All stoked up now?

February 27, 2010

I begin writing this blog following a pulsating game of football that has just taken place at the Bridge.

Stamford Bridge that is, there was certainly no pun intended there.

Scumbag Sinners 2 Minted FC 4 was the full time scoreline.

With mates like this...

How much more encouragement does our team and our fans now require ahead of the crucial fixture later today at the Brittania Stadium.

Life has a funny way of knocking you off a lofty perch just when you least expect it.

The bad karma that now encircles the venomous club that is Chelski, has well and truly kicked in.  They are finished!

Every team has a life span, and the number of 30+ stars playing for the devils in blue first team is in the majortiy.

Enough of them, if we are to truly take advantage, we need ALL 3 points today, a draw will not do in my view.

We need to put pressure on the other two sides chasing for the title, today is the day to stoke it right up.

Today is the day we reveal our maturity as a team.

Cometh the hour Cometh the man

We are blessed with a manager who has successfully led the light brigade to victory at the business end of the Premiership race… 3 times!

A victory, displaying our usual swagger and panache, over Stoke today will be the spark that ignites our charge.

Our Young Guns have to go for it from the get go today, no more excuses, grasp the opportunity… they have more than an adequate amount of experience now.

Let’s not sit back and wait for Delap to get a throw-in… let’s try and butcher this mob with our unique brand of intelligent, attacking football.

The world and their dog will be talking about our title charge tommorow.

I believe… do you?


2 Responses to “All stoked up now?”

  1. Hartwick89 said

    I believe!

  2. bring em on… this is the time to shut the doubters up.

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