20 minutes that will change history

February 28, 2010

The outlandish, spooky, surreal, bizarre, unbelievable similarities of Birmingham 2008 and Stoke 2010!

The day before the 2008 Carling Cup final, a future great Arsenal team died in Birmingham following one of the worst injuries to a player to have been witnessed on a football pitch.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw after a terrible refereeing decision to award a 90th minute penalty to Birmingham, which they duly converted.

We led the league by 5 points before the game… the rest is history, as they say.

The team that day included Senderos, Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor… who all have subsequently taken backward steps in their careers.

Weak leadership

The day before the 2010 Carling Cup final, a future great Arsenal team were truly born in Stoke following a very serious injury to our young star, Aaron Ramsey.

The game ended 3-1 to the Arsenal, following a 90th minute penalty, correctly awarded to the us… which was then converted with aplomb by our wonderous young Spanish captain, Cesc Fabregras.

Captain Fantastic

I asked yesterday whether or not this team had reached a level of maturity in order to seriously push for the title… we got our answer in no uncertain terms.

Plenty has been written viz-a-vis our decline following the Eduardo injury in 2008, let sleeping dogs lie.

I want to talk about the here and the now.

The next great Arsenal team was born amidst a harrowing double leg break suffered by Ramsey, the team then sought to pull together, fight like warriors, and finally win the game in the closing minutes of the match.

On a day when Chelski were soundly beaten by Manchester City, the 3 fabulous points gained in Stoke were a god send to our title aspirations.

Those last 20 minutes of football, after Ramsey was stretchered off, will go down in the annals of history as the minutes that saw the launch of Arsenal the Super Club.

The financials that were published by the club on Friday clearly highlight the incredibly stable and prosperous nature of our club today and going forward for decades to come.

We needed an event, we needed some sort of comeback, some kind of spirited team effort, some kind of rip-roaring victory in the face of yet more adversity to really show the footballing world, and some of our very own Nuevo goons, that we were the real deal.

The celebrations following the winning goals displayed more than 100,000 words could ever describe the feeling the players felt… they knew, they now truly believe.

Stand up and hold your head up high… the future is no longer something to await.

We are there.

This team will now be Champions.  This team has finally made that final step towards greatness.

Aaron Ramsey will recover, Aaron Ramsey will captain Arsenal, Aaron Ramsey will go down as a legendary Arsenal player.

I have no doubts about those statements becoming fact.


11 Responses to “20 minutes that will change history”

  1. Hartwick89 said


    I will hold my head up…

    But, I also need to see some accountibility as well from Stoke, Pulis, Shawcross, and the FA.

    If you can catch-up with Untold and Clockenders.

    A couple of thoughts here: I wrote e-mails to FA, StokeCity, & Arsenal.com requesting that at minimum.

    Second, clockenders does a great job explaining who Shawcross is. He actually has had two other player changing tackles prior to Ramsay.

    Third, what was layed out on Clockenders ( http://clockenders.com/afc/?p=4080 ) was Clintonesque Wag the finger… As Shawcross denies he is a “hatchet man as proclaimed in December 09.

    Lastly, my opinion now is Shawcross needs to be banned indefinately. He new what he was doing and I am sure he would not have went through with it if he could see into the future. But, he did, and he should compensate for it.

  2. hartwick – i am with you on this one.

    the anger is still within me also.

    i will follow the links provided and throw my hat into the ring.

  3. Hartwick89 said


    I was amazed! I had no idea that Shawcross is a third offender… Had I known I would be in Stoke protesting malice intent!

  4. I think the club will not let this one drop… once is unfortunate, twice is most unlucky… third time is no coincidence… as the boss stated.

  5. Excellent post.

    I think the Arsenal team of 2010 is made of sterner stuff than those players who were on the pitch at St Andrews.

    I believe we can go on and win the league. It’s such a shame that Ramsey won’t be in the team – where he certainly deserves a starting berth – when we win the league.

  6. Appreciated, Ashburton.


  7. Great piece SH – we now have a team that has leaders in its numbers, as you say that was missing in 2008.

    What a great addition to our squad the signings of Vermaelen – only 5’11” and the great Sol Campbell.

    I’m really looking forward to the run-in now.

    Come on you reds – bring home that trophy

  8. Hi peaches…

    sol was just bloody amazing yesterday, everything about his performance was just spot on.

    to think some moaners berated the boss for “bringing back a geriatric” 😆

  9. Good post. Written very well. Do you have an RSS feed?

  10. thank you…

    for the RSS feed… look down the right hand panel…

    there are 2 purple RSS feed links buttons.

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