Move over Monet

March 13, 2010

Arsène Wenger arrived to take the helm of our beloved club almost 14 years ago.

He quickly set about destroying the “boring, boring Arsenal” tagline the club had attracted over the previous 3 decades.

“I believe a big club must have the ambition to win with style”

“You know, there is a famous saying, that the only way to deal with your life is to transform it into art, every minute of your life.

“Football is an art, like dancing is an art – but only when it’s well done does it become an art. If you see me painting, that is not an art. If you see my wife painting, that is art” stated Wenger.

Wenger had clear ideologies in terms of how he expected his Arsenal sides to play, he worked miracles during his first full season as manager, not only by winning the coveted domestic league and cup double… but by also creating a work of art on the hallowed Highbury pitch.

A season to remember

A remarkable turnaround in the public image of the brand of winning football Arsenal played… and would continue to play.

Over a decade later, the art is still being created, however, a more holistic approach to developing a future masterpiece is well under way and now ready to bear fruit.

A world-class art gallery, in the shape of the Emirates, has been built from scratch… the cost of which has slightly detracted from the cost of hanging up the impending masterpiece.

In March 2010, following the bleakest Winter in England for over 30 years, the first signs of Spring are appearing to emerge in parts of the country.

The first real signs of the glorious “chef-d’oeuvre” being created by footballing artiste extraordinaire, Monsieur Wenger, are also beginning to shine through.

Associations between madness and art are as old as western culture…  there is always a method behind a great man’s madness.

A famous chinese proverb reads “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials”

Whilst many a casual fan will continue to berate the last 5 years as wasted years, those with a modicum of intelligence, and an eye for a work of great art, will now sit back and take joy in the glorious splendour that awaits us.



10 Responses to “Move over Monet”

  1. Tommo said

    Typical blog. We do bad and everyone moans but we do well and suddenly we’re the best in the world! Still great post 😉

  2. Wrong.

    1. I wrote this before the Hull game.. the result is unknown.

    2. Have a read of this

    written well over a year ago.. i have an unwavering belief in the work undertaken by wenger.

    the link i have provided… we had just drawn another home game.. and were 6 points off villa for the 4th spot at the time.

    99% of blogs wanted wenger out at that time.

  3. Ian said

    I seriously doubt 99% of blogs have ever wanted Wenger out at any point… Cumulatively, let alone at any given time.

  4. lol, fair dues.. may be a little OTT on the 99% figure.. but emotions against wenger were high back then.. even back early this year after the manure chelski games.

    one of the main reason for this blog is to time record my feelings.. and not come across like a plastic.

    anti-arsene when we lose, and pro-arsene when we win

    that hypocrite stance sickens me.

    plenty of blogs are that way inclined.

    just check some of the comments on a few tonight

    read the posts at around 645pm… “team is not good enough” “wenger got it wrong” “title is over” “benndtner is crap” etc etc

    730pm “title is ours” “wenger is god” “bendtner is shit hot” etc etc

  5. Sal said

    thank you very much for this intelligently put together arsenal blog

    makes a change.


    keep it up hawke man.

  6. nice blog ,thanks 🙂

    keep up the work

  7. Kariem said

    Thank you for giving me the type of gooner blog that resonates with me, dont agree with all your stuff but most of it.

  8. Thank you so much for this beautiful Article

  9. web search said

    Thank you for your wonderful efforts

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