Fixed draw?

March 18, 2010

The odds of predicting the four Champions League quarter-finals correctly are close to 200/1.

Is it not funny how the knockout draws always pair up nice stories, such as Beckham and Manure in this years 2nd Round…

Mourinho back at the Bridge, Benzema’s Madrid playing his former club Lyon.

If we look at the 8 teams in the bowl tomorrow, stories can be conjured up.

Barcelona and Inter… Eto’o swapped for Ibrahimovic last summer, Mourinho is still the most detested man at Camp Nou.

Lyon have had some almighty clashes with Bayern over the last few season’s, they always seem to be paired at the group stages, can they finally make it to play one another in a 2 legged knockout?

Arsenal and Utd have two stories to make.

Revenge against Manure for last season’s Semi-final loss, and domestic rivalry of course… add the conspiracy of 2 English clubs being paired every season, and you would not bet against it.

I pray for it.

The second story for Arsenal centres around Moroccan striker Marouane Chamakh who is very likely to sign on a free for Arsenal this summer.

His current side, Bordeaux, are managed by former Manure centre back Laurent Blanc.

Within that little triangle of Arsenal, Utd and Bordeaux, we will get a pairing.

I think the odds and the alignment of the stars are in my favour.

Not to mention the warm balls 😉

12 Responses to “Fixed draw?”

  1. Akker said

    What abt arsenal barca ???
    Surely that would b the biggest story

  2. can’t see it, looks a semi-final or a final.

  3. Gooner 4 life said

    I want to play barca

  4. Ali Abdow Hussein said

    Let it be arsenal against man u

  5. Ali Abdow Hussein said

    Its nice to see fab playin against mesi and his former captain on final ,which wil be abig revenge

  6. warm balls urban legend or beatty swollax?

  7. rottenroaches said

    We just can’t face Manure again. The stake is to high. Can you imagine if we lose again. I can’t take it anymore. The humility.

  8. No speculations yet,bring up any opponent,arsenals are ready for a battle till the end…

  9. Nick said

    What of barca arsenal and henry scores the only sure he would hate himself 4th rest of his life.

  10. barca arsenal deserves a 2 legged semi final.

  11. dhillon said

    we got barcelona and then we face the winner of inter and cska while manure get bayern munich and face the winner of lyon and bordeaux! lets hope messi plays bad or henry decides he cant score against arsenal. call it fate but this sort of thing happens every year maybe it is fixed

  12. bayern will beat manure over 2 legs.

    manyoo aint that good as a TEAM, stop rooney, stop utd.

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