AKB Red Alert: Level 10

March 14, 2010

The anti-Arsène brigade were in full flow last night… up until just before half past seven.

Piers Morgan depicts the morons nicely…

“Two months ago, I’d have told you like many disgruntled Gooners that Emmanuel Eboue was utterly useless, Nicklas Bendtner couldn’t hit the proverbial barn door and Abou Diaby and Alex Song were a pathetically weak imitation of Vieira and Petit.

Now Eboue’s playing out of his skin, Bendtner is scoring more than John Terry and Diaby and Song have developed into a top-class midfield powerhouse.

Add to the mix Sol Campbell, who I thought would be a disaster but who has turned out to be an inspired signing, and I realise it’s just as well Wenger manages Arsenal and not over-hysterical, knee-jerk supporters like me.”

At least he has the testicles to come right out and admit his failings as a supporter of the Club, and more importantly of the Great man himself.

A very quick glean of some of the comments passed on Goon Blogs last night, before the winning goal, highlights these simpletons perfectly.

Of course, this morning, Wenger is the toast of the Goon blogosphere.

The beauty of blogging, and a fundamental reasoning behind my blogging, is to time stamp true feelings… a search of archived postings and comments can reveal much!

I think the, now legendary, dipstick who called Alan Green on 606 last night, typifies these halfwits.

Le Hatred, Le Motto, Le Mugs

For me, this season has already been a huge success… no matter how the rest of the fixture calendar pans out.

To still be in contention of winning the premiership, with a team decimated for large parts of the season through key injuries, is a magnificent achievement in itself.

We are here by default, I hear the dunderheads shout, Manure and Chelski have let us back in they scream…

Well if that’s the case, why and how are we the only other team challenging them?

Where are the mighty Liverpool? the up and coming Villa? money bags City?

How comes we are the lucky ones to be granted such a grandiose gesture of goodwill from all the other teams in the league, elevating us to joint leaders of the race?

The relevance of intelligence, has never been so high in the world of supporting The Arsenal.

Winning the title or the Champions League over the coming weeks would be a bloody marvellous moment in our lives, but it is certainly not the be all and end all.

A belly full of it!

The true joy of supporting such a historically great club is lost on many Gooners, the beauty in the wonderfully pleasing football we play is irrelevant to many.

Yes the game is all about winning… but in the end there really only can be one winner, nobody has any exclusivity on winning anything.

Get that right!

It is immaterial if we pay the highest prices to attend our home games, if this grates with you, don’t go, simple.

Win or lose, supporting a club is for life… not just for Christmas.


71 Responses to “AKB Red Alert: Level 10”

  1. Hartwick89 said

    I commend your honesty….

    But, once again you are impatient…..

    I think the best course is to keep the honesty and love close to your chest….

    Let the others disrespect and doubt! They will have no place to go soon enough….

    They for the past 2-3yrs have grown bold and brazen and disrespectful…

    And, now they want a home… They booed Eboue and chastized Wenger…

    What has Wenger ever done except bring this team up as if he owned it…

    Finally, if we win I accept silence from the D & G brigade…and, they will celebrate as if Wenger and this team was put on the earth to serve them…

    What a tradgedy!

    But… You know full well what will happen if we slip up just once and don’t claim the prize at the end of the season! I say **CK off! They have no home go support Chavs!

  2. Hartwick89 said

    PS you are a great supporter and enjoy your analysis!

  3. hartwick – in a crazy kind of way.. i hope we don’t win, just to worm out the main offenders.

    eventually, they will tire, and move on to allow the true supporters of the club to continue.

    enjoy your comments, as always.

  4. Hartwick89 said

    Oh no…

    They will be silenced if this young team wins! And, so will Graham, Adams, and the rest of the nay sayer…

    They will be outed if this team wins… And, they will be sent to the Lions…

    Right now they have nothing…

    They wait in the wings with nervous joy at the wins…

    But, as soon as we lose the flood gates open up and they join in with expertise…and love for criticism…
    Their commentary is reminiscient of the hate of the horror tackles on Ramsay, Eduardo, & Diaby.

    If we win the title and I say this with confident cautious optimism (oxy-moron) You could make a dedication to the loud mouths titled…

    “A Dediction to the D &G brigade i.e Loud Mouths”

    And go to Le Groan and copy and paste the history of crap… because it is all on record and it can’t be hidden… And, you can go just about everywhere of Arsenal blogs and copy and paste

  5. The worst of the lot… the true plastics, season ticket holders or not…

    berate when losing/drawing, sack the manager they mouth!

    sing when we are winning.. and proclaim total allegiance to the club and the greatest manager in the world.

    they are the most dangerous.

  6. The ‘roller coaster’ of emotions that is part of life as a football supporter are on the ‘Bone-rattling’ setting from now to the end of the season. Its going to be a hell of a ride. Between ourselves, the chavs and the mancs, there are going to be points dropped.

    Those who love to jump on the backs of the players and manager are mearly venting their frustration at what could have been a more enjoyable ride if this team were a little more mature and had more experience. Their love for our team is not diminished by their rantings, and their joy should we win some siverware will not be any less others who have not complained loudly.

    It may be the easy option but we are all gooners and when our emotions are getting shredded some go quiet and others join the lynch mob. It doesn’t last for long as yesterday evening proved.

    I love being a gooner and although I don’t enjoy the stressful times, they do make you appreciate the good times even more.

  7. i hear your sentiments, peaches

    and you eloquently make a good case.. for some.

    you are completely correct, frustration is the root cause for many a outburst.

    but the constant, negative, xenophobic undertones of some called fans leave much to be desired.

    i have no issues with suggesting a player had a bad game, that is fine, even having a minor moan about the managers team selection or subs.

    that is part and parcel of being a fan.

    but some… they just take it to new extremes.

    those extremes cannot be masqueraded as frustration.

  8. Hartwick89 said


    Is not meant for the logical fan…

    You know..If there was a disagreement… Entitlement to an opinion is fair game..

    I have complained… About many things in the past

    Arsene Wenger has complained as well…

    I think where the difference comes in is the change in personell as a tactic..

    A change in the Manager as a tactic…

    A change in the Players as a tactic…

    A lack of respect for both..

    A nagging want of players who are theoretically good but cost millions more than they are worth….

    These are the fans that disgrace themselves and disrespect those of us who provide patience to a bigger picture yet unknown.

    They are loud when this team loses…and are quiet when this team wins…

    They think they are omnipotent, omniscient, & will never concede to reason.

    Mark my words they will be silenced by this current philosphy by Wenger implemented long ago…. And the D&G brigade will either shut it.. or will become fans of another

  9. AKB Groupie said

    but the constant, negative, xenophobic undertones of some called fans leave much to be desired.

    thats your opinion ..

    thats why we blog , for the same reason your Author said dont go then if you want to bitch about the price of the game .What a twat response .

    Dont be a Loyal, die on the sword
    pro wengerist’s,you look foolish,
    when for the past 6 years we have been less than ideal !
    own up to your mistakes AKB…SHEEP !

    you have been lead like sheep , by a club that ONLY aspires to remain in the top 4 due to monetary reasons . its been the ONLY yearly pre-requisite for some time now ! – thats obvious

    we cant compete on all fronts anymore and the club admit it openly !

    so what does that spell out to you ?

    and these 6 years could of been handled far better from flamini-gate to the way this club has dealt with injuries ! the dissolving of the invincibles purely to gain funds .. at the expense of our footballing prowess !

    of course some fans are going to be pissed off
    we had the world by the fottballing … balls and now we can’t even win a Carling Cup !

    & lack of recruitment Quality

    lack of science when it comes to project youth and
    its reliability to replace the ones WE SELL OFF instantly ! – massive down time issues !

    how many years were we without wingers ?
    how many years did it take us to get a clinical striker after Th14’s departure ! – still waiting 🙂

    some people aren’t nazi’s like the Author here , his undertones are just as F###ED UP , as the people he is clearly trying to discredit !?!

    Focus on the club …idiot !
    not fan loyalty !

    it will REMAIN split until we win something ..

    because i might be stating the obvious !
    so save all your hot air ABOVE !,
    until we win an ACCOLADE
    for you really to brag about !!!

    because currently your so right because ?????….

    PS:- show some respect for OPINION !
    you being an Author should know better !
    we would all be German if it was up to people like you , who just conform and accept mindlessly ~

    a 6 year baron spot ( AND COUNTING !) , brushing it off like the sheep you are ..

    people who ask questions usually stuff ..
    we asked where is the quality last season and wenger bought AA23 !

    i suppose being accepting sheep got us AA23 ?

  10. AKB Groupie said

    people who ask questions usually GET stuff ..

  11. Groupie –

    Arsenal FC was founded in 1886.

    Not 2002.

    Sorry to break this to you.

  12. Hartwick89 said

    AKB Groupie,

    You Blog like you count..years w/o silverware…Go get Adams and the other wretches and go route for the yellow/green united

  13. Hartwick89 said

    You see Hawke….

    They are still there….

    They are still disrespectful!

    They are still illogical…

    Why don’t they run a team? Answer because they can’t even run themselves…

    Classic Hack!

  14. hartwick – as touched upon earlier..

    the relevance of intelligence is very much key to being a knowing gooner.

    the vitriol posted by our friend above highlights a lacking in certain faculities.

  15. AKB Groupie said

    Groupie –

    Arsenal FC was founded in 1886.
    and you were around to see it ?
    to feel it ?

    get off the grass !

    your only as good as your last win , and we are certainly not good enough to wipe the EPL board clean currently !, there is good reason we have only 1 once in 14 V’s the chav’s ..history doesnt lie you have that right ! , i suggest look back over the past 5 years of them …

    and really what is your point about 1886 /
    i mean FFS man ! get a reality check !

    the YEAR IS 2010 !

    accolade of last REAL distinction = 2005 !

    maybe some of you have another 5 years to live !

    if Arsenal’s footballing stature was a graph it would be on a decline !

    argue that – Mr delusional ..

  16. Hartwick89 said

    What is AKB Groupie anyway?

    Why don’t you assume some courage and present who you R?

    Imposter…You were the one we saved inWW2….

    Call me groupie? Why not intelligent…

    Read this…Chavs+MANIOU=unlucky fans

    You=Lucky to have what you have…But me thinks you a SPUDS fan. How long has it really been?

  17. AKB Groupie said

    AKB Groupie,

    You Blog like you count..years w/o silverware…
    as blogging has only been made popular recently by the internet .. thats a pretty easy thing to count , unless you need more than 5 fingers 🙂

    your point ?

    well you blog like you need to justify wengers actions ..

    so what can you brag about ?
    really ?

    the last 5-6 years are pretty baron ..

    i dont know who is weirded ?

    people who want success for their team ?
    or people who would rather identify people who doubt wenger ???

    your sad little men ..

    really , you need to wake up now !..
    you look fuckin foolish ..

  18. nice fishing expedition, ethan

  19. “maybe some of you have another 5 years to live”

    the irony in this comment, gives away plenty.

  20. have a read of this, ethan


    and see if you can get that pair of cells to calculate anything.

  21. Hartwick89 said

    I look foolish…. Are you talking about my triangle or can you see me?


    Learn English….

    Are you now calling FA cup lacking distinction?

    Any thoughts on 2006 Champions League Mugging?

    If you are going to be miserable at least be honest… You need to be honest about 2 seasons ago being first and having Edu crushed and its impact…

    You need to be honest at our finances as the rest of the league crumbles we profit…

    You need to be honest about our style, our successes, and who you support..

  22. Hartwick89 said

    PS you are a man w/o a team and for that I feel bad…

    While you were complaining I was supporting..

    While you were pointing fingers I was looking at the years this club had been w/o a title from 71-72 to 93?

    Where were you then?

    Your five years w/o what you think you deserve….

    You are the worst type of fan….

    My Man you R Little!

  23. AKB Groupie said

    @ hartwitch


    you dont know me , ive never had the pleasure before .however i know hawk from 4 or so years ago ..
    so you dont really need to know who i am 🙂

    but needless to say lad ! get a grip !
    your love for wenger consumes you ..
    try being objective ..
    its what thinkers do !

    & wenger will leave soon . he is 61 ..
    what will you do ?
    (WHAT WILL THIS BLOG DO ??) le legendaire ..
    and your NOT consumed 🙂

    HAHAHAHa ! ok 🙂

    you didnt save me in WWII , my dad did 🙂

    its people like you who make me sad to call myself British !

    stop fighting the fans ! you wont gain anything but a twisted little ramble of head nodding groupies twisters like A ….

    because no one else with another opinion will survive on here long enough ! …i certainly wont be back …

    look at ACLF for living long term proof of a working model !

    good luck with that .. 1886 boys ..
    let me know when you get the time machine working .

    at least then we might get to see us win and lift a cup again ..

    but i know to you boys here,. it means very little ..

    winning in football .. i mean !

    its more about the banter isnt it ????

    Sorry i love my club and want to see it do well .
    thats just the way i AM ! ..
    i played semi- professional sports and i know the winning mentality needed for it !

    so i excuse you for not having it ..
    your more like a girl fan , who has never felt the testosterone flow ! i understand , the club politics consumes you !


    i fear a dwindling fan base , and that will happen
    WITH NO SILVERWARE !over time …

    and soon ill only have you lot left to talk too , and id rather kill myself quite frankly ..


    i want my childs grades to GET better over time !
    NOT GET WORSE ! how about you ?

    or do you only think its ok for Arsenal to get worse ?

    your kids are probably out smoking crack whilst
    you preach religion right ??

    see our club for what it is ..

    a captain that wants out ,
    a injury prone team,
    cannot challenge on all fronts .
    in debt and refuses to compromise ANY club spending over some much needed quality ..

    especially in goal !

    listen ill stop right there no need to bother with you any longer some people are just thick skinned !

    you have your right to an opinion ..
    but your denial is far more deep rooted than mine !

    wenger did us well for 5/6 years not so well in the 2nd half ! ..

    those are the facts …

  24. that’s right, the unhealthy, overweight, hard drinking wenger will struggle to make it to his 70th birthday as a manager.

    unlike like the righteous, tee-total alex ferguson


    you have always been right OFF the mark… long may it continue, ethan

    living in thailand has continued to frazzle you.

  25. Hartwick89 said


    You being saved by your Daddy says it all…

    It explains what you deserve…

    But you have done nothing for yourself…

    You complain always and you solve nothing…

    And you live in Thailand…. Why not support a local Thai team…

    You played semi-pro BFD for whom? How did that go? Not so well?

    Now you are what semi-pro commentator…. So funny to hear it all…

    No perspective… claim to fame semi-pro commentator… so relevant…

    Hawke.. LOL.. this guy is useless

  26. hartwick – he provides much amusement, it’s out of order the way we are toying with the poor bastard… but its fun 🙂

  27. and ethan…. the children’s grades/marks…

    i’m hoping the other half is a oxbridge alumni…

    or you may have to give up the ghost with that one, genetics etc.

  28. AKB Groupie said


    Learn English….
    typical i type a monologue you , you type back 8 lines 2 of which you dogg my spelling , yes i type fast and sometimes have a typo crash , i blog i dont write biographies 🙂

    delusionals like you were telling people like me , dudu will be back ! better than ever …

    like i said ive played semi – pro sports in my life
    i know what that sort of injury does to a player ..
    he will always be a good player in our set up , he plays wenger ball as good as any other , but he has lost his edge in the strike department , and im not sure you can ever get that sort of magic back ..

    owen couldnt .. and others …

    it trying to tell you in basic terms ..
    LOOK at our history , dont tell me to look
    at 1886 ! because quite frankly WHO cares ?

    unless you were around to see it, it doesnt feel the same , and i can tell you ANY blogger will relate to you
    favorite tales of what they have seen,the feeling at the game , and the player he was … that type of thing ! your purist bollocks means nothing ..
    its lost in translation now .. legendaire , is no longer a LEGEND ..

    not unless you think 4th place is 1st …
    and then you are truly fickle !

    like i said your only as good as your last game , john McEnroe was good in his day too .. maybe you refuse to admit it , but ‘time’ is very relevant !

    and history even more so …

    so lets look at the past 5 years ..

    hmmmm , i hardly need to wear shades ..

  29. ManGoonian said

    ethan you argumentative so and so! And you cant count either! 6 years???

    The team has a great chance of winning the league and you are going on like we are fighting relegation! What is this we cannot fight on all fronts either boll*cks too? We have had a crippling injury list (which is obviously Wenger’s fault for singing fragile players like Ramsey) so games and competitions have had to be prioritised.

    The team is getting better and better and in the summer, there may well be a few new faces coming in. And how on eartnh can you state that Cesc wants to leave? What are you basing that on dude?

    Look, what time are you coming home to LG? Your dinner’s ruined!

  30. why look at the past 5 years.. when i am looking into the next few weeks… bang in with a shout for the title and the champions league.

  31. keep up the sterling work on the dark side, mangoon 😉

  32. Hartwick89 said


    Interestingly, you speak like SS speaking of WW2…

    For you it’s like Eduardo was put on this earth so you could view what is “rightfuly” yours to view.

    I would also comment your arrogance suits your self-importance neither of which I find appealing… Actually repulsive

    You speak ill of my family and well of yours and state I don’t know you…

    But I know your ilk and I suspect others do as well…

    Good night.

  33. ManGoonian said

    Ha! Thanks Stringfellow!

  34. AKB Groupie said


    you really are a cunt ! hawk ..

    i hope you save this shit for all to see !

    my brain is frazzled ?

    at least i dont go have a blog based on delusion .
    with only 2 dip shits writing on it …

    i think you 2 dont need a blog ,
    you need a fucking room !

    oh yes wenger still coaching at 70 , hawk your even more delusional than your bitch hatwitch …

    so pray tell me .. if my brain is frazzled so much, what in footballing terms we have achieved in 5 years .. ??? oh gonna love this answer ..

    the stadium that plifers money from fans and the expense of the football ! fucking great trade off !

    what is lodged up your ass ?

    PS :- what have i EVER been wrong about ??
    hawk , as you seem to follow my career as a blogger ..

    i know 100% im better than you on my worst day than you on your best ..


    its fucking SPORT after all !

    not wall street

  35. have i got to you yet, ethan? 🙂

  36. Hartwick89 said

    Ethan I mean Semi or rather Half-pro,

    And, what have you ever won?

    You can’t even cheer for Arsenal correctly…

    You are sad!

  37. what career as a blogger?

    you mean posting bollox on the comments section of blogs..for the rest of sane humanity to laugh at?

    top man, you pass, you WINNER 😆

  38. AKB Groupie said

    oh the rabbit hole is deeper than 1st thought !

    MG me olde bean !
    stop exaggerating ! im talking about the past , i know these clowns on here !

    they are long term AKB’s and they know its been fucking years since we had success !

    who the living fuck are you all fooling ??

    i suppose none of you jerk off either 🙂

  39. spoken like a true “winning brit” hey?

    “jerk off”?

  40. Hartwick89 said

    Sexual deviant as well….

    I believe you probably do it half way.. seeing as you were a semi-pro

    Rather Half-Ass

  41. AKB Groupie said

    hat trick

    STATE BASKETBALL actually , yes 1 step off the Olympics .. so yes i know about long term training ..
    i know A LOT about sports .. i also know the mentality needed to win …

    shame you guys haven’t a clue , in fact you applaud failure , look at your blog …

    you would rather marvel at financial freedom than accolades , FUCK wot sort of fans are you ?!

    PLASTIC , is the answer ..

    any REAL fan just wants to win .. to bask in glory .
    and feel the euphoria ,thats sports !
    not pelt like little stuck up bitches on some holy grail mission .. 5 years is a career in top flight football , the fans have been held ransom

    anyway you guys are stinking up my keyboard !
    too much denial on this blog ..

    but remember this , our team was flying high ! 03/04
    management decided to move out of highbury.. on some real estate project ..

    and deconstructed our team in the process ..
    wenger allowed us to remain in the top half of the EPL . thats it …

    highlight reel over …

    if there are any trophies ive missed since that time feel free to mention them 🙂

    assholes …

  42. Hartwick89 said

    Funny never thought of an Englishman as an olympian…

    So you play the wrong sport…

    You Cheer the wrong way…

    You live in a 3rd world country…

    And, you Jack half way!

    Please do get off your keyboard…

    By the way I am a footballer…

    I have played along side some of the best…

    Hell I will even say I have some more to give to the sport…


  43. AKB Groupie said

    oh and before you start finishing 3rd isnt

    ‘a trophy’ 🙂

    as you are wenger’s love child’s i hope you convey the message on to him


  44. AKB Groupie said

    I have played along side some of the best…

    Hell I will even say I have some more to give to the sport…

    shame your so fucking clueless then ..
    not the sharpest tool in the shed huh ???

  45. Hartwick89 said


    At least I played a real sport…

    You chose one you claim to compete in at a high level…

    You didn’t make it at that level…

    Even if you did I’d reckon you would play intramural in the states…

  46. AKB Groupie said

    Funny never thought of an Englishman as an olympian…

    So you play the wrong sport…

    no , i dont need to play football to watch it .
    i dont play cricket either but i watch that too !

    or are you telling me im not allowed to now ??

    got the hint yet ?

  47. AKB Groupie said

    fuck me your messing with the wrong blogger here 🙂

    i can hijack this blog , hell even turn it into a bit of a ??????

    whats the terms you use for us ?


    as against you , the HAPPY BEING LOSERS CLUB 🙂

    wow lets revel in it 🙂
    the finical statements are looking great this year , yes we have been fucking all the fans over watching 2nd rate football for the past 4 seasons of course we’ve paid shit off 🙂

  48. Hartwick89 said

    I still can’t get over an opinionated Basketballer rattling on the ins and outs of Arsenal…Other than what he reads in the paper…

    Get it?

    Revel in it?

    You are a hack….

  49. AKB Groupie said

    well i seem to remember basketball players being paid larger sums 1st ..

    so there you go again , like i picky little BITCH

    or PLB …

    for short , your NEW fucking nick name ..

    so PLB , what team do you play for real madrid ?

    shouldnt you be sleeping now in the UK ?

    oh yes blue square south reserve games arent on today are they ???


    fuk wit .

  50. AKB Groupie said

    what ever a hack is .. ill take over being a delusional fukwit with no opinion .. 🙂

  51. AKB Groupie said

    followed football since i could remember i think im qualified as a gunner !

    at least i can remember the winning days to want them back , bed wetter !

  52. AKB Groupie said

    so PLB

    can play football but cant type fast enough …

    sounds like your usually good with wrist sports 🙂

  53. AKB Groupie said

    see the difference is you have nothing to boast about .. pray tell me what am i in the presence of ? the arsene appreciation brigade ?

    other than getting personal with bloggers . and commenting on countries people live in i dont see your blogging purpose ?!

    if you havent got the bottle to want victory you aint no man !

    your a pussy pure and simple ..

  54. AKB Groupie said

    think long and hard retards ..

    do you want to sit there twanging each others dicks ?
    abusing any new comer that comes in and contradicts your ethos ..

    or would you rather run a football chat blog ?!

    because i can sink either one of you ..
    recent history is in my favor and until i see change i wont be jumping on your groupy BLIND FAITH gravy train to no where !

    Most objective people give credit where credit is due !

    you clowns are a FUCKING JOKE !

  55. AKB Groupie said

    im sure that last one will go up on a few peoples walls 🙂

  56. AKB Groupie said

    MG .. nite …
    keep up ,still batting for the other team ? !
    or what ever he said earlier 🙂

    PLB nite 🙂

    hudson hawk . nitey nite …

    hope you find some passion for winning shortly .. its so pathetic to launch a wenger campaign no one is above the club and your missing that as RULE number 1 !

    plus …. 😉

    tedious wenger talk will only get you to the 2nd date on this blog .. you both will remain virgins forever 🙂

    just trying to help …

  57. AKB Groupie said

    “Two months ago, I’d have told you like many disgruntled Gooners that Emmanuel Eboue was utterly useless, Nicklas Bendtner couldn’t hit the proverbial barn door and Abou Diaby and Alex Song were a pathetically weak imitation of Vieira and Petit.

    Now Eboue’s playing out of his skin
    yes the last 4 or 5 games he has improved remarkably you basically say it yourself …

    Now Eboue’s playing out of his skin

    you said NOW ! … meaning before when pires said it he was fucking correct …

    just as well my brains fucking frazzled 🙂

    you goat blower ..

  58. AKB Groupie said

    the whole post is fucking personal polony , get a penis enlargement , fuck do something ..

    start getting to grips with the real issues of the club , like goal keepers or injuries .. stop stalking a blog that has more hits than the beating id give you if we were in the same room 🙂

    and that other jack ass might play football for a team , yes so could i but were i grew up in Australia Karate and basketball were more my thing .

    besides if you played ‘Soccer’ in Australia being a young English lad ,you would get the living shit beaten out of YOU for playing a POOFTER SPORT !

    if you actually HAD some more bloggers you might learn a bit more about other cultures …

    besides Karate was the sport i achieved more at ..
    basketball was my sport .. Martial arts is my life , so no wonder im in thailand .. DER !

  59. Big Raddy said

    Is AKB Groupie a little upset?

  60. AKB Groupie said

    i dont know BR am i upset??
    or is this just the way every fat gay kiwi man
    blogs ?

  61. AKB Groupie said

    wow it all makes sense now .. its like following the coachroaches back to their home …

    quick ill go get the spray 🙂

    BR – MG – the ugly twat author with a head like a extra from the lord of the rings 🙂

    and lastly the gimp who plays football buy alas doesnt have a brain ..

    shit its like some fucked up remake of the wizard of OZ 🙂

    ill save you the bother there is no wizard of Oz its just arsene with a mega phone behind a curtain..

    that cunt has got you all corralled like lambs to the slaughter ..

    and to answer the earlier question from hatwank,
    yes my dad was in WWII . and he did save US !

    if it was left to you lot here , you would rather turn on each other …

    in short your nothing more than a sad pack of ass licking wenger lovers ..

    now i see you all together here it makes perfect sense … and you say Le grove has a heard mentality …

    between the 4 of you , you suck more cock than the entire female hooker population of Thailand 🙂

  62. AKB Groupie said

    hudson hawke is that your real head ?

    or was it the casting picture you sent in to peter jackson for the character smeagle ?

    i suppose when you were born they didnt smack you to make you cry , they smacked your mother instead 🙂

  63. AKB Groupie said

    oh no , you look more like a extra from a cheap robin hood movie … or a 70’s German porn star ..

    keep up the grooming 🙂

    caio for now ..

  64. 😆 that’s some pent up frustration you have there, ethan… no more love for you elsewhere?

    1. Kiwi? Born in Woolwich, London.

    2. Is that my real head? 🙂 Now then… a true gooner would know very well “whose” head my gravtar displays.

    Problem being.. we have to go waaayyy back into the archives of arsenal history… so in your case…

    pre 2002, again … wonderful irony!

    well done, the analogy vis-a-vis give a man a piece of rope and let him hang himself as never been more apt.

  65. ethangunner said

    well im sure you get plenty of rope donations then 🙂

    because with fans like you im sure most think your better of dead than alive 🙂

    what will you do when wenger leaves ?

    do you have a picture of wenger in your house ? 🙂

    or on your toilet door 🙂 ?

  66. ethangunner said

    😆 that’s some pent up frustration you have there, ethan… no more love for you elsewhere?
    dont need love , i need victory and i need a woman, been some time.

    you can save your love for all your sticky pages of your wenger stick books ..

    the problem is string bean , you have a very narrow
    set of supporters (blog fans), and you should be more open to debate , it might actually get other people on your blog , and i know this might be a different vibe for you , but people might actually start respecting what you do here if you become a little open minded with club criticism , this is NOT soviet Russia ….

    if you think in a nut shell wenger has been successful footballing wise in the past 5 years
    you need serious fucking help …

    god help ya …

  67. i’m glad you finally took off the mask, or is it late over there now?

    hassle to keep flicking between blog personas

    btw – champagne charlie.

    Arsenal history part 2 next week, nuevo goon 🙂

  68. “hudson hawke is that your real head ?

    or was it the casting picture you sent in to peter jackson for the character smeagle ?”

    😆 i love it, keep them coming, nuevo goon.

  69. ethangunner said

    i actually think your an ok writer if you can pull your own head out of your ass , the idea is to be successful right ?

    model yourself on wrighty ..

    statements like this dont help you …

    At least he has the testicles to come right out and admit his failings as a supporter of the Club, and more importantly of the Great man himself.

    wouldnt he be more of a failure if he didnt point out issues with the club as a loyal supporter with some input ?

    He WAS right about eboue ,(noticed i said WAS!) up until the 1st leg of porto , i would be in complete agreement with piers that eboue was a good back up or RB . only ..

    nothing more ,
    whats the sudden change in form recently for ?

    maybe he was officially on the outer who knows ?

    the point is my opinion of the team is changing , because of the form we are producing ..

    i give credit where credit is due ..

    so do the Le grove boys , if the team warrants criticism we give it .. if it demands praise then we do that also .. we adapt , .. not remain shut off to everything but purist wenger crap ..

    the only people who wont change are you AKB’s …
    Also as an AKB you become pretty predictable ..
    you will be tarnished with having certain values even if you dont support them !

    good luck with the blog , keep it civil , no point in being a little bitch about it ..

  70. ethangunner said

    or was it the casting picture you sent in to peter jackson for the character smeagle ?”

    😆 i love it, keep them coming, nuevo goon.
    yes im sure comedy and slap stick humor is something
    you high -techies dont have over this way .. you dont have the populous to support such talent 🙂

  71. ethan –

    If I were to be a “little bitch” about it, I would block your comments and ban you from posting.. for not towing the party line.

    That would be tantamount to nazi germany or even communist russia.

    That form of behaviour only takes place on secular blogs that don’t like it up em ( excuse the pun ) not on this blog.

    You can come on and have a pop, i won’t ban you… but i will toy with you.

    This blogsite has not been set up to encourage 500 comments a day, i use this place as my personal sounding board, and time stamp of thoughts and honest beliefs.

    I welcome all comments openly, whatever your view and however extreme.

    It’s too easy to be knee-jerk like some goon blogs, all go mental, ask for the managers head, state he has taken the club far enough, tell the world he is mad for suggesting we can challenge for the title, even though he has spent no money in the jan window etc etc…

    and then, tell the world, you are much smarter than the rest, and now the team have proven the manager correct… that you are the blog that likes to adapt 😆

    i call it two faced… and a sing only when you are winning attitude.

    if that is how you wish to follow the club, so be it.. but i will berate it, fact!


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