Guardiola admits Arsenal fear

March 22, 2010

“Arsenal were the very last team we wished to draw”

Why did Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, state this to Spanish media over the weekend?

Barca cannot defend.

They prefer to play teams who are tactical and spend time and energy trying to stop them play, as opposed to what The Arsenal will do to them.

Namely, attack them at will, with rapier like passing and movement.

Let the games begin

The age old cliché of “this will probably end 4-4” is too widely used when certain teams come up against one another, but in this instance, it more than likely will end up being a similar scoreline.


Because in most examples, one team will bottle it, and employ tactics to counter the other team’s build up play, at the expense of a proper rumble.

This will not be the case when Barcelona come to London, and when Arsenal go to Catalonia.

Both managers have supreme confidence in their own players and style of football, and will send their respective team’s out to have a street fight to the death.

The countdown begins, there is not a hope in hell this game won’t live up to all expectations.

Thankfully, the meeting of the two best footballing sides on Earth will give us 180 minutes (minimum) of pure entertainment.

A final showdown is always classed as the dream meeting, but too much rests on one single 90 minute game to allow us complete viewing pleasure.

A two-legged Quarter or Semi final was always going to produce the kind of glorious sporting magic that so many are awaiting.

The ages have given us many great sporting head to heads including Borg V McEnroe, Prost v Senna, Coe v Ovett, Hagler v Hearns…

Arsenal V Barcelona 2010, will provide us with yet another legendary moment in sporting history.


56 Responses to “Guardiola admits Arsenal fear”

  1. messi said

    barca fear arsenal?

    ha ha

  2. jakattack789 said

    arsenal will give them a game, but lose.

  3. Mark said

    Arsenal will win. 7-5
    (our defense is shite too)

  4. It would be foolish to suggest we have a far superior defence than them.. but man for man, i would only pick alves from their back four over ours.

  5. joe said

    listen this is just bullshit from pep. He knows barca are favourites and on paper are more equipped than arsenal, but he is trying to give the impression that they are inferior to us, just to take off the pressure off his team. let us not fall into his trap and think that we are better than them and hence become complacent. they are the current champions and can score when and how much they like. we have to be determined but humble in our approach.

  6. top gunner said

    Should be a brilliant game but the super gunners to shade it.

  7. joe said

    i dont care about the spectacle the two games might offer. Arsenal have to keep their feet on the ground, take the chances and defend when needed.

  8. Ng'ash said

    Just anatha mind game. Barca fear arsenal? Really?

  9. Pep is tryin 2 play a mind game i hope gunners won’t buy that.up gunners

  10. RockyLives said

    The Songster to break up all their pretty passing; Verminator to crush anything that gets past Song; Fabregas to prove that he should be first choice in the Spain team; Arshavin to rise to the occasion and score a ‘Messi’ goal or two. Arse to win 5-3 over the two legs.

  11. sounds like a plan, rockylives

    coincidentally, the first leg is played on Rocky rememberance day.

  12. Miranda said

    Barca can’t defend? Barca have got the best defensive record in Spain (16 goals conceded this season)and in Europe – just 4, compared to Arsenal’s 7. If Barca fear anything it’s Arsenal’s midfield, which is as good as their own. As an attacking force we’ve been strong in Europe – 18 goals scored compared to Barca’s 12 – but defensively and in the striker department (Bendtner versus Messi) they’re in a different league, I’m afraid.

  13. The spanish league is vastly overrated, this current arsenal side would not concede more than 25 odd in that league.

    More importantly, against stuggart away and earlier against rubin kazan, they were cut apart.

    Puyol is past it, valdes is an average keeper, alves is superb, maxwell very average.

    The point is, rarely do they play a team that has the nuts to play them at their own game.

  14. wondrinfree said

    I am so looking forward to this match. I will watch it with a Catalan friend, get very drunk and scream shit at the telly, probably with a Vindy.

  15. AA said

    i simply have no clue whose gonna come out on top put it this way whoever wants it more it what it gonna come down to.


  16. Yiddo said


    Barca fear Arsenal? You lot will get spanked left right and centre. Arsenal are perfect prey for Arsenal, they attack, Barca will love that and just pick you off.

    Dont give in to the misconception of Barca having a bad defence, it aint.

  17. goonerjake said

    yiddo-arsenal are perfect prey for arsenal are they? Typical spud moron

  18. daniel said

    come on u gunners. arshavin and eboue will shine.

  19. ADIIII83 said

    Let’s get this straight. Last season’s Barcelona side was probably the best I’ve ever watched. They had Eto, Henry and messi scoring at will. They had Xavi and Iniesta fit and playing at a level that justified seeing Fabregas on the Spain bench. Plus they were hungry for it. You could see that when they played. This season they’ve had Messi carrying them. Ibrahimovic was the worst signing off the season. He has killed Henry. Those two can not play together and Eto left for Inter, meaning the team has lost 50+ goals right there. Iniesta has been in and out with injuries so has struggled for form. I’m confident Arsenal can go through here. Look out for Arshavin and Walcott to be the difference there because I think Barcelona’s full backs are their weak link.

  20. Mike Gillon said

    Barcelona have been praised for their brand of football whilst Arsenal have been condemmed for theirs. La liga does not have Bolton, Hull and Stoke trying to kick the shit out of you every week. Barcelona would not survive the Premier League unless they were afford some protection that Arsenal are not.
    I was hoping for a Barca vs Arsenal game at some point just to prove how well we match up to the most praised team in football. If injuries are kind to us we will win and then just maybe get some respect.

  21. RockyLives said

    Stringfellow – thanks for the point about Rocky Remembrance Day. It’s all coming together…

  22. Ayodele Adebayo said

    Barca are better than Arsenal bcos i wonder who cn hold leo messi & pedro, atleast we beat them 3-0 at d emirate.

  23. stupidly said

    arsenal 2 barca 12

  24. stupidly said

    you mugs will get torn a new arse-nal.

  25. Redbull said

    Barca have a proven record at top level -this curent Arsenal team have lost against twice against United and Chelsea this season already – and twice against City . All of these sides played counter attacking football against us – Barca will also do likewise – the thought of Messi running at Campbell – who recently has been chugging about in our defence like a clapped out tug boat against the West Hams and Hulls of this world – and receiving ludicrous praise for this – is not something that inspires any confidence that we will conceded less goals than the La Liga champions will over the two legs of the contest.

  26. jay said

    nice to see the spuds have an interest in the C.L.even if it is only as voyeurs watching two teams lightyears away from the crap that they watch every week.Will be a great tie ,with two teams trying to win by pure skill rather than intimidating your opponents into defeat.If Messi wins it for Barca fair enough it wiil stiil be a great spectacle.

  27. CornluvArsenal said

    I can’t wait for this tie to start. My heart says Arsenal win, but my mind says Barca. Whichever way this goes, it will be awesome to watch. I think our tactics are as simple as ever, keep the ball as much as possible, however by this I don’t mean play in our own halve. But be patient, chances will come then, given our movement and passing, and hopefully Bendtner will put them away. If Barca doesn’t have the ball, then they can’t play their football. Only Arsenal can keep the ball like that. THAT I believe should be our focus. Arshavin shows absolute no determination. Over the weekend, we wer down to 10-men, therefore every person should do extra to make up, but it seemed as if he almost did less. He was later pushed up into central striker role, but despite the fact that we actually controlled the game and created chances, he just walked around, without any determination or will to score our second goal. He has almost as much quality as Messi, but far far far less grit and determination. I would sell him even for a player like Gudjohnsen, honostly!!

  28. cornluvarsenal – arshavin has pissed off many a gooner in recent weeks.

    but you can bet your bottom dollar he will be busting a gut, in front of a worldwide audience, against barca.

  29. Kofi said

    Rate the Men Upfront

    Ibrahimovic – Bendtner

    At the back
    Vaminator – Puyol
    Eboue – Alves
    Clichy – Ramos

  30. adiiii83 said

    Everyone thinks Messi is just gonna show up to both games get the ball and run around Arsenal players like they are statues. What ppl don’t realize is that Arsenal will have as much possession as Barca. Plus with Clichy making forward runs constantly, you will see Messi running back to defend. Something that he rarely does in Spain cos other teams sit back and pray to god he has an off day. Wenger knows he is too weak defensively to sit back. So you’ll see Clichy running forward on every opportunity to take Messi further away from attack.

  31. mustefa said

    although barca were greaet club,arsenal never give hands.really arsenal win

  32. Dragooner said

    5. reason why Arsenal will win.

    Barca rely on Messi as manure rely on Shrek.

    Song is gonna do a job on Messi,

    TH14 will bottle every thing,

    Fab will be given to much space out of respect from the Barca Mid’s,

    Pep actaully takes lots of advice from AW in regular telephone calls. Its not that Arsenal play like Barca, Its Barca play like Arsenal.

  33. Yiddo said

    I’ve just put my entire life savings on Barca. I suggest you all do the same, easy money.

    As for the person who suggested Walnutt will be the difference in this match, lay off the alcopops mate.

  34. Yiddo said

    Do you lot reckon you’ll be using the Barca formation you ripped off them?

  35. Wenger used “that formation” at Monaco in the 1980’s… before you were born.

    It’s a Dutch creation, certainly not invented in Catalonia.

  36. Pep also spent some time learning the management game under wenger’s tutelage.. he wanted to come to arsenal as a player but was too old.

    But he did come and spend some weeks learning the ropes off of le boss before he took over the barca b team role, prior to becoming the barca first team coach.

    Thank you.

  37. raffi said

    Going back to the red card… Please read this…

    WOW… am I the only who’s watched the penalty incident and noticed that Franco TRIPPED HIMSELF UP ??? Watch the replay again, all of you !!! Watch his LEFT Foot, clip his right calf and fall… NO CONTACT. The hand on shoulder 3 yards before ws not the reason he went down… WATCH IT and this time, watch his legs… I’m telling ya…!!! PLEASE WATCH IT AGAIN…

  38. Yiddo said

    Hawke – Is that a yes then?

  39. It’s a yes to Guardiola learning the game off Wenger.

  40. Olakunle said

    I see arsenal qualifyn. If al deir player wil play @ deir best. Nly a team dat use strength beat arsenal nd barce does nt . Team dat play very wel beat barca nd arsenal does dat

  41. i just cant wait 4 the game as ive held my breath till when the first leg ends.i had the gut feeling that at one point that we would meet barca this season.i do believe that we shall obliterate the barca juggernaut n’ i.m really relishing the prospectof that happening.hurrrray the gunners.

  42. SuperGooner said

    Why do spuds come onto our forums and talk about us? It is truly pathetic!

    Then in the Champions League game at the Emirates (60,000 seater crem-de-la-crem stadium) it showed old twichy sitting there – why?

    Well, for the spud posting on here, you are not going to see CL football anytime soon and with the rise of City your top four hopes look doomed…

    This year with our injury record we are still in the top four and quite comfortably too – at your best now and you are struggling.

    When you build your stadium then come back to us (Please be original and do not copy our design!)

    Finally please go away and look at the Hull boards instead.

    Oh, BTW

    10 Championships to 2
    3 Premierships to 0
    3 Doubles to 1
    49 Unbeaten run
    Thierry Henry
    Dennis Bergkamp

  43. Abie said

    I have just read the outcome of Vermaelen’s appeal,this is a disgrase by the panel who looked at his appeal,if they looked at the footage of the so called foal they will see,if they can,that the player in question from West Ham trip himself and lost his balance,what a abd desicion by this so called top referee.

    Vermaelen was given a red card for an opponent tripping over his own feet.

    In the game on Suday Man United vs Liverpool,Maschurano was yellow carded by the official for fouling Valencia from United in the box,preventing him from a goal scoring opportunity( Why did’nt he receive a red card),the match officials are not consistant when it come to certain team.

    The axeholes who’s supposed to see that justice prevail look with one eye close at these replays,I wonder if they look at it.

  44. THEGOON said

    oh come on! mind games it is. but regardless pep will get a spanking and regret having resorted to mind games. i thought every one knew barca would not be the team it is playing in the epl, the most aggressive league on the planet. how can u forget that barca is always struggling to beat an epl team. they have never won by more than a 2 goal margin and that with much struggle. the truth is playing a final against them would be detrimental but playing 2 legs oh yes they shud know what to expect cos they are banking on the Camp Nou being a fotress—wrong team to play that card with…ask AC- Milan and San siro, Celtic , Madrid, Juve, etc. The current generation of gunners are mentally on another level and Camp Nou will be their own undoing. let them score at least 1 at the emirates but Camp Nou we shall definitely bury them with 3 goals….and the problem is they will expect arshavin, cesc and bendnter to score but we are taking the premiership to spain so expect the least on the scoresheet- vermalaen, eboue, nasri- Lets go gunners!

  45. fuck off cunt faced cunts said

    up the arsenal

  46. pilit innit said

    bad boy dem hawke

  47. Gunner addict said

    As we all know there is politics in epl i see it coming but am happy the match ban is not increas. The FA knew how inportant tv is to our defenc they want us to löose or draw against birmiham so that united will gave a real chance to win the epl.

  48. Gunner addict said

    As we all know there is politics in epl i see it coming but am happy the match ban is not increas. The FA knew how inportant tv is to our defenc they want us to löose or draw against birmiham so that united will have a real chance to win the epl.

  49. They were never going to set a precedent with the TV booking… that was the point.

    A real can of worms may have been opened.

    It’s cool, brum are not up to much, silvestre and sol can do a job.. keep TV fresh for barca

    we may even have gallas back according to reports!

  50. […] Guardiola admits Arsenal fear “Arsenal were the very last team we wished to draw” […]

  51. ethangunner said

    coincidentally, the first leg is played on Rocky rememberance day.
    THATS GOOD , at least TH14 will know what the fuck
    thats all about 🙂

    boring article , no spunk and devoid of any tangible story line , you have out done yourself yet again 🙂

    and yes im toying with you 🙂

    rememb E rance , too many EEEee’s there
    my literal friend 🙂

    see you on the dark side 🙂
    you pervy 🙂

  52. ethangunner said

    Also think you need to change the Sign too


  53. S Murrow said

    If Arshavin gets his mind on playing and replicating the kind of damage that he delivered to Liverpoo, instead of contributing negative press about the team that pays his wages, Arsenal might win and Arshavin can have the chance to position himself for his dream move to Barcelona.
    Beware the curse of the ex Arsenal player for they ofr they know not what they do,they are already be living their dreams without even knowing it!

  54. sixx pac said

    is that u ethan?

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