van Persie back in 2 weeks

March 19, 2010

Arsène Wenger has today confirmed Robin Van Persie is “doing very, very well”

Since having his ankle attacked by Italian thug, Giorgio Chiellini, Robin has spent much time in rehabilitation on his home soil.

Cesc was even quoted in recent weeks suggesting nobody at Arsenal has seen him since last year.

Fitness coach, Tony Colbert, has been in Holland this week to conduct fitness tests on RVP, the prognosis backed up by Wenger’s positive quotes.

“When he is ready to kick the ball again he will come back from his rehabilitation and it will still take three weeks.

If you add him coming back plus three weeks we will still be in May.”

Do the maths.

A flying Dutchman at Arsenal?

A fit, sharp and hungry Robin Van Persie could be just the impetus this team needs as they head towards the finishing line in both the Premiership and the Champions League.

Just to have him on the bench to give us 20, maybe 30 minutes, if needed, could make all the difference.

World-class players are not two a penny, as some pundits would have you believe.

RVP was in world-class form for us, scoring 8 goals in just 15 appearances this season, before being assaulted on a football field in Pescara, Italy.

The horse placenta magical cure bollocks that followed…was indeed just that.

Total bollocks.

25 Responses to “van Persie back in 2 weeks”

  1. mando gwani said

    please wnt back to finish barca

  2. Randy Homo said

    Tell me how he’s “back in two weeks”.

    I aint too bright ( no joke )

    Can you work the maths out for me please partner?

  3. Hi randolph

    the headline reads “back in 2 weeks”

    he has been in holland for 4 months

    arsenal football club welcome him back in 2 weeks.

    as per wengers comments and colberts fitness report.

  4. Thaophyic said

    Pls,am confused at this point.can you put some light?wenger said,RVP we be fit in two wks time.but d doctor says till may.well,i wish him quick dt he can play barca in camp noa.Gunners 4 life.

  5. no he is back at arsenal in 2 weeks time, then up till 3 weeks to get match fit/sharp.

    main thing is he has rehabilitated well enough to come back from holland.

  6. Icey said

    So that’s erm five weeks then? Assuming no setbacks. Not holding my breath if you don’t mind. But I could get excited. Nah. Think I’ll wait patiently.

  7. gunner17 said

    he won’t play for arsenal again this season.

    the season ends in the first week in may, and a rusty robin van persie won’t be able to contribute anything in the last couple of games anyway. even if he is capable of playing, wenger won’t play him.

    we need bendnter and arshavin to keep scoring, plus eduardo and walcott really need to start hitting the net. some contribution from vela would be nice too. 5 goals each is probably the best we can hope for from our forwards until the end of the season. but it will probably end up being 2 or 3 each.

  8. Mako said

    A very positive news indeed.

  9. gunner17 said

    i don’t think we’ve got enough resource to win anything this year. one injury to vermaelen or bendtner will finish us.

  10. Patrick said

    Cunners 4 life.rvp back in 2weeks. Good news 4 all gunner fans

  11. afc said

    facts are he rvp has been in holland getting treatment for months with the internatial doctor involved
    the dutch said they think he’ll be back mid march
    and i bet they the dutch and rvp himself will think he can make the nou camp
    bentner was back a week and he was in the team

  12. Goonerpower said

    He will be back in 5 weeks. Then when he does play he will pull a calf as he needs more time off ect…… Next season is a whole new story he will be back.

  13. i agree, forget 90 minutes off RVP this season

    but 20 off the bench at the spuds?

    25 off the bench in a CL semi?

    he can still have an impact this season

  14. Ali Abdow Hussein said

    What is fantastic coming back v p wel come!

  15. Am said

    Well if he can be back for the start of May, that would leave him like 1 premiership match, and if we make the champions league final 2 games.

    I could not really see Wenger risking him unless the games are important. Lets hope, also lets hope Holland dont pick him for their WC squad as he never returns uninjured and needs the summer break.

  16. […] Van Persie back in 2 weeks Arsène Wenger has today confirmed Robin Van Persie is “doing very, very well” Since having his ankle […] […]

  17. Randy Homo said

    Cheers dude, me being a 17 yr old pup, new to soccerball and all…thanks for setting me straight.

    Hope the arsenal score a few touchdowns tommorow.

  18. Shevo said

    Lets not build our hopes up that RVP will be back playing before the end of the season. If he does then it’s a massive boost if not then we more than have enough quality in the team to maintain our EPL and CL challenge and win at least one or why not both.

  19. Bassey Udo said

    can a half-fit RVP really fit into this team 4 now?we pray 4 quick and complete recover.Arsenal anytime.

  20. Ibukun said

    Rvp should be welcomed back but lets not rush him into barca clash,rvp i love u

  21. Hazard said

    Barca are in for it wit rvp or not,common u arsenal

  22. Nemesis said

    In Robin we trust!

  23. Gooner71 said

    Great blog Hawkeman, loving the devilish arsenal red look.

    Thank you for the Gooner in Paris piece, superbly well written, almost felt i was in the journey with you.

    Keep it up, nice to have another intelligently put together arsenal blog.


  24. thanks, gooner71.

    i write to please myself in all honesty, these are my candid thoughts and views… and the odd experiences or two or three thrown in for good measure.

    along the way, many will be upset, but i hope many more like yourself enjoy my work.

  25. is a good news about RVP,but how good is it on his coming back by this time? GOD help us, i pray and wish the tearm (ARSENAL) the best form against barca.

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