How do you say cheating in Catalan?

March 16, 2010

Came the cry from the ex-Chelski gaffer, José Mourinho, following a 2-1 defeat to Barcelona, a game which saw Mourinho accuse Lionel Messi of play acting to get his full-back Del Horno sent off.

The man causes commotion and controversy wherever he goes, he is a most divisive individual.

Win or Lose tonight, I want more of the same… chaos, commotion, emotion, scandal, immoral behaviour… I wish to see cages well and truly rattled, complete and utter unrest in West London.

Just look at the press attention he has openly courted since he landed back in London yesterday, police escorts, the works.

More tonight please

A full day before a ball has even been kicked in anger, his vitriol against his “beloved” Chelski commenced.

“I keep winning important things. They keep winning something , I think they won the FA Cup,” he said.

“I feel at home, I go to the second floor where there are people I know. I go to the third floor where there are people I know.”

“To be back at an old team, to be back at an ex-club and feel how I feel is a beautiful thing.”

“If we reach the quarter-finals tomorrow it will be a special moment for Inter.”

“I have nothing to prove to Chelsea, to Chelsea players, to Chelsea fans, to the Chelsea board”

The self-styled Special One, is public enemy number one in Italy, even 50% of his own Inter fans want him sacked according to a recent online poll.

His days in the Lombardy region of Italy are definitely numbered… he harbours a  return to the Premierhsip, his final interview for the City job, to replace the man he replaced at Inter, could herald a tonic to our title hopes.

The perfect evening would be capped by a late controversial winner for Inter, or maybe a hate filled game that sees a plethora of cards and the odd pulled muscle.

Personally, I cannot see Chelski qualifying.

Drogba is not the half the player he is week in week out in the Premiership, when up against the likes of the formidable Lucio or the human brick-wall Walter Samuel, he struggles to gain any physical advantage.

The Champions League is clearly the prize the club’s owner wants, this is the last season for them to win it.

Aside from Essien, they have no other player sub 30 who would get in to a world XI… when did the Russian gangster last spend some big money on a player?

Has he had enough?  A final chance to take the big prize… snatched away by a team managed by the Special One… sounds magnificent to me.

Perfect symmetry… and a perfect kick in the nuts for the philandering boys in blue.

I don’t buy the crap about going out of the Champions League at this stage helping the chase for the Premiership… fine you get extra rest days, but the demoralising effect of losing such a big game would negate the rest. Tenfold.

The benefits such a crushing defeat could have on Arsenal’s chase for their first league title since the Invincibles season of 2003/2004, would be phenomenal.

You beauty

I hate Chelski with a passion.

I won’t even name them, but you all know the players I also hate with unwavering passion.

I took huge pleasure in watching Iniesta score that wonderful late goal to knock them out of last year’s Champions League.

I want and fully expect more of the same pleasure this fine sunny evening in London SW6.

“To feel envy is human, to savour Schadenfreude is devilish”

Maybe I am the devil incarnate!!


3 Responses to “How do you say cheating in Catalan?”

  1. chris said

    couldnt have said it better!! cant wait to see lampard and terry hide there heads in their shirts and start crying like the bitches they are

  2. Walter Samuel.. fucking soldier!!

    Inter fans must love him to bits.

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