing) to critisize a blogger

  22. Zap said

    I think sixx pac is comedic

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